Mio | A201 | Mio A201 How to use “Activesync” by Bluetooth

Mio A201 How to use “Activesync” by Bluetooth
Mio A201 How to use “Activesync” by Bluetooth
1. On pda site , open the Bluetooth Manager , select the “Activesync via Bluetooth”
2. Select the Bluetooth PC which you wan to connect ,
3. Input the pair code , then complete the setting .
4. Now you can select the “My Shortcuts” , find the “Activesync with xxx” .
5. On pc site , you check the COM port of BT using (read the user manual from your PC’s BT vendor) .
6. Open the Microsoft Activesync , check the “Connection Settings” , enable the “Allow connections to one of the following”
Select the “COM X” (depend on your pc’s bt device)
7. Open the “Bluetooth Manager” , select “My Shortcuts”
8. Select the “Activesync with xxx” , it will connect to your pc (maybe need to confirm the connect promise on pc site)
9. After connection , Bluetooth manager will auto hide , then you can fins an new icon on screen left to BT icon .
10. if you want to Disconnect , just click the icon then select “Disconnect” .
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