Car Multimedia Systems.
VDO Dayton. The Car Brand.
CHM 604 MP3
MP3 and WMA Decoder
6-Disc CD-Changer
Digital and Anlalogue Bus (switchable)
6-Disc Magazine
4 Times Over-sampling
2x 1-bit-D/A Converter
Small dimension
Various Installation Possibilities
CHM 604 MP3
UART Analogue/Digital 6-Disc CD-Changer
MP3 and WMA Decoder
The enhanced CD-Changer is compatible with regular shaped 12cm discs
in CD Audio, CD-R and CD-RW format, but also capable of playing CDs
containing MP3 and WMA files. If available, ID3 Tag and WMA Text such
as Directory, Artist, Album and Title can be displayed. Copy protected CDs
which do not comply with international audio CD standarts (Red Book)
may not be supported.
The Anti-Vibration-Mechanism in this CD-Changer ensures that the CDChanger plays in all kinds of driving conditions. This system protects the
CD and the CD-Changer, thus resulting in guaranteed maximum listening
pleasure all the time.
Digital and Analogue Bus (switchable)
The analogue and digital switch option allows for the connection of this
CD-Changer to all VDO and VDO Dayton head units which support the
CD-Changer Control function. Default factory setting is digital.
Various Installation Possibilities
Thanks to the very small dimensions (254 x 63 x 157 mm) and the various
mounting angles (0°-90°), easy installation is possible almost anywhere in
the car. Only one cable connection is needed between the head unit and
the CD- Changer.
6-Disc Magazine
This changer has all the functions and features it takes to put hours of
digital quality CD sound. The 6 discs are loaded in a magazine which can
easily be exchanged by using the eject button on the changer itself. A
sliding door prevents the ingress of dust.
4 times Over-sampling: 2x 1-bit-D/A Converter
The identification and over-sampling of occurring radio interferences
always ensures a crsytal clear sound. Through the use of a D/A converter
(Digital-Analogue converter) for the left and the right channel, this
prevents the CD-Changer interferences that emerge through phase
differences in the stereo signal.
03/05 international, CHM 604 MP3, subject to modification
• Disc Up/Down
• Previous/Next/Cue/Rewind
• Scan Tracks
• Random Play
• Repeat Track/Disc
• CD-Text
• Last Position Memory
• Disc Up/Down
• Directory Previous/Next
• Previous/Next/Cue/Rewind
• Scan Tacks
• Random Play
• Repeat Track/Disc/Directory
• ID3 Tag/WMA Text
-Directory/Fodler Name
-ID3-Song Title
-ID3-Artist Name
-ID3-Album Name
• Sampling Frequencies 32, 44.1,
• MP3 Decoding MPEG 1/2 Layer 3
• WMA Decoding Version 9 or
• Last Position Memory
Standard produkt information
• Power Supply: DC 13.2 V
• Dimensions: 254 x 63 x 157 mm
• 5,5m Connection Cable (8-poleDin to C3)
• Weight: 1.9 kg
• Mounting Angle: 0° - 90°
Car Multimedia Systems.
VDO Dayton. The Car Brand.
• Mounting Brackets/Screws
• Connecting Cable to VDO Dayton
or VDO head units with CDChanger Control
• 6-Disc CD Magazine
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