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User Instructions
C lu st er
This fixture is fitted with halogen lamps
which are highly susceptible to damage if
improperly handled. Never touch lamp
with bare fingers as the oil from your
hands will shorten lamp life. Also, never
move fixture until lamp has had ample
time to cool. Remember, lamps are not
covered under warranty conditions.
T ha nk you fo r p urch a sin g th is
Ame r ic an D J® p ro d uc t. F or yo ur
convenience this lighting effect has
been lamped and is ready to be used,
there is no assembly required. Please
read the following instructions before
i ns ta lli ng or us ing yo ur ne w unit .
Operating Instructions:
Unit is ready to be hung or set on the ground. After
plugging in unit, the lights will react to the music via
the sound
Ideal for large venues, the Cluster II™ is a super
centerpiece, much like the ADJ Sunray II™, but with
color. This unit produces sharp multi-dichroic
colored beams of light projected from small
lenses. Inside the Cluster II™ is a pyramid of
dichroic glass that rotates back and forth via sound
activation. The Cluster II™ also features a mounting
bracket, music sensitivity knob, and has no transformer, making it light in weight.
Please follow Duty Cycle for optimum performance of
this lighting fixture.
To replace lamp: unscrew knobs on the head of the
fixture. Replace bulbs; reassemble.
C a u t i o n ! Always disconnect from main
power before replacing lamps or servicing unit.
Remember to always replace with same lamps
and fuses.
Duty Cycle: 10 min. on 10 min. off
Model: Cluster II™
Lamp: ZB-64514 120V 300W
Power: 120V
Fuse: 5A
Optics: Multi-colored Dichroics
Ventilation: Fan Cooled
Working Position: Any
Weight: 13 lbs.
Size: 14” x 14” x 16”
For service, contact your American DJ® dealer.
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