Apple | Sonic Blaster | Applied Engineering Breaks the IIgs Sound Barrier

Sonic BlasterThl
Every Apple JIGs comes with a but1tin Ensonic digital-oscillator sound chip.
This is the same chip used by professional
musicians and studios to compose,
synthesize and analyze. It gives your
JIGS incredible sound potential.
The Sonic Blaster'" , Applied Engineering's full-featured stereo digitizer,
records, amplifies and plays back in full
stereo. You can record sounds from your
home stereo, CD player, television or VCR
and alter them with a full range of easyto-use editing functions.
Get the most from games and music
programs with your Apple IIGs's built-in
Ensonic capabilities and Applied Engineering's Sonic Blaster.
Stereo Recording
The Sonic Blaster features simultaneous left and right channel recording.
Abuilt-in oscilloscope helps you set input
levels before recording to prevent "clipping" the signal. Or use the oscilloscope
to visually analyze the inputted data
without recording.
Once the data is recorded and
digitized, it can be presented in a
graphical format. You can actually zoom
in to "see" what the sound looks like.
And the zoom can be used in conjunction
with the editing features to precisely
manipulate any sound.
Sonic Blaster includes stereo VU
meters so you can manually set the gain
for optimum recording quality. The
oscilloscope can also be used to manually
set the gain, or the computer itself can
determine the gain with our built-in Auto
Gain feature.
Adjust the record sampling rate to
optimize between fidelity and available
memory. The higher the sampling rate,
the more memory required and the
higher the fidelity. Aslower sampling rate
extends the available memory for lesscritical sounds.
Impressive Editing Functions
~nic Blaster's software has a built-in
oscilloscope to "show" you the sound
The Sonic Blaster gives you a new
world of sound editing capabilities. Edit
recorded sounds with familiar, Maclike, pull down menus and a host of
functions like cut, paste, copy, amplify,
reverse, fade in, fade out, echo. All with
lightning fast response.
Sonic Blaster comes complete with
powerful software we've designed to be
easy to use. Pull down menus control all
functions. Crisp, Super Hi-Res graphics
make Sonic Blaster a delight for the eyes
as well as the ears. Even choose your own
screen colors and backgrounds to match
the tunes you create.
Stereo Playback
The Sonic Blaster's playback function
gives you control over volume and
playback rate. To reproduce sounds as
they were recorded, match the playback
rate with the sampling rate used when
recording. Or try a faster or slower rate to
create unusual effects.
Sonic Blaster boosts the impact of all
llGs programs using the Ensonic capability.
Most IIGs games and programs such as
The Music Studio, Instant Music and The
Music Construction Set come to life!
Sonic Blaster's built-in amplifier
greatly enhances the llGs's sound output.
Use a variety of speaker configurations
with your Sonic Blaster, including BOSE
amplified speakers or unamplified
standard speakers. Even connect your
computer to your home stereo system.
Sonic Blaster ................. $129
Audio AnimatorThl
Applied Engineering's new Audio
Animator"' is a true MIDI divice, stereo
digitizer and stereo playback machine ...
combined! Audio Animator transforms
your Apple IIGs from a beep box into a
boom box.
Applied Engineering put most of the
Sonic Blaster's great features into our new
Audio Animator, plus a few twists .. .like
controlling MIDI compatible instruments
and creating your own keyboard on
the screen.
Audio Animator is able to record left
and right channels separately, allowing
you to mix sounds. Record music on one
channel and your own voice on the other.
Audio Animator records sounds from
your own stereo, CD player, television or
VCR, even a microphone! The built-in
oscilloscope lets you control recording
levels visually and analyze inputted data.
The zoom function permits you to
"see" what your recorded sounds look
like in a graphical format. Use the zoom
function along with editing functions to
make minute changes in the sound.
Sampling rates are fully adjustable.
~with Sonic Blaster, you determine the
optimal balance between desired fidelity
and available memory.
Audio Animator has a dedicated
Analog to Digital converter to sample at
an extremely fast rate, and with sound
quality near that of a compact disk. Far
higher levels of fidelity are obtainable
through our converter than are possible
with the IIGs's Ensonic chip alone.
matching the recording rate or creating
special effects.
Instrument Palette
Cut sounds directly from the sampler
and paste them to the instrument palette.
Then play the sounds on your IIGs with a
simulated keyboard on the screen. The
palette even lets you modify the envelope
of waveforms to customize the sounds.
Midi Interface
The Audio Animator includes input/
output for MIDI (Musical Instrument
Digital Interface) devices. Play and record
melodies on a MIDI instrument, edit them
and play them back through any MIDI
compatible instrument.
Stereo Playback
Applied Engineering's software is included
and features Super Hi-Res graphics and
pull down menus.
Audio Animator's built-in amplifier,
like that of the Sonic Blaster, greatly
enhances the IIGs's inherent sound capability. The Audio Animator also accepts
various speaker configurations, including
amplified, unamplified or a direct LINE IN
on your home stereo.
Audio Animator boosts all IIGs Ensonic
programs including The Music Studio,
·Instant Music, The Music Construction Set
and a host of new games. The Animator
also has an adjustable playback rate for
Audio Animator comes complete with
an external connector box to allow easy
access to volume, record level and microphone controls. Connect a drum machine,
keyboard, stereo, CD player, even another
computer ... all without disturbing the IIGs.
Connections include MIDI in, MIDI out
Continued on back ...
and MIDI thru.
Coupled with a MIDI compatible keyboard, like Casio's new HT-700 (not
included), the Audio Animator identifies
individual keys and plays them through
the Ifcs.
The high-speed serial link transmits
at 31,250 bits per second, allowing you to
work with several MIDI instruments at
once. In fact, Audio Animator with it's
MIDI interface lets you daisy chain up to
sixteen machines!
Audio Animator is fully compatible
with Passport and other fine MIDI
software. The powerful software we
include is mouse-driven and presents you
with both pull-down menus and SUPER
HI-RES graphics. Custom icons and bright
colors make Audio Animator almost as
much fun to see as it is to hear. Even
choose your own screen colors. Some of
the icon-driven selections include an
optional on-screen help menu, simulated
keyboard, play, stop, pause, fast forward,
rewind, fast rewind, wait, repeat, oscilloscope, VU meter and many, many more.
Audio Animator.. ........... $239
System requirements: Sonic Blaster - 512K minimum; Audio Animator - 1 Meg. minimum.
Prices subject to change without notice. Brands and product names are registered trademarks of their respective holders.
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