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Good™ Mobile Messaging
Good Mobile Messaging for the
MOTO Q 9h/MOTO Q 9h global
Quick Start Guide
Screen Indicators
New email
Forwarded message
New, unread message
Message is flagged for follow up
New, unread message with
New, unread high-importance
Priority mail
Message is flagged as complete
Meeting request
Outgoing message
Data being sent or received
Composing message
Opened, read message
New SMS/text message
Opened, read message with
Opened, read high-importance
Replied to message
New MMS message
Working offline
Notifications in the on-screen alert bar include new email, completed More requests, completed
Contacts Lookup operations, and reminders. Select # or X to dismiss the notification or * or O to
view the notification.
Good™ Mobile Messaging
Navigating Good on the Motorola Q 9h/Q global
Navigation key
Select Key
Soft Keys
Back Key
Left Key (on
Navigation key)
Good Launcher
Use the navigation key on your phone to move around the screen.
You can move up, down, left, or right.
Use to select a highlighted item. Press the center of the navigation key to
select items.
Use the two soft keys located directly below the screen to select a
menu. The menus change depending upon the application.
Press the back key to return to the previous screen. If you are in a text
entry field or compose area of an email, pressing the back key deletes
the characters to the left of the cursor. The button below the side
scroll keys is also a back button.
Press the left arrow or left key on navigation key to return to a field at
the top of the screen. For example, if you are scrolling through a long
list of contacts and want to return to the Find field, press the left
arrow key.
Press the Home key to return to the Home screen. The Home screen
also includes icons (such as the Email, Compose, Calendar, Contacts,
and RSS) that you can select to start the application.
Holding down the Home key provides access to the Quick List for:
• Switching the handheld on/off
• Using Wireless Manager to switch Bluetooth and the Radio to
• Turning keyboard lock on/off
• Switching to different notification profiles (Normal, Silent,
Vibrate, etc.)
The Good Launcher includes a menu of all of the Good Messaging
applications and preferences. From the Home screen, select the Good
logo to open the Good Launcher. You can return to the Good
Launcher at any time by selecting Menu, and then Good Launcher
while using a Good Messaging application.
Good™ Mobile Messaging
Start Menu
From the Home screen, use the Start menu to access all applications,
including Good Mobile Messaging.
You receive an on-screen alert to notify you when a particular event
occurs. For example, if a new email arrives or an appointment is
coming up, a yellow alert appears on the bottom of the screen.
Press O to view the notification or X to dismiss it.
Go to Good Launcher
Close notification
Open notification
Toggle Good News viewer
Delete item
Go to bottom of list
Go to top of list
Go to next item in list
Go to previous item in list
Send/Receive now
Manual lock
. (period)
Reply to all
Forward message
Move message to folder
Mark message as unread
Open or close Preview Pane
Set flag
Change to Conversations view
Change to Senders view
Open Agenda view
Open Day view
Open Month view
Open Week view
Jump to date
Go to current day
Mark as Complete
Tasks/To Do
Good™ Mobile Messaging
Common Tasks
Determining Text Entry
The input mode is displayed in the top right corner of your
handheld’s screen.
ABC indicates caps lock
Abc indicates the initial capitalization
abc indicates lowercase mode
Entering Characters Not Press the Function and Shift keys simultaneously.
on the Keyboard
Selecting Text
Press Shift and then an arrow key. To select a word, press Shift,
Alt, and then an arrow key.
Select a word or line of text and Menu, Edit and then Copy. To
Copying and Pasting
paste text, select Menu, Edit, and then Paste.
Deleting Text
Press the back key to delete text that is left of the cursor.
Creating a Message
Selecting Messages
Changing email views
Canceling Compose
Composing multiple
email messages
Sending attachments
Using prioity mail
Select the Compose icon from the Good Messaging Home screen.
Enter the recipient's email address in the To field. Select Menu and
Add Recipient to add additional recipients. To add a new line, press
the Center key. Use the left soft key to send the message.
To select one or more messages, press the Shift and the up
arrow to select messages above and press the down arrow to
select message below. To return to the first message in the
folder, press T. Press B to go to the last message.
Select Display Options to view your email in one-line, two-line,
or in a variety of other views. You can also sort your email by
conversations, senders, or unread messages.
To cancel a message while you are composing it, select Menu,
Options, and then Cancel Compose.
You can compose more than one message at one time without
sending them or saving them to the Drafts folder.
You can add up to 16 attachments to a message. From the
Compose screen, select Attach File or Attach Picture.
From Email Options, select Priority Mail to set the viewing
options and to add a list of Priority Senders.
Displaying contacts
Finding contacts
Click Contacts. Your personal contacts are displayed. To
display shared contacts (optional feature), if any, select the
Contacts bar to display other contacts folders. The “Company
History” folder contains your handheld’s recent senders and
recipients if listed in the Global Address List. To add/remove
folders displayed, use Options | Good Messaging Preferences |
Public Folders - Contacts.
In Contacts, begin typing in the Find field. Contacts whose first
or last names match the text you type appear in the contacts
list. Use the back key to back up in Find.
Good™ Mobile Messaging
Scheduling a new
From the menu, select New Meeting. Enter the subject, location
and so on. You can invite up to 32 attendees to a meeting or
appointment. You can see if an attendee is free or busy during
the proposed time. (Exchange only)
Once you have designated a date and time for a meeting or
appointment, Good Messaging displays a list of conference
rooms. (Exchange only)
When you create a new meeting, you can select Free, Busy,
Tentative, or OOO (out of office) after Show As: option. Select
Suggested Times for a list of recommended times when
participants are available.
When you create a new appointment, select Edit Recurrence to set
up a repeating meeting. (Exchange only)
When creating a new meeting, select Suggested Times to search for
a time that works for all attendees.
Open the meeting and use the left soft key to select Edit. Using
the navigation key, navigate to the start time and press the
Select key. Use the up or down arrow on the navigation key to
change the time. Use the right or left arrow on the navigation
key to edit the minute and AM/PM designation. When you're
done, press the Select key again.
Booking a conference
Booking meeting as
Setting up recurring
Get suggested times
Changing meeting times
Adding feeds
Turning notifications on/
To add feeds, select News from the Good Launcher. Select
Menu and then Add Feeds or Add Feeds by URL A list of
popular RSS feeds is included or you can enter an RSS URL
From the News application, select Menu/Options/News
Options. You can automatically receive News feeds or choose
to manually synchronize feeds.
Work offline
Trigger data flow
Set notifications
Change font size
Select Work Offline option from the menu to conserve battery
and continue working in fringe reception areas by suppressing
connection dialogs.
Use the menu option Send/Receive Now or use the keyboard
shortcut z to trigger immediate data flow to and from the
handheld. The “Data Off” radio icon will indicate the need to
select this option.
Select Good Messaging Preferences | Notification. Notifications
are available for email (Inbox, other folders, or priority mail) or
From Good Preferences, select Screen to increase or decrease
the text font size.
You can assign a category to a contact, to do, or task. From
Good Preferences, select Categories to create a new one. When
you are creating or editing a contact, to do, or task, select a
category for the item.
Using the Phone
Dialing the Phone
Press the green call/answer key from within a Good Messaging
application. Enter the phone number you wish to call. The call history is
listed below the number entry field. It lists incoming and outgoing calls.
You can also select a number from the call history and then press the
green phone key to dial the number.
Press the green call/answer key and use the keypad to enter the name of
the person you want to call. As you enter characters, the names are
matched against those stored in your contacts. You can also enter the first
initial, space, and then last name. Select the contact, use the right arrow
key to cycle through available phone numbers, and then press the green
phone key to make the call. You can also open Good Messaging Contacts
and select the contact you want to call.
To add a number to speed dial, select a phone number from contacts or
call history, press Menu, and then Add to Speed Dial. Assign a speed dial
number. You can enter up to 99 entries. To dial a number, press and hold
the speed dial number.
For fast, convenient access to frequently used applications, you can assign
a speed dial position to an application. From the Start menu, highlight the
application. Press the Menu key. Select Add Speed Dial.
Dialing by Name
Using Speed Dial
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