CleanStation | SRS-DT3 | SRS-DT3 Quick start reference

CleanStation SRS-DT3
Jet action cleaning
Quick Start Reference Guide
• Upon receipt of the CleanStation,
inspect the unit for obvious defects
that may have occurred during
shipping. Report any damage to the
carrier and PM Technologies
Four Digit, LED Display
Lit when heater is on
Lit when pump is on
Pump and Heater
enable indicator
Lit when enabled.
• Place the machine on a solid level
surface that will have access to the
valve at the rear of the machine.
• As a normal industry safety practise,
plug machine into a 110VAC ground
fault interrupt outlet.
Not used
• Close drain valve, valve is closed
when handle is perpendicular to the
drain pipe.
• Fill tank to 1 inch from the top with
• Turn on the machine and press the
down arrow key.
• Put 1/2 of a bottle of WaterWorks
Soluble Concetrate into the water,
when the machine is running and the
water is cool.
• Place parts directly into the tank, or
if purchased into the basket which
goes into the tank.
• The default time and temp is 4 hours,
150 degrees.
Set key
Infinity key
Returns to the Home Page.
Press and hold the Infinity Key
for about 2 seconds to enter the
Operations Page, where hours
and minutes can be changed.
Timer Indicator
Colon blinks when
timer is timing
Up and Down keys
On the Home Page, adjusts the set
point while holding Set Key & pressing
up or down arrow keys. Machine must
be running while this is done. The
machine is priset to 150F degrees.
Also used to increase or decrease hours
and minutes in the Operations Page.
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