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GPS Navigation
Garmin GPS Navigator
The NUVI250 features a touch-screen display and
preloaded maps for the U.S., Hawaii, and Puerto
Rico. It also has turn-by-turn voice directions.
Sale Price - $249.90
Garmin GPS Navigator
This system has a 3.5” display and features maps of
the U.S. and Canada, voice directions, and Bluetooth
with a built-in mic. It also plays MP3s and JPEGs.
Sale Price - $449.90
Garmin GPS Navigator
This system is an upgrade to the NUVI360 with a
4.3” widescreen display and traffic alerts (requires a
separate traffic antenna). It also has Bluetooth.
Sale Price - $599.90
Harman Kardon GPS Navigator
This easy to use all-in-one navigation system has a 4”
widescreen LCD that displays maps of the U.S. and
Canada, videos, and MP3s.
Sale Price - $399.90
Without Video Player (GPS300) - $299.90
GPS Installation
GPS Navigation Systems easily integrate into your car. They typically are placed
on the dashboard and then hard-wired into the electrical system.
Installation Price - $19.90
Installation Time - 1 to 1.5 Hours
Smart Car Store - Northtown
Bluetooth Integration
Motorola Bluetooth Handsfree Kit
This Bluetooth handsfree system plays your calls from
your Bluetooth phone over an add-on speaker.
You can answer and end calls from the control unit.
Sale Price - $179.90
Raytel Bluetooth Handsfree Kit
This system displays and controls all of your phones
functions, including voice features. Your call mutes
the radio* and then the call plays over your speakers.
Sale Price - $239.90
Raytel Bluetooth Handsfree Kit
This system has a separate LCD screen and wireless
rotary controller. It allows voice number and name
dialing, as well as access to your phone book.*
Sale Price - $349.90
Bluetooth Installation
Bluetooth systems are easily installed and can be placed almost anywhere in the
vehicle. Just place the microphone and display within reach.
Installation Price - $79.90
Installation Time - 2 Hours
*Certain vehicles may not apply. See salesperson for details.
Smart Car Store - Northtown
iPod Integration
Harman Kardon Drive + Play (DP)
This system allows you to hide your iPod, control it
through a 5-button wheel, and view everything on the
separate LCD display. It also charges your iPod.
Sale Price - $99.90
Harman Kardon Drive + Play II (DP2)
You can control your iPod through a wireless 5-button
wheel, view everything on the separate LCD display
and charge your iPod. You can add Bluetooth and
SIRIUS satellite radio (modules sold separate).
Sale Price - $399.90
iPod Interface Installation
The degree of difficulty on the installation depends on the type of unit purchased
and the vehicle. Both require hard wiring into a power source and into the radio.
DP Installation Price - $59.90 Installation Time - 1 to 1.5 Hours
1/8” Aux Cable - $19.90
HD Radio Integration
JVC HD In-Dash Radio
The radio features a built-in HD Tuner which provides
digital CD quality sound using a standard antenna.
It also receives content not available on FM radio.
Sale Price - $199.90
HD Radio Installation
HD Radio installation requires the removal of your existing radio. Depending on the
vehicle it may require a dash kit, a wiring harness, and an antenna adaptor.
Installation Price - $29.90
Installation Time - 1 to 1.5 Hours
Dash Kit - $19.90 & up
Wiring Harness - $19.90 & up
To Keep Steering Wheel Controls - $130 (includes installation)
Smart Car Store - Northtown
Satellite Radio Integration
Portable Sirius Satellite Radio
Listen to over150 channels of SIRIUS programming in
your vehicle. You can schedule and record up to 10
hours of your favorite programs.
Sale Price - $149.90 Car Dock - $49.90
Portable Sirius Satellite Radio
This system upgrades from the STILLETO10 to 100
hours of record time and built-in WiFi so you can
access SIRIUS Radio with a wireless internet network.
Sale Price - $199.90 Car Dock - $49.90
Sirius Satellite Radio and Car Kit
This radio features a car kit and built-in FM transmitter
to seamlessly integrate your car. It also records the
last 44 minutes of the channel that is currently playing.
Sale Price - $119.90
Portable XM Satellite Radio
You’ll get over 150 high quality XM Radio stations.
This system saves the last 30 minutes of XM
programming and has a 5-line LCD display.
Sale Price - $149.90
Satellite Radio Installation
Satellite Radio installation requires running an antenna to the exterior of your vehicle
and connecting the unit to your vehicles power source.
Installation Price - $49.90
1/8” Aux Cable - $19.90
Installation Time - 2.5 to 3 Hours
Smart Car Store - Northtown
DVD Video Integration
Audiovox 8.5” Drop-Down LCD w/DVD
This 8.5” drop-down LCD screen features a built-in
DVD player, dome lights, an FM modulator, and an
IR transmitter for optional wireless headphones.
Sale Price - $599.90
Audiovox 10” Drop-Down LCD w/DVD
This drop-down is identical to the 8.5” unit above but
it upgrades to a 10” screen. It’s perfect for bigger
minivans and SUVs with multiple kids in the backseat.
Sale Price - $749.90
Audiovox 12” Drop-Down LCD w/DVD
This system upgrades to a 12” screen and adds on
a pair of RF wireless headphones. It also includes a
game controller and various trim rings.
Sale Price - $899.90
DVD Video Installation
Both video units require running power to them, while the drop-down DVD requires a
bracket to be mounted to the roof. The headrest monitor just replaces the originals.
Installation Price - $99.90
Installation Time - 6 to 8 Hours
W/Sunroof Installation Price - $129.90
Smart Car Store - Northtown
Car Starter Integration
Compustar Remote Car Starter
This remote starter features a range of up to 500 feet,
selectable run time of 15 to 25 minutes, one button
that does both start/stop, and an anti-grind feature.
Sale Price - $79.90
Compustar Remote Car Starter
This starter adds keyless entry, separate lock/unlock
buttons, a start/stop button, and a trunk button. It has
a range of up to 800 feet.
Sale Price - $119.90
Compustar Remote Car Starter
Upgrade to 3000 feet of range with this starter via
FM technology. It comes with two small compact
remotes, and a super bright blue LED.
Sale Price - $149.90
Compustar 2-Way Remote Car Starter
This two-way system talks to your car to let you know
if it’s started or locked/unlocked on the color LCD
remote. It also comes with a backup remote.
Sale Price - $209.90
Car Starter Installation
Car Starter installation requires mounting an antenna and the starter controller in the
vehicle. Depending on the vehicle a security bypass may be needed (additional fee).
Installation Price - $59.90
Installation Time - 3 to 4 Hours
Security Bypass - $79.90 & up Security Bypass Installation - $19.90
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