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268-860 Avantapure programming
Manual Homeowner’s
Model 268 Co-current Conditioner
Professional Water Systems, Inc. 1‐800‐432‐6897 • www.professionalwatersystems.com The Home Water Treatment System by Professional Water Systems Level 1 Programming This system is one of the most advanced water conditioning systems available today. It is designed to provide you with superior performance and efficiency, together with state‐of‐the‐art information and control systems. Most of the settings on this system require adjustment by a water conditioning professional to ensure optimal performance. This easy to follow Homeowner’s Manual is designed to provide you with the basic operational information. For all other system questions or concerns, please contact Professional Water Systems. Water Conditioning & Regeneration The media inside this system uses salt to condition the water. After the media has used all of its own salt, the salt must be replaced. This replacement salt comes from the brine tank. The process of the salt replacement from the brine tank to the media is called the regeneration step. Regeneration normally takes place automatically at night so that it does not interfere with normal use of conditioned water. This valve has the ability to count the gallons being used and to calculate when the system should be regenerated. Therefore, the system will not regenerate until it is necessary. In order for regeneration to proceed properly, there must be salt in the brine tank. This water conditioner has been designed to continuously monitor your water supply and how you use it in your home. Level I program parameters are those that can be accessed by the end user by pressing the SET button. They include: • Time of Day • Day of Week • Time of Regeneration Setting Time of Day Upon initial start up of the controller, the time of day must be set. The words Time of Day will scroll across the banner display and the currently programmed time of day will be flashing below. If the time is not flashing, press the SET button. To change the time of day, press and hold the UP or DOWN button until the correct time is displayed. Press the SET button to accept the selection. NOTE: When the controller is set for a twelve‐hour clock, a PM indicator will illuminate when the displayed time is in the PM hours. There is no AM indicator. Setting the Day of Week After setting the Time of Day, the banner display will show the word Day followed by an abbreviated day of the week. SU = Sunday TH = Thursday MO = Monday FR = Friday TU = Tuesday SA = Saturday Use the UP or DOWN arrow buttons to change the flashing day of week. Press the SET button when the current day of week is flashing. Setting Regeneration Time The Regeneration Time is the setting that allows the programming to select the time of day when regeneration should occur. The words Regeneration Time will scroll through the banner display. To change the regeneration time, press and hold the UP or DOWN button until the desired regeneration time is displayed. Press SET to lock this time into memory. NOTE: When the controller is set for a twelve‐hour clock, a PM indicator will illuminate when the displayed time is in the PM hours. There is no AM indicator. Extra Cycle Regeneration Occasionally, you may want to fully regenerate the conditioner manually before it regenerates automatically. This would be the case if you see the “volume remaining” is low and you know that you will use a lot of water during the following day. Occasions for this may be the anticipated arrival of guests in your home or an unusually large amount of laundry to clean the next day. If this occurs, merely press the Manual Regen button once. The banner will scroll Delayed Regen. Regeneration will occur at the designated time of day, (e.g. 2:00 AM). Press the SET button. The unit will regenerate at that time. For immediate regeneration, press the UP button and the banner will scroll Immediate Regen. Press the SET button. Regeneration will begin within 5 minutes. For the next two hours, your home will have only raw water (unconditioned) water available. If this is not acceptable, press the UP button once more and the banner will return to Delayed Regen. Press the SET button and regeneration will take place at the predetermined time. Power Backup This system is protected from a power outage by a super capacitor, located behind the front display panel. This enables the controller to maintain the proper time and counting gallon usage during a power outage. The control will not display light, but the system will continue to keep time and gallon count for up to eight hours. When power is restored, the system will resume normal operation. Treated Water Bypass If it should be necessary to shut off the water going to the water conditioner, you can turn the system bypass valves at the rear of the control valve. Merely turn the valve handle as indicated in the diagram. Time of Day Changes The manufacturer suggests that all programming changes be made by a trained technician. Your system installer has programmed your water conditioner to meet the specific parameters of your water supply and your projected water usage. However, there may be an occasion when you need to change the Time of Day setting on the water conditioner. To change the Time of Day, simply follow the instructions on Page 2 of this manual. System Maintenance and Service Like any household appliance, this system requires regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance. We recommend that you keep the conditioner clean and clear of debris. Additionally, we recommend that you refrain from putting anything into the brine tank unless specified by your water conditioner dealer. To do otherwise may damage the internal parts of the water conditioner. The water conditioner uses salt for regeneration. Again, we suggest you follow the recommendations of your dealer as to the type of salt used in your system. We do recommend that you always have a fresh supply of salt on hand to keep sufficient salt in the brine tank. We also recommend that your system receive a scheduled cleaning, or replacement, of the brine injector and other internal parts which may, over time, collect dirt from your water supply and salt. Contact Professional Water to schedule a regular maintenance visit. Installation Record Model Number Water Test Max. Per Regeneration Mineral Tank Size: Diameter Height Under Bedding Amount Type of Media Cubic feet Brine Tank Size Water Hardness System Capacity Regeneration Time Capacity of Unit Valve Programming Regeneration Cycle Step #1: Brine Tank fill Automatic Regeneration Cycle Step #2: Brine making Regeneration Cycle Step #3: Brine & slow rinse Regeneration Cycle Step #4: Backwash Regeneration Cycle Step #5: Fast Rinse Regeneration Cycle Step #6: Off Notes Professional Water Systems, Inc. 963 Ethan Allen Highway • Ridgefield, CT 06877 Phone: 800‐432‐6897 • Email: info@professionalwatersystems.com www.professionalwatersystems.com Water Treatment Specialists since 1980
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