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Cisco Router Web Setup Tool (CRWS) Simple Setup for Cisco
Data Sheet
Cisco Router Web Setup Tool (CRWS)
Simple Setup for Cisco SOHO Series
and 800 Series Broadband Routers
The Cisco Router Web Setup tool (CRWS) provides a graphical user
interface (GUI) for configuring Cisco SOHO series and 8oo series routers,
allowing users to set up their routers quickly and easily. Users without the
knowledge to configure a supported Cisco router with the Cisco IOS®
Software command line interface (CLI) can use the CRWS to configure the
router in just a few simple steps. By utilizing this tool, Cisco SOHO and 800
series customers can leverage the power of Cisco IOS Software without
having the technical skills typically needed for router configuration.
CRWS gives users direct access to:
Simplified Setup - With
• Simplified Setup
Autodetect of WAN Perimeters
• Advanced Configuration Features
Users can configure supported Cisco
(NAT, port filtering, DNS, etc.)
routers in just a few simple steps, without
• Security including Firewall and VPNs
technical expertise. First, users connect
• Router Monitoring
provided cables, power on the router, and
Additionally, CRWS is available in English,
German, and French simply by using a pull
down menu and selecting a language.
point a browser to the router. Users then
enter some individual information and
choose between multiple configuration
options. For users that don’t know the
answers to these questions, CRWS will
Figure 1
Cisco Router
Web Setup Tool
automatically detect the encapsulation
and/or PVC. This patented technology is
unique to this tool and utilizes the
debugging capabilities of Cisco IOS.
The CRWS completes the configuration
process, sending the working
configuration to the router. CRWS
automatically detects the encapsulation
of the line, whether it is PPPoE, PPPoA or
bridged eliminating the need for the user
to determine this configuration setting.
CRWS will also auto-detect the VPI/VCI
required by the service provider.
Cisco Systems, Inc.
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Advanced Configuration Features
CRWS gives users the power to set up advanced configurable router functions. This allows users flexibility in how
the router will function in the networks it is connected to. These functions include:
• DHCP Server/Relay
• Firewall
• Voice-over IP dial plans (Cisco 827-4V router)
• Changing the LAN addresses, and at the same time reconfiguring the DHCP server
• Cisco Easy VPN configuration and tunnel login (if needed)
With an always-on broadband connection, network security must be addressed. Cisco routers provide many
standard and optional security features to keep the router and the network safe from unauthorized access.
The CRWS tool lets users assign a name and password for the router, to prevent tampering with the router’s
configuration. Additionally, Network Address Translation (NAT) can be enabled, allowing users on the LAN
to share one common public IP address while the router assigns private addresses, keeping individual users
from being seen by the outside world. The optional Stateful Inspection Firewall can also be enabled through
the tool, allowing users to block certain types of inbound and outbound application traffic. For models that
support VPNs, the new
Cisco Easy VPN feature allows users to configure a VPN connection to a Cisco Easy VPN Server without
complicated preshared keys or configuration steps. Users simply use CRWS to enter in VPN configuration
information such as user name and password and the router then establishes a VPN connection to the main office.
Figure 2
Cisco Router Web Setup Tool - Quick Setup
Cisco Systems, Inc.
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Router Monitoring
With CRWS, users can use the following features to monitor a router through a browser:
• Interface Summary—shows the configuration of the LAN and WAN ports, and if the ports are active (up/down)
• System Information—provides details on which Cisco IOS image the router is running, how much memory/Flash
is installed, and so on
• DSL or WAN Statistics—explains all information about the ATM or Ethernet WAN interface such as up/down
and IP address (the Cisco SOHO series routers have DSL WAN ports; the Cisco 806 and Cisco 830 series routers
have an Ethernet WAN port)
• Show Commands—allows users with knowledge of the Cisco IOS CLI to enter IOS SHOW commands, such as:
show running config, show tech, show ip
• Show VPN tunnel status (up/down/login)
Figure 3
Cisco Router Web Setup Tool Router Monitoring
The CRWS is supported on all Cisco SOHO series and 800 series routers shipped after April 2001. Users can also
download a copy of Cisco Connection Online at:
Additional Information
For more information on Cisco 800 Series routers:
For more information on Cisco SOHO Series routers:
Cisco Systems, Inc.
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