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Ethernet to DeviceNet
Gateway (AB7603)
The BridgeWay Ethernet to DeviceNet Gateway seamlessly connects EtherNet/IP Scanner and
Modbus/TCP Master PLCs and HMIs to a DeviceNet Network. The AB7603 provides full DeviceNet
Master (or Slave) functionality allowing connectivity to 63 DeviceNet slave devices.
BridgeWay network gateways and
In addition to industrial automation protocols, the AB7603 supports IT protocols such as SMTP, FTP,
and HTTP. It provides an internal web server to allow remote viewing of status and data via a web
browser and offers email and file transfer capabilities to enhance your application.
solutions for a wide range of
interfaces provide low cost, high
performance, flexible connectivity
applications, including industrial
automation and vehicle networks.
Use Case Examples
Designed as a modular platform with
The AB7603 can be used as a gateway to connect information or control level networks
to device level networks:
configurable hardware and software,
¾ Ror remote programming or configuration on your DeviceNet networks
to meet your specific needs.
BridgeWay products can be adapted
¾ Used with a DCS, PLC or HMI, to control or perform data collection on a DeviceNet network via
EtherNet/IP or Modbus/TCP
Key Benefits
¾ Enables connectivity to existing or new DeviceNet networks to devices that
support only EtherNet/IP or Modbus/TCP on Ethernet
¾ Feature-rich, cost-effective solution
¾ Replaces higher cost computer gateways and PLC scanners
¾ Rapid installation and configuration
¾ Low risk, reliable operation, field proven
¾ Superior product support
Version 2.03 | Released 02/11
Key Features
¾ Operates as an EtherNet/IP Adapter
and Modbus/TCP Slave
Target Industries and
Application Examples
Get up and running with
BridgeWay Services
¾ Industrial Automation
Need help designing a network
solution? Configuring or integrating
your BridgeWay? We offer consulting,
development and system integration
services, including custom software
development, to help you achieve your
specific application requirements.
¾ Provides DeviceNet Master or
Slave functionality on DeviceNet
¾ Motor Control Centers (MCC)
¾ Provides router / bridge functionality
to connect EtherNet/IP to DeviceNet
(CIP Routing)
¾ Pulp and Paper
¾ Rockwell Software’s RSNetworx™ for
DeviceNet or NetTool-DN-D is required
to configure the DeviceNet Master scanlist
¾ Supports Automatic Device Replacement
(ADR) functionality (now 128k; was
64k prior to version 2.01 firmware)
¾ Supports Configuration Consistency
Value (CCV) functionality
¾ Water and Waste Water
¾ Packaging and Material Handling
¾ Remote DeviceNet Monitoring,
Control, Bridging
Specifications for Part No. AB7603
¾ Dimensions: L = 4.96” (126 mm);
W = 4.30” (109 mm); H = 1.65” (42mm)
¾ Operating voltage: 11 – 32 VDC
¾ Operating temperature: 0 - 70° C
¾ Supports DeviceNet Quick Connect
client functionality
¾ EMC compliance: EN50081-2 and EN50082-2
¾ Supports configurable input safe
state behavior
¾ Mechanical rating: IP20 / NEMA 1
¾ Works with ControlLogix, CompactLogix,
SLC5/05, MicroLogix and other
compatible PLCs, HMIs and Controllers
that support native EtherNet/IP/CIP
messaging and connections
Optional Accessories
¾ Supports FLASH field upgrades
¾ Compatible with most Modbus/TCP
Master devices
¾ Provides LED network and module
status indicators
¾ Certifications: CE and cULus
AB7603 Configuration Kit (Part No. AB7603-CFG)
The kit contains the following materials:
¾ 3 meter 9 to 9 pin serial cable used to
configure the module with our
BWConfig software
¾ Mini CD contains the latest version
of AB7603 user manual, BWConfig
software, application notes, EDS file
¾ Includes DIN rail mount
¾ Rugged extruded aluminum enclosure
¾ Brand label / OEM options
Please visit our web site to get the
very latest firmware updates for
Ethernet to DeviceNet Gateway (AB7603)
Flexible BridgeWay gateways and
interfaces offer a significant range of
functionality and are used in a wide
range of applications. Businesses
that want to make the most of these
capabilities, or even expand on them,
can take advantage of our professional
services expertise, especially when
schedules are tight or custom functionality is required. We can create
a solution package based on your
specific needs, ranging from remote
hourly support, to onsite services
or turnkey custom development.
BridgeWay services include:
¾ BridgeWay solution network
design, installation and
configuration a sistance
¾ BridgeWay and network training
¾ Remote support/consulting
services (scheduled hourly
services via phone or email)
¾ Onsite services
(fixed price or hourly)
¾ Custom BridgeWay enhancements
and PC software applications
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For more information, please contact:
Glenn Beal: +1 248 549 1200 x231
Version 2.03 | Released 02/11
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