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DR1600 Microfilm Recorder
The Minolta DR1600 offers a broad array of special features to make microfilm recording
faster, simpler, and more cost-efficient.
Designed for fast and simple microfilming, the Minolta DR1600 is the choice of working
professionals -- because its convenient desktop design and user-friendly operation helps
make any microfilm recording more efficient.
Special features of the DR1600 include automatic aperture size selection for single or
double frame, frame indexing, single corner positioning, and auto exposure control. All
these functions can work together to increase productivity and enhance image quality.
With built-in RS-232C interface, you can connect a PC to your DR1600 for operation as a
data entry camera in CAR (Computer Assisted Retrieval) systems -- with full camera
control from your computer.
The MSRP for the base unit is $7,340.00. Lenses, carriers, options and accessories are
extra. Please contact your authorized Minolta dealer for additional information.
Fast, Simple Operation: The Minolta DR1600 is designed with simple, intuitive operation
for maximum efficiency in a wide range of microfilm recording applications.
Superior Image Quality: Minolta lenses are designed for high-resolution images from a
wide range of originals at all focal lengths -- from single sheets of paper to books up to .78
inch (2cm) in thickness.
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DR1600, 10/02/00
Uniform Illumination: A precision fluorescent lamp system provides uniform illumination
for consistent microfilm exposures, roll after roll.
Auto Exposure Control: Advanced electronics technology provides completely automatic
exposure adjustment for sharp, clear images every time; manual focusing is also available
for special filming needs.
Auto Focus and Reduction: Just place a document on the copyboard, and the DR1600
automatically selects both the reduction ratio and the proper focus to ensure correctly
sized images.
Document Width Sensing: Automatically senses and selects the right frame size to suit
your original; documents up to 8-1/2" x 14" legal size are filmed in single frames, while
larger documents are filmed in double wide-width frames -- but filmed images are always
upright for easy reading.
Single-Corner Positioning: Because only a single corner of your document needs to be
positioned correctly, the DR1600 greatly simplifies filming and minimizes document
Frame Indexing: For faster, easier identification and indexing, frame numbers and/or blip
marks can be selected and recorded on your film; three levels of blip marks (Item, Batch,
and Block) are selectable, and all are encoded inside the camera head to for consistent
readability as well as more accurate document exposures.
Manual Information Input: You can manually input up to three 4-digit numbers or a
single 12-digit number to precisely identify each frame with time, date, or other specialized
information; numbers appear along the top of the frame.
Zero-Space Filming: Lets you automatically eliminate the gap between frames, permitting
more documents to be filmed per roll and minimizing the flicker effect when you view
moving film.
Replaceable Camera Head: The camera head can be easily replaced in seconds,
allowing different users to use their own camera heads for specific filming purposes.
Self-Diagnostics: A self-diagnosis system with red LEDs warns you when film is about to
run out or when the camera head isn't locked to the main body of your microfilm recorder.
RS-232C Interface: Connect a PC to the built-in RS-232C interface, and the DR1600
permits full control of all camera operations from your computer for data entry in CAR
(Computer Assisted Retrieval) systems.
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DR1600, 10/02/00
Type: Planetary desktop
Film: 16mm x 100 feet (5 mil thick roll film), 16mm x 125 feet (4 mil thick roll film),16mm x
215 feet (2.5 mil thick roll film)
Frame Counters: 12-digit resettable LED display, 7-digit non-resettable mechanical
Lens: 28mm, f/5.0
Resolution: 155 lines/mm
Shutter: Electromagnetic, solenoid-operated
Reduction Ratio: 25:1, 32:1
Original Size: Max. 11" x 17" (A3)
Exposure Control: Automatic or manual
Light Source: Two fluorescent lamps (15W each)
Power Source: AC local voltage
Power Consumption: 200W
Frame Size: 9.7mm x 12.6mm (single frame), 18.2mm x 12.6mm (double frame)
Pull Down: 10mm (single frame) or 18.5mm (double frame), Variable setting between
11.75mm and 20.25mm
Document Mark: Built-in, tri-level document mark
Dimensions (WxDxH): 35-1/2" x 27-1/2" x 41-1/2" (902mm x 700mm x 1.054mm)
Weight: 90 lbs. (41kg)
Design & specifications are subject to change without notice.
Optional Accessories
RS232C Interface
6-Digit Resettable Mechanical Counter
Foot Switch
1. Does the DR1600 support foot pedals?
Yes, there are optional food pedals available.
2. Do you sell workstations for the DR1600?
Yes, we do sell an optional workstation for the DR1600 and your Minolta dealer may also
be able to provide alternative workstations as well.
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DR1600, 10/02/00
3. Is there a means to feed continuous forms on the DR1600 to automate filming?
Yes, the AFT-1 is an optional, continuous form feeder for computer forms. With the AFT-1
you can film 60 images per minute.
4. If using more than one camera head, will the DR1600 retain the last settings for that
camera head?
Yes, the camera head can be removed and the last used settings will be memorized for up
to four separate individual camera heads.
5. What level of image marking is available on the DR1600?
There are three levels of blip marks available, encoded inside the camera head to ensure
accurate blip sensing during the retrieval process.
6. Where can I purchase a DR1600?
All Minolta Corporation products are sold through a dealer channel. For the Minolta
Dealer nearest you please refer to our website's Dealer Locator.
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DR1600, 10/02/00
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