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BradySoft 8
Label Design Software
Advanced labeling
made simple.
The one labeling solution
with cost-effective, scalable
options that add money-saving
features and save time.
Whether your organization is
large or small, BradySoft 8
Label Design Software offers
the scalable add-on options
to let you build the system that
works for your organization
and increases your return
on investment.
Look inside for more of
the options you need to meet
all of your organization’s
labeling needs.
BradySoft™ 8 Label Design Software is a powerful labeling
program that helps your organization manage assets and
resources, control distribution channels and stock levels, track
documents, or manage data records – all in one scalable solution.
Design tools for fast label design
No special training required with these intuitive, easy-to-use features:
Define colors and patterns for text and image objects
Create or add Rich Text File (RTF) objects
Organize data from external data sources
Label Design Wizard that’s intuitive and easy to use
Don’t re-type – import for faster, more accurate labels
Easily import information from spreadsheets and data tables
right onto your labels with fewer errors.
Import data from multiple database connections
Database tables can be easily created, modified, or deleted
Custom Query Designer for selective record printing
FREE Database Manager Tool lets you print directly from the database
No-hassle, automated label printing
BradySoft 8 Label Design Software makes label printing faster and easier:
Create and print faster with business-specific print formulas
Streamline the process with control variables for batch printing
Encode complicated labels for trouble-free printing
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The tools you need, where you need them:
Enhance Objects – sharpen text
or create chemical formulas
Easy to Use Tools – manage
security, print, and connect
serial devices
Document Browser – lists every
object for quick access
Drop & Drag – easily select
objects and place into label space
Linear bar code symbologies
and 2D bar coding capability
Data Source – share fields
between labels; use formulas
for standardized labels
OLE DB/ODBC Connectivity – access all database formats
(Access, Oracle, SQL Server); multiple database connections allowed
Create fast labels for safety, tracking, brand identification, and more. Increase safety and ensure code
compliance with rating plates, Arc Flash labels, and other safety labels. With the BradySoft 8 bar coding features, you’ll be able to track
inventory, data, or lab samples. You’ll also be able to create name plates, push button labels, and more for your entire organization.
BradySoft 8 Label Design
Software – A Version
For Every Need
Whether you need a print-only version or
an integrated end-to-end network solution,
there’s a BradySoft 8 software version for
your organization. Get the power to easily
and quickly design and print labels with
text, bar codes and graphic images, fixed
data or from databases.
BradySoft 8 Standard (Part Number BS80STND)
The tools you need to design and print labels including text,
bar codes, graphics, and fixed or variable data, using user-defined or
database-driven information.
BradySoft 8 Network 3 (Part Number BS80N03S)
All the features of BradySoft Standard, but in a networked
configuration. Available in versions for 5 to 50 users.
BradySoft 8 Ultimate (Part Number BS80ULTM)
The most text editing and bar code features, plus incorporated security
features. This is the best choice for advanced database importation and
integration with third-party programs.
BradySoft 8 RunTime (Part Number BS80RUNS)
A print-only version that allows users to quickly and easily print labels,
but not manipulate them.
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Find the version that’s right for your organization.
BradySoft 8 Standard Software – the solution to make labeling faster and more effective:
Standard features include UNICODE, Printer Code Converter, Auto Save, One-Level Password, Hidden Objects, TextArt, and Color Graphic Reduction.
Programmability includes ActiveX Basic and UFO read.
Customizable form management features set input format, minimum input length, and automatic prompt.
Increase your labeling capabilities with these BradySoft 8 Standard add-ons:
Database Manager:
Query a database for selected information, and import data from multiple data sources into
single or multiple labels. FREE with BradySoft 8 Standard Software.
Provides the ability to extract data from peripheral devices like scanners, scales, and
PLC devices, with a step-by-step wizard that makes label design faster and easier.
FREE with BradySoft 8 Standard Software.
Command File Interpreter:
Automate the label printing process and simplify the flow of label information through
your organization. Automatically transfers information generated by other systems
and computers, and prints correct labels. Available for purchase with BradySoft 8 Standard Software.
BradySoft 8 Ultimate – Every feature of BradySoft 8 Ultimate, including the available add-ons, plus:.
RFID label design through a user-friendly interface, with the ability to print
and program Radio Frequency Labels simultaneously.
Listfields, used to spread data in tables to create orders, invoice documents,
ratings, nutrition and pharmaceutical labels, and more.
Linked counters to create serialization schemes for labels that need
to run through a specified legend.
Save Query feature for accessing the label for printing.
SQL mode to edit queries and filters.
BradySoft 8 Network 3 – All the functionality of the BradySoft 8 Ultimate version,
but in a networked configuration for 5 to 50 users. Add BradySoft Sentinel™ S/5
for an integrated, end-to-end solution.
Increase your labeling capabilities with these BradySoft 8 Ultimate Software add-ons:
Form Designer:
Create your own easy-to-use, customized wizards that standardize your labeling operations and make it faster and easier for employees to create clear,
accurate labels. Available for purchase with BradySoft 8 Standard Software.
HTML Form Generator:
Step-by-step wizard guides you through backgrounds and label options to generate a simple, web-based interface where you can access a label,
provide a quantity, and print. This feature helps maintain consistent label formats throughout your organization. FREE with BradySoft 8
Ultimate Software.
Printer Object File Manager:
Print labels to a thermal transfer printer without the BradySoft software, from platforms other than Windows. Expand your printing capabilities for
more efficient and cost-effective labels, and eliminate the need for custom code creation. Available for purchase with BradySoft 8 Ultimate Software.
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BradySoft Sentinel™ S/5 – the integrated
end-to-end solution.
Available for purchase as an add-on to BradySoft 8 .
BradySoft Sentinel S/5 software allows organizations to integrate information from separate technologies and
automate the entire labeling process without costly custom programming. Designed for Enterprise/networked
environments such as laboratory, manufacturing, shipping and receiving, transportation, and other industries.
How BradySoft Sentinel S/5 Works:
Sentinel Features:
Sentinel S/5 is a program that automatically responds to new data
and completes the label-making and printing process according to
parameters you define.
Data Collection Adapter – the end-to-end solution that finds
new data across technologies
Web Service and HTTP support – integrates into remote
locations and existing web applications
Database Adapter with Query Manager – logs and transfers
data to Enterprise databases such as Oracle
and MicroSoft SQL
Allows multiple printers to share print jobs
1. Sentinel software can detect new data from a directory,
a TCP/IP port, a print spool, a web server, a web service,
or a Teklynx IDEAM data collection application.
2. Data can then be automatically placed into a label format
previously designed in BradySoft Label Design Software
and sent for printing.
3. The data can be reported in real-time updates, stored
in a database, or transferred to a web service.
Allows any system to connect to the Sentinel print functions
Works with all BradySoft Network versions
Save time and money with a single, scalable, cross-platform system.
For more information about BradySoft Sentinel S/5, contact Brady or your local distributor.
Server Requirements
Order the software that’s right
for your organization:
Hardware Requirements:
• IBM compatible PC (486 or higher)
• 64 MB RAM for Windows® 2000 or Windows®
XP users (128 MB recommended)
• 256 MB RAM for
(512 MB recommended)
Server 2003 users
• SVGA monitor or better
• Hard Drive with 150 MB free space or greater
BradySoft 8 Standard
Part Number BS80STND
BradySoft 8 Network 3
Part Number BS80N03S
BradySoft 8 Ultimate
Part Number BS80ULTM
BradySoft 8 RunTime
Part Number BS80RUNS
BradySoft Sentinel S/5
Contact Brady
BradySoft Command
File Interpreter
Part Number BS80ACFI
BradySoft Form Designer Part Number BS80AFDS
• CD ROM drive
Operating System and System Files:
• Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows® XP
or Windows® Server 2003
• Microsoft® Data Access Components 2.8
(MDAC) or greater
• Microsoft® .Net Framework 1.1
Application Requirements
• Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater
BradySoft Printer Object
File Manager
Part Number BS80APOF
FREE Brady Services
• Safety and compliance seminars
• Download label templates from
• Brady technical support is always ready to answer
your questions
• Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or greater
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Milwaukee, WI 53223
Brady Canada
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Markham, ON L3R 9X7
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All Rights Reserved.
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We've taken the stress out of setting up your new printer and software… and best of all, it's FREE! With Brady's Stress
FREE System Setup, a member of the Brady Technical Support Team will walk you through the set-up of your software.
Call us today to schedule your
FREE phone appointment at 1-800-643-8766, select Menu Option 4.
To purchase BradySoft 8 Label Design Software, plus labels and printers that
work seamlessly with BradySoft 8 software, visit
Brady's ChemLabel Software Helps Keep
Employees Safe By Ensuring Properly
Labeled Chemicals.
Poorly and inaccurately labeled chemicals
and other dangerous materials represent
potentially serious safety problems.
Brady's new ChemLabelTM Hazardous
Material Labeling Software will make it
easy to create and print labels for
hazardous substances.
This Windows-based software package
offers a complete set of tools to handle
virtually any hazardous material labeling
Compatible with these
Brady Printers and all
Windows Printers.
Part No. 50987
Labelizer® PLUS
Industrial Label Maker
Sign & Label Maker
Industrial Labeling System
Sign & Label Maker
Portable Label Maker
A Safer Environment in Three Easy Steps!
Select a Document Type
Choose a Layout
Select Chemicals and Print
ChemLabel Features Include:
On-screen wizards to guide you through the process
of linking data from a chemical database to a label
layout, ensuring that the chemical labels you need
contain the right information.
The option to use the Genium Companion
Database, containing over 2,000 commonly used
chemicals, or your own chemical database.
A complete stock of pre-designed templates and a
full range of editing/drawing tools, making it easy to
print chemical labels in the exact layout desired.
A connection to Brady industrial printers and
supplies, ensuring accuracy and durability.
An extensive online help system providing detailed
information and instructions.
ChemLabel Hazardous Material Labeling Software is an
extremely useful tool for factories, hospitals,
laboratories, or anywhere chemicals and other
hazardous materials are used and stored.
For more information on this exciting
new product, visit the ChemLabel web
site at
Brady Corporation
PO Box 2131 • 6555 W. Good Hope Rd • Milwaukee WI 53223
1-888-BRADY-GO (272-3946)
USER REQUIREMENTS: Pentium® processor,Windows® 98 with Internet Explorer 5.01,Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 1,Windows NT® 4
with Service Pack 6a,Windows® XP, 64MB of RAM , 175MB of available hard-disk space, 16-bit or greater video card, 800x600 or greater monitor
resolution, CD-ROM drive
MS412432 Part No. 50987 Patent No. 5823689
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Labeling Software
The fastest,
easiest way to
create labels.
LabelMark V3 Labeling Software
is designed specifically for the
needs of telecomm, electrical,
laboratorys and general
industrial companies.
Create safety and code
compliance labels like Short
Circuit Currency Rating
(UL508A) and Arc Flash;
track inventory, data, or
samples; create name plates,
push button labels, and
more – all with one
easy-to-use program.
Quickly create, view, and print with easy editing features
Edit text elements – simple text entry, formatting, and editing
Fast label templates – easily edit often-used label templates
Redesigned toolbars and menus – easy access to all program features
Find and replace – quickly search and replace text in label files
Label preview – lets you see labels before you print for more accuracy
Add barcodes – several common bar code symbologies available
Add date/time – easy insertion of date and/or time fields into the labels
Pre-installed symbols library – features electrical, datacomm, and safety symbols
Edit, view, and import data for multiple labels at once
Serialization wizard – guides users through simple or advanced serialization
Automatic legend repeat – add multiple text elements for quick wire marker creation
Multi-label view – for true WYSIWYG representation of label formats
Data import wizard – simplified data importing for spreadsheets and ASCII text files
using ASCII, ODBC, and OLE DB data links. Import external data on multiple labels
Seamless integration with NetDoc™ Network Documentation and Cable Management
Software – export network asset IDs directly into the LabelMark software for quick,
easy printing, labeling, and network documentation updates and management
Quick printing with Brady printers and label materials
Multi-format – accommodates all Brady stock and custom formats
Versatile printer options – Supports most WINDOWS® printer drivers; is compatible
with Brady’s TLS 2200® Thermal Labeling System, TLS-PC Link™ Thermal Labeling
System, IDXPERT™ Handheld Labeler, Wraptor™ Wire ID Printer Applicator,
300MVP Thermal Transfer Printer, and Tagus™ T300 Thermal Transfer Printer
For more information, to view a free demo,
or to order LabelMark™ V3 labeling Software, go to or call 1-888-272-3946.
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Page 2
Labeling Softwa re
Primary Applications:
Wire and cable marking
Terminal block marking
Control panel and component marking
Rating plate identification
Quality assurance labeling
Voice and data equipment labeling
Asset identification
LabelMark Features:
Simple Fixed Line Entry Mode
Free-form label design
Multi-Label Display
Multi-Label Editing
Auto legend repeat (Wire marker Mode)
Date/Time Stamp
ASCII, ODBC, and OLE DB Import
Text block creation
Bar codes
Graphic Images
Lines and rectangles
Symbol Library
Warehouse bin and shelf labeling
Vial, tube, slide, and well plate labeling
TIA/EIA/ANSI 606A compliant
Conduit and voltage marking
Patch panel identification
110-block marking
Cable tray identification
LabelMark Plus
Versatile, heavy-duty Brady printers that make the most of your software's capabilities.
TLS 2200™ and TLS-PC Link™
Thermal Labeling Systems
Tagus™ T300 Thermal
Transfer Printer
Wraptor™ Wire ID
Printer Applicator
IDXPERT™ Handheld
300MVP Thermal
Transfer Printer
To order LabelMark™ V3 Labeling Software, go to or call 1-888-272-3940.
Catalog Number
1-800-643-8766 –
select menu option 4
Full Version CD-ROM
Upgrade Version CD-ROM
Multiple Copy Site License
System Requirements:
Intel Pentium processor (minimum 66 MHz 486DX2)
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.01
64 MB of RAM (minimum 16 MB)
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
Hard Drive with at least 100 MB of free disk space
CD-ROM Drive
16-bit or greater video display card
800 x 600 or greater monitor resolution
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Brady Canada
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Graphical Procedure
Writing S oftware
For safety
and compliance,
call in the
Get the one tool that helps save
time, money, and lives.
Brady Lockout PRO™ Graphical
Procedure Writing Software helps
you avoid costly OSHA fines and
unnecessary downtime by making it
easy to create and implement an
OSHA (1910.0147)-compliant
hazardous energy control
lockout program.
With easy-to-use design features,
you can create and post clear, easy-
Create clear, easy-to-follow procedures in minutes
• Start immediately with easy-to-use templates and built-in defaults
• Access a database of standard graphics, terms, and information
• Insert images to create clear, machine-specific procedures that identify
the location of control points
• Print to a standard inkjet or laser printer, or to Brady’s GlobalMark™
Industrial Label Maker or HandiMark® Portable Label Maker
• Provide viewing and printing access to users in multiple locations
with the FREE viewer and HTML viewer applications
• Export to CMMS or ERP
Customize procedures for your organization
• Edit any template text or graphics easily and quickly
• Change terminology on standard templates
• Add custom text with point-and-click efficiency
Create, maintain, train, update – with one program
• Use Lockout PRO software’s built-in sample energy control policy
to develop your own comprehensive energy control program
• Create machine-specific lockout procedures for different locations;
ensure that location-specific safety needs are addressed
• Manage and update your procedures with automatic time- and
• Train your employees with online tutorials and built-in video training clips
in Enterprise versions
• Access current OSHA lockout/tagout standard with a few clicks
to-follow, customized procedures,
tags, and energy source labels that
help employees work faster, safer,
and more efficiently.
For more information, to view a free demo, or to order
Lockout PRO Graphical Procedure Writing Software, go to or call 1-888-311-0775.
Graphical Procedure Writing Software
What’s New in Lockout PRO 3.0 software
• Rich text formatting allows users to change font and format
text in the text boxes.
• Administer user groups for multiple policies at multiple locations.
• Check In/Check Out feature prevents multiple editing or overwriting.
• Customize defaults for company-specific procedures and energy sources.
• Create multiple labels and custom text labels to be placed on photos
within the lockout/tagout procedure.
• Improved IT administrator features allow Enterprise Lockout Pro
applications to be moved to a user PC from a central server.
• Easily convert Lockout PRO 2.0 and 2.2 files into the version 3.0 format.
Find the version that’s right for your organization
Lockout PRO 3.0 Desktop
(Part No. LOPDESK1001) Single desktop version.
Lockout PRO 3.0 Enterprise Basic
(Part No. LOPBASIC3001) Three users, single
server license.
Lockout PRO 3.0 Enterprise Corporate
(Part No. LOPCORP2001) Unlimited users, single
server license.
System Requirements
Additional requirements
All versions require:
• Operating System: Microsoft® Windows®
• Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater
• Microsoft® .NET framework 1.1 or greater
• Memory and Monitor Resolution Processor:
1.2 GHz or greater
• Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 or greater
• 512 MB RAM
• 500 MB Disk Space
• Compatible Printers: Brady GlobalMark™
Industrial Label Maker, Brady HandiMark®
Portable Label Maker, Sheet-fed Laser or
Inkjet Printers
Enterprise versions:
• Access to installation of Lockout PRO Enterprise
Server over an intranet
• Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 2000,
Windows® 2003, or Windows® XP Professional
• ISS Support: configured and enabled
• Protocol: TCP/IP
• Server Processor: 1.2 GHz or greater
(2.6 GHz recommended)
• 512 MB RAM (1G recommended)
To order Lockout PRO™ 3.0 Software, go to or call 1-888-311-0775.
The products you need, the durability you expect from Brady
Brady is the world leader in lockout/tagout products and services.
Get the products you can trust to keep your
employees safe and your
business productive.
Lockout/Tagout Devices and Kits
Arc Flash Products
Brady Identification Services
HandiMark® Printer
GlobalMark™ Printer
Brady Worldwide, Inc.
6555 W. Good Hope Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223
Brady Canada
355 Apple Creek Blvd.
Markham, ON L3R 9X7
1-800-643-8766 – select menu option 4
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Software covers
all your safety
and facility
needs in one
powerful package
Use MarkWare™ Facility
identification software on
your PC to quickly design
signs, labels and tags.
MarkWare™ makes it easy to create:
Safety and facility signs
Equipment labels
Pipe markers and valve tags
Warehouse and bar code labels
Accident prevention tags
Chemical warning labels
Badges, asset ID labels, hard hat stickers, DOT shipping labels…
and much more!
From simple labels to complex signs, MarkWare™ does it all.
Powerful features:
Outputs to Brady industrial printing systems, as well as most inkjet
and laser printers
Hundreds of templates cover a wide range of facility ID applications
Freely customize or create your own label designs
Advanced drawing and formatting tools simplify the creation of
intricate designs
Over 1,000 safety symbols and industrial pictograms
Import your own logos, photos and other graphics
15 different bar code symbologies, plus serial numbering
Includes database of 2,000 chemicals for creating RTK warning labels.
Import data from external spreadsheets and databases
User interface can be displayed in 11 different languages
For more information visit
or call 1-888-272-3946.
Preformatted Sign, Label
and Tag Templates
1. Pick a template.
2. Type in the legend.
The MarkWare™ template wizard
walks you through the creation
process step-by-step, making the
program easy enough for anyone to
use without a lot of training.
3. Select a sign header.
4. You are ready to print.
Built-in Graphics Library
Print to most inkjet and laser printers
The MarkWare™ template wizard walks you through the
creation process step-by-step, making the program easy
enough for anyone to use without a lot of training.
MarkWare™ provides a wide array of accessories
that allow you to turn your PC and printer into a sign
and label shop.
Haz Chem
Public Info.
First Aid
Fire Safety
compatible sign,
label and tag media.
Laminators and laminating
supplies. Rigid sign panels.
(Not pictured)
Signal Words
(11 different languages)
Or Print to a Brady Industrial Printing System
Need more durable, professional-quality output? Brady's line of industrial thermal-transfer
printing systems offers the optimum in UV, moisture, chemical and Scratch resistance.
HandiMark® Portable
Labeling System
MiniMark™ Industrial
Label Maker
GlobalMark™ Industrial
Label Maker
For more information visit
or call 1-888-272-3946.
* Includes software CD, user guide, tutorial,
graphics guide and free starter kit of precut
sign, label and tag sheets for use in inkjet/
laser printers.
Part Numbers and Pricing
MarkWare™ Software Kit*
MarkWare™ Software & Laminating Kit**
MarkWare™ System Requirements
■ Windows 95/98/NT/4.0 or 2000
■ 486 DX/33 MHz or better processor
(Pentium recommended)
■ 32 MB Ram minimum (128 MB recommended)
**Includes everything in PIN 20700, plus BLS
850 cold laminator, roll of 8½" wide doublesided laminate 15" roll, tag hole punch and
100 snap-in grommets.
90 MB available hard disk space
256-color, 640 x 480 or better display
CD-ROM drive (for installing software)
© 2006 Brady Worldwide, Inc. All Rights Reserved Printed in USA.
PowerMark® Sign & Label Maker
Brady Worldwide, Inc.
6555 W. Good Hope Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223
Brady Canada
355 Apple Creek Blvd.
Markham, ON L3R 9X7
Fast. Accurate. Amazing!
Need Custom? No Problem
• Signs. Labels. Tags. Pipe Markers.
• Thousands of stock legends.
• High-speed search gives you instant access.
• Ready-to-print format is error-free, hassle-free.
• Just click and print.
• Surf On Signs™ legends can be edited by you.
• Custom legends you create can be saved.
• Follow the step-by-step directions.
• Click and print!
Step-by-Step Simplicity
• All legends ready-to-print in Spanish*
• Also available in bi-lingual format.
¿Habla español? ¡Si! ¡Si!
• Connect your computer with your Brady printer.
• Pop Surf on Signs™ CD into your computer drive.
• Follow the step-by-step directions.
• Just click and print.
Parlez-vous Français? Oui! Oui!
• All legends ready-to-print in French*, too!
• Also available in bi-lingual format.
All in the Format You Need
OSHA and ANSI format signs and tags.
ANSI-ASME pipe makers.
And More—all ready to print!
*Please note that the Surf on Signs™ CD does not feature translation software and will
not translate custom legends; all French and Spanish legends are provided by Brady.
Labelizer® PLUS
Industrial Label Maker
Sign and Label Maker
Industrial Labeling System
Label and Sign Maker
Portable Label Maker
Search the database and print in English, Spanish, French and/or bi-lingual!
Search from thousands of signs, labels, pipe markers
or tags and print what you need directly to your
Brady printer.
Translate any item in the database from English to Spanish, French or even bi-lingual...
in a matter of seconds!
Or, customize a template to fit your exact needs.
• Simply print error-free signs, labels, pipe markers and tags
using Surf on Signs™ database.
• Edit feature allows you to personalize and save the
customized legend and have it available for future use.
• Translate feature allows you to print messages in English,
French, Spanish or bi-lingual formats.
Customize to fit your exact needs and print with ease!
• Download upgrades at to keep your
Surf on Signs™ software up-to-date.
(Translation feature only available on original items in database)
• Order part number 98200.
USER REQUIREMENTS: Pentium Processor; Windows 98 with Internet Explorer 5.01, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1, Windows NT with Service Pack 6a, or Windows XP;
64MB of RAM; 50MB of available hard-disk space; 16-bit or greater video card; 800 x 600 or greater monitor resolution; CD-ROM drive
For more information about this
exciting new product, visit us online
Brady . PO Box 2131 . 6555 W. Good Hope Road . Milwaukee, WI 53223 . 1-888-BRADY-GO (272-9346)
Patent No. 5823689
Download PDF