Koolbreeze Kompact 18
Wholesale Cooling
And Heating
Koolbreeze Kompact 18
Portable Air Conditioner
18000btu of power in a tiny case
Cool or heat with the Koolbreeze Kompact18 Portable Air
Conditioner with Heat Pump Heating Technology. This model is
an air conditioner, heater, dehumidifier and fan. This energy
efficient multi-season unit utilizes heat pump technology to
harvest heat from the air while producing more heat and
consuming less energy than other portable heaters.
Our evaporative technology uses any collected moisture to cool
the unit before it is eliminated through the exhaust ducts. Along
with a powerful 18000btu (5.2Kw) cooling and heating power,
this unit features a 40 litre/day evaporative dehumidifier
eliminating the need to empty a water bucket. Even on the most
humid of days, excess water can be continuously drained from
the machine using its powerful internal pump.
Multi-season air conditioner and heater in
one super compact unit
The fully adjustable thermostat and programmable timer
automatically power the unit on and off according to user
settings. Built-in memory and loss of power protection allows
the user settings to be saved once the unit is programmed. All
controls and settings are on a brilliant, easy-to-read multi-color
display. Single hose ventilation kit and window guard is included.
 18000 BTU (5.2 Kw) Heating & Cooling
 24-hour programmable on and off timer that
Remote Control
remembers the user settings -- only need to program
 40 Litre per day evaporative dehumidifier
 Adjustable thermostat
 Loss of power protection and on-board memory
 3 speed fan with oscillating louvers
 Easy rolling casters for portability
 Cooling input 1.8Kw 8.2Amp
 Heating input 1.45Kw 6.6Amp
 Air Circulation 700 Cu/m Hr
 Noise ; Less than 55 db(A) sound pressure
 Size 616x370x780mm
Unit must be vented outside when in AC and heater modes.
 Weight 43Kg net/ 50Kg gross
For the purposes of EU regulation EN12102 this is a “local air
 Hose 1.6M x 150mm
conditioner” and produces less than 65Dbl sound energy.
 For use between 7C and 35C
 Energy Efficiency Rating A
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