Digital MP3 Recorder
Whether you're looking for a professional grade digital recorder/player or just
something to record meetings and ideas. Digital Voice Recorders are the
solution for busy people, who want to record notes, favorite radio shows,
meetings and ideas without the fuss and bother of tapes.
Sangean's DAR-101 makes the
best digital recorder / player
because of its combination
of features, sound quality
and price. It has
multiple recording
modes such as the
internal / external
telephone and
microphone capturing stereo
audio sound. It's also packed with
desirable functions such as a built-in 2 higher
sensitivity internal microphone with dual AGC (Automatic Gain
Control), 3 recording Density 64k / 128k / 192k bps, adjustable recording level,
recordable Media; SD Card by MP3, up to 32GB SDHC card compatible, USB
2.0 mass storage device.
To top it off, there's plenty of storage-USB 2.0 Mass Storage Device of
recording time in LP mode, so you can
record your favorite radio program that
you had to miss because you were not
available. Well, the DAR-101 solves
your problems. Set the timer for the
time your program goes on the air and it
will record your program on the SD
The USB jack cannot be connected to the PC host, it can only play the
MP3/WMA music with USB memo sticker. To transfer the MP3 files, please
use SD card and USB jack interface on
the PC to move the recorded files. Other
features include an impressive digital
voice recorder and a built-in clock.
Main Features
Built-in High Fidelity Stereo Microphone with Dual AGC Loop
Telephone / Music / Reminder 3 Individual Mode-in-One
Easy to Read LCD Display with Adjustable Backlight
Timer Record: Standby Record / Timer Play
Recording Density: 64k / 128k / 192k bps
Adjustable Recording Level and Balance
Recordable Media: SD Card by MP3 Format
Telephone Record by Hook On / Off Control
Recording Source Mode: Internal Microphone, External Microphone,
Telephone and Line-in
External Audio Source Recording through Line-in / Audio Sync
External Stereo Microphone Socket Applicable for
Capturing Stereo Audio Sound
Built-in 2 Higher Sensitivity Internal Microphone with Dual AGC Control
File Browsing Management
Convenient Rotary Menu
Voice Activation Recording
Support MP3 and WMA Media with SD Card or USB Interface
USB 2.0 Mass Storage Device
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