CyberPower RMCARD303 User manual
For mission-critical enterprise applications requiring maximum power protection.
•3000VA / 2700W
•Double-Conversion Topology
•Selectable Output - 100, 110, 115, 120,
125V - 50/60 Hz
•LCD Control Panel
with Removable Display Option
•GreenPower UPS™ ECO Mode
•2U Rack/Tower Form Factor
The CyberPower Smart App Online OL3000RTXL2U rack/tower uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with LCD control panel
and pure sine wave output safeguards mission-critical servers, data center and telecom equipment, VoIP and internetworking
hardware that require seamless power correction. Its Double-Conversion topology is generator compatible and delivers
consistent and clean AC power with zero transfer time, protecting connected equipment and preventing costly business
interruptions. Auto-bypass insures connected equipment continues to operate seamlessly when an overload or internal fault is
Configurable GreenPower UPS™ ECO Mode improves UPS efficiency to 93% and reduces electrical and cooling costs. Smart
Battery Management (SBM) uses a 3 cycle charging mode to improve battery life while reducing heat being generated.
A Three-Year Warranty ensures that this UPS has passed our highest quality standards in design, assembly, material or
workmanship and further protection is offered by a $400,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee.
•Extended Battery Module Options
with Fast Charge Technology
•SNMP/HTTP Remote Management
•7 Outlets / USB, Serial, EPO and
Dry Contact Ports
•PowerPanel® Business Edition
3 Minutes at Full-load
10 Minutes at Half-load
CyberPower’s patented
GreenPower UPS™ technology
reduces UPS energy costs up
to 75%! Save money and help
reduce carbon emissions.
CyberPower Systems, Inc.
4241 12th Ave. E. Suite 400
Shakopee, MN 55379
Toll-free 877.297.6937
Double-Conversion & Pure Sine Wave Output –
The OL3000RTXL2U with Double-Conversion topology
provides continuous pure sine wave output with zero transfer
time by converting utility AC power to DC power and
inverting it back to pure sine wave AC output. The output
power is identical to or cleaner than the power from the
utility company grid, free of harmonic distortion and electrical
noise, resulting in optimal line clarity.
GreenPower UPS™ Eco Mode – The OL3000RTXL2U
can be placed into an ECO mode that places the UPS
into a bypass state with a user selectable voltage range
for switching back to traditional Double-Conversion online
mode. This mode improves the UPS efficiency from 90% to
93%. Cost savings are not only achieved by reducing energy
consumption, but also by lowering the heat generated by
the UPS.
LCD Control Panel – With 43 different settings, the
innovative LCD interface enables users to check UPS
status, manage setup & control and run testing options.
Status and log menus provide UPS vitals including input &
output voltage levels, battery information, runtime estimates,
load information, event and fault logging and other system
information. The Configuration menu offers IT managers
the ability to customize their OL3000RTXL2U UPS to their
specific parameters of operation including output voltage,
sync frequency, alarm settings and other parameters.
The Test menu enables self testing to insure your UPS is
operating correctly.
Extended Battery Module (EBM) – The runtime of the
OL3000RTXL2U can be extended by integrating additional
EBM (BP72V60ART2U). The OL Series UPS can have up to
ten modules added. With the easy to use LCD control panel,
you can select the number of additional EBMs and it will
provide the correct estimated run-time for your configuration.
(For requirements beyond 10 EMBs, contact CyberPower
Technical support for directions).
Removable LCD Control Panel – The LCD control panel on
the OL3000RTXL2U can be removed and relocated for easy
viewing by using a DB26 cable (sold separately) that can be
attached to the front of the UPS. This feature provides easy
access to view, up to 10 ft. away, status or change settings
on the UPS when its installed in a hard to reach area such as
the bottom of a rack, in a crowded IT closet, or on the floor.
Fast Charge Technology – Each UPS and EBM
(BP72V60ART2U) has its own built in charger that enables
the UPS to recover its charge rapidly when utility power is
restored. As a result, your charging time remains the same
whether you add one EBM or ten modules.
Smart Battery Management (SBM) – SBM uses a 3-cycle
charging mode that improves battery life and reduces
heat generated. The first mode charges the battery to full,
the second mode maintains the charge at max and the
final mode turns the charger off and allows the battery to
“rest”. After a slight discharge, the UPS will restart the cycle
ensuring runtimes are maintained.
PowerPanel® Business Edition UPS Management Software – This software
suite manages the power for all servers and computers supported by the UPS
on a network. Features include application/OS shutdown, event logging (power,
surge and voltage variations), hibernation mode, internal reports and analysis, as
well as remote management capability for comprehensive power control.
Windows Compatibility – Our PowerPanel power management software has
been fully tested and is compatible with Windows 8 32/64, Windows 7 32/64,
Vista 32/64, XP 32/64, 2000, 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012.
Linux & Virtual Machine OS Compatibility – PowerPanel power management
software has been fully tested and is compatible with most mainstream
distributions of Linux and many of the popular versions of Virtual Machine
Operating Systems such as VMware ESX / ESXi and Citrix.
Critical & Noncritical Loads – The UPS has two banks of outlets that can be
configured so that the noncritical loads shut off after a set time frame to provide
additional runtime for the critical load outlet. Users can prioritize their equipments
runtimes to maximize the output of the UPS to meet their power requirements.
Emergency Power Off (EPO) – The EPO port can be connected to a master
power switch allowing the power to be cut to the UPS in the event of an
Generator Compatible – When connected to a generator, the UPS can have the
generator mode enabled so the UPS continues to receive input power, even when
the generator output frequency is less than stable. The UPS will take the unstable
input power and distribute it to connected equipment in pure sine wave output
that is free of harmonics and distortion.
Converter Mode – With OL3000RTXL2U, IT managers have the flexibility to set
the output frequency, regardless of the input frequency, to match their connected
equipment by selecting a 50Hz or 60Hz output on the LCD control panel.
Multiple Language Options – The OL3000RTXL2U LCD control panel can be
configured in English, Spanish and French for ease of use.
USB & Serial Connectivity – HID compliant USB port and Serial port enables
full integration with built-in power management and auto shutdown features of
Windows, Linux and VMware.
EMI/RFI Filters – Filters against electromagnetic interference and radio frequency
interference ensuring clean power for connected equipment.
Audible Alarms – Distinctive tones identify when the unit is running on battery
power, if it is overloaded, or when the battery is low.
Resettable Circuit Breakers – Convenient unit reset switch in case of an
3-Year Warranty – Stringent manufacturing processes and innovative product
design enables CyberPower to offer one of the strongest warranties in our
industry. CyberPower will repair or replace damaged units within three (3) years of
purchase date.
Technical Support – CyberPower will assist customers with any product,
installation, or warranty concerns.
ISO & Safety Certifications – All CyberPower manufacturing facilities are stateof-the-art and ISO-9001 Quality Tested. Our products are certified by the FCC,
cUL and UL.
UPS Topology
Energy Saving
Yes - ECO Mode Efficiency >93%
LCD Control Panel
43 different settings or status options via
the UPS Status menu , UPS Setup menu,
and run Testing menus.
Rotatable LCD Control Panel Option
100Vac - 125Vac
Removable LCD Control Panel Option
Yes - Requires a separate DB26 Cable
HID Compliant USB Port
Input Voltage Range
60Vac - 69Vac for 0-60% Load, 70Vac 79Vac for 0-70% Load, 80Vac - 89Vac for
0-80% Load, 90Vac - 95Vac for 0-90%
Load, 96Vac - 150Vac for 0-100% Load
Serial Port
EPO Port
Dry Contacts
Management Cable
USB Cable, Serial Cable
Input Frequency Range
40Hz – 70Hz (auto-sensing)
Input Power Factor
Cold Start
Plug Type
Cord Length
On Battery Waveform
Sine Wave
On Battery Voltage
On Battery Frequency
Overload Protection
Outlets - Total
Outlet Type
100, 110, 115, 120, 125Vac (Configurable)
± 2%
50/60Hz (Auto-Sensing or Configurable)
Line Mode: 105~125% Load for 1 min,
126~150% Load for 10 sec, Battery Mode:
105~130% Load for 10 sec, 131~150%
Load for 2 sec
NEMA 5-20R (6) , L5-30R (1)
Rated Power Factor
Crest Factor
Harmonic Distortion
THD < 3% at Linear Load,
< 5% at Non-linear Load
ECO Mode Voltage Regulation
±10%, ±15% (Configurable)
Internal Bypass (Automatic and Manual)
Transfer Time
LED Indicators
Audible Alarms
Power On (White), Line Mode (Green),
Battery Mode (Yellow), Bypass Mode
(Yellow), Fault (Red), Replace Battery (Red)
Battery Mode, Battery Low, Overload, UPS
Fault, Replace Battery
PowerPanel® Business Edition
SNMP / HTTP Remote Monitoring
Yes - Optional RMCARD302 or RMCARD303
Rack Size
Form Factor
Enclosure Contruction
Mounting Hardware
Dimensions (WxHxD) (in.)
17 x 3.5 x 23.62
Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm.)
433 x 88 x 600
Weight (lbs.)
Weight (kg.)
Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) (in.)
23.23 x 8.43 x 35.04
Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm.)
590 x 214.1 x 890
Shipping Weight (lbs.)
Shipping Weight (kg.)
Operating Temperature
32 °F to 104 °F / 0 °C to 40 °C
Operating Humidity
0% - 90% non-condensing
Operating Elevation
0-10000 feet (0-3000 meters)
Storage Temperature
5 °F to 113°F / -15°C to 45 °C
Storage Relative Humidity
0% - 95% non condensing
Storage Elevation
0-50000 feet (0-15000 meters)
Online Thermal Dissipation
1,257 BTU/hr
Audible noise at 1.5M from surface
of unit
<50 dBA
Runtime at Half Load (min)
Runtime at Full Load (min)
Battery Type
Sealed lead-acid
Battery Size
User Replaceable
Typical Recharge Time
4 Hours
Replacement Battery
Battery Quantity
UL1778, CSA C22.2 NO.107.3-05, FCC
DOC Class A
Extended Battery Module
RoHS Compliant
Smart Battery Management (SBM)
Surge Suppression
Network Grade Surge Protection
Phone / Ethernet RJ11 / RJ45
1-In, 1-Out (Combo)
EMI/RFI Filtration
Product Warranty
3 Years Limited
Connected Equipment Guarantee
CEG Amount
CyberPower Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art power protection and distribution equipment for corporate, business, home, government and educational markets. CyberPower leads the industry
by surpassing customer expectations in the development, design, construction, durability and functionality of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products for computers, peripherals and connected devices.
CyberPower Systems operates in the Asian Pacific, North American, and European markets. For additional information, including sales office locations and authorized reseller partners, visit
© 2013 CyberPower Systems (USA), Inc. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. CyberPower reserves the right to modify product information or specifications without previous notice. The information presented is accurate at the time of publication.
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