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Intake Kit Installation Instructions: 2007-2008 Scion tC L4-2.4L Stage 2
Kit P/N:
advanced FLOW engineering™
Tools Required:
Parts List:
5/16” nut driver
Flat head screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
10mm socket or wrench
Ratchet w/extension
5R™ 24-40505 or
1 Air filter ( Pro-5
Pro Dry S™ 21-40505)
1 Intake tube, MAS (05-00997)
1 Intake tube, TB (05-00808)
1 Housing
2 Screw, slotted M4x7x8
1 Screw Hex Head M6x1x20
1 Flat washer M6
P.O. Box 1719
Corona, CA 92878
Support: 951-493-7100
Step 1
Complete Stock Intake.
Disconnect battery before install.
Step 6
Step 11
Loosen bolt holding in brake fluid reservoir. Install housing and position (see step 12).
3/4” trim seal @ 24.5”L
Coupler, Reducer (05-00649)
Coupler, Straight (05-00418)
Coupler, Straight (05-00417)
Clamp #064
Clamp #044
Complete Kit w/ Parts
Step 2
Step 3
Loosen clamp on air box with 10mm socket or wrench.
Disconnect MAF sensor harness.
Step 7
Step 8
Loosen the two 10mm nuts holding engine cover and
remove cover.
Step 4
Unclip the side of air box. Remove upper half of air box.
Remove air filter.
Step 9
Step 5
Loosen the 3 bolts holding in bottom of air box with 10mm
socket or wrench and remove.
Step 10
A) Pull back crankcase line from intake tube. B) With
pliers, remove factory band clamp on Throttle Body.
Pull tube away from Throttle Body.
Step 12
Re-install bolt and tighten tab on housing from step 11.
With screw and washer provided, tighten bottom of housing with 10mm socket or wrench.
Pull back VSV valve away from intake tube.
Step 13
Install coupler (05-00417) to Throttle Body with clamps
provided. Tighten clamp on Throttle Body only.
Remove stock intake tube out of vehicle.
Step 14
Install Throttle Body Tube (05-00808) tube along with
coupler (05-00418) and clamps. Do not tighten.
Attach trim seal to housing.
Step 15
Install MAF tube (05-00997) with coupler (05-00649) and
clamps on housing side. Position all tubes and tighten
clamps using 5/16” nut driver.
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Last update: 08-2
Intake Kit Installation Instructions: 2007-2008 Scion tC L4-2.4L Stage 2
Accessories Available:
Replacement Air Filter:
Restore Kits
90-50001 Blue Aerosol
90-50501 Blue Squeeze
90-59999 Pro Dry S™ Cleaner
advanced FLOW engineering™
P.O. Box 1719
Corona, CA 92878
Support: 951-493-7100
5R™ 24-40505
Blue Media
Pro Dry S™ 21-40505
White Media
Note: Filter Cleaning and Re-oiling: When cleaning your aFe filter, be sure to use only aFe’s “Restore Kit” (aFe P/N: 90-50001 blue oil aerosol, aFe P/N: 90-50501 blue squeeze bottle oil,
aFe P/N: 90-59999 Pro Dry S TM cleaner only.) Pro Dry S TM cleaning: see cleaning instruction sheet 06-00074. For replacement part(s) or “Restore Kit” please call aFe sales/tech support @ 951-493-7100
Step 16
With phillips screwdriver, loosen and remove MAF
sensor from stock air box.
Step 21
Re-connect crankcase line to Throttle Body Tube.
Step 17
Install MAF sensor to new tube using the M4 screws
provided and tighten.
Step 22
Install air filter and tighten using 5/16” nut
Step 18
Loosen screw on bottom of VSV valve with phillips screw
driver (see step 19).
Step 23
Re-install engine cover and tighten. Re-connect battery.
Step 19
Install to bracket on MAF tube and use same screw from
step 18 and tighten.
black, and 28-10014 blue
Step 20
Re-connect MAF sensor harness.
Step 24
Your installation is now complete. Make sure you tighten
all clamps and check all electrical connections
periodically. Thank you for choosing aFe!
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Last update: 08-2
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