MS 4400
Car Multimedia Systems.
VDO Dayton. The Car Brand.
MS 4400
Navigation Radio with MP3 CD-Player
Intelligent Content on Demand
∑ C-IQ Intelligent Content on Demand
∑ High resolution Display with variable colour illumination
∑ Dual-RDS-Tuner for simultaneous Radio and TMC Reception
∑ Route & Sound
4 x 55 Watt max. Power
∑ Integrated Dynamic Navigation via TMC
Dynamic FM Station List
∑ Active Antenna Supply
∑ 6 Sound Presets
∑ Detachable Flipdown Front
Digital CD MP3/WMA Changer CHM 604 MP3
IR Credit Card Remote Control RC 1104*
IR Steering Wheel Remote Control RCS 4000*
Connection to OEM Steering Wheel Remote Controls
via Adapter Wire
Easy Adaption to Handsfree Kits (e.g.: CIX 3000 Blue)
Requires additional IR Receiver CA 1106 + ACP 1100/01
MS 4400
Navigation Radio with MP3 CD-Player
C-IQ Intelligent Content on Demand
Once C-IQ is activated, you benefit from a wide range of products
including up to date road maps, travel guides and special country
products. Along with wide coverage, road maps come with free traffic
information (TMC) and up to 1.500.000 Points of Interest (POI). The
C-IQ update service automatically sends you the latest road maps free
of charge1. Activation takes just a few minutes anytime, anywhere.
Navigation content can be chosen on a daily or monthly basis with time
based payment.
Two integrated RDS-Tuner (Radio Data System) assure a optimal receiption and radio performance. Your preferred radio program is always
receipted with the best quality by silently switching to the strongest
frequency of your listened radio program. A permanently refreshed
station list displays all currently received FM stations.
With its 4 x 55 Watt MOS-FET amplifier, a 5 channel equalizer and 6 predefinied sound styles the MS 4400 provides a convincing sound quality
which leaves nothing more to desire.
High resolution pictograms, value and distance-to-junction bar as well as
legal speed limits provide a comprehensive optical guidance
performance. With a optimized audible guidance covering turn-now
advices on highways or roundabouts as well as linked advices in cities
allow navigation in a perfect manner even without the need to watch
the optical guidance on the display.
Enhanced Route and Sound with MP3 CD-Player
Dynamic Navigation via TMC
Route and Sound enables you to easily switch between different audio
sources (CD, MP3, Changer) whilst being guided in a perfect manner via
voice and pictogram to your destination. The Track Memory Function
enables you to continue playing the last song. Address entry can be
performed in a pre-loaded street corridor to avoid additional map CD
usage. The large display allows for a comfortable browsing through an
MP3 folder structure whilst displaying 6 folder names at the same time.
A “Playlist” allows playing up to 99 individual songs out of e.g. MP3 CD.
The system is able to process traffic information, which is provided
through an integrated RDS-TMC receiver (Radio Data System – Traffic
Message Channel). This traffic information is evaluated and included in
the route calculation. The delta (travel time, distance) for the current
route is shown and the driver can decide whether he wants to drive the
alternative route or not. It is possible to customize the system's behaviour
for dynamic route planning.
Convincing Sound Quality
MS 4400
C1 C2 C3
06/05, MS 4400, subject to modification
Improved Navigation Performance
General + Power Supply (ISO)
Loudspeakers (ISO)
Preamplifier Out
Steering Wheel Remote Control
Tel.In / IR Receiver
Aerial Plug (ISO)
GPS Antenna
• Digital CD MP3/WMA Changer
CHM 604 MP3
• IR Credit Card Remote Control
RC 1104 2
• IR Steering Wheel Remote
Control RCS 4000 2
• Connection to OEM Steering
Wheel Remote Controls via
Adapter Wire
• Easy Adaption to Handsfree
Kits (e.g.: CIX 3000 Blue)
• MP3 and Audio Player
• CD audio playback during
guidance (Route & Sound)
• Track Memory Function to
continue playing last song
when you are finished with
the map CD
• Playlist with up to 99 tracks
• MP3
- Display of directory name
- Display of file name
- Display of ID3-Tags
- Bitrate: Maximum of
320kbit/sec, constant or
• Max. Power: 4 x 55 Watts
• Soft-Take-in CD insertion
• CD Text
• CD-R/RW compatible
• 5 Channel Equalizer
• 6 Sound Presets
• Dynamic Loudness
• Speed dependent volume
• Dual-RDS-Tuner for
simultaneous Radio and TMC
• Digital RDS/TMC Tuner
• Dynamic FM Station List
• FM with RDS-EON-News-PTY
• MW, LW and SW
Ergonomic and safety
• Fine scale colour adjustment
(red, orange, yellow, green) of
• High Resolution Display
(260 x 100 dot matrix)
• Detachable flipdown front as
theft protection
• Display Dimming via software
• Radio/Navigation split screen
• Pictogram- and voice supported
route guidance
• 9 languages with 20 voices
• Turn-now advices on highways
and roundabouts (circumference greater than 150 m)
• Value and Distance-to-junction
• Integrated Dynamic Navigation
- Manual Detour Planning or
- Dynamic Route Planning
• Route criteria
- Fast Route
- Short Route
- Prefer Main Roads
- Avoid Main Roads
- Avoid Toll Roads
- Avoid Ferry
- Avoid Tunnel
• Calculation of alternative route
• Traffic information via TMC
- Detailed information of the
congestion source
- TMC station list including
automatic mode
- Pay TMC
- Traffic information on route
and sorted on actual position
or on destination
- Detour calculation incl. info
on additional time and length
• Address book for min. 200
entries (categories: Home,
Work, Business, Private)
• Last destinations: 20
• Trip Computer
- Current/Average Top Speed
- Travel Time/Distance
• Programmable Speed
• Legal Speed Limit on current
route section 1
Car Multimedia Systems.
VDO Dayton. The Car Brand.
Activation necessary
• Extensive Destination Input
- Country, city, street junction,
house number
- Postal/ZIP Code
- QXS – Quick Access Street
- Longitude/latitude
- Points of Interest (POI) like
petrol and train stations,
car parks and cinemas
- Travel guides
(e.g. Varta, Michelin)
Technical Data
• RMS Power:
4 x 28 Watts at 10% THD
(DIN 45324) and 14,4 V
• Sensors:
- 12-Channel GPS Receiver
- Gyroscope
- Interface for Digital Speed
Signal (optional)
• Temperature Range:
-20° C ... +65° C
• Power Supply:
- 12 V DC, – at GND
- Voltage Range: 10,5V - 16V
- Current Consumption:
about 1 A - 10 A
(about 0,01 A in off state)
- Active Antenna Supply
• Dimensions (w x h x d): DINHousing, 180 x 51 x 160 mm
• ISO-connector block
• 4 channel preamplifier out
• Telephone In
• OEM steering wheel remote
control adaption via cable
• GPS Antenna (SMB)
Map/country dependent
Requires additional IR Receiver
CA 1106 + ACP 1100/01
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