Quick Start Guide
2.4 GHz Cordless
System E2728B/E1128B
with Caller ID & Call Waiting
Installation and setup
After battery installation, place the cordless handset in the base or charger and allow
to charge for at least 16 hours before use. You can keep the battery charged by returning the cordless handset to the base or charger after each use. When the battery is fully
depleted, a recharge takes about 16 hours. The talk time on a fully charged battery is about
four hours depending on environmental conditions, and the standby time is approximately
five days. Actual battery life will depend on usage conditions, and age of battery.
8/12 10:06
Low battery indicator.
Return cordless handset to
base or charger to recharge
when this symbol flashes.
(When in use the cordless
handset will beep when battery
is low).
Plug the battery pack
connector securely
into the plug inside
the cordless handset
battery compartment,
matching the colorcoded label. Then
place battery pack
into compartment.
Press down on tab to
open the battery door.
Caution: Use only the supplied
rechargeable battery or AT&T replacement battery model 3301 (SKU 91076,
Part Number 80-5071-00-00).
Slide the battery door up
to close.
Place handset in base or
charger to charge for at least
16 hours before first use.
Plug the large power
adapter into an electrical
outlet not controlled by a
wall switch.
Plug the telephone
line cord into telephone jack.
Quick reference guide
Cordless Handset
--1-8/12 10:06
Date Handset number Time
Press to display menu, or to store a
programming option.
During a call, press to transfer a call.
Press to make or answer a call.
During a call, press to receive an incoming
call if Call Waiting is activated.
While in menus, press to scoll down.
When phone is not in use, press to display
call log entries.
While entering names or numbers, press to
delete last character entered.
During a call, press to hang up.
During programming, press to exit
without making changes.
While in menus, press to scoll up.
When phone is not in use, press to display
directory entries.
While entering names, press to advance the
cursor to the next space.
During a call, press to mute microphone.
Press to activate cordless
handset speakerphone.
Press again to resume
normal cordless handset use.
Press to display last number called.
While dialing or entering numbers into
your directory, press to insert a 4-second
dialing pause.
During a call, press to switch to another
channel if the call is noisy or unclear.
Press to delete displayed Caller ID entry.
While phone is not in use, press and hold to
delete all Caller ID entries.
NOTE: For more information, please refer to the user’s manual.
Quick start guide
Telephone Base
Flashes when one of the cordless handsets is in use.
On steady when the cordless handset is properly positioned to
charge in the base.
Flashes during an incoming call’s ringing.
Press to page the cordless handsets. Press again,
press OFF on cordless handset, or place cordless
handset in the base or charger to cancel the page
(see the user’s manual page 13 for details).
Answering System Controls
Press to play or stop playing messages.
ANSWER ON/OFF......Press to turn answering system on or off.
DELETE......................Press to delete a message during playback.
and hold to delete all old messages when idle.
TIME/SET ...................Press to review or set the answering system clock.
SETUP........................Press to review or change an outgoing announcement.
Press again to review or change answering system options.
CHANGE ....................Press to change a setup option.
REC/MEMO ................Press to record a memo.
NOTE: For more information, please refer to the user’s manual.
Choose a locaton for your telephone
Choose a central location close to a telephone jack and a power outlet not connected
to a wall switch. The telephone base can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a
standard wall plate. For optimum range and better reception, place the telephone base
in a high and open location.
Avoid heat sources, such
as radiators, air ducts, and
Avoid noise source such as
a window with heavy
traffic outside
Avoid microwave ovens
Avoid television sets and
other electronic equipment
Avoid other cordless
Choose a central location
Avoid excessive moisture,
extremely low temperatures,
dust, mechanical vibration,
or shock
Avoid personal computers
Avoid placing the telephone base too close to:
• Communication devices such as: personal computers, computer routers, television
sets,VCRs, wireless routers (wireless broadband, wi-fi, or 802.11), other cordless
telephones, etc.
• Excessive heat sources such as radiators, ventilation ducts, and direct sunlight.
• Noise sources such as a window with traffic outside, motors, microwave ovens,
refrigerators, and fluorescent lighting.
• Excessive dust sources such as: a workshop, garage, etc.
• Excessive moisture such as the bathroom, kitchen, sauna, or greenhouse.
• Extremely low temperatures such as the garage.
• Mechanical vibration or shock such as on top of the washing machine or on a work
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