Crown D-Series Manual

Crown D-Series Manual
The following are a number of operating
precautions given as an aid to understanding
proper and improper amplifier usage.
1. Use care in making connections, selecting
signal sources and controlling the output
level. Crown is not liable for damage done
to loads.
2. Never parallel the output with any other
amplifiers output or | parallel the two channels
of the D-150A Il am plifier. Damage incurred
by such operation is not covered under
3. Never drive a transformer-coupled device or
any other device which appears as a low
frequency short (less than 3 ohms at DC)
without a series sous st Such
peration may damage device and/or
needlessly waste output power,
4, Do not connect the ground lead of the output
cable to the input signal ground as oscilla-
tions may result from forming such a loop.
5. Never connect the output to a power supply,
battery, or power main.
Operate the amplifier from AC mains of not
more than 10% above or below the selected
line voltage and only 50/60Hz AC. Failure to
comply with these frequency limits voids the
Tampering in the circuitry by unqualified
personnel or the making of unauthorized cir-
cuit modifications may seriously degrade the
performance of the amplifier and possibly
invalidate the warranty.
6.5 Controls and Adjustments
The following paragraphs refer to the front and
rear panel diagrams (ration 3- ! and
Illustration 3-2).
6.5.1 Power Switch/Indicator
This button, when depressed, will activate the
D-150A II and also cause the amber LED
indicator to illuminate if proper power
requirements are met.
6.5.2 Input Level Controls
Both Input Level Controls provide control of the
input signal level by channeling the input signal
through 25K ohm audio tapper potentiometer.
6.5.3 10C Indicators
The IOC (Input Output Comparator) indicators
are the two red LED indicators located on the
front panel and help the user identify problems
the unit may experience, such as input signal
overload, improper load impedance, or even an
amplifier based problem. Occasional flashing
with music program peaks is normal, however,
continuous illumination indicates a problem and
should be investigated.
6.5.4 Input Phone Jacks
Input signal hook-up is through conventional
unbalanced 1/4" phone jacks. Refer to the
Instruction Manual for complete information on
connecting input lines to the unit.
6.5.5 Mono/Dual Switch
This rear panel switch determines whether the
unit is to perform as a single (mono) or dual
(stereo) channel amplifier.
6.5.6 Fuse
Fuse replacement should not normally be
necessary uniess AC main voltage conversion is
needed (see Section 7.10) or if the fuse has
blown due to improper AC voltage or the
amplifier develops an internal problem.
D-150A SER
This section contains illustrations and parts lists
that are to be used in conjunction with the
service, repair and adjustment procedures
contained in Section 4 of this manual.
Most of the mechanical and structural type parts
are illustrated and indexed on exploded view
drawings. Electrical and electronic parts on
7.4 Shipment
these illustrations are also identi fied by the
circuit schematic designation next to the
illustration. Both the index number and the
schematic designation are included in the parts
list in separate columns. The schematic
designations correspond to those shown in
schematic diagrams.
Electrical and electronic parts located on
printed circuit boards are illustrated by
schematic symbols on the trace side and by
component shape on the component side.
Schematic designations also appear on these
The quantity of each part used in cach location
is also shown in the parts listing.
7.2 Standard and Special | Parts
Some electrical and electronic parts used are
standard items stocked by and available from
Flecitonic uo houses: However, some
actually special, A part ordered ton Crown
will assure an acceptable replacement.
ing parts, be sure to give the model
and serial number and include schematic
ssignation and/or part description and Crown
Part Number (CPN) from the parts list. Price
quotes are available upon request,
Shipment will be made by UPS or best
method unless you specify a preferred
Shipments are made F.O.B. Elkhart, Indiana _
Established Crown accounts will be freight
prepaid and billed unless shipped by truck or
NOTE: pr are subject to change
without notice,
Normal terms are C.O.D. The order may
also be charged to your Yisa or Master
Charge account or prepaid.
Net 30 days terms apply only to those firms
who have an established line of credit with
If prepaying
freight charge.
under one poun d.
he au: an amount for the
New parts returned for credit are subject to
a 10% restocking charge. |
You must receive authorization from the
Parts Dept. before returning parts for credit.
We are not a general parts warehouse!
Parts are available for servicing Crown
products only,
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