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Simple. Reliable. Wireless modems
IP 4400 GPRS
BlueTree Wireless Data Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer
of wireless modems and software solutions for commercial and
industrial applications. BlueTree Wireless's modems are designed to
operate on cellular data networks worldwide enabling M2M
applications in the Public Safety, Fleet Management, Field Service,
SCADA and Telemetry markets.
4000 IP Series
The IP 4400 GPRS is a smart, rugged
wireless modem built to provide simple and
reliable communications over the cellular GSM GPRS data network. As part of the 4000 IP Series,
it is designed for fleet management applications
(not requiring and integrated GPS capability),
wireless WAN back-up as well as process control
and automation applications (SCADA).
Multiple Interfaces:
Serial, USB & Ethernet
The RS-232 (DB9) serial interface allows the IP 4400 modem to
connect to any computer using a standard cable. The USB
interface allows for connectivity to a like computing device using
a standard USB adapter cable. Using a standard network adapter
interface the IP 4400 can connect to an Ethernet computing
Product Features
Dual Band: 850/1900 MHz
Dual Mode: GSM & GPRS
Rugged Design Standards
Military (MIL-STD-810F) and Automotive (SAE J1455)
Inputs & Outputs for Remote
Management and Event Reporting
Multiple Interfaces:
Serial, USB & Ethernet
Embedded Microprocessor, Memory and Internet Protocol (IP) Stack
Intelligent Connection Management
BlueVue Management Software
Smart Connection Management
The IP 4400 modem has ‘smart’ programming so that it can initiate its own wireless data
connection to the cellular network and complete the transfer of information. This feature
allows for non-IP serial devices to be attached to the IP 4400, such as utility meters, and
eliminates the need for operator intervention or an attached computer.
Embedded Microprocessor, Memory and Internet
Protocol (IP) Stack
The embedded microprocessor in the IP 4400 supports multiple “serial-over-IP” applications.
Combining the ability to communicate with attached non-intelligent devices, allows the modem
to support more complex applications and specific customer solutions.
Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
Oil / Gas / Water Utility Management
Sensors can be connected to the I/O port of the IP 4400 modem (4
digital inputs, 3 digital outputs and 3 analog inputs). This allows
fleet management and public safety applications to remotely
trigger an output of the modem to turn ON or OFF peripheral
equipment. The modem has the capability to monitor its digital
input sensors for any change in state, and send a report to a
remote server based on an event trigger (such as a panic button or
ignition ON/OFF). The analog inputs allow monitoring of gradient
data sources (such as a temperature sensor and low voltage
indication). The modem has an intuitive embedded Event Reporting
Protocol that automatically formats the messages reported to the
remote server.
Advanced Local Area Networkin
>Full TCP/IP Stack
>Embedded DHCP Server
>Networking Address Translations (NAT)
>Service Level Filtering
>Port Forwarding
Electronic Commerce – POS /ATM
Security & Automation Systems
Canada: BlueTree Wireless Data Inc. 2425 46th Avenue Montréal, Québec H8T 3C9 T : 514 422.9110 F : 514 422.3338
United States: BlueTree Wireless Data Inc. 11921 Freedom Drive, Suite 550 Reston, Virginia 20190 T : 703 397.5197 F : 703.904.4399
e-mail: web:
BlueTree Service and Support
Simple. Reliable. Wireless modems
BlueTree Wireless Data is committed to providing responsive,
accurate and professional support that ensures a positive customer
experience. All of our products are covered under our standard
warranty program and for more comprehensive coverage our extended
warranty plans provide enhanced services and features. Delivering on
our commitment to provide outstanding pre and post sales support,
the dedicated BlueTree Customer Solutions Team works to meet our
promise of our simple, reliable, wireless modems and data solutions.
BlueVue Management Software
By combining the power
of our graphical client
software with the embedded
intelligence inside the
modem’s firmware, the IP 4400
can easily be configured,
monitored and managed using
a local cable connection or a
remote wireless data
Product Specifications for IP 4400
Product Features
Dual Band 850/1900Mhz, GSM (release 99), GPRS (Multislot class 10), PBCCH Support
Frequency Bands
Transmit: PCS1900: 1850 to 1910 MHz, GSM850: 824 to 849 MHz
Receive: PCS1900: 1930 to 1990 MHz, GSM850: 869 to 894 MHz
Host Interface
1x RS-232 Serial (DB9), 1x Ethernet (RJ45), 1x USB 1.0 (Device - Type B )
Data Rates
Supports: 115 Kbps (Class 10)
Typical: 40-50 Kbps
BlueVue Management Software, AT commands, PPP, UDP/TCP Serial-IP
Inputs & Outputs
1x Reset Button, 2x Digital Outputs, 2x Analog Inputs, 4x Digital Inputs
LED Status Indicators
Enclosure & Weight
Extruded Aluminum - 166 x 127 x 56 mm (6.55" x 5.00" x 2.20") - 500g (1.1 lbs)
Antenna Connection
Cellular:TNC Female Connector, 50 ohms
Power Input
7 - 30 Volts DC (12 Volts DC is nominal) <> 4 pin Molex (Positive, Ground & Ignition Sense)
Power Consumption @ 12Vdc
1 Watts (Class 1) @ 1900Mhz (Avg: 214 mA) (Peak: 497 mA)
2 Watts (Class 4) @ 850Mhz (Avg: 225 mA) (Peak: 635 mA)
Idle Mode: 48 mA is typical
Special Features
Embedded IP Stack
Environmental Specifications
Government, Military and Automotive Industry Specifications (MIL-STD-810F, 202G and SAE J1455)
Tests Performed: Extreme Temperature, Humidity, Physical Impact and Vibration
Operating Temperature: -30° to +70° C (-22° to +158° F)
Storage Temperature: -40° to +85° C (-40° to +185° F)
Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Operating System Support
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and CE (Dial up Networking (DUN)
Certifications & Approvals
FCC, Industry Canada and PTCRB
Canada: BlueTree Wireless Data Inc. 2425 46th Avenue Montréal, Québec H8T 3C9 T : 514 422.9110 F : 514 422.3338
United States: BlueTree Wireless Data Inc. 11921 Freedom Drive, Suite 550 Reston, Virginia 20190 T : 703 397.5197 F : 703.904.4399
e-mail: web:
March 2006
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