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welcome guide
Digital Satellite TV
amazing satellite tV
right from space.
Amazing customer service
that’s right next door.
using your universal remote
The hardware
TV browsing made simple
The interactive on screen guide
customize your viewing
Fun features
endless entertainment
Better ways to record and watch TV
with an advanced HdpVR
24 FaQs, tips and troubleshooting
We love our customers and we’ll do whatever it takes for
you to love us back. That’s why you always get the widest
range of Hd content in canada, thousands of on-demand
titles and pay-per-View events – all backed up by
24/7/365 local support. The way we see it, it’s our job to
make you happy – and we take our jobs very seriously.
and that includes this guide. We’ve loaded up these pages
with lots of handy reminders so you always get the most
from your new satellite TV. don’t worry, we promise it’ll
be quick so you won’t miss a thing.
hd satellite tV that
gives you the most
bang for your buck.
And saves those bucks too.
Now it’s easier to expand your Hd viewing
experience even further. Because as a Shaw direct
satellite subscriber, you get more than just the
best Hd satellite TV available. You also get lots of
your favourite shows in Hd when you subscribe to
the same standard definition (Sd) channel.
plus, you can change your programming whenever
you want, so you’ll always have the channel lineup
that’s perfect for you and your family.
Your Shaw direct satellite system comes
with a complimentary installation. That
means we’ll come over and run the cable
line from the dish to your receiver and
then connect the receiver to your TV –
free of charge. To book your Shaw direct
installation, call 1-888-782-7417. Your
installation date will normally be within two
and 10 days from the date of your call.
If you provided a phone number where
you can be reached at the time of your
installation, your installer will call you ahead
of time to let you know when they expect
to arrive.
If you live in an apartment building or condo
complex call our commercial Services
team at 1-866-782-7345 and we’ll help you
navigate your installation process.
If an installer isn’t in your local area, self
install kits are also available. They come
with all the equipment and step-by-step
instructions you need to set up your
satellite system. To learn more about a self
install kit, visit
the dish
For optimal signal reception, we set your
dish to face south and slightly east or west,
depending on where you live. The surface
on your elliptical dish is designed to catch
the signals and direct them to the Low
Noise Block (LNB), which is where your
cables connect. From there, the signals are
amplified and sent to your Hd receiver.
what to expect on
installation day
By now, you’ve already contacted our team
to set up your installation appointment.
our installer will:
■■ confirm your installation date and time
■■ place and connect your hardware from
the dish and, when required, ensure proper
placement of the ground attachment
■■ perform testing of the entire installation
for continuity, including measuring and
recording signal levels
■■ discuss the hook-up of an Internet
connection to enable access to Shaw
direct on demand on your receiver
■■ contact our customer care centre to
activate your system
■■ Walk you through a demonstration of
your receiver operation
■■ Seal all entry holes and install proper
wall plates
Your dish will arrive with your installer on
installation day, unless you are in a home
or building with a functioning Shaw direct
satellite dish already in place.
Using your
universal remote
Your remote can control your satellite
receiver, TV, and DVD, Blu-ray or audio
system, but you have to program it first.
Visit us online at to find out how.
Turns the power on/off.
PVR/shaw direct on demand
Keys operate the Stop, Pause, Record,
SKIP AHEAd functions of your Advanced HDPVR
and Shaw Direct On Demand titles – as well as
your DVD and Blu-ray player.
Displays the Favourites menu.
Displays the on screen menu bar.
Navigation Buttons
Highlights menu items and navigates between
listings in the interactive on screen guide.
Displays the interactive on screen guide.
Changes the channel. If using the interactive
on screen guide, press to move one page up
or down.
Controls the volume on your TV or audio system.
Mode Buttons
Press once to control your TV, DVD, stereo or auxiliary equipment.
Switches between the different devices connected to your TV.
Adjusts aspect ratios to fit your TV screen. Some channels and older shows are broadcast
in 4:3 ratio (more of a square shape). Modern HD is broadcast 16:9 (rectangle shape).
Switching your aspect ratios to match the show can make your viewing more enjoyable.
Opens the list of recorded programs on the Advanced HDPVR.
Go Back
Saves your changes and returns to previous menu.
In any menu, press ENTER to select the highlighted item. When you’re not at a menu,
press ENTER to go to the channel number you’ve punched in.
Exits any menu and returns to the program you are currently watching.
Displays information about the current or highlighted program
in the interactive on screen guide.
Launches the Shaw Direct On Demand menu bar to browse the
Shaw Direct On Demand library, change settings or view network status.
Displays the localized Options menu for the current screen.
last ch
Returns to the last channel watched.
Displays Help screens.
the hardware
tV browsing
made simple
Both receivers feature:
easy-to-read programming summaries
■■ Standard
definition (Sd), high definition (Hd), and 3d programming on your compatible TV
■■ access to the entire Shaw direct on demand library with your high-speed Internet connection
■■ crystal-clear digital picture and sound
■■ dolby® digital 5.1 and dolby® digital plus Surround Sound capability
■■ HdMI and Rca composite video/stereo audio output
■■ MpeG-4 compatibility
■■ up to 14 day look ahead in your interactive on screen guide
hd receiver
Look for the Hd icon for programs broadcast
in Hd
Relevant program information noted with
unsubscribed channels are clearly shown
programs are colour-coded by type
Shaw Direct HDPVR 630
■■ picture
■■ Record,
in picture guide
■■ programmable reminders for your
favourite shows
■■ 3d ready
■■ RF (coaxial) output
pause, and rewind live television
■■ Smart pVR Technology
■■ Watch a recorded program or on-demand
title while recording two others
■■ Record up to 220 hours in Sd or 60 hours
in Hd
■■ Time Travel™ to skip forward or skip back
for instant replay
■■ component video and optical digital
audio outputs
■■ Integrated modem for caller Id right on
your TV screen
Time Travel is the trademark of Shaw Satellite G.p.
all Rights Reserved.
Broadcast features dolby®
digital 5.1 Surround Sound
children over 8 years
parental Guidance
adult 14+
available with closed
available with descriptive
program Subject to Blackout
program/episode airing for
the first time
recording and
reminder symbols
parental Guidance
adult 18+
over 14 years
adults only
american tV
content ratings
all children
directed to older
coarse or crude
Sexual Situations
Recording Scheduled
directed to older
children – Fantasy
Recording in progress
General audience
duplicate or user-cancelled
(airing will not be recorded)
parental Guidance
Recording conflict
(airing will not be recorded)
parents Strongly
auto-Tune Scheduled
Mature audiences only
Reminder Scheduled
(HddSR only)
Picture ratings
Broadcast in High definition
Broadcast in 3d
Shaw Direct HDDSR 600
canadian tV
content ratings
Fantasy Violence
the interactive
on screen guide
If your interactive on screen guide appears different than the images below,
visit for the most up-to-date information.
The interactive on screen guide lets you find and
choose what you want to watch. plus, it has many
other useful features that are explained in this section.
The interactive on screen guide is easy to use. When
you press GuIde, it will appear with the channel
you’re watching highlighted. You can even browse
the interactive on screen guide while watching your
favourite show in the corner of the screen, or press
GuIde again to change to the full-screen view.
If you want to get out of the interactive on screen
guide or any other menu, just press eXIT and you’ll be
back to the TV program you’re currently watching.
navigating the interactive
on screen guide
use the aRRoW buttons to navigate through the
listings, moving up or down, left or right. For faster
navigation, use cH to skip a whole screen of listings.
up to 14 days of programming information are
available on your interactive on screen guide.
To move forward or back quickly in the listings, press
FaST FoRWaRd and ReWINd to skip in six hour
increments. press SKIp FoRWaRd and SKIp BacK to
move 24 hours at a time. don’t worry about getting
lost. pressing pLaY always returns you to the current
channel at the current time.
The programs in the interactive on screen guide are
colour coded, so you can easily find what to watch:
Shows you where the cursor is
General programming
pay per View
Shaw direct channels
unsubscribed channels
While browsing the interactive on screen guide,
information for each program appears at the top of the
screen, including channel, start and end time, parental
rating, broadcast symbols, and episode information. To
view even more information, press INFo. From these
info screens, you can view the star rating (for movies),
original airdate, specific parental advisories, genre,
and cast. use the LeFT and RIGHT aRRoW keys to
move between the tabs and press eNTeR to view the
program options menu.
If you press INFo while watching TV, you’ll see the
details on the show you’re watching.
shaw direct menu bar
The menu bar is your portal to all of the great features
that your Shaw direct Hd receiver has to offer. press
MeNu to access the menu bar, which lets you:
■■ Select
a program currently airing from the
interactive on screen guide or select one of your
recorded programs (advanced HdpVR only)
■■ View and manage your recordings or reminders
■■ Launch the Shaw direct on demand menu bar
■■ Search to find programs by title, interests or genre,
or to find music channels and radio stations
■■ change your favourites, see the interactive on
screen guide options and more
enhanced search features
accessing search features
Take advantage of the search features by selecting
Search from your on screen menu bar.
title and interests search
Select Title Search from the menu bar to search for
your program by title. use the on screen keyboard
to enter words from the title of the movie, sporting
event or TV show you’re looking for. When you see
what you were searching for appear on the screen
to the right, move your cursor to the side and select
your program by pressing eNTeR. From here, you can
tune in to the program, see upcoming airdates, set up
a recording or reminder, or get information about the
show. Select Interests from the menu bar to search
for something to watch by genre. use the on screen
sorting tool to select the time, category and specific
genre you’re looking for. Move your on screen cursor
to your selection and press eNTeR to watch your
show, set up a recording or reminder, view upcoming
airdates or get information about the program.
music search
Select Search from the menu bar and select Music to
find a music channel by genre or city. once you’ve
entered the music search tool, use the on screen sorter
to find a commercial-free music channel you think
you’d like and press eNTeR to tune to that station. You
can also use the sorter to select a radio station by city.
If you have a favourite music or radio station, you can
always enter the three-digit channel number listed on
the right side of the screen to tune directly without
using the search tool.
customize your viewing
use the FaV button to program the interactive on
screen guide to only display specific channels. That
means you don’t have to scroll through channels
that you aren’t interested in to find a program you
want to watch. You can set multiple favourites lists,
so everyone in the family can program his or her
list into the interactive on screen guide. To program
your favourites, press FaV on the remote control, or
select Favourites Lists from the options menu. Select
Create New Favourites List or modify an existing list
by highlighting it and then selecting Edit Favourites
List. You can add channels to your favourites by
selecting them from the channel list on the left, or
remove channels by selecting them from your list on
the right. When you’re done, press GO BACK twice to
save your changes and return to where you started.
To quickly change between favourite lists or return to
the default all channels list, press opTIoNS while in
the interactive on screen guide and use the LeFT and
RIGHT aRRoW keys to change the channel list.
hiding unsubscribed channels
unsubscribed channels appear in grey in the
interactive on screen guide. If you would like to hide
these channels completely, press opTIoNS while
in the interactive on screen guide and change the
unsubscribed channels to hide. any change in your
subscription status will update instantly.
Output Format determines which resolution is used
to send video to your TV. on most HdTVs, 1080i is
optimal. For SdTVs, use 480i.
4x3 Override overrides the specified output format
when viewing standard definition channels. Turning on
the override allows most TVs to automatically stretch Sd
content to fill the whole screen. If you’d prefer to control
this yourself using the aSpecT button, leave it off.
TV Type specifies what type of TV you have. Most
HdTVs are 16x9, nearly all SdTVs are 4x3.
You may occasionally see black bars on the top and
bottom or sides of your screen. Many broadcasters will
insert these bars to preserve the original aspect ratio of
the program. You can press aSpecT to zoom or stretch
the picture if desired.
Parental controls
To set up parental controls, you need to choose
a password for your system. This is an important
step. a secure password prevents kids from viewing
certain channels or programs with rated content. The
password must also be entered before buying any pay
per View movies or events. This ensures that you can
monitor all charges on your system.
setting parental controls
Video and aspect settings
You can access the parental controls menu by pressing
opTIoNS (2). If this is the first time you’ve accessed
this menu, you will be prompted to create a four-digit
To get the best performance out of your Hd receiver,
use the Video Settings menu found in opTIoNS (4, 5).
By adjusting the settings in this menu, you can change
the way video is displayed from your Hd receiver,
even if you have a standard definition (Sd) TV.
The following parental control options are available:
■■ Enable Locks: Turn all locks on (enabled) or off
(disabled). When locks are disabled, all settings are
retained and will be saved for the next time you
enable locks.
Fun features
Rating and Movie Rating: Select the lowest
rating you want to lock. For example, by setting
the TV Rating to 14+, a password will be required
to view or record programs rated 14+ and 18+.
■■ Locked Channels: Show or hide locked channels
from the interactive on screen guide. Locked
channels can still be viewed directly by entering
the applicable channel number, but a password will
always be required.
■■ Locked Programs: prevent programs which exceed
your TV and movie ratings from appearing in the
interactive on screen guide and search results.
Locked programs simply appear as parentally
locked until the password is entered.
■■ Channel Locks: prevent all content on specific
channels from being viewed without the parental
■■ Unrated Programs: Lock all programs which do not
have a parental rating.
There are additional parental control options specific
to Shaw direct on demand. Set these by pressing d
on your remote control and selecting VOD Settings.
receiver mail
■■ TV
account security
We recommend that you choose a unique parental
password and that you change it often. If you forget
your password, you can call a customer Service
Representative at 1-866-782-7932 and we can reset
your system.
We also encourage you to set up a verbal password
on your account to ensure you’re the only one able
to call and make a request to reset your system or
change your account details over the phone.
With Shaw direct’s essential Hd Receiver, you can set
reminders or auto-tunes for your favourite programs.
With reminders, you will see an exclamation box appear
in the top right corner of the screen two minutes
before a reminded program starts. press eNTeR to
go to the upcoming programs. Setting an auto-tune
goes one step further and will automatically tune the
receiver to the specified program when it starts.
caller id
caller Id* is enabled or disabled from the user Settings
menu by pressing opTIoNS (4, 1). It is enabled by
default. calls will appear in real time on screen when
you are watching TV. You can even see a list of the last
50 callers through the Messages tab on the menu bar.
*Not available on the essential Hd Receiver. To access caller Id, customers must
subscribe to caller Id with their telephone company and have a telephone line
connected to the receiver at all times.
With Receiver Mail, Shaw direct can send you
important updates on services and promotions. an
envelope will appear when you have a message. Just
select the Messages or Mail tab on the menu bar and
open it to find out what’s new at Shaw direct.
receiver software updates
We’re always improving and Shaw direct often
remotely enhances the software in your Shaw direct
receiver. These updates come to you at no additional
charge. We have a lot of great features lined up for
your Shaw direct receivers. check for the
latest news and updates to your Shaw direct system.
endless entertainment
shaw direct on demand
get started
With Shaw direct on demand, you always have
instant access to thousands of titles in Sd and Hd
right at your fingertips. We make it easy for you
to find your favourite TV shows and the latest
blockbuster movies – available directly on your TV.
There are no fees for browsing the Shaw direct on
demand library. In fact, you get eight free rentals to
start and many of your favourite TV programs are
available on-demand for free.
To get started, hit d on your remote to launch the
Shaw direct on demand menu bar. once you’re there,
you can browse by genre by selecting Interests, or
search by title if you have something specific in mind.
plus, you can choose premium programming
packages such as The Movie Network (east), Movie
central (West) or Super channel (national) for
on-demand access to hundreds of commercial-free
movies and TV programs on your schedule.
To use Shaw direct on demand, here’s what you need:
■■ High-speed Internet access
■■ Home router with one free ethernet port
■■ connection between your router and your
Hd receiver
■■ a registered My account on
■■ Vod access enabled on your account
Is your router not near your receiver? don’t worry –
we have the Vod powerline Bridge available for you.
Visit to purchase a set, or
give us a call at 1-888-554-7827.
testing your connection
connecting, press d and access the Network
■■ ensure all 3 status fields read online
■■ Scroll to “Start connection speed test” and press
■■ Results display will advise if you can stream Hd or Sd
■■ after
You can also browse the entire on-demand library and
order select titles online at
ordering shaw direct on demand
■■ press
d on your remote or or select Vod from the
menu bar
■■ Search for content by Title Search or Interests
■■ Make your selection and follow the prompts
■■ confirm the purchase
■■ Sit back and enjoy
shaw direct Pay Per View
pay per View offers a wide selection of new release
movies, special events, and adult-specific content at
fixed start times throughout the day. You can order
pay per View movies and events using our automated
phone ordering system or by talking to a customer
Service Representative. There’s an administrative
fee of $3 for ordering through a customer Service
ordering Pay Per View by phone
access channel 950 or higher in the interactive on screen
guide to find your movie’s start time and order Id.
■■ call 1-866-782-7778
■■ enter your home phone number (including area code).
■■ enter your movie’s order Id. The automated phone
system will confirm your selection.
Better ways to record and watch tV
with an advanced hdPVr
■■ If
you have set a four-digit pIN on your Shaw direct
account, you will have to enter it before you are
able to confirm the purchase. This pIN is different
from the parental password you may have set
and is recommended to prevent unauthorized
■■ after the order is placed, you will see the
exclamation box appear in the top right corner of
your TV. press eNTeR when you see this to view
the purchase History screen, which will contain
details of your purchase. You can also view this
menu any time by pressing opTIoNS (3).
*prices and administrative fees are subject to change and do not include taxes.
all your Shaw direct on demand and pay per View
orders appear on your Shaw direct invoice. We
deliver discreet billing on adult titles.
hd personal video recorder
With the advanced HdpVR, you can record,
pause and rewind live TV. Your HdpVR can store
approximately 220 hours of Standard definition TV
programming or 60 hours of Hd programming so you
can watch your recorded programs whenever you
want. plus, it’s 3d and 1080p ready.
live on disk (lod) playback
With Lod playback, you can pause live TV and then
pick up right where you left off. did you just miss an
important TV moment? press ReWINd to replay it.
and with Shaw direct’s own Time Travel™, you can
even treat TV like a dVd and instantly skip forward
through entire segments of a recorded program, or
skip back to catch a great goal or a favourite scene.
To use Time Travel™, press SKIp FoRWaRd to move
30 seconds ahead or SKIp BacK to move back 10
seconds. You can also enter a number of minutes using
the number buttons on the remote, then press SKIp
FoRWaRd or SKIp BacK to instantly move that number
of minutes. For example, if you want to skip ahead five
minutes, simply press 5, followed by SKIp FoRWaRd.
Time Travel is the trademark of Shaw Satellite G.p. all Rights Reserved.
Playback bar
When you activate Lod or a recorded program, the
playback bar helps you keep track of where you are.
It will:
■■ Indicate where you are in a recording or where you
are compared to the live program in black
■■ Shows parts of the program that have already
been viewed in yellow
■■ displays the content that hasn’t been seen yet in
■■ Indicates parts of a program that were not
recorded or have not yet been recorded in red
saving lod programming
customizing your recording options
If you have stayed on the same channel since the start
of the program, simply press RecoRd and it will save
the temporary recording permanently to the hard
drive. The record icon appears to confirm your choice
and recording stops at the end of the program.
impulse recording
By selecting options from the pVR section of the
menu bar you can view and change any of the
recording events you have set. If you have set
a Recurring Recording (indicated with an R), all
options will be available. If you have set an Impulse
Recording, Recurrence and Keep do not apply and
will not appear.
If you’ve ever found an unexpected treasure while browsing
the interactive on screen guide, Impulse Recording is for
you. Just press RecoRd and the program or movie you’ve
selected will be scheduled for a one-time recording.
Priority determines which programs get recorded
first in case of a conflict. The advanced HdpVR can
record two programs at once, and relies on priority
to determine which ones will be recorded.
Note: When you set a one-time recording, it will
automatically take priority over other recordings
scheduled for that time.
Recurrence can be set to new episodes or all
episodes. New episodes only captures first-run
episodes, whereas all episodes will record reruns
as well. The advanced HdpVR keeps track of each
episode it records and will not record the same
episode twice for the duration specified by PVR
history in opTIoNS (5).
setting up a recurring recording
You can set up a recurring (series) recording event to
automatically record every episode of a particular show. No
matter if the show changes time or length, the advanced
HdpVR will automatically find and record it for you.
press eNTeR on the program you want (from the
interactive on screen guide, an Info Screen or Search
Results) and select smart record all episodes or smart
record new episodes. If you select either option from
the interactive on screen guide or upcoming airdates
screen, the advanced HdpVR will record the program
on that specific channel only by default.
Viewing upcoming recordings
a list of all upcoming recordings is always available in
one convenient place. Just select Upcoming from the
pVR section of the menu bar. You can easily reschedule
upcoming recordings by using the view upcoming
airdates function, or cancel them altogether by
selecting do not record this episode.
Channels specifies which channels the program
can be recorded from. options include the specific
channel the recording event was created on, All
channels, HD only, or SD only. Your advanced HdpVR
knows which channels you subscribe to, so it won’t
try to record a show on a channel you don’t get.
Start Early and End Late will automatically extend a
recording past the time scheduled in the interactive
on screen guide to ensure you never miss a moment
of the action.
Keep automatically deletes the oldest episodes once
a certain number of episodes have been recorded.
Keep Until lets the advanced HdpVR self-manage
the recording and delete it when space is needed, or
automatically protect it so only you can delete it.
IMpoRTaNT NoTe: We recommend that whenever
you set up a new series recording on your advanced
HdpVR, you check and arrange the settings for that
particular series in the pVR options menu. Keeping the
settings in check will help ensure that you never miss
a recording and know which shows are being recorded
and when.
Viewing recordings
To enter your list of recorded programs, press pVR on
your remote, or select Recordings from the Watch TV
section of the menu bar. From the pVR List you can
browse, watch or delete your recorded programs. If
you press the LeFT or RIGHT aRRoWS on your remote
control, you can sort your pVR items by date, title
and even program. When you sort by programs, you
can see how many and which episodes you have in a
specific series.
recording conflict resolution
The advanced HdpVR plans your recording schedule to
avoid conflicts. With its dual tuner, you can record two
channels at the same time when your TV is off, or you
can watch a channel while recording another. You can
even record two channels and watch a third program
from your pVR List or Shaw direct on demand. With
the ability to record by program title, there may be
times when you accidentally overbook your advanced
HdpVR. The machine will realize this and help you out.
If you’re watching a program and you have two
scheduled recordings about to start, you’ll see a
warning sign in the upper right-hand corner of the
screen two minutes before your recordings are set to
begin. press eNTeR and follow the on screen prompts
to manage your recording schedule.
turning on the tV during recordings
If you attempt to change channels while the advanced
HdpVR is recording two shows, you’ll get a message
saying your request cannot be completed. You can
press Go BacK to remain on the current channel, select
Vod to watch a program on-demand, or go to your
pVR List where you can:
■■ Watch a program that has already been recorded
■■ Stop either recording to watch live TV
■■ Watch either of the in-progress recordings from the
beginning of its recording session
Remember, the Recording options menu lets you
change your recording priorities and view other times
and channels to record so you can avoid conflicts.
self-managed hard drive
With Smart pVR Technology, there’s no need to
manually delete recordings once your hard drive is
full. The oldest recordings are deleted automatically
as space is needed. To prevent automatic deletion of
a recording, use the Protect option in the pVR List or
customize your recording options.
expandable hard drive
You can connect an eSaTa external hard drive for up to
2.0 TB of additional recording capacity. after connecting
your drive, simply re-boot the receiver and follow the
prompts to set it up. Visit for
hardware requirement and additional details.
FAQs, tips and troubleshooting
How do I access my Shaw Direct
account online?
To access your Shaw Direct account
online, visit and click on
My Account at the top of the page. Make
sure you have your account number ready.
You can find it on your customer bill. If
you have used My Account before on, simply enter your account
number and password. If you have never
used My Account before, you will need to
register to get your account activated for
online access. Once you have logged in
to your account, you will see a list of links
to help you change your programming,
view your bill, make a payment and more.
After registering, you can also use your
account number and password to access
the Shaw Direct On Demand website at and a variety of Shaw
Go apps.
Where can I find out more about my bill?
Understanding billing cycles, pre-authorized
payments and programming changes should
be easy. That’s why the Customer Care
section of is full of information
to help you better understand your monthly
bill. Visit the billing section to find an easyto-use bill explainer, information about
methods of payment and descriptions of
items as they may appear on your printed or
online bill. If you require further assistance,
give us a call at 1-866-782-7932 and one of
our helpful Customer Care Representatives
will be happy to assist you.
Where can I find more information about
how to use my Shaw Direct hardware?
Shaw Direct has a comprehensive User
Guide available online in PDF format.
Download it at
What if I have more than one TV?
The ideal way to set up your house is
to get a receiver for every TV in your
home. Visit to find
the receiver that’s right for you. You can
also talk to one of our friendly Customer
Service Representatives at 1-888-782-7417
or visit your local authorized Shaw Direct
retailer. We charge a $5.99* per month
Multi-Receiver Fee if you have two or more
receivers. If you subscribe to certain English,
French or Bilingual packages, the MultiReceiver Fee is waived.
*Prices are subject to change and do not include taxes.
What is time-shifting?
When you subscribe to our Timeshift
bundle, you can watch networks from all
time zones across Canada, including CBC,
CTV and Global. That means you can choose
which time zone you want to watch or
record your favourite show in, to fit your
busy schedule.
What is Shaw Go?
Shaw Go is designed to deliver mobile
content to Shaw Direct customers
anyplace, anytime. You can download Shaw
Go apps for free from the App Store for
Apple iOS devices, or from Google Play for
Android devices. After downloading the
app, just select the Shaw Direct tab and use
your account number and
My Account password to log in.
My router is in a different room than my
receiver. How can I connect to Shaw Direct
On Demand?
A VOD Powerline Bridge can be purchased
to bridge the connection. Connect one
Powerline bridge to your home router
and then plug it into a nearby wall outlet.
Then connect the second Powerline Bridge
to your satellite receiver and plug it into
a nearby wall outlet. The two bridges
will communicate through your home’s
existing wiring and you can instantly
enjoy on‑demand entertainment. Visit to purchase a
set, or give us a call at 1-888-554-7827.
Why are my channels changing
If there is more than one HD receiver in
your house, or if your neighbours also have
Shaw Direct, you may need to change
your remote address to prevent channels
from being changed by a different remote
control. Press OPTIONS (4, 3, 2) and follow
the instructions that came with your remote
control. After you have changed the address
on the remote, pressing ENTER pairs the
receiver with the new remote address.
Why is there no information showing in
the interactive on screen guide?
When a receiver is activated for the first
time, the interactive on screen guide will
show No Info for up to one hour. This is
because the receiver needs to download
the listings information. We encourage
you to stay on one channel and out of the
interactive on screen guide during this time.
After performing a front-panel reset or a
power loss, the receiver may require up to
five minutes for the interactive on screen
guide to reload.
I don’t have an HDTV. Can I still view HD
channels on Shaw Direct?
Yes. Even if you don’t have an HDTV, it is
still possible to view HD channels on Shaw
Direct as long as you have an HD satellite
receiver. With a Shaw Direct HD receiver,
you can convert the high definition signal
into a picture that is viewable on standard
definition TVs. The same viewing and
subscription requirements still apply when
viewing high definition channels in this
converted format.
What do I need to view 3D programming?
To view broadcasts of 3D programming, you
will need the following equipment:
■■ A 3D ready HDTV set to 3D mode
■■ The television manufacturer’s specified
3D glasses (for each viewer)
■■ Shaw Direct TV service and a true 3D
■■ A Shaw Direct 3D ready receiver
■■ An HDMI connection from your HD
receiver to your TV
Why did I lose my signal?
When you experience a signal loss, you
will typically see a message on screen that
reads receiver has lost satellite signal. This
can happen if the line-of-sight from your
dish to our satellite is blocked. It could
be a tree or your neighbour’s new home
addition. It can also happen temporarily
when severe weather systems are in
the line-of-sight and impair the signal
transmission. You can get weather-outage
updates by calling us at 1-888-782-7417 and
using our automated telephone system.
I have a black/blue/snowy screen on my TV.
What should I do?
Here are some easy steps you can take to
fix the picture:
■■ Make sure the receiver is turned on. Look
for a red or green light. Just press Power
on the receiver or remote and look for
one of the symbols on the front panel to
light up.
■■ Make sure that the TV is on the correct
input. Press the INPUT, SOURCE, or TV/
Video button on your TV. It may take
several attempts to find the right one.
■■ If you are using a home theatre receiver,
this may also need to be on the correct
input to feed video to your TV.
■■ Ensure that all cables between your
TV, satellite receiver, and any other
components are securely attached.
If the black or blue screen is still present,
give us a call at 1-888-782-7417 or visit – we’re always glad to help.
How do sports blackouts affect me?
Blackout rules are local or regional viewing
restrictions set up by various sports leagues
and television networks. As a distributor,
Shaw Direct has no control over these
blackout restrictions. If a particular game
is blacked out in your region, you will see a
message when you try to tune in.
What are CRTC restrictions?
The Canadian Radio-television and
Telecommunications Commission places
limits on the choices we can offer to
our customers. We work hard to provide
programming that adheres to CRTC
regulations while offering you maximum
programming flexibility.
Why is my Advanced HDPVR recording the
same show multiple times each day?
The Advanced HDPVR makes all of its
decisions based on the guide data it
receives. If the data does not distinguish
between episodes AND you have set your
Advanced HDPVR to record on all channels,
the Advanced HDPVR will assume each
airing may be unique and record it. The
simplest way around this situation is to use
the PVR Options menu to set the Recording
Event to record on a single channel only.
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