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Cowon HI-SPEED USB 2.0 FLASH DISK - TYPE 2 User guide
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User Guide
Thanks for purchasing COWON.
We always strive for your complete satisfaction of our product. This manual contains user guide, cautions and other useful
information about your COWON player. Please read this manual thoroughly before using, to take full advantage of features
in your COWON player.
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• COWON is a registered trademark of COWON SYSTEMS, INC.
• This product is intended for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose without the written consent of COWN SYSTEMS,
• Information in this document is copyrighted by COWON SYSTEMS, INC. and no part of this manual may be reproduced or distributed without the
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• The software described in this document including COWON MediaCenter - JetAudio and JetAudio are copyrighted by COWON SYSTEMS, INC.
• COWON MediaCenter - JetAudio and JetAudio may only be used in accordance with the terms of license agreement and cannot be used for any
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• The media conversion feature in COWON MediaCenter - JetAudio and JetAudio may only be used for personal use only. Use of this feature for
any other purposes may be considered a violation of the international copyright law.
• COWON SYSTEMS, INC. complies with the laws and regulations related to records, videos and games. Complying with all other laws and regulations regarding consumer use of such media is the responsibility of the users.
• Information in this manual including contents of product features and specifications is subject to change without notice as updates may be made.
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• Each CD-key is unique and will not be re-issued in case of loss.
• Further information regarding the product can be found on the web:
• Users will be able to find the latest information for other COWON products and download the latest updates for firmware and software.
• Frequently Asked Questions and Answers can be found on the website.
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Safety Tips
1)Introducing iAUDIO U5.
1. iAUDIO U5 at a Glance
2. Package Contents
3. Features and Specifications
4. Identifying the Parts
5. TFT LCD Display
6. Charging iAUDIO U5
7. Windows 98 Driver Setup
8. Connecting to PC and Transferring Files
4)Using Advanced Settings
1. Settings Menu List
2. Menu Screen
3. JetEffect
4. Play Mode
5. Display
6. Timer
7. General
8. Recording
9. FM Radio
10. System
11. Information
2)Using iAUDIO U5
1. Quick Start Guide
2. Basic Controls
5)Additional Information
1. Firmware Upgrade
2. Resetting the Player to Factory Default Settings
3)Using Advanced Features
1.Playing Audio Files
2.Using FM Radio
3.Recording Using Built-In Microphone
Safety Tips
• Do not use this product for any purpose other than described in this document.
• Use caution opening the contents of the package to avoid injuries.
• Do not use earphones while riding a bike, driving a car, walking, or exercising. It may disturb your concentration and lead to an
• Avoid any exposure to extreme moisture. Damage from moisture constitutes user’s negligence and will not be covered by manufacturer’s warranty.
• Disassembling or modifying the device will void any warranty.
• Make sure the USB connection is made correctly to avoid any damage to the device or the PC. Avoid extreme bending or pressuring the connection.
• Avoid any excessive force or impact. If there is an unusual odor such as burning smell or excessive heating during use, stop using
the device immediately and contact us through
• Do not use the player with wet hands as it may cause damage and malfunctions.
• Listening at high volume (over 85dB) for extended period of time is highly discouraged, as it may cause hearing problems.
• Use your player in well-lit places. Watching LCD screen in dark for extended period of time may increase eye strains and may cause
sight problems.
• Avoid using the player at a location where static electricity is frequent
• Before any repair service, you should back up all data from the player. COWON SYSTEMS, INC. shall not be liable for any loss of
data or files during the repair.
• Only use the AC adapter and USB cable provided by COWON SYSTEMS, INC.
• During lightning or thunderstorms, disconnect the player from the PC or AC adapter to avoid a risk of power surge or fire hazard.
• Store the player away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, fire and extreme cold environments. Excessive temperature can damage
the exterior, interior circuits or the display.
• When using the player as a portable storage device, important data should be backed up as frequently possible. COWON SYSTEMS, INC. shall not be responsible for any unexpected data loss.
• Price of the player may fluctuate depending on the market condition, COWON SYSTEMS, INC. shall not compensate for any loss
caused by price fluctuation.
Introducing iAUDIO U5
1. iAUDIO U5 at a Glance
iAUDIO U5 is a unique multimedia player developed and manufactured by COWON SYSTEMS, Inc. It is a portable ultracompact digital audio device that plays audio files such as MP3. iAUDIO U5 also offers FM radio listening/recording, and voice
recording through a built-in microphone.
Highly portable, stylish and super-slim design with a neck strap
iAUDIO U5’s ultra-slim size of 85.2 x 41.1 x 9.6 mm(earphone module excluded) provides portability and convenience.
24 hours of continuous playback with the embedded lithium polymer battery
The ultra power-saving circuit of iAUDIO U5 enables up to 24 hours of continuous playback with a fully charged battery.(Based
on company test results.)
Powerful sound output of 64mW
When used with earphones of 16 ohm impedance, the maximum total sound output can reach up to 64mW for two channels (
32mW +32mW) producing powerful and yet smooth sound qualities
Voice recording
Voice recording is available using the built-in microphone. This feature is particularly convenient for recording meetings or
Listening/recording of FM broadcasts
You can listen to FM radio broadcasts and record them at the same time. You can also save Preset channels for easy selection
of your favorite FM radio stations.
Wide and vivid color TFT LCD display
With 1.8 inch and 65,000 color TFT LCD (Organic Light Emitting Diode), you can conveniently check the operational
status of iAUDIO U5. It also supports multiple languages with display capability for over 40,000 different letters with embedded
international fonts.
Introducing iAUDIO U5
Introducing iAUDIO U5
World’s most powerful sound effects
iAUDIO U5 provides the most unique, powerful and high quality sound, which is recognized worldwide. You can take advantage of the following sound effects to suit your favorite music:
BBE: Sound effects that provide the clearest music.
Mach3Bass: A bass booster that enhances super low-end bass.
MP Enhance: Sound effects that compensate for missing sound segments in MP3s.
3D Surround: Three-dimensional surround sound effect.
2. Package contents
Easily upgradeable firmware
We may occasionally release firmware upgrades to incorporate improvements to the device and suggestions that users provide
to us. You can easily upgrade your iAUDIO U5 with the firmware download feature.
Convenient features for learning language
iAUDIO U5 provides useful features such as section repeat, section search, bookmarks and playback speed controls. These
convenient features are ideal for learning language
Quick Guide,
Install CD(with Serial Number)
USB Cable
AC Adapter (optional)
Timer function
U5 also offers convenience of internal timer function with alarm and timed recording.
Portable storage device
iAUDIO U5 is immediately recognized by a PC as a removable drive as soon as it is connected to a PC through a USB cable.
No software installation is required to use it as a storage device.
COWON MediaCenter - JetAudio software
World famous integrated multimedia playback software, COWON MediaCenter - JetAudio is included in your package.
- Charge product with the USB connection jack and cable.
- The images of the package components are for your reference only and may differ from the actual item.
Introducing iAUDIO U5
3. Features and specification
Supports Microsoft PlaysForSure™, MTP(Media Transfer Protocol)
MP3, WMA, WAV FM Radio/Voice recording
Built-In Flash Memory 2G, 4GB, 8GB
High-Speed USB 2.0 Interface
1.8 inch TFT LCD display with 128x160 resolution and 65K colors.
Long Contiunous Playback Time: Up to 24hours (Based on company test result. Play time may be shortened if TFT LCD is used often.) Multilanguage support
Enhanced music file browser
Play/Pause during Playback, Record/Pause during Recording
Next Track/Previous Track, Fast Forward/Fast Rewind, Infinite Loop
Resume, Fade In, Auto Play feature support
Search Speed, Skip Speed Setting
Digital Volume Control :40 levels
Various EQ and Sound Effects (JetEffect)
- User adjustable 5-band EQ
- Normal, Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Classic, Vocal, User
- BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, 3D Surround, Pan, EQ Filter
Support Clock, Alarm, Scheduled Recording, Sleep Timer, Auto Power -Off
Auto display off feature to save battery power and screen burnout
Easy firmware download and upgrade
Title Display with ID3Tag or File Name
Support M3U
Display Product Info (Firmware version, Total capacity, Total usage)
USB Data Transfer Support for MAC OS (9.X, 10.X) and Linux (v2.2 and higher)
Introducing iAUDIO U5
- Cowon MediaCenter(JetAudio) – Powerful multimedia software with audio/video conversion & strong device management feature.
Supported File
MP3 : MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, ~320kbps, ~48khz, mono/stereo
WMA : ~256kbps, ~48khz, mono/stereo
WAV : ~48khz, 16bit, mono/stereo
2GB / 4GB / 8GB
USB Interface
File Transfer Rate
High Speed USB 2.0
Max 35Mbps (Upload Max 40Mbps)
Power Supply
Built-in Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery(Max. 24 hours of continuous playback based on company test)
Charging Time
About 2 hours (either USB or Adapter)
Power/Hold , PLAY, REC, FF, REW, VOL+, VOL-, MENU
1.8 inch 128x160 dots, 65,000 Color TFT LCD
Output Frequency
95dB (A-Weighted)
16 Ohm earphones : 32mW + 32mW
iAUDIO U5: 85.2 x 41.1 x 9.6 mm (Width x Length x Thickness)
iAUDIO U5: 38g (including lithium polymer battery)
Introducing iAUDIO U5
Introducing iAUDIO U5
4. Identifying the Parts
5. TFT LCD Display
Current Time
Battery Status
Album Title
Artist Name
Song Title
▶▶ (FF)
+ (VOL +)
◀◀ (REW)
Play Mode
Section Repeat
Progress Bar
Total Time
- (VOL -)
Earphone Jack
USB Connection Jack
Play time
Current Track
/ Total Tracks
The battery status icon indicates how much battery is left. The number of segments in the icon decreases
as the battery discharges. For some batteries or rechargeable batteries, the number of segments in the
battery icon may increase or decrease irregularly when the remaining charge is being measured. This
is normal.
When the battery runs out, the battery icon starts to blink. If this happens, the player will automatically
power off after about 30 minutes.
Introducing iAUDIO U5
6. Charging iAUDIO U5
Introducing iAUDIO U5
(b) Using a PC connection
• If your player is being used for the first time or if it has not been charged for a long time, make sure player is charged fully
before using it
• To charge iAUDIO U5, connect the player to a PC using a USB cable or connect to the AC provided adapter only.
(a) Using an AC adapter (sold separately)
i. Connect the AC adapter to an electrical outlet and the USB jack of the player
ii. Once connected, the player will automatically turn on and start charging
iii. Once the player is fully charged, the charge complete screen will appear as shown.
i. Connect the supplied USB cable to the USB jack of the player and directly to your computer. The connection to an external
USB hub is not supported. The player must be directly connected to the PC via a USB cable.
ii. If the connection is made properly, the player will display an image showing charging status.
iii. To check the charging status, run ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ wizard on your PC. Then iAUDIO U5 will display charging
status on its screen.
iv. Slow charging is recommended for notebooks and other devices that use battery power. See section 4.7 on changing the
charging speed of iAUDIO
- Genuine COWON AC adapter is sold separately and works for both 110V and 220V.
- For your safety, use only the adapter supplied by the manufacturer.
Introducing iAUDIO U5
7. Windows 98 Driver Setup
Introducing iAUDIO U5
4.Click “Specify a location” and click “Browse” button.
When using Windows 98 or 98 SE, you need to install hardware driver for the PC to recognize the player.
•Windows 2000 and later versions automatically recognize the player.
■ Installing the driver
1. Connect the player to your PC using the supplied
USB cable
2. “Add New Hardware Wizard” will appear as shown.
Click “Next”.
3. Click “Search for the best driver for your device (Recommended)”, and then click
5.Select “Win98” folder in the installation CD and then click “Next” button. Drivers are also available for download from
6. Once the drivers are recognized, click “Next”.
Introducing iAUDIO U5
Introducing iAUDIO U5
7. Continue to click “Next”
8.Click the “Finish” button to complete the driver installation. The newly
added drive can be seen in Device Manager or Explorer.
8. Connecting to PC and Transferring Files
1.Connect the player to a PC using the supplied USB cable.
2.When connected, the screen will show
the following screen.
3.The iAUDIO drive will appear as
shown and can be accessed like a
disk drive using Windows Explorer
4.Launch Windows File Explorer or JetAudio.
5.You can copy any files including MP 3files to and from “iAUDIO” Drive
6. To disconnect the player from the PC, first make sure that file transfers are complete and then, single-click on
icon on the windows tray.
7.Click on the following pop-up message when
it appears
8.When “Safely Remove Hardware” message appears, and the TFT LCD displays a battery you may disconnect the USB cable.
- The iAUDIO U5 can recognize up to 500 folders and 2000 files.- If iAUDIO drive does not appear in either My Computer or Windows
Explorer, check the connection and settings, and then re-connect (Separate driver installation is required for Windows 98).
- If the USB cable is connected after running ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ wizard from the steps listed above, the player stays in the battery
charging mode. To access its memory, iAUDIO must be disconnected first and reconnected.
- If the device is connected through a USB HUB, the device won’t be charged. The device must be connected directly to a USB port installed
on a PC.
- The ‘safely remove hardware’ icon may not appear in windows 98/98SE. In such case, close JetAudio, then remove USB cable to disconnect.
- If the following message appears, run Safely Remove Hardware after a few minutes.
Using iAUDIO U5
Using iAUDIO U5
1. Quick Start Guide
1. Connect the earphone/neckstrap module to the player
2. Pull Power switch upwards to turn on.
3. After the splash screen and logo is displayed, the standby screen appears. (It may start playback if automatic play is selected
in Settings.)
4. Press the button to play or pause music
5. Pressing the buttons allows selection of previous and next tracks as well as fast forward and rewind the current track.
6. Pull power switch upwards during playback to turn off.
2. Basic Controls
3 Feature modes (Music, FM Radio, and Recorder), Settings mode, and Browser mode are available in iAUDIO U5.
Press [MENU] Once: Music Browser Mode
Press [MENU] Twice: Main Menu
Use UP/DOWN buttons to navigate through music files, and use <<, PLAY, >> buttons to movie in/out of folders in music
browser mode.
To change the values for items in Settings mode, press up or down buttons and selected values are applied immediately. To
cancel a task in mode selection screen or in settings mode and return to the standby screen, press a button.
Music Browser mode
Preset mode
Main Menu mode
Settings mode
Moves to the upper folder
Moves to the left
Exit from settings option
Opens folder
Plays music
Displays Popup menu
Selects popup menu
Selects mode
Chooses an item
Applies changes
Moves to the right
Chooses and opens an item
Opens folder
Moves cursor up
Moves cursor up
Volume Up
Moves cursor up
Increases the value of
selected item
Displays Main Menu
Displays Main Menu
Moves to Default mode
Cancels changes
Moves to Default Mode
Moves cursor down
Moves Cursor Down
Volume Down
Moves cursor down
Lowers the value of selected
- In Music Mode: Music browser mode for file browsing
- In FM Radio Mode: Preset mode for preset setting/searching
Using Advanced Features
1. Playing Audio Files
Using Advanced Features
■ Using Section Repeat
■ Playing Audio
1. After turning on the power, change the player mode to either Music
2. Press the
button to play music files.
3. Press the
button during playback to pause the media files
4. Press the
buttons briefly to play previous or next tracks
5. During the playback, press the
buttons to rewind or fast-forward the current track.
- If Auto play is enabled in the Settings menu, the player starts the playback upon power on.
- If Resume is enabled in the Settings menu, iAUDIO will resume automatically playback from the position where it
was previously turned off.
- If a large number of files are stored in the player, it may take the player longer time to respond
- The player can recognize maximum number of 2000 media files and 500 folders (This limit refers to playable
music and does not include other file types)
Section Repeat allows you to set a specific part of a track to play repeatedly.
1.To enable section repeat feature, press “REC” during playback to set starting point (marked by ‘A<>’ icon in LCD screen).
2. Press “REC” again to set stopping point. (‘A<>B’ icon appears)
3. Press “REC” again to cancel the feature.
- Minimum 1 second is required for section repeat to work.
- Section repeat function will be cancelled if another track is selected.
Using Advanced Features
Using Advanced Features
2. Using FM Radio
■ Listening to FM Radio
1. Turn on the player and then select the FM Radio mode.
2. Press
buttons briefly to change the tuning frequency at 0.1Mhz step
3. Press and hold
buttons scan for the nearest FM radio station with good reception
- If unit turned off while listening, radio resumes upon restart.
- Earphone wire works as an antenna for FM Radio signals and thus improves the quality of reception when straightened.
■ Setting and Using Preset Channels
Setting preset channels to favorite stations avoids manual scanning through all frequencies.
1.After the player is turned on, select the FM Radio mode.
2.Tune to the favorite station and press
button to change to a PRESET list.
3.Press +, - buttons to highlight the desired preset channel and then press and hold
button to open a pop-up
4.Select “Save Current Ch” to add the currently selected frequency to the PRESET list.
5.Listen to the preset channels by selecting “Listen Ch” or delete preset channels by selecting “Delete Ch”
6.In FM Radio tuning mode, pressing
button switches to PRESET scanning mode and “PRESET” appears on
the screen.
button in the PRESET scanning mode returns to FM tuning mode. The “PRESET” will disappear
-If there are no frequencies in Preset mode, the tuning frequency will not change.
-Up to 24 frequencies can be stored in Preset Channels.
■ Recording FM Radio
Using Advanced Features
1. After the player is turned on, select the FM Radio mode.
2. Set the tuning frequency to the desired radio station.
3. Press “REC” button to start recording.
4. Press “REC” button again during a record to stop recording.
Using Advanced Features
3. Recording Using Built-In Microphone
■ Recording with Built-in Microphone
■ Scheduled Recording of FM Radio
1.Turn on the power using the “PLAY” button and switch to the Record mode by pressing
twice and then choosing Record icon.
2.Press “REC” button to start recording via built-in microphone
3. Press and hold
button to start recording with the built-in microphone
During recording, press the
button to pause or resume the recording.
4. Press “REC” button again to stop recording.
5.To play recorded files, press
button and listen on the earphones
1. Set the correct time on iAUDIO. Refer to section 4.6.
2. In the Settings / Timer menu, select the Wakeup Mode and set it to FM Recording
3. In the Settings / Timer menu, select the Wakeup Time and set it to desired time for recording.
4. The player will turn on automatically at the specified time and starts recording the FM Radio signal
- To check recorded files, open Music Browser then move to Folder - RECORD.
- During recording, battery consumption is higher than other playback operation.
- Sound quality and capacity of recordings may vary according to reception quality and recording settings. See the
section 4.8 for further information
- Play recorded files in Music mode to use enhanced playback features such as JetEffect, FF/RW, and etc.
- Recorded files are automatically stored in “RECORD-VOICE” folder in the root directory.
- Recorded files are stored in “VOICE” folder if recorded via built-in microphone.
- To use JetEffect, Fast-forward and rewinding capabilities, the recorded audio files should be played in Music mode.
- If the player was in Record mode before turning the player off, the player will start with the Record mode when turned on again.
- Sound quality and capacity of recordings may vary according to reception quality and recording settings. See the section 4.8 for
further information
Using Advanced Settings
Using Advanced Settings
2. Menu Screen
1. Settings Menu List
FM Radio
Voice Rec.
MP Enhance
3D Surround
Play Speed
Advanced EQ
JetEffect Preset
Play Mode
Play Time
Auto Display Off
Time Setup
Wakeup Time
24Hour Display
Auto Off
Skip length
Scan speed
Auto play
Fade in
Voice bps
FM bps
Mic volume
FM Radio
Auto Scan
Load Default
USB Connection
HDS Information
- Settings menu may change after a firmware upgrade.
- Display language in the Setting menu is described in section 4.5
- Settings menu operation is described in section 2.1- 2.2
In this screen, you can select a Music, FM Radio, Recording or Settings mode.
Wakeup Mode
3. JetEffect
3. JetEffect
1. Equalizer
● Use the preset settings or manually set 5 Band Equalizers(EQ). Preset EQ settings include Normal,
Rock, Metal, Jazz, Classic, Pop, and Vocal. Each preset EQ can be edited to match user’s preference.
2. BBE
● BBE is the sound effect that provides clear music
3. Mach3Bass
● Mach3Bass is the base booster that enhances super low-end bass.
4. MP Enhance
● MP Enhance: Sound effect that compensate for missing sound segments
5. 3D Surround
● 3D Surround provides three dimensional sound effects.
6. Pan
● Pan adjusts the left and right volume balance.
Using Advanced Settings
Using Advanced Settings
7. Play Speed
● Adjusts playback speed.
*not available for music files with sampling rate lower than 44KHz
8. Advanced EQ
● Adjusts EQ values.and select SAVE or LOAD.
9. JetEffect Preset
● To save current JetEffect settings or load the previous settings, press and hold
select SAVE or LOAD.
3. Shuffle
● Within the range specified in Boundary, random playback can be set.
● If enabled, files within the range are randomly played.
5. Display
button to open pop-up window and
- Excessive JetEffect settings may strain sound and generate noise
- For further information regarding JetEffect, refer to BBE MP at our website:
4. Play Mode
1. Boundary
● This function sets the various ranges of files and folders.
● Boundary function is not available for recorded MP3 files.
• All: Plays all tracks in all folders
• Single: Plays only one track.
• Folder: Plays files in the current folder
● If tracks in DPL or Bookmark are played, boundary will automatically be set to the list. When a track in
a general folder is played while tracks in DPL or Bookmark are being played, it automatically changes to
normal boundary settings.
2. Repeat
● Within the range specified in the boundary, repeat playback can be set.
1. Language
● Set the display language to use in iAUDIO U5.
2. Title
● Sets how the player displays file names on the screen.
● Choose ID3 tag to display tag information (artist, title) while playback.
3. Play Time
● Sets how it displays time information of current file.
● Play time shows elapsed playback time and Remaining shows the remaining playback time.
4. Scrollspeed
● Sets the scrolling speed for text displayed on the screen.
● Larger the number, faster the scrolling speed.
5. Auto Display Off
● Sets how long the screen stays on before it turns off.
● If there is no operation for a specified period of time, the screen will automatically turn off.
6. Brightness
● Sets the screen brightness
Using Advanced Settings
6. Timer
1. Time Setup
● Sets the current time
● Sets the correct time setting for alarm and scheduled recording.
2. Wakeup Mode
● Automatically turns on the player at the specified wakeup time.
● Music Alarm plays music and for FM Alarm settings, the last station to be listened to will run in Radio mode.
● For FM recording, it records the last radio frequency from the preset time during the specified time.
3. Wakeup Time
● Sets the time to automatically turn the player on.
● Once sets the alarm for one time use, Daily sets the alarm for daily use.
● Duration is the period of time during which the alarm will stay on.
4. 24Hour Display
● Displays clock in 24h format.
5. Sleep
● Automatically turns off the power after a specified time.
● After the preset time has passed, the player will automatically turn off even if a file is being played at the time.
Using Advanced Settings
7. General
1. Skip Length
● Sets the length of playback time skipped when the
2. Scan Speed
● Sets the speed of Fast Forward/Rewind when the
● The faster the speed, the quicker scanning is possible.
buttons are pressed shortly.
buttons are pressed and held.
3. Resume
● Saves the location of the music file played at the last power off.
● If enabled, when the player is turned on, it automatically plays from the last position where it was turned off.
4. Auto play
● Automatically plays files after the player is turned on.
● When enabled, the track last played will automatically start.
● When Resume is enabled, the player automatically plays from the last position.
5. Fade in
● Gradually increases volume when resuming playback after stop or pause.
● Sets how long it takes to increase the volume.
6. Auto off
● When the player is stopped and no action is taken after a specified time has elapsed, this feature will automatically turn off the player.
● This function does not operate during playback.
Using Advanced Settings
8. Recording
1. Voice bps
● Sets the audio quality of the file recorded with the built-in microphone.
● Files recording through the microphone are set to Mono by default.
● The higher Kbps, the better the recording quality is, but file size also becomes larger.
2. FM bps
● Sets the quality of the file being recorded during FM Radio listening.
● Also sets the quality of scheduled FM recording file.
● The higher Kbps, the better the recording quality is, but file size also becomes larger.
3. Mic Volume
● Adjusts the volume level of audio recorded through the built-in microphone
9. FM Radio
Using Advanced Settings
2. USB Connection
● Available disk modes to choose from: MSC (Mass Storage Class) and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)
3. Format
● Formats internal memory or HDS space. HDS (Hashed Data Structure) stores MS DRM10 related licensing information.
4. HDS Information
● Displays the usage of HDS. Consider Formatting HDS, if insufficient space is available.
11. Information
Version : The current version of Firmware
Total Space : Total memory capacity
Free Space : Currently available memory capacity
1. Stereo
● Select from Stereo and Mono when listening to FM Radio.
● Radio broadcasts that only support Mono will not support the Stereo feature.
2. Auto Scan
● Automatically scans for FM frequency channels and sets to preset channels.
3. Region
● Selects the country in which you are listening to FM radio
10. System
1. Load default setting
● Reconfigure all settings except for language to default.
추가 설명
Additional Information
1. Firmware Upgrade
Additional Information
3. When, initialized, the Language setting screen will appear when the player is turned on.
Firmware is a program embedded in the hardware. By upgrading firmware, features of the product can be enhanced and any
bugs be fixed. Performance and menus may change after a firmware upgrade. Some beta versions of firmware may contain
program bugs that will be fixed in the later versions.
You can find the current firmware version of your player by selecting Settings-Information.
Upon upgrading the firmware, any data stored in the player may be lost, so it is recommended that data be backed up before
upgrading the firmware.
The method of installing firmware may vary with each version. Be sure to check out further information regarding firmware on
2. Resetting the Player to Factory Default Settings
iAUDIO U5’s settings can be deleted and re-initialized to Factory default settings.
Country Selection
- If the player operates improperly, press the “RESET” button at the bottom of the player and then restart the
player. If malfunction continues, please initialize the player to Factory Default setting.
1. After the player is turned on, select the Music mode.
2. If a music file plays, pause at the playback screen and do as shown below.
Press Long
Press Long
Q I am still confused even after reading the manual.
A Our website provides support for users of iAUDIO products with FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and
beginner’s guide for our products. Users are strongly encouraged to check out our website for further information regarding
product usages and software upgrades and patches.
For individual inquiries, please contact us on-line as we will try to help you best we can.
Q I cannot turn on the player.
A Charge the battery fully in case the battery charge has been drained. If the battery is weak it may take a few seconds to power
on. If the player does not respond at all, first disconnect all USB and power cables, and then press the RESET button located at
the bottom of the player. RESET button simply powers off the player and does not affect the player in any other way.
Q Buttons won’t work.
A Check to see if Power Switch is on HOLD position.
Q The player is on but there is no sound.
A Check if the volume is set to 0
Check if the player has any music file stored in its disk. Damaged music files may not play or play improperly. Check the connection of the earphones to the iAUDIO. Loose or blocked connection can cause inadequate contact between earphone jack
and the iAUDIO.
Q Video won’t play.
A iAUDIO U5 does not support video
Q FM Radio does not work.
& iAUDIO does not have a separate antenna. Instead it uses earphone wire to receive FM Radio signals. Stretching the wires
may enhance the reception quality.FM reception quality may vary by location. If reception issue continues after multiple tries
from different locations, please contact our online customer support (
There is too much noise in my recordings.
iAUDIO U5 uses ultra-small embedded microphone, so it may be more susceptible to noise during recordings.
Characters on the display are corrupted.
Reset the language using Settings-Display-Language menu and set display format to File name using Settings-DisplayTitle menu.
If the problem continues, reset the player to its Factory Default setting. Some special fonts may not display perfectly.
Q Computer cannot recognize the player when connected.
When connecting to the PC with a USB cable, please turn the player on before connecting USB cable. If it is still not
A recognized by the PC, press RESET button next to the USB jack on the bottom of the player.
Connection to an external USB Hub may not be stable due to its low power. iAUDIO should be connected directly to a
PC’s USB port.
iAUDIO may require additional driver installation for Windows 98 users. See section 1.7
Q Player is not recognized by COWON MediaCenter - JetAudio and “No iAUDIO found” message appears.
A Check to see if the player is recognized in Windows Explorer when it is properly connected to PC. iAUDIO must be
recognized in the Windows for it to work with COWON MediaCenter - JetAudio.
Additional driver installation is required for Windows 98 and 98 SE users. See section 1.7.
Within COWON MediaCenter - JetAudio, set Settings-Device to match your iAUDIO model.
Q Memory capacity of the player is different or smaller than specified.
The memory capacity indicated by Windows Explorer may be different from that indicated by the memory manufacturer.
A iAUDIO uses some area in the drive for system operation. Therefore, the actual available capacity is somewhat reduced
after excluding system area.
Q iAUDIO does not play properly when memory is full.
For iAUDIO to function properly, it requires at least 5 MB of space for saving settings and other system files.
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