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'7 yards offcn
Convo "1) ak r
lOIUI 445.
nd r tandin(r
>Ollll d
'ol. XXV, No. 1
Po nlo.nd, O rc~on ,
Wednc:"Jdny. 'tctober 12, 1Yt)6
T ean~--------------------~~--------~~~~
il)r·ari(lll Pirie D
rill lttttovation
f Ri inp;, Modern Watz k ornpl
)SS country m
C was put d
kmg to \\111
~tis I
1-2 fini sh
{ork noo sent
red 22 pointS
\\! I 1hrnry nd\'On< c!;
"" rru unn c I r:h
ItS Jul) umplc•uon, piMs
belli £, nnulntcd hv the II
r. Ulff !•r the r'nlcSt Jl<'
sLOr ung polm
g and led team
the rest o! ~
enure 3.8-m
ne was 20:2
:.bout 100 yo
Flx. n fres
d with dtc.• 11
\\. l,il'h \\ ho IS nl. t>
th year. Pine hn'>
r 'hlll ly w,,rkcc.l f r· ntnc yenr'S
t 1-llu lull 't: nnd llllll lumnr
II( •c.:
I tl1\\c.:~t
ng, a quarte:
in the sp
Cal Sumner f
C ' s fl!th ranis
:orer was V
as he pur on
l nip Whlannn'
~lk 111 •on
I h.: 1111"
It cl Ill WOrlln ' In lh<
rulll n tr:1111in• nt < nmp \tlnw.
( •l"''nllts
l'lrtt• olso lln.:J
Sill (
tlllll' 41(
l.J)' l nrheranc Taylor
1 h upcnang Sc.nnrc meNmg ol
ycnr be1;nn lnnu:opactously and
ol •rn c last Thc~day. OC'l. -t,
the nb en c of o voluntcc1·
a pr ycr.
mc.:ctlng was mc~afully shnrt.
lth 'arums commltlc<' reports
hng the hod) uf the scssaon.
I rc a~>urcr .M.wthn !:itod.:cr then
stnted thnr the bouks hod not been
In b.JJoncc from 19o2 unt tl Aprtl
.,( 19()5, when nt tune she wok
them over. 1 "o JCcounts. one
liMed for PAX (apo::ncecomrnittcc)
l'h,nec&· fouthnll conch l~r~
WHsun wlll nppcnr bcfurc Sen
.nte ncxr 1\acsdny. U t.; IS, Ill
· f How ft~r show films or and answer qucs.
can a doc ions nbout rhe ream and fLo; rc
r un into lotion to the S\: hoo 1.
t\ll SOIIICnlS nrc lnVICCd tO rJu~
the woods!
( AniW'•r• b. • J mecllng, w htch begtns nt Cl:JO p.m.
other lor
AI, runcnts (\\here J•orcst Hall
used to be) cem to have monc)
ln them that has not been c lntmcd
b) the~c orgmuz 111ons since 1Qo2.
\Iter ull stntcmcnt:; nrc an tor:
1%5:-66, ~he pt edtctc~ ASL(
~o-ould only he h&htly m the n.'<l,
af .my.
Hoben nnd ~her) I I at lo1 1..:
:.poke 101 rhc I 1 <':;huum Ot•aentntlon ~..:omm lite<!, ::.ny111g th.ll by
.md lnrgc rhc ortcntu ton \\us ll
gt\c; nll
Sbld\' a& en.
SllJIICnn; 0
Tlw n:·scn•ct.J boo\
ngracefu l' Beginnin•'
pari ew enate Y ar
1 Ill(( I c
Fttc nnd
the MtSstona
ilnd ninth pine
ish for seven
esc rwo.
tht. c nc'' fn llnu.:~.
\V •rlmg '>tnrf 1 hendcd
Ill h
Jrth, but he ,.
; Mnrk l\lnnde
nd running
1l 1 u
n nephl''~ who •rnduotcd rr om
LC\,IS nnll {"Jor~ In IQ()b nn<l :m
other who ts a frc hmon on the
nrnpus t.has ) cor.
P 11·1e nnd stnf( hope 11 "I r
nrc the new IJbrnl') to llcnefH
Jll1St of the snuicnt:; 01 th
1 1
Grcnt lares will be plo c:d on
wlly dt'Sks tht'lugh
out the llhrnlj''
thr-ee floors.
lh• Urst floor.. ontolllln• the
t"Cs~r.·cd lK.JO\
rut•m. will IK!
opened :n lntc hours nnrt on wed
• u ce:.s, but su·cs~.J that the ct t)
hy bus w.1S puruull)
n ntl fa~::toty, lnc-c ucrunl :.pots
I antl'J \.: ...I to ne\\l'i oncntowd
rc hrncn '' c-1 c tup.1:.:::od 111 f D\ or
mor·e scc.nlc I rJilnurk.. t hs
C'ommmcc made .t
'"hlch they presented to S muc,
an hope:> that n v. all be of help
for future cornmmcC!' of tlu Jaoo.
The) lurther trc~ cd thut ahJ10ugh
the cornrnm..:e c.nme our an th
black thts ycnr. 11 \\OIIId not be
oovtSablc 10 cut the P"cscnr budget
of $2,300 ror· n~.:xt
J un
&: ott,
pn:;sklcnt ol th1
Elc< uon ( omrn aw.:c, (lifter some
confuston of dcconun), 11d thur
th~ .unmcndlllcnt uttetl on lnst
sprmg regnnhng tht• J-Buanl
cummlt 1cc should he
mcorporlllcd m the homccommg
ciecuons. 1 he u m rn end m c n r
retLds: Candidates for clectwn to
the ASL< JudtCI31) Uoard shall
he scn.>cn<.-d b) a committee conSJSUn of a senator I rom each
class nnd mo mcmhcrs of the
judJC:Iary Boanl
l ndcr hC\\ buslncss, tt \\a
suggest('(! lhat the J-f3o;ard tcnUI·c
he e.'tcndcd to two yc r:; mstcad
o{ one. 'I hi~ moth>n was wblcd
until n1~t "~k when the cnatc
wtll put 11 to 11 vote. h was also
b&·ought to the attcnt aon ot the
·Ln nors by V1ce Prc.:;tdcnt \\on en
"t.Uteut thdt tudcnts have voll ed
-orne dlSt omlort regntthng thi"'
h."' huurs chat the lthr al') as open
to students. The P• cscnt hours nrc
from 8-S p.m. and 7-10 p.m.
wcckll.ays: the llba'ou)' 1
tO St\ldl'ntS Ull rrttla) und S.uurdU)
cvcnmgs. 1 he ltbnlf) has hccn
opened un weekend njghts m the
llut hus not been used b)
enough srudcnrs to make It
fcnsabll! to :;~,L{t
Ubrunnns for that ttmc. llm\e\'Cr,
wath the anr:1 cased c.:nrollmcnt of
the ft cslunun das:;, rcfoc1htnung
t.hc I ibr ar) on '' cck\: ncl night as
thought ugaln to I a po 1baht).
\\ nr:l'cn !-:ell h ut "os ach a:;t.-d to
das uss thr. plon \\ ath J tmcs \\.
Pi ric, hcod llbr:uann .
With not mul h furthc1 ado. the
Ina 1000
r wo CUB
pier only
•uec1 m
'' o~
,,Jjounwu nt ~:II p.m.
~ JIUm-but J!ACJU
ReAIIo llVIIIh>blo
1aJiy lUdtAnlft'<f ,
t nny alAt•onrry,
~Ylll O J
of the IIW
at Hebrew
11oo 4 " a 111, 1 1u 1 Unlvers ltv an Joru salem, w i ll bt
• pue ~tooq~1 ou •
convo spnaker Thursday, ()ct. 13 .
11•1 w.a41 ,,....,,,.~
topic of his l ~cture Is en).L / o \tu•tndO<
' '"
• .1•41
" Law In Modern Israel."
is cht <*.!led In the Co~
Chamber and will beg in <lt
11w \'oyngcut Uf!ll.'ntly remands scniurs thai po1 u-ntts
(or rl1c yenr lx·~'k n 1c :;chcd
ulcd fo1· next wt'd: ! rom 0 t.;
17 - 20 nmllrom Oct; 24- 27.
PortraitS will be token by op~tnancnt only frum 9 to I
p.m. on these days.
If you tl , not hnvc t\11 appomattcnt mnkc one nl the
\ O)':tgcur ofl tcc tmm('(llntcly.
wlll als' llc O\'Dtlnble dunn
dtc.:sc hours. when the rest uf
tl1c llbrnl) Wlll be closed.
urrlculum lab nnd nudlo~ lsuol equipment will lie u cd
'lllltC extensively on rl1c sc;:ond
lite urrlculum lntJ I
lieS I •ned fv r the USC of those
studentS who nrc !'repartng for
n teo hln ~:arccr .
Films will be tnkcn of ahc sna
dent lnsu,t"Ung o clnss.
(I lm Vlll iK- VIC\H'<J by the StU
dent and hi lnsrrucror tn nn cf
fort to !Jnd nnd \:OI rc<'t nny
Inuits In rlw ten hlng pro~:edurc.
\n oudlo ._.ct up wtth 18 lah
fJ~lSitlons. cnch with lndavlduol
en rpht.'ncs, wIll be used by In
s tru~ turs tn :supplcmenr lee rures
or to •lv~: entire lecrures over
PI ric
su t.:SSfully
uSed this system nr Flint Collegc.
IndiVIdual rumtnolcs vlll be at
ench posHtun for the srudent to
use as he washes.
A proje~. tfon room wall be used
lJ)• msrru~: tor:s tu present special
fllmo; r entt."d h)' the llbrnry for
that parw ulnr purpose.
1lte thtrd flour will contnm rite
bouk srnds nnd n portion of tJ1c
500 perwdt nls rccctvcd by tl1e
ollegc nt prcscm.
dt.!S~-::> . ''' cnrrells fur lndtvtdual
study nnd l11unge (umtture Will
he pJn, cd In tht.! rovm.
l nlvcrsol nnd person to-person
~ns the theme or
Mrs. C. hnrloue Hubbard's nddress
nt LC"s first onvo ouon held
lose IUcsday.
From her twenf.}' ~nrs •
lcncc tn hum n Dnd omm1.1nlty
reJalJons, Mrs. Hublmrd spoke nt
rnndom about the publl nnd pr1
\'Dtc l&vc.s of the D\'Crnge \merh.nn nnd the amnge he cnr-r1cs
to other cuuntrles.
''I lStcn with thnt tlnrd car nnd
loul w1th thot t111nl eye, nnd un
dcr.;tnnu. " she Ul"gc.>d her audlcn~..;c.
{}'pin• nr..:n mtd n rare bool:
morn - wh1<:h will nntnln the
ncwl)' purchased Lan oln collec
uon as well as the oltcge nr
chives viii also be on the
mnin level
1 he undertone w ru; th:u of human undcrsuandtn •, 1v11 rtghts,
d\ tl obctlten c nnd owarcncss.
ht> c auuonccl U"U\ cle rs nbrond
to vcnrure out of the- " Amcrl
qm Ghcttll " nnd meet and get
to know the people ns fellow
human beings rnthcr thon mere
lbc new librnl')' w1ll be more
than a eulk-coon uf books.
will be on mstru uonal nrca In
ItSelf, as h offers co h srudcnt
D \'Oriel}' Of bod1 old nnd IICW
methods o f knmmg.
mnny fa es of America
n re sc.'Cn n II over the \'o rid • . .
Our s;o\'cmmcnt, rours nnd mine,
KLC to tre
" lliC
If nt fh·~;t you don' t su... c..:ed, whj, h has energy nnd rlesare to
u-y ngnln.
1hat as c.:oca~. tly the tlevclup on 1~1 suund nnd r~t
nttlrude nt 1\ LC this yenr sin e qual It\ •· h~· 1 cpcatc-1, "1 hnt'~
the nntktpawd f.l\1 grMt !mled what we urc \\Ul ~m' for . •
flU Dill} J' •
to come thruugh.
" thiS year we Will try again, "
~li•r-c mush: nnd \'ortecy nrc to
stated 1\llchnel Palmer. opcrattOll!i mork tlu.: sound uC KLC thiS yt!ar.
monnger. " Becnusc :.orne p<:~plc lht!&'C nll be lcs:> tnlk , mvrc rnusac
hnvc nbnndoned hopes of F~l . there Md unpro~cd news and SP'-'lrlS
are not ns m(lny st;1lf members ( 1werng<> lndu hng llvc: co~ crage.
Scrnnata, unlntcrruptC\1 srudy
thas ycnr ns lnst.;
I'hat 1s ontrcnson for the big drtve fur musi , wtll t-c n~naloble hvc dnys
«lUDiil)'-n snund ap~:.lln • ,., the· o wc"k nnd ro k and roll nn be
hcnrd six days a week un (he.: ne\\
"\\c \'Ill ne.-~r be capable uf ~L l progrnm s hcdule. f\ fourhour dnssl nl unda\''' \\ tllllc
Pa\1 withuut quu!ll)'," Palmer onunued. " llae key Wtlrd Is quat. expand I n.'> well n:. JHl' nuns
!c.: nrurm film ~ound u n S.:s and
brondwoy rnu:ll nl • 1\ l•ntt!mpo
In addi uon ll\ the l\lSs of tnlf.
nl:.o suCfc!'C\.1 a ltjS'> of rnl') mu 1 pro 1 nm ''" wee c nd
nlghts "Ill fcotU~ n vorlcl)' of
cqu1ptncnt nod re\:Ords duran • rJ
J)3:>t summLr. "1 his won't clfcct popular nrtt.s~ With ommcnt ry.
" lnfonnau'm '' 'I ad edu n.uonnl
us gn·atl\ ," l'nlmer so all, ''bur
replnccmcnts Will tnkc mnc. l his pl"l'r nrns wtll bcdc\clnJ d l:ucr,"
Pnhucr :SOld. •• l'hls will \orne ns
w1ll sh•w rltlngs duwn. "
llac su:a ung d:ue IS StH (,,r pcrsunnt: 1 be llnlC'> ntOI'C
wttl1 flh.. lhnes
qurun ted
(l, t. 10.
f.:l L 's emphnsb un quniHy 1s ~~·~·I(',
fo'\alUrt" pr'(l rnms nnt 111 haded 10
altlcd by ~ttt>r re.·cptwn tillS year
Jhc)' are 0011 rtd
..:ompl nmrs ~'rcsl'nt ...:1 l plnns ''til tn lud"
I epotl!>,
Ill~ 111QUun.'d
uf po"r r\.l cpfll'n In Plnll lluiVnrd :scnaiC
nnd hnn ood rc cpuon in Cope- srudl'nt rcpo1r1 nndcxtcnsl\' ~J,.•rl'
ovcra c.
loud Wh\: ro there wns varwnlly no
'* \\ c wn.nt tu l'll.' :>'' &' '<I at tJ
I'C\.:epunn ln:>t ycna·.
end of thas year." l'nlmcr ex
DcSfHit' some ot the setbn k
Pnlmcr expn:sscd hts cnthusansm plnlnc(l, "thot ve 'on Shll \ I •rl
lnnd " h t we
nn d
\ uh n
ua Ius nt.··w ~tnff nnd pru •rnm
"\\ \ hnvt.• rut rntlmsinsu
rnfi 1-. I 0~1 OUllO. "
good or bnd. is our ountry. and
l.s a reflection of us • • \\'hcne\'er o person steps outSide the
COWltry. o linJe pte c of us rub$
oU. "
Sluftlng from Amcrt nns Q..tJroad
ro Amen nns nt home, she snld.
''J\mertc:m policy begins at home.
and ln the home, the Amertcnn
man nnd woman ore begannlng
emerge tiS couples rod!ly, because mnrrfngc ss a real,
worktng pnrmcnohip. ' '
Mrs. HubOO.rd concluded her
spec h by urctng Amet"lcnns tD
be nwnre nnd to lenrn to understand-older
younger, husband to wtfe. Amer.... an o fore1gner. and American
to •.unencan.
rt e 1·1
Book Jazz
George Shenrins. ja.u.-planlst
and composer. is s hedulcd m
nppcor at Templeton College Center on c ct. 20, ot :
p.m l.n
Fields Oarung f oom
It lS sponsored by the t ulrurnl ArtS Series.
England, hearlng is
one ,)( the few foreigners to
meet success In the faeld of
Arnericnn Jnzz.
C.ngltmd can oo
longer lny
lntm liJ rJus great
tnUSlClUJI , hO\,C\'Cr,
lnCC ht.: beCame 3 U. S. ats:zcn ll1 1956.
Shcnnng got hts storr p l aying plano tn 0 lOt ol rub when he
wos 16 ycnrs old. From there,
h nd\'M ed to supper lubs ond
Unnlly anto rnd1o. just before
the smrt of \\Qrld \\or II, hcnring had has o\m rndlll pro rnm
over 88\..
h \\liS nt thls ume that reopie ln the l . . begM to t ke
notf e o( the young Brtushcr whcl
ould " poWld
stnte::;tder. "
au hkc n
Follow uu: tt
sc-:ond '' urld
hcnrtng rro,eled ro the
U. •• nnd ut seveul 1 c oros.
ThiS was the be •IMhtf l> ( ht
rl:;e ro PQpulnrtrv 111 die l:. .
~ "on" r1. wlu h
m tll
With h•'lllc •Jtnln ~ Q tl\l'ltl~ , I~ d\
fin t m tlus yenr' s l ulrurol ~
'*r-lcs, \\ht h '~Ill 1'1 drtt''
nmpu tht: rt
l •mr:un. tJ
:'I. u •n I
pcarc •mr nv nd M
t old~r.;
th :sc
\ n •
all l
October 12, 1
T. T/0
\\hen th~ turnt•tbles commL~nccd tw·ning,
the teletype t\l)ing and t h' r "k- jock::.JOCkeying at hi C h adqunr1ers lnst week,
the underlying effort invoh•ccl morl' lhtut u
::;impl e rebirth of t he sl ntion by tr.tdJlJon,
more t hm merely picking thcct1lmebs otl
the \.C. socket :lnd reconnecting lho I uses.
Tlus cJfort t o rc\·ive t he spirit of hI C
very nearly ill\'Olvcd the remcarnntion of .1
s tnti on thnt had cntncl) smicully twubl cd
from the summit of hope to the depths ot
despai l ' in a matter ot days-e\'cn hours.
L.1st spring, in a cl tssic exnmplt o1
m 1sunderstandmg the p "rsonnel at hI C
" er~ l ed under the i llusion that a IL"derll
grant had at last a.Jiowcd th-:.m t o crawl
out from ignominy as a closed c 1rcuit
conunwucation nnd with a license for Fi\I
broadcasting hitch their wngs t o a s tnr
and span out over the entlrt.! campus rutd
s urrouncting comntuni ty .
It was hardl\'
the fir::>t time ~1 C had
religious ly grasped its rabbit f oot in one
hand and prayerfully its copy of 11 request for f ederal assistance m the other.
It was , hO\\ ever, the first time the spark
of success had lit up the eyes ot the oftdisheartened manngcrs.
Anyway , the shock came suddenly is
was all a rnistake-in\'olving n fn tlure to
different iat e appro,·al from the l\lr. Littles
and appro\·aJ from the .i\Ir. Bigs.
The new station mnnnger, b "'hevmg in
his despair that he was captain of a stnking
ship , scampered overboard and tried to drag
the rest of his crew with him (please ignore
any simila.nties with Joseph Conrad}. He
was partially succcsstul, lutd his rt::commondallons
t o clos""' dO\\ n the whol e
"unprofitablt.!' · business may ha\'l' succecdcn but lor th • staunch dct •rminution
ot n tC\\ zealot s s till satisfil!d wi th n
liltl e progress a liltlt> f\t a tinw.
quaint sho\\ piece tor impressionable v1
tOI'S. Inconung lrosh. hO\\t.\cr, nrcselao11
aware that u ::>taU on cx 1 s t ~ on
2. Insufficient ftmds, consldl•ring
potential tuld pnrt teipnn t uppL•al.
stait ot 15 , tlw \cnrhook could c
a budget us high us $15 ,000. \\rtth a s
ot 20 , the LOG ts allotted n $5 ,000 acc~ou
But the \~T C c sc~s fit t o
h. I C a t oken SWll ot $ for u n ... nrt l
"Ith a st ~tt t this t erm of over 50
eventual participati on by almost 20 per " 0 '"''"
of the studen t body.
Without the $3 ,8
added by the administration , the s t a
'' ould be spinning warped 78 rpm re]E~CtS
on hand-cr•.u1ked Vi c trol as via war
plus trnnsm ttlers .
\\ llich brings us happil) lo tho present.
wiuch finds our heroes stil l ycnrning er
l~' ~1 fwtds . but al so cauti ous!\' awar~ that
if they had u grrutl embossing their lup
pocket s today , there would still be much
t o 1ron out. is . 680 on your dial isn't
yet ready to become 6 0 on mwhodv's dial1Irstly the stuhon must edge closer towards
that ephcmcrnl -1f not nonexist ent-st ate
known as consistcncv of excellence.
(Fl\1 , incidentally, does not nccessunly
impl) l\loz ..trt. Brahms and comrades 12
hour::; ..l davoh dear, heaven forbid! -it
s tmply \\ ould mean that the st ation could
shed 1ts tutcasy depcndencv on carrier
current and transmit vta the .UI'\Va\ s as
far as 10 \\. atts ot pure pO\\.Cr could carr)
· 'doul:
111 have
111 hnpp
tl\ lly.
3. Overe"\.1.entlon ol ettorts .
t ho~
t o please everyone , Kl C snti sft es no one ould cer
Diluting programming with ever y fl nvor <ll
music and cnt ertammcnt may be prescribeq vere er
b} the ctemocratlc conscience but 1s
d no c
condus 1ve t o gnlhering lht:! l oynltie:s of
audience. List ener s mus t nO\\ keep an open Further
mind or an open time sheet before then commit
if their bst es arc to be apputsed.
qates wou
11 men
\ctunlly. u truly accurat e and r epre· upcrfluO\
sentative surve} has never been conduct 'ater the
In determining I-.. I C c:; llgtcner-draw. It ma.
be that Kl C alrc..1dy possesses n la.r b ody that
group of tollowcrs. Ct rtainly tf the stu \ years
dent body became U\\ lrc of the immediacy as a pee
proximity and the t·ewards o1 luning i uffice n
a relativelv nonconunercinllzed s tation
ear on ·
F M , rather th:ut hc,tds , might begin t o rol
basis fo
out of KLC headquarters.
. • . H
hi C has been struggh ng for 12 years
t o pull its~lf from w1dcr the ttu·o\\ rug
oi the college commtmity. Unfortun!.ltely ,
it h'ls been contending wi t h sorne pretty
considerable heels:
1. Bad P.R. from u.nd lUltong students
and admini~trahon.
K LC ctumot easily
outli\'e Its fonnel' r eputation ns a showplace for haphazard progra.mnung and unpolished enterta.imncnt. It t·emams as the
scapegoat tor the campus conuncdians. It
has been stored in the closet and hastily
redisco\·crcd hv the adminis trntion as n
At the close of the last fiscal year (Mny
31, 1966) Lewis and Cl ark alumni set a
new record of gh•ing (12.2 per cent of them,
that is) for a grand t otal of $1 00 ,000 ,
a quarter of the total sum being donat ed
by two indhi.duals.
But if we step out of our rose garden
we will notice that the Yal e Alunmi Fund
g1 osses $3 ,000 ,000 a ) ear and that iO
per cent ot the Dartmouth alwnn1 and 6i
per cent of Princeton men give generously
respecth·e schools. On the
Pacific Coast, Occidental , Mills and Pam ona
alumni set a fine precedent f or alumni givmg. About 25 per cent of all living Reed
alumni are consistently giving fmancial
aid to their alma mater.
Why do alumni give?
Dav1cl McCord ,
director of the Harvard Alumm Fund cites
these reasons:
" 1) So that the next in line may benefit.
The alumnus knows that even if he did pay
all his own tuition fees when in school
that from 20 to 40 per cent of the cost of
his education was contributed by trustees,
friends, churches , foundations and alumni.
If he was on a scholarship, obviously someone covered this cost also.
"2) Because as student s they \\'ere closer
t o something or someone more significant
and more vital than ever before or since.
Great ideas and great personalities added
something to their hves.
''3) Because they want their alma mater
t o stand better than and beat the ancient
rivals. The college was \\Orlh hcitthng for
in the old days and it s till 1s.
''4) Because they are proud of being a
Stanford , Dartmouth or Michigan mnn-a
V assar , l\tills or Cornell wom:.m. The old
school is making progress despite difficulhes and their degree rules well in the
public eye.
"5) Becuase the\- believe in educat 10n
as the be!:it guarantee for the survival of
freedom. individual enterprise and human
slat e
provides laxsupport ed higher education , but i1 such education is t o be const antly advanced it must
be because of the challenge of the privatelysupport ed mstitution. •·
Usually, the school s with high alumni
are also the best academically. At the risk of being matenalistic , we also must be realistic, and thus
contend that education costs. There are no
soplusts "' ho stroll about the
community and find s tudent s Wlder trees .
Toda}. getting and holding good professors
at one's own college is a competitive bustness . They must have the facilities with
\\ luch to educat e- a good library , science
1aboratories and, of course , active , c hall enging and interest ed students.
c l ass , even before its graduation, thes~
agents being c hosen bred in the spiri~
of · 'grruttsmanship. · ·
Re'" ards tor such generosity s tretch t
beyond the origm al contribuhon.
Major pon!>ored b>
corporati ons and f oundations offer addi- ooThe\\Illrule
ti onal grants by colleges whose rarurc nnd I
of alumm giving nses ovet· the 25 per The u&·t c.:
0 prints fn
cent m ark.
at Reed t:
On \\ednc
ssoclntc p1
Le\\lS and Clark cw1 be r ecogmzed as
an out st anding ac.tdemic institution when
1ts alumni r ecognize il as such and re- That sam
s pond acco1·dingly.
carurmg po
tt. rcccpuon 1
Emlyn Wil
t the Port
ughts. All
c Ch•tc 'I h•
!:irarung Wt
\'all<Jch' s "
vtll open m
~avac Thcut•
ont\.'<ly nbo
amlly IJtc.
gm at tl:30
Tla.• Orlcn
he crowd~; (
I( t ~~~'\
mosh ~C\\
nry.. star
c-. York l
c lasses
11. 9
1 965
tudent UC' kt
lor S.J.SO, \\
c..'£1Mtng Rt
Dr. Morgan Odell, president emeritus
and consultant in alumnt activities. explnlned that alumni l eaders wish to boost
rt shows a
I lungs get
1:30 p.rn
Whether or not it is a r eflection of the
quahty of student bred at Lewis and Clark.
o r the rel ative youth of our alumni , Pioneers
can boast little more than thl! followmg
Reed Colh
c:.m b
A 6- 6 111
l ~((
~he averagel perc cntage ·ro t! suppm·t:rs ~o 1
per cen a c 1ass.
te cumpu1gn 1s -~---~------~·!..__...l:.;~ ::::::::::::..J
developing ind1vidual class agenl s whose
functiOn will include 1ncreas ing personal " YEA, I'M EATING EARLY 00 THE KANGAROO COURT
Such plans could ori,ginule m a DOESN'T GET ME.''
crobcr 12, 1
I:Z, J9h6
Pege 3
Leffel'$ fo the lo~
ionuhlo vi
the now Judiciary Board policies
hut I ike lrytng t o improve on t h ~ ummp 1·ovlo-hul only 1n the sense that both efforts nrc:! w 1idering i
~a l.
· Tlw Bo.lrd. whtch he 1.rd embarrassingly ft~\\ cases
d CVd}lOl'tll•
st ye.u·. has dctcrnunccl to double its chnnccs this
With a sl.~u l
on with n pltul which we shall laughingly call
!>00 accvUII\ ;,~
•'ctoublc mclcmntly ruling:· 'I' Ius schomc allows
:it to gr-..." "'
Board to try studtmts conv1ctcd of olT-cmnpus
for a medl
\'er 50 un tenses tuld to take "appropriate" st eps towarcls
ustiscment of the offcndet·.
t 20 per""'""'"
It sct;!ms a shame , therefore, that ch·11 courts
the $3 ,
ill hnvc to nbsorh the e"'"]lense ot indictments and
the stali
victtons ol students ''hen the campus J- Boarders
111 happily dispense justice as an cxtracurricuhu·
l war
Campus pun1shmcnt to off-campus offenders-other
those who merit suspension or expulsionfies no n ..... auld cc-J'tuin l~ he puritanic'll , it not mildly unJUSt.
unishmcnt mvolving chsmissal from school arc
prescril>e<~ ~ve1·e enough lhal the dean of studl'tll s office ~hou ld
.lt is hard
no doubt wtll have the most to say .tbout its
dties of
.eep an ope[ 1· u1·ther·mor~ . the proposal passed by Senat e that
efore then comm itlue hl' t>>lished to screen J-Board canclid.
ulcs would either l) s tifle the democrnhc right of
11 men to run tor ofhce , 2) be prcjudtcml, 3) be
llld repreupcrlluous , ·1) be ineffectual or/and 5) be in hot
, conduct
atct· the first lime it refused a spot on the ballot.
Finally. the amendment coming before the c;tudent
~s a lar
ody that J-Board terms be expanded from one to
t e stu 'o years quite naturally-although perhaps unfairlymrncdmcy
. h as u pccu 1uu·
rce k t o 1.l . One would think it would
1 1
j t~l~g
utlicc thnt the justices , tf desirous for a second
stahon- eal' on the bench could stand on their records us
:!gm to rol
basis for re-election.
. . . Howevur, maylJe that wouldn · t be pracl1cal.
ion . thes
l the spiri
Out and Around
Reed College IS 1n the sputhght tlu .. \\cck. \\ tth lectures, concerts,
rt sh<.m s .md poetry
AJI tlwsc oc:uvmcs nrc open to L
ffer addl;>ercentag
he 25 per
>gnized as
tti on when
h and re-
llnngs get undcn\:J) Ill Reed on Wednesday, Oct. 12 "lth a lc turc
, t 1:30 p.m.
The program IS the third in a senes of fnll lectures
pon!:.ored ll} the Rc~ College \\omen's Commmce.
The tulc IS "I• rnsmus and the Oalemmn ol thtc :\.IIddle <ourse,"
nd wall be gl\en by r rcdert~k P. liard, as~astunt pr"'lessor of lit. rmure and humunaucs nt RcC\1.
Thl: urt exhibit ''all open at ti:30 p.m. that c' cnmg anJ ''111 fcatUl c
0 prints l rom the colle<"uon of Ronald ~larJ..hnm, who IS show rng hts
rt clt Rct'1 until No\. 6.
On \\cdncsdn~. Oct. 19, the (all k'<'turc ser1cs conunues \\lth un
ntcrprctntton uf :\hchnclnngclo's works b) \\ 1Uinm II. llnlc\~Ood,
ssoctote professor ot htcmrurc and humnnttlCS nt the college.
Thnt some night at 6 p.m. 11 poctr) reathn~ \\tll be conduc ted,
e:uurtng poct-tn-rest<Jcncc Gah'a} 1\umell rcathng hi:> O\\n work.,
\ reception \\all foliO\\.
cml) n W1lliums' "N1vl1t /\lust Fall," lhtS three more pcrtonnan~ cs
tt the Portland < 1\'IC Theater- on Thursda~. Fndoy und !::i.Jturd,J)'
lghts .
All<'CS stnrt at 8:30 p.m. l·or rcs~:1 \nttuns cn ll
H' Ctv1c I hcotcr "lt 22b-J04S.
SUHIIng \\'cdnc:>Ja}. 11c t 12. lrn
\'alloch'~ "Abs~n<:c:" of a CcUo"
_/ ;,
I '
vlll opt'n tn the Olue Room of the
~IVIC Thcutcr·.
r Ius IS n wttty
ornedy about a genius and Ius
omlly hte.
Pcrlormnnccs "1U
tegln nt 8: JO p.m.
The Or1entnl fhcatcr \\Ill lim\\
he crowds Oct. 18 nnd IQ, as the
mnsh :\c\\ York hit "\\'est Side
tory" smrs special gl•est from
C\\ York Lee Uerl')', os ,\ lnr•n.
tudl'nt tt<'tcts mn) l:c purch:tscd
or S4.50, "lth all pcliormunccs
lCglrmtng nt 8:30 p.m. Arrangl'
ncms cnn be mooc by c-nll1ng tht:'
)Ortlam.l OJ"Cra t\SSO l:ltiOn at
A 8-6111
. Schedules T(>st
quali.f1c tllon:;
te .t_ "tU be of.tcn>d
.. ~o-.. I b-1 \l
throughout the Purtl:lnd orca.
The test 1s s~.:hcdulcd for those
students .,., ho have not pre' 1ously
tn._"n the
Resuhs oi tl1c test "'111 pr·o, ide
ev1..Jen\.·c tor usc o1 the locallx>anls
Ul consLdenng <lclcnucnt .... rule '
Student::; ma> Sign up ut an)
local lx>ard. \ppltcauon:; must lK'
po~Onarkcd no lttcr Ullin 0~ I. 2 1.
io .\SL C :
UO!ll<. I
I lurryl
DON' T MISS this un-
bcll<l\"n.ble bo rgntnl
~lode "' n su1rdy <lurnble mo-
tcrlnl. t' urlry M nsks ore wcnArc yr~u lnles•·~l wlrh tdcns?
t.hcr res1sram, sraln-prol)f, snnDo you ftnd your-self thlnUng hH' r.nzy, worm nnd unaonthoughcs or yuur own lf1 unguon.lcd made.
Are you f rlghtencd
1l•ey ore nvollnhlc ln o wide
!Jy fcnrs 7 'Do you suffer rrom rnngc of brlghc c!•' oraror colors.
hope. love. lnughtcr. dnndrurt,
t\1 I rnoclcls register cxprcss1ons
nnd ex css stmuneh oud?
of ~hock. cJtsheltcr. mild dlslllc.
1:r1cnds-orc )"<•u out <>1 srep?
slnccruy. dcq, grief, dllurcd nf
Do no1 despair.
fccuon and unm111gotcd hatred.
Now you on ger qulc~ relief Acccssoraes
In Jude slrnulntcd
from all lhcse unplcnsnnt tlung:;.
mnrs. insum1 loughtCr. nnd your
At ln:>l, thanks to modem tech
dwl c from n huge Inventory of
nulot.')', you cnn wnH hcnd erect. mcntnl blo ~ .
wtd1out !cor of bcm • daffcrcnt.
llurryl Be the first In the donn
A hrn\ e n<.'W wori\J \'Ill open to get yours! Fool your fnmllyl
Fool your
ItS doors to yuu.
Yuu moy nsk f1oul your frlcndsl
h·•w lhls IS poss1ble.
You mny encmtesl Pool Y'lUl'S<'l..·csl Hurn'lk what mngtc makes 11 sol ry! Rush! Get yours now. Don ' t
Well. the olJsradc.s have hccn mass this Pnntnsu O fierl Anll
grenr. but a1 lost. through glort- the price IS so low. For th:u
wi'lp of yo111 self wh1c h you call
ous SCience, I hnvc produced the
n soul.
For rhar troublesome
nn'l\V('r. 1'\ow, nnd for n lunlt<..'d orgnn .vhtch you cnll n ht•nrr,
lim\.• only, you can obtain the an- I o[fcr you now securuy, a.nd
swer nt 1ncredtbly low pnccs. comfort. nnd, U you rush. I' ll
NO\\ • I r yuu hu r I')'. you can gc t
throw In o set of hlgh.grnde
(chcnp} your very own llnndy n ccptnble "Plllions,
Dnndy, NUty, SUJ.ll.""r" Swell Hot- chorgt!. Don' t miss tt. Buy nowhot ccur1ry t.lnsk.
bur hurry. do-the sale only lnsts
n h.Cewnc-nnd they' re selling like
'Tlna Enberg
Dils peaks
In Colloquy
In order to assist sntdents In
chu.tslng the vcx:nuon Cor whtch
they nrc best sutk.-d. the LC
l'lnccmenr Offi• e has n rrnn~;e<l
1 series of Career C'..oll•,qulc..o.s
r.hts fnll.
Requtrcmcnl. nnd disndvnrungcs of vor1
uu~ prufcsstons. bustne:;scs and
government ngenl les wtll be pn•
!';Cnll'd. Oppo rtunl ties for. quc.sUons by
wlll end
co h tnlk.
. . . . .. .
S<·<·ul'il •v
rl11: hrst speaker of d1c year,
Dr. f·ugcne Dtls. Dm.'Ct()r of
Plnl·cment nt the Umverslry of
Oregon, Is schcduh.>d Cor Oct. 14.
1l1c dlSt USSion, Cotttlcd • ' Selcctlng
n Corct•r - Choice or
<. hnn e," will be held or 3 p.m.
m the Council Chambers.
Tht• Plocemcnt O ffice has nlso
nrrnngcd a schedule of nppolntmcniS w1th more than 60 rep
rescntnuvcs (rom bustness nnd
go\'cmmcnt groups who wtll lntcr.otew seniors and oth~.:r tn
tcn~stt'd srudents ..
Rt•prescntntlves of the Annt.'tl
Forces, t.hc Pence Corps and
Vistn wtll nlso describe dw1r
programs. 1hc fir:n lntcr.-lcws
w11l begin lntc In {A·tQbcr.
Interested Students should conmet M no. EIIUJ.bcth Babe: od: m
her t1ff1 e In Templeton Com.
Pioneer Log
OffiCial publiCation of the Associated Sru~nts of ~wts and Clark
College, 0615 S.
Paleune Htll
Road, Portland. Ore. 972JQ, Publlahed weekly dunng the school
yeer. Subscrtpelon rates; $1.50
per school year or SO cenr.s per
term. Second class postage paid
at Port land, Ore.
{,c'1ojjl£f" o:N 'rOll 111\V( BHI-i
U~~li.N it ~~" ~~~ f.Vt:o.r,of'l
lo iltE PAWFt' NCIUt1wCST
_____ --:
ED.: And nil this ume we' v£' been
gomg to ''potl "
Yee rh!
To tJ1c Edttor:
1he convening of the K:mgaroo
Court thts evenmg and tiS procecdtngs were, we feel. blntantly mcongrut!nt wtth the stand-
ards uf "good tnste" RS set forth
by the ndmlnlstrnuon of thls
Sad Store-Y
• • • •
Dcnr Editor,
It St:cmS liS though the modern ngc of man has brought bout
a trend roword "serve yourseU"
1 tlunk ~o~;c nrc all
well awore of the success of tllls
method ln supcnnarkcts drug
stores and vorlous other business estnblishrncnt.s.
Alter recent vJslts to our wonderful college store, I thiiD: we
cnn justly ndd thts progresstvc
reuul outlet to the cxpancilng Ust.
I base this nominauon on the
opparent volume o! snles that the
bookstore surely must have.
lt seems as though the bookstore no longer has the tlme,
manpower or courtesy to plncc
porchoscs in a sunplc
paper sack. However, you ore
gaven the opuon of domg It yoursell. To make this more l.ntnguing, you ore oUercd a variety ot stzcs and a multitude
colors. 1 he bookstore is
never \~ tthout a bag.
Students moy soon dtsco,·er that
our lllustr1ous book5torc hos o
selecuon o! trnvcJ posters
and silk screen printS th:m typewriter ribbons or c:arbon paper.
It may take ne\1. studentS who
Shop our 1lllc bookstore awhile
to become accusromc..>d to this
method of operation. Yiherc a
frOYin 1s standard operating procedure.
You must. of course.
rcahze that C\'Cl)' student is a
potenual shophfterl
my outlook woulJ
change if I "ere to joln the man~.
m::my cl1tc students Y.ho hove
secured emplo)mcnr '~ 1th our
frieooly college store. Judging
Crom the number. the labor costs
must not be a hnuung !actor.
lhts n.. twlty. hnvlng been con
donetl, supportctl nnd lnrlecd nprJoudt.'<.l b)' members O( d11S odmiOIStrauon, lt appears nn rnlt Is m) opw1on that better
conststcnt pollcy tor the same scrnce. a greater selection nnd
ndmtntstration to ~:rfuclz.c. dl- h~'\\Cr cash rcg.lstcr mlstal.:es
rcctJy or lndln.--ctly, other stUdent are to be found nt some oC the
c-on<Juct su h as dress, personal more courteous downtown store-gronmlng :md poilu ol o tlvloes. although ceruunl~ m) unpleasant
l•ntcss d1e admmlstrnuon ls experiences couldn't be common ..
wllltng to present srudencs will• or could they?
n definite annlysts of whnt conPerhaps the soluuon to this
slltutcs " good taste, "
ond ls
problem mtght be a studentfurthcmtorc wtllang ID undertake
n cons1s tent pattern of enforce~ operated co-opcrnttve bookstore.
mcnt of thts standnni, their com- Th1s might allo.... ror the concept
pcrcrn:y tu d 1dt• whnt t:. :md of "shop where you Sa\:e •.• the
whnt is llt•t g~1d tnstc nnd :.ub- mort: )Ou shop, the more you
save' . instead or UIC prcvnlcnt.
scquenl ~ rluc-lsm and dts .. tpllnc
nnsmg therefrom. IS l.llsf'I'Hnble. ''serve yourself, ::.oMy." It might
be w lsc to remember thot every
Ellen llnlner
,\lnrgnrct J nne l':tng sttdem IS .:1 potenual customer
and not JuSt to t.lkc tt for granted.
Clnss of '69
:"'o douhr the ndmm1su·n
tton, IU:c the n:st 01 us, noavely
suppuscd thor such , ollcge :sophomores vould ltavc hnd the scnSIblhnes tu be lll\ tful nnd the toll!nt ro ~ humorous wu)l\lut re>ulung tl) c rudttH.'S.
:'\o doubt
they •.verc ns shocked ns the
rest of us nnd will rlghtfull)'
c llllllp down un freedom o! sw-
dent spec h :u su h lun uons.
1hc Cuurt was o :stork example
of CroSS b:mnllttcS Uj'tng to Com~.'nSOtc for bntlnless 1nsncur1ty.
Hopefully. the clnss of ' i'O wlll
rcnh:zc that n !':on nn•o ~ <•urt
cnn be lun wathvut belflg grvss.
,, ..
I ,, 1)\..
CJass of '68
1U 1HE \;E \\ ARRJ\',\LS 1 LC:
A bl.; wel,ame from the Lewis
and Clark ;\lumru ro Its tucure
members. For those of you who
nre entering your frestunan year
nt Lewis nndClarlc. anewch~tllenge
wUl be unlold1Jlb day by day. We
know dlnt thts Will prove to beone
oC the most thnlhng
experiences o! your ltfe.
We, the AJurnn1 of the College.
have a cremendous pride tn the
school ond itS srudent body. We
are constant!}' Ulterestcd m your
and accomplishments •
1be Alumni Assocu1don takes
mllre than a passtng mtcresttn dte
affairs of the Ct'llcbe and we'll
be looKmg forward to meeting you
nt the Homecomlns festh•iues on
October 22 nc.L
My best "tshcs for n succcs~ful
ncndem1i? and :soclnl rear.
Lartj L.
President J\lumnl Council
Le" ls nod Cl rl.: ~Allege.:
PIO:-.:E!W I OC.
Com.nunrist Party Gains
by Frrull \\'nll
1 he !:m c llsh Communj&t p.:u ty
hn long aucmptcd to 111nl;c 11:-o..:lf
more 'ltnl 111 S\\L'Xh~h Poltuct..
Ut·e.tklll' ll\\a) lri.llll ur•thodox
commun1sm and t"CSolvlng to clc-
termml' tu;
u'~" pollcte ••, not JUSt
puppet ~IOSCU\\ , tho.: partl hitS
grown 111 u ·cngth uu ' l Q~IS.
In l."le, taons to t he I n·st t h unltea
ot thc!';\\<.'th. h H ak:.dur, h1•l d Sundby,
THIS SCENE orr southern SNedan facing the sound betwct}n Coponhageo typifies the view on the &edl.;h coa:.t. Thu overseas students last spring often could look out oo such sights during their
homes tays In the country.
The ploturtl at the lower right por trays
a t iny cobblestone street In 40~yuar-old Stockholm.
Sept. 18, the ( ornrnunast ('.arty
recorded .1 1WO\\Ih of S2 elec tors
These gaint. cuu• ed .:1 dccrcn. c Ul
tl1c 1 cpa·C!icntauon of the other
four maJor polttaC'al parucs. pnrt1cularl) the ~octa l l>cmoct Ofl("
P,O\Crllln,!! party, \\IUth lo I ll4
clc tors . These ek'<·tor
rcprcscntall\Cs lO tl1c R lksdag'
farst chamber m a m trutcr tmllar
to that used Ileac throur,h the
clccwrol C'<lllegc.
The 1 csults ol the ciC<'uun h.avt
been dcscdbod u:. .en nuonnl .and
n maJor setback loa thr Sot lal
Ol·muc r.ltS.
r he quc:.uon IS ol
n to whnt will
hoppcn nc t.. It has been sugget.t<-d
by sonw that 1he <,0\ crnmcnt \\tit
dassohc the Second Ch,lmlh r ot
lhc two clullnhcrt.'tl parll.uncnt .md
hold ne\\ c l cctton tn No\ l!ml~a·.
llo" C\'Cr . n more llkdy opuon
seem!> to be for the !'octal Dl' to rcuHn the prc:>cnt Rak<;dug
a~ s toge n conunous de uon
campa1gn unul theordln&nySc and
Chrunl.ler clcC'tton m September
Ol 196 •
The \.ornmunast gi"O\\ tl appears
to have omc from Its new f)() II Ieos,
tJmt talk of S\\ edt. It, not Russ Inn
Pr-oblems, and the l unsmn (lf the
Pnrcy ' s }otang leader. I ht party
has cii"CUSScd changm1! il$ nnmc
to her I ••
ll tullCt 12,
J&:.:annnment :and nn
lllCrcn L<l ~wcdn.>h ummtttmcntto
forctJ::n :ud.
( \\eden dOl'S nut
rt Cl\ <' otd from uny countr) )
'llu Communt!'>IS
t the L1.N.
and en' ourngc the n.attonnlti.Htltln
of muny mujor !iwcdlsh mdu n u~s.
P re I uralnory result
tl<>SlU l \'UlC} (!1\'C thll' Lon c I 1.. 111\'CS
592,260 ( -O.b pet· eru). the
,\ gr·u•·lnn r'Jtrty 588,-!q? (plus
Pl'r cnt), the I lbca'81 P trt} ()Q'>, l.
(.o.s percent). hrl t Inn Ucm
(<.;on tit
\ typl I
Cu:thtl\10 75.·1 .~1>. I ahc
ot 8:10 I
nntl Aga aa wn Conlluon h9,02 Jbu,dgt!t nil
Consl.'rv.n IVt.:, l ahcrnl nnJ Agrar
llOC b
JO'' , 12'1, Soci
l>cmocrul. 1, 798,375 ( - 8.2 per:
ecru) and the ( <lrnmuna t Pu
277,01)0 (plus 2. 7 percent).
mg nntJ th
plck up th
1 .,.,"
Putnam Speal
Hcpuhlkan Pnrry must
Pumnm cununut.>d tn explo1n tha·
sct7.e the ant unnvc Jn nnS\H~nng the govcmrnenr must tn• e the tn.
Uti." quesuons of thiS gcnca·nrwn, &llntiVt' 1n providing for nn arn.
tii.;Cot"C!ing ~) Gary Puo1nm. ~lult­ proved sol.'lety. bctt~r schools
nomoh ( oumy Rcpubllc:nn Len
nnd ronds, the mass tnmsportn.
trnl t ommmec cxccuuve se1
unn problems, urllnn sprnwl nne!
StX!nk•ng n1 the YR'~ !11-st me-ct.
ang ol tJae yeor. PuUtam out hnt'<l
Republ H. m • pptlrtunuy 1n
Pnrtlnml. lk xpl,uncd thnt un
dcr dtc johnsor \J n 1tSII nuon,
Ute Dcmocrnt..'> hove f naled to
n•spond 111 n ~ hnngang Arne 1·1cn.
" fi•dny 's problem ts how ro dcnl
wtth the Afflucnr S<lt<lety, " he
fm t11n~s hlJ' lt•lsurc rccrenuon.
I lc.. outltnc:d n progrnm ro reg.
ISh:!a 1\l I"OCS In \lbtnn 10 Vote,
nnd thua 11t•tllng d1crn nut to vc•lf
In dac 1'\o\ emhc•r elec tions. spon
soring :t yuuth cnmp for under.
pr:'l\' llc1:c.•d c hlldren :;1.. hcdulcd for
15 nnd Ot: t. 2.! . nnd unn
p:ugn work fur cnnllldntcs ltke
Mnrk llnlfJcld,
rom McCniL
Ol' t..
Shirley Field nnd
odll~rs .
9, n
arrived. \
circ le
(sung 1n
n story. 1
health hob
mg bcnns
nnd crnc k
the mo
the tnhle!
finger· pal
ltkc mnkl
I the
bdo•c but
II pop. I'
tht•m to se
anro the p
1he fir
nnd Clot
tlon was
jolm ~
on rhc tu
Arc.' ' It
trends 111
ties. Th
by n grou
lJ'Om tht:!'>weda:-;ht ornmunlst P.u ty
t o the NC\\ I eft ur I (I !'Urn I cJ t.
rile part} tuvors mdustr&nl de-
Corre pondent Ob erves Bay City
f'f am trytng to llhrsrn~·e," julie lbbla.son cxphatns In prdn
ro uus cor-
bone ond rcUccts In daflus<.'d waves.
"the lmprcssaoo I r~elv~ A street • . • the t.mly breath a gust
f San FI"IIIK'Isco-dle feel~ llat the cHy of heavy atr welled up by a sllctng
WAS 50 III~C and O~ Cfl"'WC~ thai oil
roo- near bus.
dlslinCUon was lost. and yet die ~ahz.a.
One fears to cro:.s and yet the
Uon of mlnur.e dlflcrences ever appeartru::
and dlsa.~rtng... The J lpan-bound .. tuc!y moment, dtat of rt.>ekless dects&on
lt""'P sCDJlPed over tn !he ba} lty bclore approaches.
The trolley ~ reaks
c:mhad:~g b)• boat for die Or~mt.)
b) julie Tobtnson
One stDp. tiJld the heat of the
invisible sun penetrates r.o the
nearby; one staunchly rakes the
stand am td the chaos , t::;olated tn
A stgh, the rroiJey stops unsure,
Seasoned Travelers Face
Journey's First Ventures
By Gayle Hennager
l.og Correspondent
AMe Spencer. a SOphomore from
Elmara. Ort.>gon, put our thougl1ts
uno words.
She csnmated, as 22 C)
Srudy Group stUdentS boardec.J a bus
for London's Royal I lotellas t wed·.
that the group hod trnveled on nt
le.lst 28 dt.ffcrcm means or trnnsportauon stnce tlte tr1p hcgon on
ampus Sept. 22.
There can be no doubt thnt we
nrc seasoned tra\clers Sea oncd.
yes, sophlsucate:f no.
R~ch Reed and Anne GrccnlN ,
Juniors, pro'<cd that when our
chartered plane prepare:! to fly
from Newfoundland to Iceland. Although the cngmes WCJ"C really
wnrmmg up to mcrease power.
Armc oru:l Rich llaought the plane
WB!.o acruaUy movmg. Ailcr o fc,~
comments o.nd RJch's clo..tss&
c 1 ~.: ­
marf, "I Ia lS IS n stin~ mg long
run~ay.'' they finally r cn llzcd tlac
plan was stnndlflg !.till.
Sophomor~ An Van Zct.:! ddw
I lS mlquc pcrsonaltt) to tJac trip
S<..-vcr I tunes . Has frug to a wncful rendtuon of "twtSl nrul shout"
l~:Jdcr , nnd
Ins wife provtded suspence to the tnp. Thctr daughter
wus expecung hc:r first chaW all
tl•e way to t\ew Yor.-:. Whenever
the t~a111 b lOIJIX-:d long enough (or· P
phone call, they c hecked m w1th
tlw huspltol. ln the uncrcst of the
stc-.\ardcsses, howc,er no cigars
v.ere lh when tht• nco.vs of an
tJu-cc- ounce
g u~t
arrived. (M other dnughter and
grandpllrcms domg fine.)
cJgllt-JX>Und ,
\\hot do you rnlk about forsc"cn
dnys on train , planes, tnxts,
and ho:n.s? Most..l)' about
how to f tgure out t11c Briush currcn y y rern.
\\ c h:Jd som<.>
os lstun c from r~o Scoulf.h s tudent \~ ho kmilly paused 01 ound
~llllllngs, haJI c rowns saxpcnccs
In fac t , the Scots
even exposed us to UrltaMl<J
puJltng out u bar:p•rx; mtJ pla)'lng
u fur u •.
For tJac next four \\CCks, we wall
ass un tlntc Welsh <ulturc through
lJ1c dolly hves of our fnmtlies wad
try dcspcrntcly to undcr.stnnd tltcar
nc~:L·nt.s, numhcrm<r an rhe hunon the auwharp. und Mnry dre,:J:.. We mny even mtt!:itcr rJu:~ tr
0 Hn's i'..a7..00 was Lhc lughltght spc Jllnf:. One \\clsh town I!» fOndly
of our four day on l11c tram ncros
.-:nown a
LlanfnlrpwllgwyngyJC.JJUlrl :;.
1~veery hwyrndrobwlllanty lltQBo-
fac ulty
uneasily, undecided.
scramble tn the scats cl[ vnrnl'ilu:d
yclh'w wood, c<o r.:l!d w shape the
body upr1ghr:.
l l iC posr for hon~crs on forced
ngamst one' s leg, uavltnbly too
c lllSC for comfort nnd ns d1e trolley
rools down- hall, the blue cnppc.."'<l
man e.'Ctcnds hts hand, stamed nnd
calloused dl}'----" F1f«:·en cents
fare!" w the c lang o f n s trtngpulled bell. Ftftcen c ents gtven
when requested , fo rgotten when
f2 JYou ba
talong frnnuc trtps tn
drcnm nnd then o thtrd one, not
Illusion, nsang s lowly, steadily,
heaving Sighs 111 every block. It
passes. humanIty noshes, hl·uvy,
srcamy, soon (urgortc.m.
On.~ bloc I·, two •••.• surprlstng
minute and ever
changing, blocked In smoggy
p arcels.
Well-• nown the cnCJrm tty o f
facets nnd, the cvcriPSung some
A vo1cc calls out, Clonts,
and Is lost.. t\ s rrong ftne :\cgro
volce: a wnmtng from Ius god.
And no one hears hla cry, re
p<:ntcd on c . ogom. Four blocks.
(ivc •.••• "
E.nd of tJ1e line I "
,J, •
And once mo~e n s, ramble f rom the
in:ulor moving plolform.
timeless trolley Jcr•·s ngn1n 1ts
WO)' Uphill
One s tnnds asolatcd, surrvundcd.
1\ step. and tJm heal o f the Jnvl s &ble
Stapler tha
staples eigl reJ
tacks 31
to a
bulletin bo1
How old is t
owner of
this TOT St
J"!(.'netratcs 1u Ute hont' nnJ
reflects tn d1ffusr..>tJ wnvcs. S:tn
fo'ron~.: tsco m o nung.
N n IHIII<'r thAr
' "" r•uncll or •
Best '60 MGA
in town
hl'llh"h••r(O U
1\t.d,. •n U.S J
Yatloly, boolc I
Priced to sell
Wire whNliS, white sidewalls ,
radio & heater, new top, sldo
cur tains, new paint.
A Locnll-y ownl'd, mdopcm.ll'nt hank,
orqanizl'd to mt•t I you r our somal Ut!PI1S,
NE 6-7938
Stittt> Stret•t nt the Lake, Lak.-• Oswo•IJo, Orm)on
Long Isla
• 11111 n.:upu•tt
e O)
Member F. D . I. C.
Phone 636-81 84
P•'l •
I• ~J
no,._ .... .,1 ,
41!"' ~ Aq p..t p1
cut>et 12, I
Page 5
eden Follow Through' Worker Describes Work Mexicans
by Clnudln Yt1ung
(<. onunucd fn.•m lnsr wecl)
A typl nl dny In our room bc~nn when dtl' II rs t bus n rrtvcd
1:18,482 (plut.
nl Party 692,
~ 1 8:10 tn the mnrnlng.
Jbuclget olluwcd f11t only ono bus
one b11s dt'IVet. SQ the snmc
107, 12:1,
bus mndc three 111ps In the morn.
,375 (-8.2
10g nnd three Itt the nrtcrnuon ro
plok up dtc ch1IJrm1 !or ftvc I lend
,,,~rt clnsscs nnd two Follow. til ["{lllflh.
At ?, nftcr the lnsl group hnd
arrived, we put our ~.:hnU'S mro
0 circ le (or om· greeting song
(sung m Spanish nnd Enghsh) .
! to explatn rha!l ~ounung , stmgs nnd poems nnd
IS t tilKC the in.
3 story. Often vc discussed good
'lg lor on tm. I henllh hohtts or tnlkctl ni.H•ut plc~·­
:>ctlcr schools llng bcnns In rh" fields.
nnd ct o~ kcrs were served enrly
ss transpor
~an sprnwl
1n the mornmg.
Mrcnvnrd, the clnldrcn snt :11
rrc rccrenuon.
ogrnm to
tJ1c tnhlcs fur nriS nnd crnftS.
\lbtnn ro
Sometimes we put ns1do the usual
em nut to vm.r nr. UVltll'S of pnpcr C.:UtUng Md
Jcc uons, Sfkll'l·
Unger painting to dn new things
Most of
nap for under. ' like rnnktng popc.'orn,
the children hnd cnrt~n popcorn
sc hcduiL'd fur
22. nnd c:nrn_. bdorc hut they hnd never watched
, ndldntcs 1
1r pop. It wns Vt•ry exc t tiny for
rrom Mel uu,1 thl.m to s~c tht! tiny kcmal change
mto the popcorn t11c ntc.
Fo11cJwlng recess came rending
r•~ndincss. tnughl by o ccrU!Ie:Jd
spcclnllsL Durin~! this umc, the
children nc:tunlly hod n lesson
besides plnytns gnmcs nne! doing
wor kshcots rhnr would help 1hcm
h~nn1 to go frurn left 10 r lt!ht ,
f1<.>m flt'St to lnst nnd ft·urn up
to down.
They nlsn hnd an 11(1·
purtunlty to march nnd tn nnrrictpntc 1n rhc c lnsslc rhythm
1 unch wn:. p~pnr<.'1l by the nld~s
who fullowed the dire lions uf
the pmgrom' g nmritionlst.
rhlo; dmt', the youngsters mstcd
new foorls, lcnmcd tnblc manners
nnd ~onsumcd a nouriShing mcnl.
;\ I.'C'll pcrlud loliiiWl.'ti. durlnr.
whtch the flr:;t gruup of children
left on rhc bus.
Prcld rrips were nn lmpormnt
pnrt of tJtc rn,grnm , but the highlight of tJ1c summer session cnme
wh"n we bonrded the bus for Cnmp
I Indo Hnblc In Lopez { nnyun.
Ar cnmp the children, mnny n compnniC'd hy bnnhers ond ~ls
\o Bull
Useful Phrases Devised
llcllo fnns • . • llerc' s hopmg thnt tJtc folio'' mg motley colle<:llon
\\ill once ognin sollsfy your morbid curioS It)', till your need for an
unun<.'llcctual llrnbo In whtch to hnng ~our m1nd unnl you ntX.od It ngnln
or bltlc your Hme until 1t1c next Uotrnnn conn~ comes out.
•• •• •• •• • • •
No\\ thnt th('l"c are no hours. uppcrc lass
worn en now hove gre ltct' l reed om .ux.l rno1 e prol•lcrns. (Rcmcrn her
nll the times when you wen' Gl AD yo11 h.1d ho111·s?) fhcrclorc, No
Bull has conveniently compiled n low-e 1lonc, tnstnnt, hnnd1-llst
of excuses tor )Oil to lcnrn by he.trt, t 1pc on the insldc o! your purse
ters who were Invited t • pnrticlpnt • waded In the rcclr. fJahcd
for rn•ut, shu ked corn Cor the
evening men I, runs ted wccnlcs
nn<.J mnr'Shmnllnw... . hunrcd f or
foss llti ns t11ey hll·cd nnd looked
dll'(ough binoculnrs. One t»y,
FcUpc, askt..'<i 1f th~ hills he snw
through tltc field glnsscs m l~ht
be Mexico. T\vlhght wns n ume
Cor plny.lng gnmcs nnd, of course.
thcv chose soccer.
llowevcr, nn one QCCnslon J met
with some trouble.
lhc newspaper uf nclghborlng Sontn Marla
c:-nrnc out with n scnsononnl
nrtlclc on ProJect Hend Start
{not l1ollttw-1ltrough) describing
the: !;untmer school as n poverty
\merlcans come tn to help poor
little Mcx1c nn children learn to
cot or n Ulblc with o kmfc .:~nd
Jhcre was even n plcrure
showing n bvy leornlng how to
peel a bonnno. Or thot is whnt
it seemed to the :.01pomo rcstdcnrs who snw the PDilCr.
or cnttoo on your palm:
l. \\'h~. llnrvcy, I'd love to stny out OtK.I \\Otch the ~un come up wuh
you, but
n. mormng cJC\\ make:. my ion break ouL
b. m) house mothcor ah\ll) waits up for me
Sign- up Cor Lcwl"' and Clnrl:' s
c. l left rny sun glosses at home
rhrcc sororities concluded Oct. 8.
2. Yes, ,\tonon, I renla7..c night atr IS hcnhlr), but
Rush parues began :\tonday, Oct.
a. Lhc ~orne air w1ll sull be here tomorrow
10, und '' ill continue through
b. mght msects aren't
Thursday night.
c., I cnn appreciate you more fully m the dn)'Ume
Delta Phi Gamma and TheUl
3. \\ell, I hate to ay goodntght co you too, Olh cr. but
Kappa held parties for ruslh.::es
a. I'll torce mytiell
m Seltz Lounge Mooony, Oct. 10.
b. Absence mnkcs t.hc hcnrt gl"ow fonder
Alpha Gnmnms met prosrccuvc
c. l mmhnrtt} breeds
pledges n1 thctr party last
-1. I t\.\1 enjoytlij; myself, ~lei\ m, hut
111 Duba1 k Dtntng Room.
3. I' ve nll-endy seen yuur et hlngs
Soronry preference will be on
h. As soun ns tlu• full moon r caches Its hetghr, I grow fangs,
1\tondny, Oct. 17.
Blds \\tll be
and my gums nrc beginning to hd1 now.
re<:~·lvcd Tuesday, Oct. 18, noo
, •. I jusr rcmembl.•rcd d1nr I Jeff the water running In tl.e bnthmstall mons "Ill be ht!ld \\ ed["{H)m, forgot to feed my ptrnnhn hsh, etc.
l'h!Sday cvcmng, Oct 19.
U :~IL else f:uls, pull rhe rollc1·s out or your· punic .100 start setttng )'Olll' holll'.
Rush {],dertra"
lhe first rnecung of d1c L ew1s
nnd Clnr~ chnptcr of rite !Stu-
dent Oregon ~dUl"nllon Assoclnllon wns held lnsL night In
Tnmnrn k Lounge.
John Onrncs, of the Oregon
£:.tlucntlon \5soctnuon, spoke
on d•~ top1c, "Where the jobs
Arc.' ' It tun cmcd thccuncnt
tremls tn tcadung opportuntues.
The speech wns follow<.-d
by n group diS< uss iun.
I l l Dividt 30 by I 2
and add 10.
What is the
( An,..•n
••• •• •• • • ••
E1tglislz Te
•••• • • • • • • •
f 1 !Ish Qualifymg t.:..xnmmauon for cn1or tatus 1s scheduled Cor \\'cdncsdn), Oct. IQ, 3:105 p.m., m Bodme 30.
F..xccpnonnl student s may be excused from the exam mthcfollowtng \\ays:
:O.:o Bull w.w rcaU) .unused to rcac1 th t.: cafeteria hours as srme\.1
on the I cmpleton schedule sheet. ::itudcnt:. should remember tlu:n the
cafeteria as run on ::,ago Standard Ttmc: one- hal! hour late in openmg
and 15 mmutcs earl) m closing.
The: G'IDBT (Gomg 1o Do Btg rlungs) Award from this column
goes to the Four in tlae :\tornlng, l ( 's o''n group ''ho are nlre dy
on tJ1c1r '' ay \\ 11h two records. If you ".mt to get tn on a great hstcnlng
expcriem:c, take 50 Coke bottles to the grocery stor~. make your
g1rl friend go dutch treat, or htt Daddy up for another buck :md buy
one of the Four m the ,\ Jorntng's records. "You'll be glad you d1dl"
•• • •• •• • • ••
You have a
TOT r,::;~:;=Ejil
Stapler that
staples etght
10-page reports
or tacks 31 memos
There nrc many ways or tokmg tn the s1ghts of a toretgn country.
f\.ow take founmins, for cxnmplc.
Bub Groen (recently returned
from Spam) found th u he could p:~rtnke of o fountam·~ beauty by
acrual cont.1ct. Th~; No Bull Prize fo1· Acc1dcntnl \loonhght Swtm-
all yours, Bob
to a
Typewriter &
Recorder Co.
bulletin board.
old is the
owner of
this TOT Stapler 1
l_----------- J
This is the
Tot Stapler
f.- . .
who rccetve nn A
or 1:3 grade m English 10 I, 102
or 103 arc outomuucniJy e"cmptcd
from the cxnm:
2} ~tudems who rcccl\·e\J nn A
or Jl grade previous to lall terrn,
1965 and wtsh to beexcmptcdmust
npply lor e.. crnpt10n nt the l:nghsh
o.ffice. BoDmc;- J9:
Are Tickets
Oil ale
.he curtnln:; of Ftr \ere' s 19<>067 theater season rise when the
floodllglns brighten on a must-
llus yeor' :; season haghhghts
smgtng. dan mg. corned), !.enous
drnmn nnd snu~.
ensun tl\ k
NS covet·ing nil ai''C on "l:tl( now.
Fnllo\~ 10
(lncludonL 1000 alnplt'l)
LatQrr 11 " CUB Drtk
Suor1kr only $1.49
No I••CII~t than 1t puo k o( aurn but p~cln
1lh" rundo or a bo11 ol.,all R~flll• o•all~ble
'hN>..,h• ,,. UncmHhllonnlh• ll•lnranl.rd.
Mall., In U S A c;,., 11 at •ny •IQtooncry.
"••••ly, book a~ou•l
Lonp Island Ctty. N Y 11101
i""'" uu no( , ....11 10011~•
•run ''-"'ru••l .. ll, '·" 'I""·"' • pu• JtOO<l
·•uou • 01 lUN ,(w.,. ~Ill ,{q 'II• 1• •~I"
e I OU " l j )ltl .. - . , · ' 'J ~l<.I•IS .LO.L •
AAWII ''"A. ....,. JIIUA. 7: '"t " I'"PP• Ot
'II!"' t Aq I' ..PJAIP 00 OL l S ijJh\SN 't"
Rent to own only s6so per month
All Makes: Sales
- Service
- Rentals
whil e shoppi no ot the down town store
park free ony lot .
sw 5th & Washinrtton
CAJ-61?. ~
111 Wi II am• ltl'
L LO'l 0
AT 6- 4ll6~
The lost doy of school was
pnclced with things to do. SuPplies hnd ID be stored. bulletin
boards hod ID be token down,
me kia:hcn hnd to he left shipshape nnd, m ost lmportont. we
had two pinatas ro brenk. After
candy ond toys hod been co llccteiJ, the c:.hlldren climbed on
the bus, bidding their flnol good1hen I rerurned to the
playground ro plci· up the remains of the PinoUtS nod I remembered what jolme hnd sold,
"When I grow up, I wnnL to be
a teacher.''
Thuse eight weeks
had passed by so quickly.
OTE. . . ,
3) StudentS rna) apply Cor exempuon on Ull! basis of work m
nd llterorure
courses. Tlus appiJcauon is also
handled through the EngllSh dcp:truncnt {8-39).
OP e • am the office of the
registrar would lli:c to remim
nll men th:H the SSS J09-A card
'~h1ch tl1cy have been asked to
ftll our and han1 Ln ro the registrar ts not :tn fl.UtOrTUIUC: reques t
for deferment.
lt mercl) c:onf•nns that ont: Is enrolled ln
Each student must \\rite to hts
draft board himscll rcquesung a
student dclem1enl (11-S closs1fi Cl1tlon).
This should have been
done w1thin 10 days !rom the
beglnmng of rhc school ye r .
U }OU wont to be sure a SSS
109-A card \\tiS processed for
you, you may check the list on
ftle rn the rcg1strar" s office.
T r-~flic
The ASLC rrnff1c: commission
meet et~ch Sunday mght at
b:30 p.m. in me ~tonrelth Room
10 Temple ron College C en t e r.
,\ stgn-up sheet hos been placed
by d1e Templeton tnfonnotfon
desk for those srudent:s who w1sh
ro hnve their cases ht!ard.
'\i~ht St~hool
In order t o
cal revue, ' ' Huw To F'o1l 10 u cecd Th Get 1\ Broadway ~how
\Iter Rcnllv. Rcnlly Trymg. "
5tm:e there were no c lasses
m the ptoorno(\n, I was !rce ID
make h(lme visits.
lhiS wos
one of the mos1 rewttrdlng pnr.w
of the entire prvgrnm. lhc children were dcUghred that you
shouW be vlslung their homes,
which were mOtJcst but generally
very c lean and ncttt.
this. th~ group \'all
srngc ·• end Me :'\o Flnwc1 •"
n wttty \lomcsd, l .,m,'1ly by :-...,r
mon nnrosC'h nnd l nrmll }.lm•rt•
(~o''· I I, ll, I~. 19).
fhcn they
will lie•
\ntnn l hc-km•' •, •' I he
her ry t ' ' ~ hnrd" ( l~cb. 2<1 , 25;
ac~.:ommodatc aU
srudentS, sever.1l of the regular
ndult ntghr school classes are
bemg held on 1\.lcsdn)' nights. The
cln.:>s an creative wriung ts heltl
eo\;h Tuesdny and the lnngungc
CQUrses wtll be offered on both
Juesdn)'S and Thursdays.
\ll other classes wilt be held
on Thursday mghtS ns srhcduled.
L'ru tL-d
!l.:ei hbors
.:ampa1gn. -..oordmnted w1t11 nmpaign for }.tulawmnh, ( lneknmas
nnd \\ nshtngton counues hns ~­
lhc ~.;nmptugn net.'ds to r1use
over S4.000.000 b} the end of
0 tobe.-for 93 ~hnritab ltJscr.­
kcs In the three ~OWl tics. f.'aculty and staf! hove recel\'ed
pledge coru:- fo 1· I Oo7 nnd s ru-
Mar h 3, I) nnd C:ccJ rg~.: Beman!
dcnr:s arc to be mvoh eel for t11e
:>hnw' s sn1d)' of llllx.:rnllsrn, ":\1.•
jtJr Borbnt·n" (\prJ I .!tl, 29; ~~n~
l11e student gruu~ nsstsunc: •n-
12, 13\.
5cosun tl k"Cts \ l'\' t'lng the fnur
prudu tiuns nrc un l:t a lc n t tll{'
fHIIowtng prh;cs: Ll student•••
$2. 50; gene 1 nl student.. SJ.SO:
gcncl'nl ndrn1sslon, ')5.
IIHC I"CS !L-d :u-c Urgt.: I tn
vis 1l the ll r.:nter.
ume tn dte L:G:O.: oppeal.
''o1vc:. the SacknJawenns nod represented by Llndn Bcsnnt. ~he
will ~:unnltnntc the student nmpnlgtl shortly.
\Irs. Jean \\ nrd of rJtc Spet.: h
dr.:pnronent IS the n ung L\.
t.;G:>.. r-cpn:s~nt:ui~c.
c\m qu sLiun:. mny be tllre tt."'d t
cr t
){' rohcr I
Page 6
PILlNEl:.f{ Lc lli
llt"tOOOI 12, 1Q~
\\ 1th n II the romp un<l piety <>I
a 1~1, r1t11, lht c l ns:c; ol '()9
ht.•hl us kongaroo court 1 hur:idn}'
0 t. b, 10 171chl:; Dining 11.111.
rrc.sldt.'d tl\'('1 hy jusu cs <Olin
Tublls, Unstl 1-::usaros .111d <..r, g
End, tilt' coun haulc~d up \Hrlour.
Enanan Entt~rtnin!"'
Robert [:;nmon, LC' plnno lnstru ttlr, will perf'''m nt 2:10
this after n,ton tn ~vnns \udatorlum for Mush !lour.
will PT es~'nt an enrly Oecthovcn
sonnlll. Opus 10 1'\o. 3 111 0
lo~ed to
offences. I he ltst of
crtmes mcludcd: mrtk1flt; 1 nr?.nn
)'ells tn the dorms, rdusan to
frosli hcnmcs, \\lesthn
'' tthout the propca .ttt lrc. hu:; thng
upper , l.tssmcn bo) nnd man)
others too au ociou:::. to nwnt 1011
-..;tt ...L.ii!::.f::;,;:&...:."..:..t•
A ONE- MAN EXHIBITION or Ken Shoro!i' recent work will open Oct .
13 at the Cont empo rary Craft s Association at 3934 S. W. Corbett
Avenue. Shores will exhibit oo campus later this year.
The scmc-nl <'S \\ere dJUottl)
~ophomorc P.1ul \\'mo..:hcStt'l' wa s on.lcrl.od to do n pep
veil het·uu:;c• of ha:; lack of school
111rtt. f ti!Shman ,\like ~hnruton,
tor Ius t'c( to \\CIH htS bt•.tnle,
wns forcl'd n' wcn1 n rll•hctn nncl
dr cr.:;.
\I so, (~ar;, l un1
I u< u • 1-:ulnnt Mnhikon and l>c.',.tct
Sundt•t land
student s chnq•t.'<.l "uh cornm utant•
, nmcs ng.un t sumcrlung-oa Other•.
l"hcf>(' ju~tlt (;S \\ lth I he
.ud of tht ir " gt>stnl1('•" then ga\'e
cuch dcJcndnm a tn1r If 101 nnd
found him gui lty. ~ntCIIC'c \\U:i
Ullpo cd r~nd Cd< h C1 amtn.11 w.1s
atont fur ht c\ it dce<Js.
All m tll, ntoout o!O frc:.hrnt n
and sophomores \\ca c com 1 ted t•r
Major· nnd Prokofiev' s Sonntn
1\o. 3 1n one rnovcmcn L I lc
will nlso comment un his pre-
c nmnn
al:>t~ piny:;
\'tO lin
n member of tho..' Portlnnd
symph,•O)'. lie wns gr·ndunlt.'d
from Lc.!WIS and l'lnrk 10 I ~~8.
nttendcd Ynlc for tJu·cc years,
and hns remrnl'd to hts nlmu
mntcr ns nn IOSII"\Il 101 nfrcr·
ICOl hmg (lor .some mnc on rht•
Lnst Const.
New Philo ophy Prompt Civ Coni' e Alteration
Not only has
the hiStory of
Western c tvtllzatlon changed ov~r
the years, but the hlStor)' of the
c tv
and Clark
has ltkewtse changed.
Thts year. for the ltrst ume,
the college ts cngagt.'<l tn on cxperuncntal project wuh the civ
In the PJlSl. studentS
haw been requlred to J"CCO rrom
a specific textbook and small
fragments of literary clnss1cs.
But this year, n fonnoJ tc."<tboo~
as such has been all but eliminated nnd ts beJng used only fot·
supplementary readings.
Dr. ~osratollah Rassekh,chairman ol the program at Lt.;. said
he felt thnt the Western c1v
course Is one of the more important aspects of the undt.:rgraduace' s education.
Contrnry smncwh:ll to 1~ rttle.
the thsmry ()( \\'cstl'rn ( 1Vtll7.n uon deals hnlc with ncn1al lustorll nl events, wludt nrc ust.>d
nnly ns bncl\ground m:uer1nl to
the lntcllc~tunl . nrusut .1nd rehgtous ns~ t<>.
Another course. opnrt from the
regular ctv program. 1::0 fur those
studems vho find It 1mposslble
to he 1n the ret•ulnr ogendn bcCOUlW of .S hedultng COI\lliC'lS and
c1dacr reasons.
1l1is " capsule
program" deals w1th even more
or1gtnal documents In adtJititll'l ro
the ones studied l.ty !he orht•r
'llns pn.tgr:un is 111srructed b)' Hnssekh and [lro(.
Cnpper .Johnson.
lonnat nnd oppn>ach, Dr. Hassekh cxpln1m..'<J, are different tn
tJ1ls scpnrntc phnse, but tt IS
.,Strip' Chaplai1z To Visit LC
The Rev. Mr. Rick M: wson,
sehng and su1ctde prevention, and
Llntted Chun:h of Umst, but ha~
work in Las Vegas recel\·es lntcrdenommnllonal support
In ndclltton to Ius counseltng
mtmsrry, his
urrent projects
mcludc the estnbltshmcnt of an
ts at present conducong a unaquc
lnt.erdcnomanauonnl colfce house
Chapel J"isitor
mmrs try a mung shllW people, n
rnp1d morr1oge counseling chntC',
n divorce rehnblllUHfon progr:un
nnd tJtc dcvelopm~·nt of n .suictde
chaplain of the Las Vegns Strip.
wlll be tn the coffee shop at
3:00 p.m. tomo rr'OW. Oct. 13.
Rev. Mawson speclo! In coun-
The chape. speaker ooday .vllt
be tht- Rev. Dr. Wtlltam C.
Sha~. of the Rose Crty Park
Presbyterian Church and 1m
mediate past moderator of !he
Oregon Synod. Dr. Shane w11J
speak on recent developments
l.n the relationship berwe-en
Lewis and C l ark College and
the UnHed Pres b y t e r 1 an
All students and faculty ore
UlVJted w !he chapel scrv1cc.
wh1ch Is held at 10 a..m. each
Wednesday In Evans Audltortwn. 'The new order of worShip IS designed to offer more
paroc1patfon by the congregat1on 1n the servace.
ministry :unong the gamblers, entertainers and resort cmployt.-es
along the glamorous four-mlle
Las Vegas Strip.
tn rJte
prevcnuon cenwr.
All who arc llllercsted tn taU
Wllh or JUSt ltsrcntng to Mr
Mnwson nrc tnvll'Cd to stofl b)•
tlrc o..oftcc shop.
If nnyom• de
stres furdter 111lonna11on concent
1ng Mr. Mawson' s l.' lslt, he Is
BSI cd ro check ru tJw \:hnpl:un's
of!lcc tn t>nlotlrtl' Mnnor.
11le Ct\" srnff lcds ''ptlmJsn,
about dtc new system.
voung on [he matter o f c hnngm• year showc.'d a " c:onsldcl'nble
Ola)Orlty" 11'1 fOVOI Ol UIC ('hM~C,
Rn.ssckh explnrned. II,• went on
ro say that "u Is better to have
n few doc uments and cxsmtne
tltem thoroughly, "
rather tltnn
merely :studying nbout mnny or
tglna Is.
lnt: e 11 rs the I'll"·"
c lnss wh1d1 Is betng
to Ute new pr'Ogrnm.
:-oc~h t.•mphnslut.l thnt
\s conduo..:t.1r, Bellum hopes to
butld a stronger rcpt.llauon for
the orchestra. It Is soli o ~.;lass
where lcnrntng IS a mntn cmrhru;ls, but It " should have UIC
status or a publicly pt-rfonnmg
w1d1 profcsstonol
scnndnrds," he sa1d.
1\ repertoire of master works from nil
periods, Inc ludtng conrcmporory.
ls planned for the yenr.
A J\lu Phi hpstlnn l om:crl
scht'I.IUll,J hurnt~com 111g WC<'Kcrtd.
tl.hiStr. "ill lw~tn ~undu) 23 .u
p.m. In hv.tnS.
I here 1S no n lnu~s•on ch:t
Dr. Rns~:onstruc­
rtve Stlt~c.:suons would always be
In ~ddJt lnn ttl the orehcstrn,
Bellum conducts t.hc I ( Collegt•Communlty Symphony nnd m·C:\Jples first chntr In the newly
crenrcd I cwts and Clnrl\ Strtng
QunriA.~t, the only such rcstdent
group tn tltc Northwest. He gtves
prtvnte lessons for vtohn nnd
vlol:1 nnd reaches othl!r subjects,
Uellum <::ll1lc here from ~ac­
romcnto, wheN he wos concert
mnstf'!r and assistant conductor
of the Sacramento Symphony, conductor or the Northern Callfornlo Junior Symphony and mustcnl
dlrecror of !he Sacramento I lght
Opera Assn.
He was born nnd
cducnte<.t 1n New York, was grnd-
untc..'d from jutlliard School of
Music and has played under a
Wide variety of conduc rors f rom
StoJcuwsky to Monmvont.
l)flC>nS lblc
c ,ltll: h
951 gt•nc
tnt ll
I nst
nd whh
~(I Ill cs II)
by tJ
men howlers lnt<.t ~!>ted
'CJWCScnt lng 1 < an tntcr-col.
l cglmc compNitlon Is n~~ t'd to con. 'lh"""''"· ng
t.tct J\h. J oc lluston, nthlcuc dt.
rt.~ror, 11'1 the Uurnt-out gym lir.~f.~~lntC , bu
phone cx1ensJun 239.
the b
1.rcn~mJC del
IICllJ" . s
h R>
is wi cked'
is sm ashing'
is fun!
Sot .,
TUl'S. ,
is sh ocking'
Mon., <..
Tues., (
MAS. f
School :
cepts be
6 times
whloh I
think t1
more t
for the
I can re,
have g<
thi s cou
to comp
better : •
rate, ro
Arthur Leonard's
World's F'.ne t
Pipes d. Tobacco
6th d. Washington - Downtovm
llo yd Center
Paid for by Republican Central CommltterJ
• • • • • ••
. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .
~ootll~nrl !
1ng, 01
wcll:ome fr(lm tht> sntdC>ntS. lltc
course, hi.! pomrc..'d l'Ut, would
nlwnys nc..-t-~ unprovc~nt, nnd
the tmprovcmcnt comes from t11e•
s ntdents themsdves.
Call: 228-6651 or visit
1109 S. VI. Woshinaton
Down town
l) nlvcr~
Bellum Invite Student
To Orche tra Try-outs
Paul Bellum, nt.•w mnn on the
orchestral podium nr I ew1s Md
Clark, Invites nil mtcrl'Stcd and
to .. string
~!lung" wldt the oJXhcstrn from
7:30 ro 9 on 1\lcsdny ntghrs tn
Eva~'l .
<'\ot only or c rnuslctans
ne~ed tn the string chotr, but
also drcrc ore vn<'oncles m some
woodwmd secttons.
<.: ntcn cd to diJ a gcmnnc
I hc:;e allll many
P< II titles WCI C born \\I til RS m
dlgn tt) US \\ IJ!: flOSS Ihie hy
unf ortunnk luw h1 t•akcl :,,
: Help the Republican Party
Win in Oregon
•• Republican headquarters has a iob for you
bns I\: ally tlll'
Get lhts card when
you open your conventenl low cost Spectal
Chock1ng Account
the easy way to handle
money Get postage patd Bank By-Ma1l envelopes. too A nothe r act1on ser v1ce for college
student" from the bank fo r aclton,
3:lll '\\.Sf:\ Ill ,\ V f ~U I · A I S'l ARK
P( >R I I ;\ N I>
IfLN~tl~i,tUR l£CHNISGt1Pf
and gre1
speed ;
help me
wi sh I h
RITA Ivery be
lege sh<
what his
lcrnhca· 12, 1966
lctobcr 12.
r1 10NU l R I OG
oneers Sla.te Puget Sound Clash;
Vnllerdog Loggers Eye Upset Bid
nnt.l muny oth
l)nlvcrslly of
Pugct Sound
Jrn \\ ith .a:. '"""'
pusslhlc hy
ootbnll forNm' nrt:> on the upcnkt.•r,;-.
~•v lt·ta , nnd the mnn mus 1 rcl!.";lpo11151Uic ro,· tJus lmprovcmcm
s ( tJOl h f\nh Ryan.
Hynn, n
95 1 gt ~dune,. <lf IJPS. w In hfs
;Hon { om c rr
'IIJC'l"nd yt•or of conchtng nr hts
om tng wcc· ...craa. '" -''·-
from lll!it ycnr's sqund, only
four o! wlwm ore suuaot·:..
Logg(.• r:; nrc o ynung team, bu 1
by no means n grl't!n one.
t lf(cnslve lmpmvcment Is utc
gonl o! Hyan nnd his asststnnt
co:t. hcs, who arc hopeful daat
experience and mnrurlly viii
boost dte 1966 l.oggcrs to n successful Se11son.
AI Ncclc~ nnd Jim (Big D) Dl::itefnno ore tl1c two inh!rtor linemen to watch dus scnson. Neeley
Is n 18·1~pound center nnd middle
~~nt who:n Conc:h Rynn c:nlls,
"pound - for-powll.l, the toughest
football player artlund. " Neeley
nll-lcnguc defensive
choice last year. Is n rwo-ume allleague defensive tncklc. ,\ trim
221-poundcr. hi.! Is lJCtng watch<.'<!
by sever· a! profcsslonnl scouts.
l11u outs t:mdtng member of the
1966 Loggers Is split end Joe
Peyton. a I lttlc All~Amerl c on
candtdotc. A r\.'marknhlc tluccsport nthlct~ . he has corned
eight letters In his tJaree year-s
at UPS.
An Injury lost ycnr
prevented him from .Yinnlng his
5und a> 23 •ll
1 nst
ycnr., he tnhcntcd n
qund which hnd lost ctght s trmght
llli SS IOfl C h.t
to <:•mc lud.: the 1961 scnHynn chusc ru rely on unlnssmcn tn his first yonr,
by the end {lf d1e c ompolgn.
5 anrcrestcd
hnd dcvc:-loJX"d mro n hantIn uncr-col.
nung, ogl!a csslv.: unit. llac 1965
, as us ked to con.
on, tuhlcuc d • oggcrs fnllcd ro win n sanglc
;~nme , but they lied three nnd
rnt-out gym
thclr flnol <On lcSt, 13-12,
the lnst manutc of piny. By
scnson's end, l'ugct ~ound
the best defc!nslVe record In
l· vc rgn•cn Conference, nnd
rrum ed
five men 1)11 thl' allddcnslvc tenm.
Spirit nnd dedlc otlon were vital
ortor.; llHll contributed to llrc
c:tm' :. sul t css lost year, and
Hynn expects ll1ese in
rcdlcnts to provide the basts
or Im provement 111 this yenr's
,.., ri"'"" lion.
uv .. n hos
20 lette rrn·~n bock
Classes Begin:
Day, 9-12 a.m.
Sot., Oct. 15 -Tues.,
Oc t. 18- Thur ., Oct . 20
Mon., Oct. 17 Wed., Oct. 19
TUf'S, , Oct. 18 Thurs., Oct. 20
Comments of some
Reading D y n a m i c s
Mon., Oct. 17 - Wed., Oct. 19
Tuc$., Oct. 18 - Thurs., Oct . 20
teacher-counselor at Benson High
Schoo l : "The course proved most
enlightening, helping me to focus
attention on Ideas and whole concepts better than I could before. "
JERRY NAOAE : "Now I can read
6 times faster than when I started,
whloh I guass Is pretty good. I
thin~\ th<rt the course has been
benetlciJ I to me.
I have read
more thi s summer than I have
for the last two years . Now that
I oan road faster, reading Is more
SUSAN BARNES: "I feel that I
have qalncd a great deal from
this course. I hav<> learned how
to comprehend what I read much
better .' '
JAY ROB INSON: "At this faster
rate, reading Is more enjoyable.''
" Very good
JULIA STOLL : "Very valuable
and great runl"
JERRY MORSE : "The Increased
speed and comprehension will
help me qrcatly In school . I only
wish I had heard about the olass
soonor ."
"This Is a
very beneficial course.
student who plans tn attend co lloge should take It, no m.1tter
what his roadlnq speod Is. "
A linebacker musr be quick to
cover the pass play, nnd must
be strong to stop d)(: running
play. That Is why Gory Thomp.son was chosen the most vnlunblc plnyer on a de.!ense unit
for Lnsc wed.
lhc senior rwo-year lettcnnnn
from Rc!ynolds Is o key Cocror·
In the st:Jnrtncss of the Pioneer
four gnmcs
this season.
Illompson play~ o more than
usually flne game at the roving
llncbncker spot ognlnst Whlttnon
and earns dlls Issue's player of
the wee} setcx:uon.
F<Jilian'I - - - - - - - - - - J
more srudcncs In Scottie tho.n ot
I C we should see ot Ieos 1 live
tc!nms rel)rcsentcCJ d11s
• •
Wttll football season In mtdstl'idc there ore olNays o few
of us' ' progressives '' wtrh thoughts
ahouL bll!ikctimiL 'Iltc Chrco Salle
,\tJtlenc Oepnranent onnouncetl the
pairings fur the ChiCo lnvltnuonol
Bosketbnll Toumnmcnt, December
28-30. In the opening round Lewts
& Clnrk will tDl-.c on Southwest
Missouri Sutte College, (whoever
thcy_are). Other schools lnvolved
nrc Centra l Wnshlngtun. Wll lamette, Whltuer. Sacramento
Stlltc, ltumboJdt StAte, Pnsodcno
College nnd host Chh;o SL LC
won thts toumnmcnt In 1963, an J
Central Wnshrngton wlll play the
rol e de1cndtmz chamo.
• •• •••
Best comment (In the \\ orld
Senes to date wos mode by
untdcnuflctl LC fnn con<:emtng the
opening gnme:
" Drysdale will
etlher go the diSUlncc or be lllken
out early.
depending on hiS "
Back in the Pack
Adjust rote and technique to sui t the
purpose for reodi ng, and importance,
s tyle and difficulty of the material •
\djusting rate to material and purpose
Mrs. Evelyn Wood tound to be one characteristic ot a naturally raptd render
(1500 wpm ot· more). She stud ted 50 such
readers ~u1d learned that they also used
the following techniques:
1. Read down the page in a zig-zng
pattern rather than across each line.
2. Head large groups of words instead
of a word or phrase at a time.
3. Understood ideas by only seemg
\\ ords; that is . read without subvocalizmg.
Our course develops these skills. Because ~lrs. Wood found machines too slO\\
and inilexible, we use none . Rather, we
teach you to use your head as a pacer.
A class meets once per \\-eek for eight
It lasts three hours . Between
classes , we require that you practice one
hour each day. It you attend all classes
and practice as directed, we guaJ.·antee in
writing - t o triple your reading
DAVE FI X of the Pioneers leads two Unlver lt y of Portland r~
Into the final mile of the OSU meet. Bill Falrwell, lmmedlatetv behind Fix, galloped up to finish ninth. Fix finished 1 5th~and
Mike McCabe, shown trailing, Onlshod 17th.
Don Fogon
Greg McDougall
Chris Ne lson
Vicki Barno
Ron Jenson
Lesl ie Kennedy
Wally Whitcomb
Dort Anderson
Eva Jaqua
Mark Brocke I sberg
Mi ke McKennett
Lorry Cord
Mike Shannon
Annette C r igler
'In the Dining Room of PSC's New
Dormitory at 1912 S. W. 6th Ave.'
8 p.m.
Oct. 12
8 p.m.
Oct. 13
A Presid~ntlal Oubclte will be hcsld tomorrow In t~ Cooncll
Chambers at 6~30 p.m.
Come and h r your candldate1
Voteo Friday In front of the Post Office from 10:00
a.m . to 4:00 p. m.
Pre scriptions·
Oregon Pioneer Building
320 S. W. ~t .uk ~'t .-
__,, ......... .......
Vice President:
The game will be phlycd nt
f3okcr Stndaum In Tacoma this
Sntuntoy nlrcmoon. Kle k-off time
IS 2 p.m.
1 . - - - - - - - - - h Y jnck
t,QQd newt. from the nll1lcuc
dcporm,cnt. 1\ c ordtng to tntrnmurnl hcod I ld(1n Ftx all cC!11ns
.,.Ill bt• rn:~dc rownnls n( tlvnung
o flng-tootbnll senson thts yc.'lr.
•'S rno:H know there wns on cxtr~mc
Inc~ or f aclllttcs. molnly In k: of
nvollahle gross. which ,·nuscd the
c nn~;cllnUon of lmrnmua nl ~omnc­
th ton In 1965. Wlth the addition
o( the upper prnctlc:c Clcld. flog~
!oorbnll wtll again nppcnr on the
l .c. seen•".
An orgonrzadonol mccttng, much
tlclnyed by the fir~. of nil those
Interested In f1eldl11g o team wlll
be held this tlftemoon at 3:30 In
l\.1 r. Fix's office 1n the gymnnslum.
It Is hoped dint enough cntllusfnsrn
will be shown ro jusury n league.
1ltosc who will field n rerun,
which c nn come from nny orgnnlzatlon-prcfcra.bly Of mBSCUllne
desl cnr, should file thclr Intent
no lntt'r than forldoy With Mr. Fix.
just as a Sldl! note, the UnJv.
of Wnshlngtun's Intramural dcpnrttncnt boostS 2·1 leagues or .J
reruns each Cor flag-Cootbnlll
Rcnllzmg rhat there are o Cew
Read Effectively!
Evening 7-10 p.m.
king I
,\s o freshmnn. he was
T vc~rccn Conference ftrsr teAm,
hoth tm oCfensc and defense. In
his suphornurc ycnr. he wns flr~t
tcnm ,\JI-ConsL, N,\IA Ot•·rrl c t
"I lnemnn of the Year. " nnd h<mot nhle rncnuon l. lrtle t\11-Amcr-
Pov.c 7
£lllABO OF EOUCA T 10'11
Revlon Faberge,
Dorothy Gray Cosmetics
\lsn H tllmnrk Gteetiug C q·d::; &
St.ttioncr.f and H.tllmnrh unusu 11 &
contemJhW,\l') c u·ds
8 5 1u
,\ ,
TL ~H\1 l uto
f1 • "'
Page s
llctubc:>r 12, 1
l nr,•-hc:ucn LewiS nntt t lar~
clunr to It:; $hare of thl
01 thwcst l 1n!ercn~ c lc.nd b\ • M mg
thrt... qutck sccon:l-lUllt tom~h­
downs on runs b)' 1om lJO) lt•
en rome to dropptng the Andgcn;
ol P<t iftc, .!i'-0, on tht•ir homl'
f1cld l aM ~aturda) nl\'ht.
1 he ' actoiJ "as tltc £ umccrs'
SC\ ond m t\\O league gnrncs, then
thu-d m four sunts th1s season,
aD.'i keep.:. the Pnlnunc umt m n
hrst-placc tic "lth 1 mflcld, a
50-tl ,•Jc:wr of College of ld aho,
Jind \\ Ulamcue, \\ho
\\ hmnnn, S0-0.
Bo~ le subhing for the
lnJ urcJ Ed { hcll, ~roun:1 out 21 1
}llnJ S on 33 c:1rr.1cs. The 5-10,
186-pound sophomore d1d not h 1\C
o rouchd0\\11 to
crcd11 t.-clorc
the gnme anJ had cnrrlt.'d tlu
ball onl) I() umcs prior to ktd-
1 he first quarrcr,,n S<:ot>,
wuh onl) I t mounung a ::.unom.
dr1vc, btu the lramc Lhd not ltH k
any ra:r.uc-dan.k. fhc Pioneer•
lined up 1or 11 held g03l ilttcmm
and rcscnc qunrtt rbnd Blll l:.\lcr roo~ the snap nod l'ollcd to
1 1ght.
tittle Pacifi
onl) to lt.'l\ic his p.lSS
patted do'n"
1 ht• I
sllllt. len 1hc tml~ S1 orlng 111 the
first hnll.
l ,k t• \\ olfc r.t<'t.,l -17
\\ ,h h nn lnlCI\:l'{'tt.>d )')()SS
f01 0 tOUt hdt.IWil, but th~ ~110\'\>} ..
s aon 11 y \\0:> "Jdc. 1 he Bndgcr s
tltrc ..ltennJ lntc ln the ~and qumtcr, btll safct} \\ tt)'ll~ Roumagoux
(WOte<:t<-'l the hm lc1d h) pkktng off n Pac1Hc nc1 tal.
In the opcmng minute!' of the
thu-d quarter, the Ll ground game
An tllcr.ul pt occdure pcnalt) nullifted a t\\0..) m:l • ore h) Bo)lc,
hUt Sw) c.•rs ~\cpt a 1ght end [or
} .u'd "·
( ln the nc t pia),
Uoyle doH• O\cr l<lr the • ore.
lJon \ kCI bOOt«:'J lite rlOant al lei'
nnd lhc Pllln<.-cz·t; led, 13-0
l C\\ 1!. md lind. n ldcd nnuthcz
:-a>. poun bclurc the tlttrd quarter \hiS O\ cr ns fullba ~ .I ca r}
I c;...)'nt'l.l romp set up
Bo) Jc' ~ S(!{ ood s ore on a 12-
Sideline Sports Shtick
by Dick Parker
If you are one "ho dunks thnt
lndepth scouting reports and umc
consummg preparauons for football games are ovcrstressc..>d, you
dtd :not wlmess the r.ecent Lewis
1 he l'lon~;l!l" h.trra,·r lou~ tlu•lt'
:>t..'Ct1n t 'ufl In~ ol thl· 'hh SCII5un
puy dirt 11p th~
I· :u I) In till' 11 mne,
..,, oil C:tlrnnn J!ntht't!..'Cl up 1 h•OI'<'
hull an;.J II t••t
h) let tuo~ t'', 1 tht h• lrn. I yin
15 (>Otnt:;.
~In 11 h
led tJac ( IJ o ngl'
111 l11c lour. c re<'or'l.l ltt c 1k an)'
llmt of 20:07.5, as ht. c<"llp!>co..l
Ul}rnplnn c: 111 I mdgren' s mar k
llf l!l: 15.
1 rOC}
rO !>cd I he line
" >d U)() } trtl!» ilhend ol t('urnmo.~tl 1 c rry !;m tt.h.
0} let • tlu. nl'M fuut
pl.ttc" \\COl tO (Jrnngc 1\euh 1\lunnn, l· 11 I lkl, hc1·, I ~.:\\ llnhhn
1 I c Plon(_'Crl' h.t I n l.lcc IN he
edge In the slatl llclll
1 lc of
tlw t nntc,!;t. I l l,xJ 111 tlw firM
do\\n dep rtmcnt, Is-h, .md in
tOlD I y.:u'd ll~c. J4Q.. I(1J, uvcr 1\aOilt. t\\\( ':. lc.:adln~ pct't cntal!,c
~1p Sw)c:l '· 1 <Hlll lt!d
011 nnl) three or Ollll p.ts ('S Ct r
'iS ) ur\1 , <1nd Lhc llood H 1~cr
:<t.mdout fumhlC\1 "' lt:<c w1J1 Ie u)mg tn lo{ ttc 1 t t..'\ ('I\ c 1 a:< B,adgcr llllemun lllllllfl<'l hi Jnu.
ll:;cn wu:. on thC' 1Cl el\•tn~·
end ot 1\\0 pa!-.:;c~. 1nd 'Pill nJ
J .tl ~ I kud ltppc.t ht. !.C!I!•On tot,ll to .!0 'llh a sm • I( r lt; t p11ou
s, I ul-,m t.
I cl'l')
( lin
\\ 1llanwllc m tl•e th
t nl-on nt
1 1:00
fhc vl:>ltot ~ .1rc led
Dn\i \: I ott 1 and u
group ol ( 1" lunt"n. P1 onc~.: r
~I <'Ill h
not bccu 1n
lr ap~.: to ,,In the
tWO meet:., b II DlU) hf'
for \\ lll:UIIl tit. Ill: h a 1he
rent ml to be number one.:
on tht youn • Paolll.'t.r .
--. '·
C<"und fan1 her scntor DllH S lull m)'
1n :.!"th an 22:40, .and uur thu·d
Ololll \VIIS .IOQl lJCI' frc~hman, \!ttl J\
~lundcl, an 29th plncc.
The next tlu c.'C Plonccz lln'"llcr~ \\ere < nl ~umne•, 'lll.trtcrrn alcr \ern Iones
md I C!-.
Lonr,dcn In 4 3rd, lith .md S01h
plm ~·~. rc:;pcnlully. !\lake 13o~t r·
\11.1:. the ln ~t Ptunccr· to 1ann-.h
and ( l.trk';,
rrF•v. stuart
help :
agt five fo
lnms Co1
mg the f
in Irs " It
grnm at
tnkc on
mccl or
~.lll ll'd I),
tollo\H~I h)' [)u I. I trlt h
m~t t .lpn Knapp.
9S, l'nttluud Sl ltc 111 Q(l,
Ht•••~-----1 rud .and I· tc ld < luh \\ irh
nnd goud olu I outs .111d <
\\ llh I ~h.
C'UIItd-J!hH C I II"(
since Oscar Robertson.
The l':ew York Kmc:ks offered Bradley n SJOO,OOO fustycar con
tract for his serv1ces. Uut Orndlcy hod otlaer tdea• nnd now as domv
time on o Rhodes Scholarshtp ID Oxford. lie w1ll probably never ~) 1 8)'
professional bnsi·etbniL When he speaks of the fururc, he speaks o f
low ruuS p.>lltlcs.
But now there IS another Bill Bradley tn warm the heart of l:he yuuns
nnd tht' old. He ploys football for Dorrell Royal' s Texns Longhorns.
He' s n sophomore qunrll!r:bac~: w1th the nnn and tJ1e moves of o toy
Frnn iarkenton. He oomes as highly ratL"d as n bnscball glove autographed by WUile Mays.
Jn o recent scnmmoge, a I exas hnebach; r desc rlbt.>d n ploy with
Bradley carrying lhe plgsksn: "tic rullcd nu 1 nnd n wns jus 1 him and
me. 1hen it .vas just fum. " For the next three yt•nt~ of college foot
ball, It will be just htm.
Nobody ls safe anymore.
llus winter the mnJor lc:.gue tenms w11l
conduct trades nnd mnny b1g nornc suus arr! l~lnp, mentioned lor a
change of Wlifonns.
ll•e rumcws hav<' hcgun un suclt stDJS ns r\1
Vnhnc. Roger Marls, Cnrl Ynstre:anslo, f·ranl I toward. I• rme Unnl:s,
Eddie fl.lnLhews, Pew Ward, Ho ky Colnviw nnd j1m 0 ' Tooh•.
F001t3AI l PREDIC11CJI" FflH UC" lfiBI R 15 AND 16
In d~e East: Syrn use over Boston College, l"ovy or Pltl.Sburgh. In
the South:
1 ermesscc over Alnb:unn. Arl·ousos over 1..:xas, I...SI
over Kentucky. In the M id ves1: Air f'on:c over Oregon, Purdue over
Michigan, l'iocre On.rne over North C:nrullna, Mlchrgon Smte over
Oh1o Stnte.
In the \\ esc UCLA over Penn Sl.!llc , USC" Qver Stnnford, Washington over Cnltlomlu, Wlllnmenc over Pac1ftc, l ew•s
nnd Clark over Puget Sound.
UPSE1 OF 1JIE WEl ~=: ldoho over
Oregon Suuc.
1\c n St ,
and Clark-\\ luonan game. It was
evidenr that the Ptonecr defense
was expccung Wluunan to pur tl1e
baH m the air. whenever dwy were
on the attnclc.
1lte pass coverage lor tltllt
game was excellent and the rush
put on Creshmnn qunrtcrbad: Dnn
thort,ughly ef
f ee rive.
Paners(m completed only I 5 "f
Out standing A~ainst VIkings
~~r 11115 WI.! 1-:'S. (,1 ~ I l l:\ll STAN1
-18 passes, was dropped for a
I· r<.'d W Jl:Pn
loss close ID rcn ames, nnd the I C sc..-condnT)' tnrerccptcd hvc posses.
Fuutllnll Con h
Often, P:merson had thrown tl1e ball bclore hts recel\·er.s had ran
• COI"Fl Hl"N< I·
• <--;ur:.s r·s PIC!\ •
their pnuerns, but u wns not lhe !rcshmnn's an.'<tcty rhac wa~ ro U IPl GE1 'OUI'D
I CWIS ~md ( Jnrk
tits premarure passing wns tlac rcsuh or rJac trem.·ndous C of IIPAC. LUTIII IM!'\
l of ldnho
I-I 12
pressure applied by the LC fronr wall.
'1.7 6
It ls one dung to compile an nccur.ntc scouung rcporr. and another
ID execute your game plan. AgmnSltJac \\olin Wolin tcnrn. the Proneers
• COl LliCI. •
did both.
Conch \\'flson and tus sulff hod tJ1e M1sston::mes scouted 1EXASI AR" \:'\'S,
i\ d :on:>:.t!i
21 19
per1ectly and the LC defense executed the gnmc plan f(l tJac last detail.
7 3
After the game, Coach \Hlson had prat:;c for ncrlnl nrusr Panerst~n. OHBGO~/ AIH FCJRCI·
Atr Force
19 13
But It tnkes three u.ems to put togcdacr a good passmg attack. 11tey OSUIIUAIIO
38 1·1
are g •od ['C('etvers, a stalwart offensive line, nnd n fine quartcrbad.. ST,\:-;FOHlJilJSl
It is a shame that \\'human has only one of dw three.
:'1.'01 HL DM11 /N. (A HOI INA
l':olrc Dome
21 13
Acctdentnlly omitted from lost week' s lssut• was the l.(lg's rtayer
of the wee!. lJe{enslve tackle Jim Grocty canted t11e hono1 11ic dtree• PI<OPESSIIJNi\1 •
yenr lcttermnn from Portland was oulStnndmg lnt.hc 14 7 wtn \lVcr PSC. C nrdlnnlsiC"owboys
A&"K>.IlfER BRAOLI'Y, Al':t>llfEI~ SUI'EittvlJ\N
lhrce yean> ago, Prmcctnn c nge St.'lr Htll Hrodley was dlC houest
ht'm on or off the basketball courL On ir, he wns dae ru·.st ream AllAmerican Cor three Stralglu years, n maa·k that c an only lc equalled. I E.\\IS & CI..AHK
The pro scour:s Lapped lum ns dte finest plnycr ro <.:orne •JUt of colleg!: Pt GE'l S< ll Nl.>
he took Sin l1 in 1 he 57-m..ltlcct.
Alter th( 111 nnr,c anJ the t:or~
VHJJI:, Jtuok s, \\ itlt 7S JIUIOI S, c
tht: I 'mvca 3 11.)' ol Pot tl.tnd
l'lte ftr~t Ptunt: r to ltnl:-h ''-I
(rc:;hmnll {) J\e I I in 15th. (),1\'l',
\\hO .also luu~h<..'\1 111 1 foa I ( an
1he \\ IHUnun mh 1 "·'~ tlrm:d 111
The ttr,ht I < dctcm.c k \,:pt thl'
Bmlgcr-. m I hen O\\ n tcrruor)
Roth team s 1~<1\ t .altcrnoon ontest tha s :-.ntunla). P auf h htlst:.
Willumcttc In lc 1~\le ~nme .1n0
l.C\\ls and < lurk cr,l\cls to Puj!et
pea f<X
I ru. )
most of the n1~hc. l he ;,ccond 11)
duo of \\oll c .and Hourn a~ou (ombmed " 11 h r lw pin) ol 11 l'!-.hlll 111
lmellncJ.;cr !lenni:.\\ uh er t o pC'.arhend the dclcnsc.
und t ltd. lmtslwd l.tbt.
I hi.! C)rnnt:t. o1 Ot cgon Sroh.:
l'i\H!pt tile f11 "' ' ;,a counttn • pia\ l'~.
C\ en tltougl Nor·m t I} lcr of 1hc
l'urtJnn.l T 1 1\ k <. luh ~nuc ~ In \\ 1111
a thu·d ns n non-s nrc1·, 10 (ore
l.ttcruhnA Hl lhl)le, \\h< :;c·aml'«'n.>d the t crnolntn • 1.1 ) .ani. 101
tht scot c ot the mght. \l'~cr
split the uprtJ!ht:; for anothct point
nnd Lc•• 1~ ,,r.J t Jnrk h.ti.l nnlkxt
dO\\ 11 thL'
(. orvnlhs Sutun.IR),
lht ho:;t IC.lTII I 1fl IW.I} With ,1
li"-tt•tun mt•tH 111 \\llldt I , wis
<"ailed tm I l ·~ lnl ,ad .u~l louucr
pl.ty, hootkl~lf1 • to h1l' left md
begun p1d 1ng apart the Bnlig.:-1·
dc!cn c lor 1 l"'gc Silins.
k") pin) "ns quanc1·hn k !" 1p
\\Y 1
rolling out an.J puclun~
back to Bo} lc 1rmhng the pin).
uamp Harriers, -100
----- - Pio11e rs 0 Top lX YEAR
un fot
'"ns rcspon-
Rev. ::i
eRgo, ha:
Kansas ar
he hegan
cisco Co~
" .A nil
curd thai
the pt..>opl
rhe per:.
arc the
ers or
• 1 11·-URhAI\ER •
ders and
elect and Clrclt• your choice as rhc wtnner o f ench gome.
Wrtrc down your esumauon nt the score 10 the oppropn:ue column.
F1gurc tJac scores by quarrers il f the tte-llrl!aker game. To1ol the
quarter-scores 1n tht• " f inal '' column.
To "''In the SS jacl.p.,t , you must prt..>dlct lhl' wtnner f the 10 games.
In case of n lie. rhe person coming closesc to prcdacung the u t•breaker will be lhc winner. H there ts n-o wmner this week, the
$5 wt:l be added to next wccl 's jnc•'J'H.
Cllfl and rum In 10 the Pos1 >fttce () r the Pioneer Log nfftce by
no lnrer thnn five o ' clocl.: Fr ldny of thls week. Be sure lO l")nnt
your nome and phone number In thC' upper rlght-hnncl comet.
ONE entry per conrcs1ant.
resident U
embers, In
Mte propc
erune meell
A ncy. pol
am d u ·ect
1 promi se honest work,
itemized b ill s, fai r pr ices''
~\ /1
tcr Staff is
arge Robe
em nHntr s ,
atlons Cor
enlor men
Srudcnt Ul
Mtss Rolx
tr ector wol
nd d lrec1 cc
-~cc tftc tas ~
p rng- pon
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