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Wireless gateway settings- Actiontec V1000H
Your TELUS wireless gateway will allow you the option of connecting devices wirelessly,
creating your own wireless home network.
For your security, your wireless gateway needs to be configured with a wireless network
name (SSID) and a network security key. Please make sure to write this information
down, as you will need to select your wireless network name and enter in your network
security key every time you want to access your wireless home network.
If you have not changed the wireless settings of the device, you will be able to locate the
settings at the bottom of the gateway.
Step 1: Using the computer you connected to the wireless gateway, open your Internet
browser (Example: Internet Explorer) and enter
Step 2: Enter in username and password and click OK
Username: admin
Password: telus
Step 3: Select NO to have password changed
Step 4: Select Wireless Settings Button at top of the screen
Step 5: On the Basic Settings page, choose the following settings:
Wireless Radio: Should be “enabled”
Select SSID: Choose the SSID that you want to use.
SSID Broadcast: should be “enabled”
SSID Name: Enter SSID name that you want to use
Security: Should be “WPA/WPA2”
WPA Type: Should be “WPA or WPA2 Personal”
Encryption Type: Should be “AES”
Security Key Type: Select “Use Default Key/Passphrase
-If use custom Key/Passphrase used key must be a minimum of 8 to a
maximum of 63 characters
Step 6: Click Apply
To connect additional devices to your wireless home network, you will need your
wireless network name and network security key.
Open your browser and enter an Internet address to ensure that you are now connected.
Configure your primary or additional computers for a wireless Internet connection
Step 1
Ensure that you have a wireless network card installed in your computer (most PCs now
come with network cards installed)
Step 2
Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your desktop (pictured below) and
select Connect To.
Step 3
You will see a list of all the available wireless networks. Find yours by looking for the wireless
network name you gave your wireless home network. Click on it, and then click Connect.
Step 4
Enter the network security key or pass phrase that was created during the initial setup of your
wireless gateway, and then click Connect to connect to your wireless network.
The network security key or pass phrase in the following picture is only an example.
Step 5
On the next screen, ensure that you enter check marks in all the displayed options
(pictured below) and then click Close.
Step 6
Once the next screen, choose the Home option by clicking on the house, then click Close to
complete the connection and configuration of your wireless home network.
Step 7
Once the window has closed, return to the Installation Wizard and click the Continue button.
Step 8
Open your browser and enter an Internet address to ensure that you are connected. If you are
still not getting a connection, click here for troubleshooting.
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