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Technical Data Sheet
MH-300 & MH-300L
Single-Sided Headset/Headphone
The MH-300 and MH-300L Series Single-Sided Headsets and Headphones provide
the newest design in headset technology from RTS. Designed with you, the user, in
mind with its rugged, modular design, lightweight construction, installation options,
and its multi-function use beyond the live studio or theater venue. The modular
design allows you to interchange modules to allow for the best headset configuration
for any environment. The noise-canceling microphone, combined with the
headphone transducers, provide clear and precise communication in noisy
environments. Finally this headset is not limited to to live studio or venue
communications. By installing the appropriate module, you can connect to an MP3
player or any other type of audio device and listen to the programming of your
The MH Series Headsets are designed to provide clear communications for
professional applications including live remote or studio broadcasting, film, TV, and
theater intercom communications.
The MH Series Headsets and Headphones are audio level limited and conform to the
EU Council Directive 2003/10/EC. The time-weighted average of noise exposure
levels for a nominal 8-hour working day is not expected to exceed 85dB SPL and a
peak of 137dB SPL.
Replace Microphone or Listen Only Module
Three (3) Headset Frame Options
To replace the microphone or listen only module, do the
The MH Series of headsets gives you three (3) models when selecting
the type of headset perfect for your environment:
Press the module release button located on the bottom of
the ear cup.
The module pops up from the ear cup.
Slide the module out and up taking care to clear the
mounting tab from the mounting tab hole.
To replace the module, align the mounting tab with the
mounting tab hole.
Slide the module into place.
Press down on the module, snapping it into the ear cup.
• Single-Sided Headset without ANR (Active Noise Reduction)
(model MH-300 and MH-300L)
• Dual-Sided Headset without ANR (model MH-302 and
• Dual-Sided Headset with ANR (model MH-402 and
Modular Design
The modular design of the MH Series allows for many options when
configuring the headset for use in your specific environment. The
MH-300 series headset and headphone modules are universal, which
means they are fully interchangeable, providing flexibility in
configuring the headset or headphone to meet your specific needs. The
versatility of the MH Series is obvious when using the music/audio
module. The music/audio module turns the headset into an everyday
headset and allows connection to MP3 players, GPS, and many other
audio applications.
Comfortable Design
The unique design of the MH Series headset is its headband location in
relation to the ear cups, delivering more stability when the headset is
being worn. Additionally, all user contact points, i.e., ear cup cushions,
temple pads, headband cushions, and windscreen are completely
replaceable allowing for sanitary use.
LIT000432000 Rev A
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Configure the Speaker Volume
Speaker Volume is configured using dip switch settings located on the
main board of the headset.
Transducer Type: Dynamic
To configure the speaker volume, do the following:
Sensitivity: 100dB SPL/mW at 1kHz (normal volume setting)
Remove the micrphone module or listen only module.
Using a small flathead screwdriver (or other device), adjust the
speaker volume. See the table below.
Impedance: 150Ω nominal
Frequency Response: 100Hz to 10kHz
Distortion: 10%
Dip Switch Settings
Dip switches are located on the microphone module and the listen-only
module. This feature is not available on the audio input module.
Locate the dip switch window on either the boom mic module or the
listen-only module.
Noise canceling dynamic
Impedance: 200Ω
Sensitivity: 200Hz to 5kHz
Gross Weight
8oz. (226g)
Cord Length
5.9ft. (1.8m)
Only switch position 3 and 4 are used to configure
speaker volume.
For complete information on the use and care of the
MH Series of headsets and headphones, please refer
to the User Guide located on our website:
Dip Switch
Reduced Volume
(-10dB from Normal Volume)
Normal Volume (Default)
LIT000432000 Rev A
© Bosch Security Systems, Inc. 2010 Printed in USA
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