Ariston | AW149NA | Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions
Read these instructions with care.
These instructions are provided for use by qualified
installers, in addition the installation must comply with:
In the United States, in accordance with the
National Electric Code ANSI/NFPA70 - latest edition
and any State, Municipal or local codes.
In Canada, in accordance with the Canadian
Electric Code C22.1 - latest edition and any
Provincial, Municipal or local codes.
7. Connect the L1, N and L2
On flat cords the center wire
is the Neutral conductor, fit to
the terminal marked ‘N’.
On round cords the Green or
White conductor should be
fitted to the terminal marked ‘N’.
8. Fully tighten the terminal block screws and ground
connection nut, position the cord, finally fully tighten
the strain relief.
9. Refit the cover to the box.
The dryer comes with a four-wire power supply cord
fitted with a 14-30P (plug), a receptacle should be
fitted in a location accessible after the dryer is
installed. The four wire dryer wire cord assembly fitted
must be used when the appliance is installed in a
location where grounding through the neutral is
prohibited. Grounding through the neutral is prohibited
for; new branch-circuit installations; mobile homes,
recreational vehicles and areas were local codes do
not allow grounding through the neutral conductor.
If a 10-30R (receptacle) is installed a locally obtained
3 wire dryer cord kit minimum ratings 240V, 30A, 95C
and marked for clothes dryers (ring terminals) should
be fitted
To fit a 10-30P dryer cord assembly follow the steps
1. Make sure the dryer is not plugged into a power
2. Remove the cover from the cable junction box
located on the rear of the dryer.
3. Remove Green link wire from ground terminal.
4. Loosen the nut securing the cable bush, disconnect
and discard the existing cable and bush.
5. Fit one end of the Green link to the ground terminal
using washer and nut. Position the link wire to the
Neutral terminal (N), but do not fit securing screw at
this stage.
Green link wire.
6. Follow any instructions provided with the kit and fit
the cable using the strain relief supplied with the
kit, do not fully tighten the strain relief at this stage.
Some local codes may require a separate ground. In
such cases the required ground wire, clamp and
screw must be purchased separately.
NEVER ground the dryer to plastic plumbing lines,
gas lines or water pipes.
Where to put your dryer
Check local codes before choosing a location. Some
codes do not permit installation in a garage, closet,
mobile home or bedroom.
DO NOT install the dryer in an area where gasoline or
other inflammable materials are kept or stored.
When operating the dryer, there has to be adequate
ventilation. Make sure you put the dryer in an
environment that is not damp and has proper air
circulation throughout. Airflow around the dryer is
essential to condense the water produced during
washing, the dryer will not operate sufficiently in an
enclosed space or cupboard. If installed in a closet
we recommend that you leave the door open when
the dryer is in use.
! If using the dryer in a small room or cold room some
condensation could be experienced.
Minimum installation clearances:
3/4" (15mm)
1/2" (10mm)
3/4" (15mm)
3/4" (15mm)
Under counter
1/2" (10mm)
3/4" (15mm)
not applicable
If installed in a closet it must have the following
dimensions and have two ventilation openings each
having an area 72 sq.ins. (450 located 6"
(150mm) from top and bottom of the door. It must
NEVER be installed in a closet with a solid door.
The dryer has adjustable height feet, use these to
level the dryer after fitting into its final position.
Installation Instructions
Water drain
Stacking kit
Your dryer needs a drain to discharge the water
condensed during the drying process.
Simply fit the hose provided into this drain, if the dryer
is stacked onto or installed next to a washing machine
it can share the same drain. The drain must be less
than 3' (1 m) above the bottom of the dryer.
The dryer is provided with a stacking kit, which allows
the dryer to be fitted to the top of an Ariston washing
Model AW125NA
Model AW129NA
Model AW149NA
! Make sure that the hose is not squashed or kinked
when the dryer is in its final location.
The kit contains all the necessary brackets and screws.
Tools needed:
No.2 Philips Screwdriver
2mm drill, power or hand drill
Door reversal instructions
(only if stacked on top of washing machine).
Door catch
The door of your dryer is reversible and can easily be
changed. Exchange diagonally the hinge brackets
and blanking plugs. Exchange the door latch and
catch with their opposite blanking plates (see above
For personal safety, DO NOT try to fit the dryer on
top of the washing machine on your own. A second
person should help to lift the tumble dryer onto the
washing machine and to relocate the stacked
washer and dryer.
1. You will need to get to the sides of the washing
machine to fit the stacking kit and dryer. If necessary
pull the machine away from its location to gain
access to the machine to fit the stacking kit and
2. Follow the instructions provided with the stacking
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