Blackberry | CURVE 8900 - VERSION 5.0 | spec sheet - Orange BlackBerry Curve 8900 phones

The BlackBerry Curve 8900
Size (LXWXD)
Weight (battery included)
Expandable Memory
Battery Life
Voice Input/Output
Media Player
USB Port
109mm x 60 mm x 13.5 mm
256 MB Flash memory
Hot swappable microSDTM
1400 mAhr removable/rechargeable cryptographic lithium cell
Talk Time: 5.5 hours
Standby Time: 14.5 days
Wi-Fi® 802.11 b/g enabled
Built-in GPS with extended ephemeris, which supports Sat Nav
from Orange
High resolution, 480x360 pixel colour display, Transmissive TFT LCD;
supports over 65,000 colours
3.2 MP camera (JPEG encoding), Flash, zoom, video recording, image
35 key backlit QWERTY keyboard
Integrated speaker and microphone, hands-free headset capable,
Bluetooth® headset capable, integrated hands-free speakerphone
32 polyphonic – MIDI, SP-MDI, MP3, WAV
Video format support: DivX 4, DivX 5/6 partially supported, XviD
partially supported, MPEG4 Part 2 Simple Profile, H.263, WMV3
Audio format support: .3gp, MP3, MIDI, AMR-NB, Professional AAC/
AAC+/eAAC+, WMA9 (.wma/.asf), WMA9 PRO / WMA10
Bluetooth v2.0; Stereo headset, hands-free, and Serial
Port Profile supported. Bluetooth Stereo Audio (A2DP/AVCRP)
3.5mm stereo headset capable
Enables charging and high-speed data synchronisation via USB “A” to
micro-USB “B” cable
Power Adapter
Network Support
Desktop Software
Smartphone Security
+5V DC / 500 mA AC power adapter, with interchangeable,
location-specific plugs
Quad-Band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz GSM®/GPRS and EDGE
Synchronises calendar, address book, tasks and memos between your
smartphone and desktop. Loads new applications and upgrades from
your PC to the BlackBerry® smartphone
Password protection, keyboard lock and sleep mode
Email Integration
Organiser Integration
Supports multiple email accounts including:
ISP email (such as POP3, IMAP4 – SSL supported), Microsoft®
Outlook® Web Access, Microsoft® Exchange, IBM® Lotus® Domino®,
Novell® GroupWise®
When used with BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, the BlackBerry®
Curve™ 8900 smartphone supports wireless synchronisation
with: IBM Lotus Notes®, Microsoft Outlook, Novell GroupWise.
When used with BlackBerry® Desktop Manager, the BlackBerry
Curve 8900 smartphone supports desktop synchronisation with:
ACT!® 4.0.2/2000/6.0; ASCII Text File Importer/Exporter; Novell
GroupWise 5.5/6.0; Lotus Notes 4.5/4.6/5.0/6.0/6.5; Lotus
Organiser® 5.0/6.0; Microsoft Outlook 97/98/2000/2002/2003
(XP); Microsoft Outlook Express; Microsoft® Schedule +7.5;
Microsoft Schedule + Default; Netscape®.
Sleek. Thin. Light. It fits in your hand, like it fits in your life.
Full-featured Phone
Advanced phone features
Voice Dialing, smart dialing, conference calling, mute button, built-in speakerphone, enhanced background noise cancellation, speed dial, call forwarding and voicemail attachment playback,
click-to-call integrated dialing. The tools you need to make calls—and life—easier. Have the features of a professional desktop phone with you when you’re between appointments or running late.1
Email and Text Messaging
Set-up wizard for easy email setup
Get started quickly and easily. There’s no complicated set-up process to get your BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900 smartphone running. You’re just a few clicks away from the freedom of BlackBerry push email.
Push-delivery technology
Messages sent to your personal or corporate accounts can be delivered automatically to your BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone and you’re notified when they arrive.2 Stay on top of things even
when you’re en route to a meeting, attending a networking event or a weekend away.
Enhanced web mail
Enjoy the convenience of virtual automatic, push delivery and mailbox synchronisation with the most popular Internet-based email accounts on your BlackBerry smartphone.2 Whether you prefer
AOL® Mail, Gmail®, Windows Live™ or Yahoo!® Mail, enjoy on-the-go access to your supported web mail.3
View attachments
Open attachments even when you’re out-and-about. Whether it’s a picture of your new car or an important document from a client, you can open most popular document and graphic attachments
on the spot.4 That includes JPEG, Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft® PowerPoint files.
Edit Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
and PowerPoint Files
Whether you’re on-the-go or just away from your computer, now you can take advantage of the flexibility of working on Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint files from just about
anywhere.6 Just download attachments and start typing. You’ll enjoy many of the same features you do on your computer—copy and paste, font size and colour, even bullets and numbering and more.
The stunning LCD display makes working on the go an invaluable option.
Text, picture and instant messaging
Keep in better touch with your contacts who like to use text1, picture2 and instant2 messaging. Send off a last-minute change of plans or an image that says it all—without saying a word.
Camera and Video Recording
3.2-MP camera, image stabilisation,
auto flash, auto focus, 2x digital zoom
It’s hard to predict when those special moments will occur. But with the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone, you’ve got a quality digital camera right by your side. Take the shot then share it with your
friends, family and contacts in an email or picture message (MMS) or upload it to an online web album like Flickr™.2 Or capture the action as it happens. Record video clips for sharing or just enjoy
watching them on your BlackBerry smartphone’s high resolution display.7
Built-in GPS capabilities
When there isn’t time to second guess where you’re going, use the GPS capabilities of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone with Sat Nav from Orange to access text-based turn-by-turn directions
and route maps to your destination.2,8,9
Sat Nav from Orange
Sat Nav from Orange can help save you time and cut stress with step-by-step directions. Use the built-in GPS capabilities of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone to help you find nearby stores,
venues and offices.8 Or use it to pinpoint your current location or track your route to your target destination.2,9
Built-in Wi-Fi capabilities
Use a Wi-Fi network to check your email, shop online, stream videos and music or even make phone calls.23 Wireless home networks and public hotspots can give you access to all of your BlackBerry
services. Setting up Wi-Fi networks on the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone is easy and switching back and forth from your Orange service can be seamless.
Media player
Whether you want to watch a video clip or tune out the rest of the world by listening to your favourite songs, your BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone delivers visual and sound quality that keeps up
with your needs.10 It’s also designed to help you build playlists from your songs to suit your mood and your personal tastes.
Expandable memory capability
Keep larger files right by your side. The BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone accepts microSD cards of various sizes, so you can have more room for your music, photos and videos with you at all
BlackBerry® Media Sync
Sync your desktop iTunes® music files with your BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry Media Sync makes getting more from your music quick and easy!12, 13, 14, 15
Roxio® Media Manager
The BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone comes with powerful software for your desktop computer that is designed to make it easier to organise, access, play or view your media files.
Data Transfer
Move and share files
Using wireless technology you can move files from your BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone to your Bluetooth® enabled desktop computer and back again without ever connecting a wire.
Or, connect it to your computer using a high-speed USB cable (provided).
Integrated address book, calendar,
memo pad and task list
Email, message and place phone calls directly from one centralised address book. Stay on top of your day – virtually wherever it takes you.
Free/Busy Lookup
Save time and meet deadlines by organising meetings even when you’re on the go. View your colleagues’ calendars to see who’s available at what time right from your BlackBerry smartphone.5
Desktop Personal Information
Management (PIM) synchronisation
via USB
Stay up-to-date, without entering information twice. Just connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your desktop computer to synchronise your calendar, address book, tasks, memos and more.16
HTML browsing
Whether it’s for work or for fun, get the information you need online.2 The BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone supports a responsive, dynamic browsing experience. It’s so convenient you’ll wonder
how you ever got by without it.17
Mobile Streaming
Connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot or network so you can access videos, music or even sports and news clips from web sites built for mobile streaming.18
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds
You can set up RSS feeds so your news comes to you hot off the press. With RSS, you don’t need to check important websites for updates, new content can be pushed to you automatically.2 It’s the
convenient way to stay up-to-speed.
Fun ‘n Stuff
BlackBerry® Authentic Accessories
Use BlackBerry® Authentic Accessories to match your BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone to your lifestyle. For more information visit
BlackBerry Services
BlackBerry Service
When you take the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone from its box, it’s ready to impress. With activation, you’ve got the freedom to browse the Internet, make a call or chat with an instant messaging
contact, from just about anywhere.1, 2, 17, 20
Business ready
The BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone is ideal for businesses of all sizes. For small to medium-sized businesses Hosted BlackBerry® Enterprise Service and BlackBerry® Professional Software are
designed to offer affordable, easy-to-set-up solution options.
For large organisations, BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution is designed to provide advanced security features, hands-on control and enterprise-grade functionality, such as single mailbox integration,
wireless email reconciliation, wireless calendar synchronisation, remote address book look-up and more.21 Plus, unlike traditional mobile phones, the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone can be
centrally managed and supported by IT departments. IT policies can enable or disable the camera and expandable memory capability for specific users and at specific times.22
1. Requires activation with voice plan. 2. Requires activation with data plan. 3. Web-based email support varies from carrier to carrier. Contact your provider for more details. 4. For a complete list of supported file formats visit 5. Requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1.5. 6. Microsoft® 2007 files can not be edited on the BlackBerry
Curve 8900 smartphone. 7. Depending on the amount of built-in memory available for use, a third-party microSD card may need to be properly inserted into the BlackBerry smartphone to enable the video recording feature. MicroSD cards may be sold separately. 8. Check with your service provider for supported features and services. 9. Check with your service provider for
supported features and services. 10. For a complete list of supported media file formats visit 11. The BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone accepts microSD cards of various sizes; the amount of storage is determined by card capacity. MicroSD cards may be sold separately. 12. For BlackBerry Media Sync to work your media enabled BlackBerry
smartphone must be connected to your computer via a USB cable. Certain music files may not be supported by the media player, including incompatible file types and files that contain digital rights management technologies. 13.BlackBerry Media Sync is compatible with devices featuring BlackBerry Device software v4.2 or higher. Devices that do not feature built-in mass
storage capabilities (significant amounts of on-board memory) will require a microSD card to be properly inserted. Please visit for a list of devices requiring microSD cards. 14.BlackBerry Media Sync is compatible with 32-bit editions of Windows XP Service Pack 2 which can be used with iTunes version 7.0 or higher AND 32-bit editions
of Windows Vista which can be used with iTunes version 7.2 or higher. Not compatible with Windows 2000 or with MAC OS®. 15. All applicable charges will still apply for the purchase of music from iTunes. 16. In order to complete a successful PIM synchronization you must have BlackBerry® Desktop Software installed on your desktop computer. 17. Some airtime service providers
may not offer Internet browsing functionality with a subscription to BlackBerry® Internet Service. 18. The BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone is designed to access 3GPP RTSP mobile streaming websites. When the streaming functionality is accessed via the WAP Browser, significant, additional charges may apply. Depending on your carrier, streaming may only be accessible
via Wi-Fi. Check with your service provider for supported features and services. 19. Use only those accessories approved by Research In Motion. Using any accessories not approved by Research In Motion (RIM) for use with your BlackBerry smartphone may invalidate any approval or warranty applicable to your BlackBerry smartphone and may be dangerous. 20. Purchase of a
BlackBerry smartphone does not necessarily guarantee subscription to BlackBerry Internet Service. Check with service provider for details. 21. Integrating corporate email accounts may require BlackBerry Professional Software, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and/or additional support/permissions from your IT administrator. 22. Requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server. 23. The
BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g. Placing calls over Wi-Fi requires a GAN/UMA network. Not all BlackBerry plans support Wi-Fi access to BlackBerry services. Check with your service provider for supported services and features.The BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone is designed to access 3GPP RTSP mobile streaming websites. When the
streaming functionality is accessed via the WAP Browser, significant, additional charges may apply.
Check with your service provider for roaming arrangements, service plans and supported features and services. Certain features outlined in this document may require a BlackBerry Enterprise Server software v4.1.5, BlackBerry Desktop Manager and/or BlackBerry device software v4.5.
When you subscribe for, acquire, or use third party products and services with RIM products or services you accept that: 1. It is your sole responsibility to (a) ensure that your airtime service provider will support all of their features; (b) identify and acquire all required intellectual
property and other licenses prior to installation or use and to comply with the terms of such licenses; 2. RIM provides such products and services on an “AS IS” basis with no express or implied conditions, endorsements, guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind,
and assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to them.
©2008 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world.
Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG. Outlook, Windows Live, Microsoft, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows and Windows Vista are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. IBM, Domino, Lotus and Lotus Notes are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. Novell
and GroupWise are trademarks of Novell, Inc. ACT! is a trademark of Sage Software SB, Inc. AOL Mail is a trademark of AOL LLC. Gmail and Google Talk are trademarks of Google Inc. Yahoo! Mail is a trademark of Yahoo! Inc. Flickr is a trademark of Yahoo! Inc. Wi-Fi is a
registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. The iTunes trademark is property of Apple, Inc. iTunes is not endorsed by Research In Motion Limited. Roxio is a trademark of Sonic Solutions.
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