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Video Streamer
Technical Supplement
Model: GIP-HDVR-2001
This document describes the advanced streaming and networking settings of
the Video Streamer, which can be adjusted from the Provision HDlive
Streamer App, or using a web-browser.
Note that the factory default settings of the Video Streamer are correct for
most home networks, mobile devices and tablets, and do not normally need
to be changed.
Changing Settings using the Provision HDlive App for Android
The video streaming settings can be controlled from the Provision HDlive Streamer app,
running on an Android device.
Ensure that Provision HDlive Streamer is installed and working. See page 7, if unsure.
From the start screen, use a long
press to select the device to be
controlled – in this example
The settings page will appear.
Change video settings as required:
Make Default
When ticked, automatically start
playing from this device as soon as
the app is started.
Quality – sets the video bitrate, and
hence picture quality.
Resolution – sets the video
Restore Video Settings – Tap to
return to the factory defaults. This
will give optimum results in most
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Scroll down to view status information for the Video Streamer:
DETECTED INPUT – Video resolution
and audio format at the HDMI input
to the Video Streamer
version of the Video Streamer.
NETWORK – Ethernet IP settings of
the Video Streamer. (Settings can be
changed using the web interface.)
It is not possible to change the
network setting using the HDlive
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Accessing the web interface from a Windows PC
The web server of the Video Streamer can be accessed from a Windows computer connected
to the home network router or on Android devices via the Provision HDlive Stream Application.
Find the serial number of your unit marked on the back of the unit, or on the
Write the last three digits of the serial number in the three boxes below, to find the
web address of your unit.
(See the example at the bottom of this page.)
Open the web browser on the Windows computer, and go to the web address of
your unit, exactly as written above.
The web interface will appear (see next page)
Example – For the unit with serial number PV01-000213T, the web address is
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Using the web interface
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Video Streaming
Note: In most cases the factory defaults for Video Streaming will give
optimum results.
At higher quality settings video is encoded video higher bit rates. Picture
quality is increased, however streaming may be less reliable on some
home wireless networks and with some phones or tablets.
(Factory default is Normal.)
The resolution used for streaming video can be adjusted from 240P
(lowest) to 1080P (highest). However, with some wireless networks or
devices, streaming may not be reliable at the highest settings. The TV
connected to the loop-through HDMI output always receives the highest
available resolution, irrespective of this setting.
Detected Input
Network Setup
(Factory default is SD.)
These values are for information only. There are no settings that can be
Shows version numbers of current, previous and factory default software.
Click on the Revert Software Version button, to restore software to the
original factory default version. Do not do this unless instructed by the
product support team.
Note: It is not normally necessary to change the network settings from the
factory defaults.
By default, the Ethernet port is configured to auto, that is to obtain its IP
address from a DHCP server. (The client media player then automatically
discovers the Video Streamer by UPnP.)
If a static IP address is needed, select static, enter the address and click
Apply Network Settings.
Table 1 – Advanced Settings
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Restoring default networking settings
Only follow this procedure if instructed by the support team.
If the internal web server cannot be accessed, due to an incorrect static IP address setting,
factory defaults can be restored as follows – remove the Ethernet adaptor, hold down the
reset switch and power cycle the unit. Note that the software will also revert to the original
factory version, and so any software upgrade will need to be repeated.
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Web: or
GIP-HDVR-2001-TS V0.30
Copyright GI Provision Ltd 2013
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