Briggs & Stratton | 10KW | GE / Briggs & Stratton 7kW – 10kW

How to Check the Oil on Your Generator
Important: Check oil every 12 hours of continuous use!
Briggs & Stratton / GE 7kW-10kW
Remove 4 Phillips screws off the sides of the plastic top of generator.
Remove 1 Phillips screw off the tall cover door of the generator.
Open to show controls.
Turn off the breaker (looks like a house breaker), this will cause the lights/loads to shut off but the
generator will continue to run.
5) Count 10 seconds and move the rocker switch from “AUTO” to the “STOP” or “RESET” position.
6) Locate the oil cover, unscrew and check the oil level on the dipstick.
7) If oil is needed - add oil in slow increments (you don’t want to overfill) and fill to “FULL” mark on the
dipstick as needed. > Oil type: 5w30 Synthetic.
8) Replace dipstick and screw in the oil cover.
9) Move the rocker switch from “STOP” or “RESET” back to the “AUTO” position.
10) Wait 10 seconds and turn on the breaker - this will cause the lights/loads to come back on.
11) Close the generator housing and replace the Phillips screws.
3, 4 & 5
Oil cover,
dipstick & oil fill
Tips & Responsibilities
Keep an ear open for the weekly exercise of your generator. If you have not heard the generator run
for a couple weeks, let us know and we will help you determine if there's a problem.
Keep your generator in a clear area. The generator needs air to work properly. Take some time to clear
the snow away from the generator after a winter storm, and clear away any summer overgrowth from
around the intake and exhaust areas of the generator.
Keep the generator easily accessible. If the generator is in a confined space, our service techs might not
be able to service or fix your generator.
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