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CAUTION: Read manual carefully for
proper procedures and operation.
Important Safety Information
To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury:
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Failure to install according to the Installation Guide and in accordance with applicable city, state and local
plumbing codes can result in leaks and/or water damage and will void your warranty. We expressly disclaim any liability for damage
caused by leaks and/or other water damage.
• Use only as described in this manual. Use only manufacturer’s recommended attachments.
• Do not handle plug or appliance with wet hands.
• Unplug cord from outlet before servicing or replacing filters.
• Do not use with damaged cord or plug.
• Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cord.
Chlorine and pH Test Reagents
• Do not expose the pH or chlorine test reagents to extreme heat or flames. They are combustible. Store in a cool/dry
location. Keep the reagents tightly sealed and store out of the reach of children.
• Do not drink the pH or chlorine test reagents or allow them to get into your eyes. Do not apply to the body.
• Do not operate if connections leak or leakage appears when water source is turned on.
o If either is ingested, do not induce vomiting and call a physician or poison control immediately.
• Do not attempt to remove the back cover or attempt to access the inner workings of the ionizer. There are no self-
o If either gets into your eyes, flush immediately with cool water. Call a physician.
o If either gets on your body, wash off immediately with cool water. Call a physician.
serviceable components, aside from filter replacement or use of the cleaning cartridge, which is accessed by a
removable cover panel.
• Keep unit away from extreme environmental conditions.
• No medical claims are made by the manufacturer or distributor or are they responsible for any adverse effects that
may result from the use, or misuse of ionized water.
• Maintain a clean and dry area around the ionizer. Never allow the unit to sit in standing water.
• Your new water ionizer is intended as a point-of-use appliance only. Serious damage may result from misuse of your
• Verify with your physician that prescribed medications or existing conditions will not be affected by drinking alkaline
• Do not use with micro-biologically unsafe water.
• Do not take medications with Alkaline water as alkaline ionized water may increase the effectiveness of the
• This unit may be used in conjunction with pre-filters on your tap water. It is not intended for use with reverse osmosis
systems and/or water softening systems.
• DO NOT DRINK THE WATER DURING THE AUTOMATIC CLEANING CYCLE. The cleaning cycle will occur after every
• Do not drink alkaline water if you have achlorhydia.
• Consult your physician before drinking alkaline water if you have:
40 liters of water flow. This feature helps keep minerals from building up on the electrode. The citric acid cleaning
o A chronic disease
cartridge is used every 2850 Liters to clean the system.
o A dysfunctional liver or intestines
o Are currently under medical treatment
• No medical claims have been made by the manufacturer or distributor. Always see your physician at the first signs of
illness. The manufacturer or distributor is not responsible for adverse effects that may result from the use or misuse
• Consult your physician if you have sensitive skin or allergies before using acidic water on your skin or hair.
of ionized water.
• Consumption of alkaline water that is too high (greater than pH 9.5) may cause diarrhea or other symptoms.
• The unit is NOT INTENDED for use on microbiologically unsafe water. If you are unsure of the safety of your water
source, have your water tested by a qualified water testing laboratory.
CAUTION: Damage will occur if unit is exposed to hot water. Be certain that only cold or room temperature water enters the water
ionizer. A temperature sensor will protect the unit temporarily, but continued use of hot water will damage the ionizer.
• Failure to comply with installation and operation instructions provided in this user’s manual or modification of any
part of the system may invalidate the warranty. We are not liable for damage to the unit or personal injury as a result
of improper installation or operation of the system.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT drink any of the following water types:
ANY acidic water
High pH alkaline water (above 9.5 pH)
Water produced during the auto flush (electrode cleaning) process.
When no pH value is displayed on the LED display.
When the C7 unit has not been used for more than two days, let water run for 30 seconds before consuming.
The Living Water Essentials C7 is a water ionizer designed for countertop use or other sturdy
surface where there is access to a COLD water supply, a drain and a three-prong 120 Volt electrical outlet. (US & Canada)
The water supply to the water ionizer is attached to a sink faucet using a faucet head diverter valve. The alkaline water is
delivered through the flexible steel hose on the unit. The acidic water drain line (3/8” tube) from the water ionizer is
placed in the sink. The water ionizer power cord is plugged into a 120 Volt three-prong electrical outlet.
NOTE: Please begin drinking alkaline water gradually as it is detoxifying. For example, drink 16 oz. of Level 1 water
All required accessories for a normal installation are included with the purchase of your water ionizer.
Other parts which are not included may be required for your specific installation need.
Carefully unpack your water ionizer, making sure all the parts listed on the diagram are enclosed.
for several days, gradually increasing the amount you consume to your full daily amount of water. Increase one level
each week until you are drinking your full daily amount of water on Level 3.
Following this gradual procedure will minimize unpleasant effects of detoxification, such as cold or flu-like symptoms,
headaches, rashes, diarrhea and/or nausea. You may notice differences in bowel habits during the first days at each pH
level. Urine frequency may increase and color may darken as more water is consumed and your body detoxifies.
Eventually the color decreases as your body adjusts to the cleansing.
Acidic water tube
3/8” PE
Water supply tube
1/4” PE
If detoxification symptoms become uncomfortable, it is suggested that you decrease to a lower level alkaline water until
these symptoms subside and gradually build up again to higher pH levels.
We recommend drinking a minimum of half your weight in ounces per day for hydration. Remember, this is a
minimum. One quart for every 30 pounds of body weight is better, and you can increase further as you are able.
• Water will have the strongest pH and the most ionization if the flow rate is low, approximately 2 liters per minute as
displayed on the screen, or so that it takes 20-30 seconds to fill an 8 ounce glass. You will see many tiny bubbles in the
Test Kit
Test Kit
water to indicate the ionization.
Quick connect
water flow adjust
valve 1/4”
Suction cap
(3/8” PE tube)
Use the ‘Filtered Water Only’ setting to consume medications (neutral pH of 7), as alkaline water will increase the
potency of many medications. Check with your health practitioner to make sure prescribed medications for existing conditions
will not be adversely affected by drinking alkaline water.
steel water
delivery hose
• Never drink the acidic water by-product from your unit.
Living Water Essentials Model C7
100-120 VAC 60 Hz or 220-240 VAC 50 Hz
9.5”w x 5”d x 12.3”h (228.6 x 127 x 312.42mm)
Alkaline water flow rate:
1 gallon / per min (MAX)
Acidic water flow rate:
0.5 gallon / per min (MAX)
Inverter & continued electrolysis
Electrolysis chamber:
7 Platinum baked titanium plates
ORP output:
-250 – -700mw
Filter chlorine removal:
<0.0001 PPM
Steel hose material:
Stainless steel
Diverter valve
adapters with
rubber sealing rings
Water faucet
diverter valve
Non-standard faucet
adapter (SUS clamp &
plastic wing nut)
Power cord
NOTE: pH value setting versus actual water can be -+5%
Setup Illustration
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Failure to install according to the Installation Guide and in accordance with applicable city, state and local
plumbing codes can result in leaks and/or water damage and will void your warranty. We expressly disclaim any liability for damage
caused by leaks and/or other water damage.
NOTE: The installation information provided may differ for your specific installation. Read the installation section thoroughly before
you begin as additional installation parts may be required beyond what are included. If you are unsure what parts are required or how
to make the physical connections, it is strongly recommended you contact a licensed plumber.
Steel hose for
alkaline water
Faucet diverter
Cable tie
• The water ionizer MUST be plugged into a grounded (three prong) 120 Volt electrical outlet that is installed in
accordance with all local codes and ordinances. Check with a qualified electrician if you are not sure whether the
electrical outlet you intend to use is properly installed. Do not modify the electrical power cord or plug provided with
the water ionizer and do not use a three-prong to two–prong adapter. Improper grounding can result in risk of electric
shock as well as damage to the water ionizer.
Power cord
connection (5 ft)
• Do not plug the water ionizer into an electrical outlet that will result in exceeding the amperage rating of the outlet or
electrical wiring. This can result in fire, personal injury or damage to the water ionizer.
Control panel
• The water ionizer must operate in a dry location to prevent risk of electrical shock and/or damage to the unit.
• The water ionizer must operate on a FLAT/hard/level surface.
Acidic water hose
Suction cup
• Maximum water pressure is 50 PSI. Operating the water ionizer above this pressure will cause damage to the unit. For
psi >50 use of a pressure regulator may be required.
• Connect the water ionizer ONLY to a COLD water supply. NEVER run hot water through the unit. Damage will occur if
HOT WATER is supplied to the water ionizer.
Base Unit Installation
Place the water ionizer on the countertop in close proximity to the sink. The assembly should be relatively
near the spigot to maximize flow rate. Please leave at least 20cm clearance for filter replacement.
will automatically activate after every 40 liters of water is produced. This feature helps keep minerals from building up
on the electrolysis plates.
• Use the “Filtered Water Only” setting when taking medications. Alkaline water will increase the potency of many
Optional Accessories
medications. Check with your physician to make sure prescribed medications for existing conditions will not be
adversely affected by drinking alkaline water on a daily basis.
The quality and content of the source water provided to the water ionizer has a direct affect on the quality of the
ionized water produced. This is true of ANY water ionizer. Tap water provided by municipal water companies
typically has a pH value between 7.1 and 7.3 and a moderate water hardness of between 80 and 140 parts per million.
NOTE: Insert water supply and drain lines into the quick connects until they will not go in any further. Use of the locking clip to prevent the
tube from coming loose is a must. Give each line a slight tug at the point of connection to make sure the lines are properly connected and
that they do not slip out. This step will ensure proper installation and avoid possible leaks from improperly installed lines.
Such water will generally result in the production of high quality ionized water. Water supplied from other sources
may vary considerably in quality and content. Low pH water (typical of some well water) may require an additional
pre-remineralization cartridge to enhance water ionization. Water with excessive sediment (typical of well water)
generally requires a sediment prefilter. Your Dealer can help you decide if additional water conditioning is required.
NOTE: To achieve optimal pH and ORP performance it may be necessary to install the re-mineralization cartridge between the source water
and C7 product. Depending on your local water TDS levels, it may be necessary to adjust the Ionizer plate power setting. Follow the
instructions for "Programing the C7".
Faucet Diverter Installation
Connecting the Drain Line
• Remove the aerator from the faucet head (Put this in a location where you can find it if you ever need to reinstall it
onto the faucet at a later date). This is usually done without tools by rotating counter-clockwise. (1)
• Slip on the rubber sealing ring, appropriate diverter valve adapter (2) and faucet diverter (3), and tighten firmly. The
• Insert one end of the 3/8” (larger diameter) tubing into the acid water drain OUT quick connect fitting on the on
the bottom of the unit (remove the lock collar first). Reattach the tube lock.
IMPORTANT: Push the tubing ALL THE WAY into the connector so that it will not leak.
use of pliers may be required to properly tighten diverter. Wrap a piece of cloth around the diverter or aerator and
• Place the free end of the 3/8” (larger diameter) tubing through the hole in the acidic water drain line suction cup.
then apply tool to prevent damage. With the diverter, you can use your sink normally and divert water into the ionizer
• Stick the suction cup onto the side of the sink where you want the acidic water drain line located.
as desired. Be careful not to over tighten as leakage or thread damage may occur.
• Route the water supply line (1/4” tubing) and the acidic water drain line (3/8” tubing) through the notch on the bottom of
the unit so that they exit the appropriate side. The quick connect connectors will swivel to accommodate exit from either side.
• Place the water ionizer in an upright position.
Ionized Water Hose Installation
Diverter valve
• Thread the male threads on the Ionized Water Hose into the female receptacle on top of the water ionizer.
• Hand tighten securely. Do not use pliers or similar tools to tighten or damage may occur.
Outlet port
sealing ring
Faucet Diverter
Diverter valve
Connecting the Water Supply
Stainless steel
outlet hose
NOTE: When cutting tubing, be sure to cut tube square for proper installation to the quick connection.
NOTE: You need to remove the lock collar from the quick connect fitting before you can install the tubing. Reattach
the collar after inserting the tube.
Connecting the Power
• Cut the ¼” tubing (smaller diameter tubing) to a length that easily reaches from the faucet diverter valve to the
bottom of the water ionizer.
• Insert the female end of the power cord (labeled Detachable Power Cord in photo) into the male receptacle on the
bottom of the unit.
• Insert one end of the cut piece of tubing onto the faucet head stem on the diverter valve.
IMPORTANT: Make sure it is pushed ALL THE WAY onto the receptacle.
IMPORTANT: Push the tubing ALL THE WAY onto the stem
• Insert the other end of the tubing into the supply water IN
quick connect fitting on the bottom of the unit (remove the
lock collar first). Reattach the lock collar.
IMPORTANT: Push the tubing ALL THE WAY into the
connector so that it does not leak!.
• Plug the power cord into a property installed grounded, three-prong electrical outlet. The unit LED display
output port
Tap water
input port
will light up.
NOTE: Please note that after installing, you should let the water run for 3-5 minutes on the “Filtered Water” setting to clean out any
loose carbon particles from the filter. The water may appear a darker color at first, but this will disappear as the water runs.
LCD Display
Control Panel
When you select a pH level of water, the LCD display will flash within 2 seconds. The first screen
indicates the pH/ORP of the water. The second screen shows the water flow.
LCD display
-160 mv
3.4 L/m
3.4 L/m
-160 mv
* pH and ORP values displayed may not represent actual values.
Acidic water is a pH level of 5.5, however a pH level as low as 2.6 can be achieved if the Super Charger
Filter (optional) is utilized. This water is an astringent. This is not drinking water.
Filtered Water: Neutral water is a pH level of 7.0. This water should be used when taking medicines or with baby
Filter replacement
Filter reset
Alkaline 1 is a pH level of 8.5. Begin drinking water from this level for the first week, gradually
increasing your consumption.
Function selection
Alkaline 1:
Alkaline 2:
Alkaline water
(4 pH
Alkaline 2 is a pH level of 9.0. Drink water from this level once you are adjusted to
Alkaline 1, gradually increasing your consumption.
Alkaline 3:
Alkaline 3 is a pH level of 9.5. Drink water from this level once you are adjusted to
Alkaline 2, gradually increasing your consumption. This is the ideal setting once the body has adjusted
to alkaline water. In the fourth week and thereafter, use this water for drinking, cooking, coffee and tea.
Alkaline 4:
Filtered water
(neutral pH
Acidic water
Alkaline 4 is a pH level of 10.0, however a higher pH level up to 11.4 can be achieved with the use of the
Super Charger Filter (optional). High alkaline water is excellent for cleaning.
NOTE: Please note that after you turn off the water, the LCD display will automatically turn off the light one minute later. The pH
selection button light will remain on.
Automatic Electrode Cleaning
• Your water ionizer has an automatic electrode cleaning feature built in that reverses water flow across the electrodes
keeping the system operating at peak efficiency. The system is programmed to enter the automatic cleaning mode after
each 40 Liters of ionized water is produced. After 2850 Liters, the unit requires use of a citric acid cleaning cartridge to
clean the system properly.
• While in the automatic cleaning cycle, the LCD background will illuminate RED and an audible beeping sound is heard
from the machine. The automatic cleaning cycle is short, only requiring one liter of water to clean the electrodes.
• The LCD screen will display the following during the cleaning cycle.
Electrode clean
3.4 L/m
Electrode clean
3.4 L/m
Electrode clean
3.4 L/m
After the cleaning cycle is complete, alkaline and acid water is available for use.
Automatic Electrode Cleaning, continued
• The LCD display will indicate when the automatic electrodes cleaning begins. The word “clean” will display inside the
1. Replace the filter when the Filter Replacement Indicator glows red. The LCD screen will flash red as well.
The light on the indicator will glow once approximately 10,000L of water has passed through the ionizer. Citric acid
fan symbol after approximately 40~50 liters of ionized water is produced.
cleaning cartridge is needed for proper cleaning every 2850 Liters.
• Once cleaning is performed, the LCD screen will change back to Blue.
• Every 2850 Liters, use the citric acid cleaning cartridge to clean the system.
! WARNING: Replace the filter immediately If the following events occur.
- Water has a very bad smell.
- Unit has been unused for over one year.
- Water pressure is severely low.
NOTE: Cleaning cycle occurs every 40 Liters of total water usage. Total water usage includes both alkaline and acidic water produced.
Testing the pH
Keep the testing kit away from fire.
Testing kit and/or water with testing solution should not be ingested or dropped in eyes.
Keep the testing kit out of children’s reach.
If accidentally ingested, drink a lot of alkaline water and go to the hospital immediately.
If solution comes in contact with eyes, flush the eyes with water and go to the hospital immediately.
NOTE: The filter life is reduced by low water pressure, turbid water, and high TDS.
1. To replace the filter, turn off the water, and unplug the unit. Next, remove the unit from the wall.
2. Press the filter access door cover and take the cover off.
3. Hold the old filter at the top and rotate counter clockwise.
4. Put the new filter in place and rotate clockwise until completely tight.
1. Add 2 drops of the pH/chlorine testing solution to 1.0~1.5 oz sample water.
2. Compare the resulting hue to the pH color chart. The corresponding hue is the pH level.
3. The chlorine test result should be yellow from your tap water, and colorless from the ionized water.
NOTE: Both the pH and chlorine test is an approximation. Digital meters are required for exact measurement.
NOTE: pH levels are dependent upon the TDS levels of the incoming water source. If adjustments are necessary to achieve optimal
water production, contact your dealer for instructions.
5. After changing the filter, press and hold the “set” button for 8-10 seconds.
6. LCD will display 4 selections. Press the Decrease button (-) and select the 2nd option on the display.
7. Press the "Set" button once.
8. Press the Filter Reset button once to reset filter life.
9. Filter life will indicate 10,000L. Press the "Set" button again.
10. To return to normal operation mode, press any of the pH buttons.
If there are no problems replacing the filter, then put the cover back and attach unit to the wall. In case of a leak, repeat
procedure again from the start. If problem persists, contact the supplier.
NOTE: Please note that after changing the filter, you should let the water run for 3-5 minutes on the “Filtered Water” setting to clean
out any loose carbon particles from the filter. The water may appear a darker color at first, but this will disappear as the water runs.
Instructions for Cleaning the Electrode Plates
• To insure continued optimum water ionization, it is necessary that you clean the C7 ionization engine (electrodes)
every 2850 gallons . This is accomplished using a cleaning cartridge that contains citric acid. Citric acid is a common
food additive that poses no health risks.
• Adjust the water flow until there is a rapid sequence of drops coming out of the ionized water output hose.
• Let the water run (DRIP) for about ONE minute. This will insure that the ionization engine in full of cleaning fluid
(citric acid).
• This cleaning process requires that you (1) remove the expired water filter (2) install the cleaning cartridge and (3)
briefly operate the C7 to introduce the citric acid into the ionization engine. The citric acid must remain in the
ionization engine for five (5) hours to insure complete cleaning.
• After the cleaning process is completed, you will install a new water filter and then you can again produce and enjoy
high quality ionized water.
• Turn the water OFF. Let the C7 sit (unused) for 5 HOURS.
• After 5 hours has passed, remove the cork plug from the gray acid water drain tubing.
• Remove the cleaning cartridge. Turn the cleaning cartridge counter clockwise as far as it will go. Lift the cartridge out
of its seat.
• Discard the cartridge (the cartridge is designed to be used only once).
• Disconnect the C7 power cord.
• Reinstall the filter or replace the filter if needed. Insert the filter cartridge
• Remove the water filter cover. Press the tab on the side of the cover. Swing the
cover on its hinges and remove it.
• Remove the old water filter cartridge by turning the filter cartridge counter
all the way into the filter cartridge seat. Turn the cartridge clockwise until
it will no longer turn.
• Replace the filter cartridge cover. Position the taps on the cover into the
clockwise as far as it will go.
slots on the body of the C7. Close the cover, securing the plastic latch.
• Lift the cartridge out of its seat. It might require some slight “side-to-side”
• Reposition the ionized water output hose (on top of the C7) so that is
movement to help loosen the cartridge.
again pointing into the sink. 3.
• Install the cleaning cartridge. Insert the cleaning cartridge all the way into the
• Reconnect the C7 power cord
filter cartridge seat. Turn the cartridge clockwise until it will no longer turn.
• Insert the cork plug (provided with the cleaning cartridge) into end of the 3/8” gray acid water drain tubing (the tube
attached to the suction cup). 1.
• Turn the COLD water on FULL. Pull out the faucet diverter valve PIN to route water to the C7. Let water run through
the water ionizer for 3 minutes. This will fill the new filter with water and flush out any residue citric acid from the
ionization engine.
• Position the ionized water delivery hose (attached to the top of the C7) so
that the spout on the end of the hose is HIGHER than the body of the C7.
Instructions for Cleaning the Electrode Plates, continued
Bend the end of the hose so that the spout is in a down position. 2.
• SLOWLY turn the water ON.
• RECHECK the water flow rate through the C7. Adjust the water flow (ball) valve (located between the faucet head
diverted and the C7 water IN connector) so that the water flow rate on the LCD display reads somewhere 2.3 and 2.8
• Reset the filter life count if you replaced the filter with a new one.
NOTE: You may need to physically hold the lever on the faucet diverter valve in the out position as there may not be enough water
pressure to automatically keep the lever in the “on” position.
NOTE: Hold a glass or cup under the spout to catch the water coming out of the hose.
Water source line pinched
Low water pressure
Bad smell
Check tubing for kinked or bent
Q: What is the white powder which sticks to the cup or kettle?
A: Alkaline-forming minerals, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, and manganese. The white
powder will appear after boiling alkaline water. It is safe to consume.
Filter is clogged
Replace with new filter (pg. 13)
Flexible hose may be bent
Straighten hose
Inlet valve not fully opened
Open inlet valve completely
Filter life has expired or excessive
Replace with new filter (pg. 13)
Q: Do I have to unplug the unit if I don’t use it in over one week?
amount of sulphur in the water
or use a sulphur pre-filter
A: Yes, please remove the filter from the unit, and drain water from the filter, store it in a clean plastic bag, and unplug
Time for system cleaning
Use a citric acid cleaning cartridge
Q: What kind of water should be used?
A: Only potable water should be used with the Living Water Essentials unit.
Filter needs replacing or water is
too strong. Drink on lower setting
Water has chlorine taste
After replacing filter, the filter
life screen is still empty
May require an additional
prefilter installed
Contact your Dealer
Filter life not reset
Reset filter life (see pg. 13)
the unit. When you need to use it again, install the filter and let it run about 3 minutes before you drink.
Q: Why are there little bubbles in the ionized water?
A: It’s because the water mixes with air during the ionization process.
Q: Why is it unsafe to take medicine with ionized water?
A: Because the water makes the medicine more absorbable in the body. A 50mg tablet could affect your body as if it
were a 100mg tablet.
No power to LCD screen
Water leakage
pH test yields acidic when
results when set on alkaline
The unit is not plugged
Plug unit into power source
The electrical outlet may not
have power
Test electrical outlet or call your
The unit has a power saving
mode. After not using the unit
for 20 seconds, it will shut down
Turn on the faucet and the unit
will start again
Check all quick connect fittings,
hose connections and make sure
that the filter is seated properly
Re-seat filter and secure hoses
and quick connect fittings
on the unit
Damaged o-rings
Check all o-rings and replace if
Water running at front of unit
Filter not locked in place. Reset
filter and rotate to lock
Water puddling under unit
Incoming or drain line not fully
seated. Hose needs to be further
seated in connector.
Water was tested too soon after
cleaning cycle
Allow water to run for 30
seconds before testing pH again
Q: Can a baby drink alkaline water?
A: No, a baby should drink regular filtered water, or pH level 7.0.
Q: What does the acidic water do?
A: Acidic water is for cleaning and skin cleansing. Only use it for external uses.
Q: Who should drink ionized water?
A: Everyone, young and old, human or animal. The alkaline effect will be beneficial to some degree to nearly everyone
and everything it comes in contact with.
L I M I T E D 5 Y E A R S WA R R A N T Y
Customer should not repackage and ship the Living Water Essentials because irreparable damage can occur.
For warranty service, please contact your Dealer for the address of the nearest service center.
WHAT IS COVERED BY THIS WA RRANT Y We warrant the LivingWater Essentials (excluding filters) to the consumer, subject to the conditions below, against defects in
workmanship or material, provided that the products are returned to a service location within the following time periods:
• Living Water Essentials within 5 years of date of purchase.
INSTALL ATIO N AND MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTSThis warranty is expressly conditioned upon the following installation and maintenance requirements: (i) the Living Water
Essentials must be installed in accordance with the Owner’s Manual; (ii) all filters must be replaced at the intervals prescribed
in the Owner’s Manual (proof of filter change may be required) (iii) system must be cleaned every 2850 Liters with a citric acid
cleaning cartridge and (iv) the Living Water Essentials must be used and maintained in accordance with the Owner’s Manual.
Failure to meet any of these requirements will void this warranty. Servicing your Living Water Essentials by parties other than
our authorized representative and/or using parts other than genuine parts will also void this warranty.
HOW TO OBTAIN WA RRANT Y SERV ICE Customer must contact our Dealer and provide proof of purchase within the above time periods. We will repair or
replace and return the product, without charge and within a reasonable period of time, subject to the conditions in the
above paragraphs, if its examination shall disclose any part to be defective in workmanship or material. If we, in our
discretion, are unable to repair the product after a reasonable number of attempts, we will provide either a refund of
the purchase price or a replacement unit, at the company’s option.
WHAT IS NOT COV ERED B Y THIS WARRANT Y This product is intended for household use only and only for use with municipal water systems. Ordinary wear and tear shall not be
considered a defect in workmanship or material.These warranties do not apply to filters nor for loss or damage caused by accident,
fire, abuse, misuse, improper installation, leaking, modification, misapplication, commercial use, or by any repairs other than those
provided by our authorized Service Center.This warranty does not cover any water damage.
BREACH OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY. Such excluded damages include, but are not
limited to, loss of profits or revenue, and loss of the use of the products, and any loss caused by leaks or other water damage.
FOR U.S. APPLICATION ONLY This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Some states do
not allow limitations on warranties, or on remedies for breach. In such states, the above limitations may not apply to you.
FOR CA NA DIAN APPLICATION ONLY Exclusion of Subsequent Owners: Except as otherwise required by applicable legislation, this warranty is not transferable. This
warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from province to province. Some
provinces and territories do not allow limitations on warranties, or on remedies for breach. In such provinces or territories, the
above limitations may not apply to you. If any provision of this warranty or part thereof is held by a court of competent
jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions or parts
thereof will not in any way be affected or impaired within the jurisdiction of that court. This entire warranty shall continue to
be valid, legal and enforceable in any jurisdiction where a similar determination has not been made.
This warranty is provided by DBG Group Investments, LLC, 300 EastValley Drive, Bristol,VA, 24201.
Every effort is made to ensure that customers receive an up-to-date instruction manual on the use of our products;
however, from time to time, modifications to our products may without notice make the information contained herein
subject to alteration. For the latest information, please visit
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