WD2000 User Guide
WD2000 Guide
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Set dial at “Stop” Position (1) when machine is not in use. Whenever you are programming the machine you must set
the dial to this “Stop” position before you select your cycle. This position will also “clear” a program if you need to
interrupt a cycle.
Machine Usage Guide
1) Load unit with similar type laundry e.g. do all towels or do all T-shirts. Mixing heavy items and light items makes it
difficult for machine to balance in spin cycle. The minimum amount you should fill the drum with dry clothes is half way
up the glass door and the maximum is three quarters.
2) Set your Program selector for desired wash or dry cycle. Refer to Owner’s manual for specific information regarding
each cycle. Cycles positioned ( 2)-(10)
3) If you want to wash then automatically dry, you must now select a dry time via Button (A). If you do not want to dry,
then do not press the button.
4) A Spin speed will automatically be selected by the program you are using. You do, however, have the option to
increase, decrease or choose NO SPIN via Button (B)
5) If you would like to use a prewash cycle press Button (C)
6) If you would like to add an extra rinse press Button (E)
7) Once you have made all your selections, press “Start” Button (G) to activate machine.
*NOTE: Once you push the start button, the machine will do a self diagnostic test. During this test, the unit will first
pump out water, then take in a small amount of water into the first compartment of the soap drawer and then pump out
once again. After this process, the machine will fill with the wash water.*
8) Have your soap ready and pour soap in respective soap dispenser compartment
Portable Hook-up Information
Connect the supply hose to the faucet and select your wash water temperature via the faucet controls.
*NOTE: You can only select the initial wash water temperature (cold, hot or warm). The rinse and the dry cycle MUST
use cold water only. It is up to YOU to change the water temperature after the initial wash water fill has completed. If
you are using cold water for the initial fill, you do not have to switch the faucet.*
Just Drying
If you would like to Dry Only you may do so by setting the program dial to “Dry” at Position (11) and then set a time
by pressing Button (A). Once you have made your selection, press “Start” Button (G) to activate dry cycle.*NOTE: Dry
cycle requires cold water supply for entire drying period*
General Information
IMPORTANT: This machine is designed to clean with a very small amount of soap. You should be using
approximately 1 Teaspoon of liquid soap per wash. Over soaping can cause extensive damage to your machine.
After each wash/dry cycle remove any lint or debris from gray grove in door gasket.
DO NOT wash area rugs, floor mats, extra large comforters, dog beds, sneakers, pillows or anything that will possibly
cause damage to your machine.
Once the unit starts washing, the “Add a Garment” Button (D) stays lit for a short period of time. Pressing this button
will unlock the door, allowing you to add a garment.
The last 40 minutes of the dry cycle has a built in cool down period. If you are stopping the dry cycle before the cycle
completes on its own, it is necessary to set the dryer to the 40 minute marker and let the machine run this entire 40 minute
period, in order to properly cool clothing and machine heater.
Anytime the machine is operating the door will be locked, including the dry cycle. If you HAVE to get into machine
you must bring the program dial to “Stop” Position (1) and wait 2 minutes for the lock to release.
*NOTE: If you stop the machine when there is water in the drum, the door will still release and cause a flood. It is not
advisable to interrupt any program unless it is for an emergency.*
Clean lower pump filter every 30 washes. Refer to owner’s manual for more information.
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