Edimax | PS-1206UWg | How do I configure the Printer server via TCP IP for PS

How to connect to configure the Printer server viaTCP/IP
(LPR) without installing Edimax software
This FAQ applies to the following models and Operation System:
▲ PS-1206U / PS-1206MF(g) / PS-1216
▲ W indows 2000 / XP
Introduction: Using Windows built-in print software without installing
Edimax software.
There are numerous printers available in the market and each printer
vendor uses its own printing technology without a stardard. This is why it’s
impossible that the printer server can support whatever printers linked to it.
Generally, we can divide the printer into two two main categories:
PCL (Printer Command Language developed by HP) and GDI (Graphic Device
Interface developed by Microsoft). This FAQ will help you configure the
Edimax printer server if the connected printer is using PCL.
We assume that there is a scenario listed as shown in the Figure-1.
1. There is a PC called PC-A (IP address is 192.168.2.x where x is the
number not the same to the printer server, and the HP
LaserJet driver is installled successfully already.
2. An Edimax printer server (default IP address is
3. A Printer (HP LaserJet 1100) is linked to the this printer server
Step by Step:
The configuration is complete.
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