Leviton`s New Wireless Remote Control Components For Decora

Leviton`s New Wireless Remote Control Components For Decora
Product Bulletin for DHC Universal Remote Controller (Cat. No. HCCUR),
Plug-In RF Transceiver (Cat. No. HCPRF) & Key Chain Remote Controller
(Cat. No. HCCKR)
Leviton’s New Wireless Remote Control
Components For Decora Home Controls
Leviton expands the performance of its DHC offering with the introduction
of 3 new wireless remote control options.
Generally for indoor use, Leviton’s new HCCUR Universal Remote Control
provides ON/OFF and DIM/BRIGHT control (including ALL ON/ALL OFF)
of DHC Receivers via RF (radio-frequency) signals sent to a DHC Transceiver,
even through walls and ceilings, so users can control almost any light
or appliance in their home. The versatile HCCUR will also work as a controller
for audio and video equipment, including TV’s, VCR’s, cable boxes, satellite
receivers, DVD and CD players, and more. Set up of this convenient
all-in-one unit is quick and easy. It has an effective transmission range
of 100 feet.
Leviton expands DHC control capability even further with its sleek new
HCCKR Key Chain Remote Controller. This handy compact remote control
transmitter is conveniently designed to fit on a key chain and is
to be used outdoors. The HCCKR can turn lights or appliances ON and OFF
via RF (radio-frequency) signals, through walls and ceilings, when pointed
in the direction of the transceiver. It can control two DHC-controlled loads
with an effective transmission range of 75 feet. A typical application for
this unit is the control of home lights from a vehicle when entering
one’s driveway.
Leviton’s third new offering, the HCPRF Plug-In Transceiver, functions
as a receiver that accepts ON/OFF, DIM/BRIGHT and ALL ON/ALL OFF RF
(radio frequency ) commands from the DHC Universal Remote Control
and ON/OFF signals from the Key Chain Remote Controller, as well.
The HCPRF works with all DHC Receivers by retransmitting those signals
throughout a home’s existing electrical wiring. The Transceiver also
incorporates a built-in outlet suitable for ON/OFF switching of incandescent
lamps rated up to 300W. The lamp can be controlled remotely or locally via
the programming button on its face, which is also used to change the
HCPRF’s address if desired. The unit also features Leviton’s exclusive
Intellisense™ Technology that compensates for noise on home AC power
lines to ensure optimum system performance and reliability. Built-in 2-Way
signaling capability permits local status of an attached lamp to show
on all 2-Way capable Controllers.
• Use the HCCUR Universal Remote Control to manage an entire audio/video
and lighting system for the ultimate home theater experience. Turn ON/OFF
the TV, VCR, DVD, stereo: control dimming of lights, as well.
• The HCCUR Universal Remote Control is also designed to operate appliances such as the coffee maker
and turn ON/OFF those "forgotten" lights in the basement all via RF (radio frequency) by sending the signal
right through the walls and floors, so you don’t have to go downstairs.
• The universal design of the HCCUR Universal Remote Control is optimum for those with
limited mobility/dexterity and is perfect for the elderly and physically challenged.
• The HCCKR Key Chain Remote Controller is an ideal device because of its compact size and easy portability.
Turn ON/OFF your home’s entry/exterior, garage and driveway lighting as you approach. This gives you
the added security of never having to enter a dark house again.
Features and Benefits:
HCCUR Universal Remote Control
• Control DHC devices as well as various audio/video components with one convenient all-in-one remote
• Utilizes RF (radio frequency) to send control signals
• Range up to 100 feet from HCPRF Plug-In Transceiver
• Provides wireless control of up to 256 DHC addresses
• Uses 2 AAA batteries
• Replaces Cat. No. 6313 DHC Hand-Held Wireless Controller
• Has dual built-in timers that can shut OFF TV and /or DHC devices up to 90 minutes after setting
HCCKR Key Chain Remote Controller
• Provides convenient wireless ON/OFF control of 2-sequential DHC addresses
• User-programmable for any 2 sequential addresses
• Range up to 75 feet from HCPRF Plug-In Transceiver
• Uses long-life 3V CR2032 lithium battery
• Replaces Cat. No. 6332 DHC Key Chain Remote Controller
HCPRF Plug-In Transceiver
• Accepts RF (radio frequency) DHC commands from the DHC
Universal Remote and Key Chain Remote Controllers; retransmits
them to other DHC Receivers connected anywhere on a home’s
existing electrical wiring to provide convenient wireless ON/OFF,
DIM/BRIGHT and ALL ON/ALL OFF control of lights and ON/OFF
control of appliances
• Features Leviton’s exclusive Intellisense™ Technology which
automatically adjusts signal strength to compensate for noise
on the power line, ensuring optimum system performance
and reliability
Typical DHC Wireless Communications
• Provides one 120VAC, 60Hz, 300W maximum outlet for an
incandescent plug-in lamp that can be controlled by wired Controllers or
RF Remote Controllers as well as locally via its programming button
• Features a programming button on its face so that its DHC address can be changed if desired;
can be conveniently programmed from a wired Controller or from a RF Remote Controller
• Replaces Cat. No. 6314-W DHC Transceiver
NOTE: A Cat. No. HCA02-10E System Amplifier should be installed in all panels
in every DHC installation to insure adequate signal strength
Ordering Information
DHC Wireless Components
Cat. No.
Universal Remote Controller
Key Chain Remote Controller
120VAC 60HZ, 300W max.
Plug-In Transceiver
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