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Hoss 600 LJ
Midi-Drive™ Power Wheelchairs
Attractive HOSS 600 LJ CC/SS power base puts you in control.
Shown with optional
50 Recline Seat
Hoss 600 LJ Excels with . . .
Style & Choice - 3 rich “Mirror-Glaze™” Through & Through
colors, 4 seat colors, including 2 luxurious soft fabrics, and mag wheels.
Easy seat access - just step on the footrest.
All day comfort - Orthopedic contoured Com-For-Back™
seat and arms are width,
depth, height & angle adjustable
to fit your needs. 50 Recline Admiral Seat. SS is available
in Com-For-Back™, Admiral & Rehab Cane Seat.
Better indoor maneuverability and stability - Patented
3/4 midi-drive short 27" turning radius is much easier to
drive in your home than comparable rear wheel drive chairs.
Boss' 3/4 design is more stable than center drive bariatric
chairs that tip easily when reaching or stopping. 8o stability.
All day outdoor power & range - New York made, (13/4 HP Total),
high torque motors drive maximum efficiency, inline (no maintenance)
sealed gear drive. Advanced, easy to drive, 150 amp modular controller
saves energy while delivering maximum power for range up to
20 miles. Hoss 600 LJ can climb tortuous, 140yd, 7-9 o
hills 27 times with a 600lb. rider.
Hoss 6oo LJ has ultra low center of gravity - designed with
4 point seat mounts that ensure much lower seat heights,
(16" for a short user - SS ), with easier control, drivability,
and easy battery access.
State-of-the-art - small, carry along, fast charging, worldwide
charger features battery saver technology for longer battery
life and reduced cost.
Dual transport option - with chair transport tie down system or separate
the Hoss into 6 pieces for transport.
Special Need - Extra wide, angle adjustable footplates standard, custom seat sizes &
footplates. 600 lb. capacity, swing-away ELRs and solid rehab seat.
Stanza™ Power Anti-tips
for Easy Step on and off
Hoss 600 LJ
600 lb. capacity
Made in America and distributed by ConvaQuip Ind., Inc.
Hoss 600 LJ
Midi-Drive™ Power Wheelchairs
Back folds for transport
20o back angle adjustment (16o posterior, 4o anterior)
Back Height 22” or 25” with 5” or 8” posterior space
3” back frame depth adjustment (19 1/2”, 21”, 22 1/2”)
Deluxe “Com-For-Back™” seat
24” width standard (26”, 28” or 30” optional)
21” depth standard (custom sizes available)
3” height adjustment, 5.4o tilt angle adjustment
Top of seat to floor: 19.3” - 21.3” (uncompressed foam)
3” frame position adjustment (front to rear) on seat
Com-For-Back™ Seat (CC)
3” x 14” Removable arms
Width, height, depth & angle adjustable
3” depth adjustment
22” inside width, 28.5” outside width to 30” inside width with 36”
outside width
1 of 4 Solid Seat Styles (SS)
Removable Footrest
3” to 5.0” height adjustable and angle adjustable
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Primary Use
Range (varies with weight)
Ground Clearance
Turning Radius
4.6 mph Max. at 600 lbs.
up to 20 miles (600 lb. rider)
Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
42” - 44”
Batteries (2 Required)
Battery Charger
Group 24 Sealed
Fast charging, Carry-On, 8 amp, 24 volt constant current
Main Frame & Components
Footplate/Front Anti-Tip System
Seat and Controller
Batteries (2)
Structural Capacity
Maximum Incline Rating
146 lbs. (Flat Free Tires)
23 lbs.
58.5 lbs.
58.5 lbs. each
344.5 lbs. includes batteries & flat free tires
Modular 150 amp Controller
Rigid Frame
Front Anti-Tip System
Tires & Wheels
Main Drive
Accessories & Options
• Saddle Bag
• Folding Basket
• Swing Away Controller Mount
• Adjustable Head Rest
• Head Rest Extension
• Cane Holder
• Cup Holder
• Oxygen Cylinder Holder
• Elevating Leg Rests
• Swing-Away/Detachable Leg Rests
• Rehab (cane) Seat
Body Color Choices
Ocean Blue
Fully Programmable
Candy Apple Red
Midnight Black
Fully Adjustable
Seat Color Choices - Velvet
12” Flat Free (Std) or (Optional Pneumatic -NC)
5” Solid
9” Flat Free (Std) or (Optional Pneumatic -NC)
Lifetime limited warranty on structural frame; two-year limited
on electronics; two year limited on motor and gearbox
assemblies. Please see Owners Manual for details.
Seat Color Choices - Vinyl
Made in America and distributed by ConvaQuip Ind., Inc.
P.O. Box 3417
Abilene, TX
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