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Conettix Product Guide
Alarm Over IP Solutions You Can Trust
As one of the pioneers of alarm over IP technology, Bosch has a wealth of experience with both intrusion and
fire alarm IP communication deployed world wide. Bosch employs a unique method where every message is
authenticated, and each account is controlled individually. This means the system can ignore messages from IP
devices that it is not programmed to accept. The result is that the system is sufficient and secure, as it is highly
immune to denial of service attacks and allows central stations to easily eliminate run away accounts. Bosch
offers both integrated IP and cellular modules for Bosch panels and full-data add-on modules for other panels.
Why is Conettix IP Better?
A Better Business Decision
E No third party servers mean no extra monthly
fees, signal delays, or failure points.
E Eliminates costly phone service and improves
emergency response times.
E More efficient remote programming and
diagnostics saves service time and costs.
E Enables mobile applications for customer
satisfaction and retention.
Peace of Mind
E Efficient, low overhead UDP/IP messaging
is proven by third parties to prevent cyber
E Built-in authentication and anti-replay
measures ensure notification when signals or
equipment are tampered with.
E 128 to 256-bit AES encryption with CBC is
included in every Conettix product for high
security applications.
Modern Network Devices
Bosch Conettix IP alarm products offer a
higher level of convenience and performance
with features you’d expect in a modern
Internet appliance:
IPv6 Ready
Built-in IPv4 and IPv6 Internet protocol support
ensures your central station or premises network
will not be obsolete as internet service providers
transition to IPv6 addressing.
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
Allows the system to self-configure with networks
to provide simple installation and compatibility
for remote programming and control over IP.
Domain Name Service (DNS) Reporting
Domain Name Service (DNS) Reporting
using a receiver’s DNS host name gives the
flexibility to quickly re-route IP signals to another
location or provider without re-programming
any panels.
Mobile Applications
Delight IP and cellular customers with secure,
any-time access to manage their facility, along
with personal text or email notification of
important events.
Conettix | Product Guide
Automatically provides an IP address for local
service allowing the installer to connect a
laptop directly to the system, without
changing settings, using a router or accessing
the customer’s network.
Higher Level of Data Security
Internet security experts agree that the method
Bosch uses for data encryption is more secure.
Using CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) to meet
NIST requirements and FIPS 197, Conettix IP
technology is virtually impossible to break, replay
or substitute. Plus, encryption is included on all
Bosch IP products at no extra cost.
Conettix IP System
Control Panel
Host PC Running D6200 or RPS
Automation System
2-Line IP Receiver
Cellular Module
Ethernet Module (B426)
Dialer Intercept Module
Com 4
Network Adapter
32-Line Receiver
Digital Cellular Services
Bosch’s digital cellular communicators provide
many features and benefits for the commercial
alarm system installer:
E Flexible Service Plans
Bosch offers service plans that have been
customized to fit the applications of our
dealers. Whether the installation calls
for simple back-up, primary commercial
communication, high security or primary fire,
Bosch has a customized service plan to fit.
E Instant Compatibility
Bosch cellular communicators use Conettix IP
communication, so it is instantly compatible
with Bosch D6600 and D6100IPv6 receivers
configured for IP.
E Easy Cellular Remote Programming
When using the Bosch cellular service, each
system has a static IP address and VPN service
allowing for remote programming, service
and maintenance over the cellular network.
Connecting to the system is fast and simple
because it does not interrupt the customer’s
telephone service and does not require access
to the customer’s Ethernet network.
E Reliable Cellular Fire Communication
Bosch cellular modules can be used as the
primary communicator for fire systems because
they meet the supervision requirements of
NFPA. This means that some customers can
actually eliminate the monthly cost of two
dedicated phone lines.
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The Most Reliable PSTN
Bosch receivers support virtually every PSTN
communication format making them compatible
with most panels that are installed today. Plus,
Bosch receivers offer the lowest cost per line in
the industry.
Flexible Receiver Technology
Bosch’s Central Station Receivers employ
features and performance that make them some
of the most flexible receivers in the industry:
E Conettix IP
Bosch receivers support up to 3200 Conettix IP
accounts. For a D6600, simply use the D6686
network adapter to add IPv4 and IPv6 account
support, while the D6100IPv6 has IP support
E Virtual receiver
The D6600 can be configured as a virtual
receiver, which means that it can be
programmed to mimic the output of other
receivers when communicating to automation.
This provides a simple modern replacement
for aging receivers, increases the availability of
valuable rack space and reduces costs.
Dialed Number Identification Service adjusts
line card settings according to the telephone
number dialed by the control panel. This allows
the receiver to handle more field dialers with
fewer line cards and allows you to create
virtual lines.
E ANI system
Automatic Number Identification identifies
incoming telephone numbers and sends
the data to the automation system for quick
processing and account identification.
E Caller ID
Caller ID processing stores corresponding
handshake formats and automatically recalls
the format when the same caller identification
is processed. This reduces costs by shortening
the amount of time that calls are connected to
the receiver.
E Two Way Voice
Supports Personal Emergency Response.
VoIP Compensation Mode
Bosch receivers deploy advanced digital signal
processing which includes Bosch’s exclusive VoIP
(voice over IP) compensation mode. This allows
the receiver to interpret signals that would
previously have been dismissed because they
did not meet the formatting requirements of the
communications protocol. This new processing
performs additional analysis on alarm signals
that allows the receiver to decode signals that
have been modified by VoIP or digital phone
networks. It operates with the Contact ID, 4-1
Express and 4-2 Express DTMF protocols. VoIP
compensation mode allows central stations to
resolve VoIP issues without requiring a site visit.
The D6100IPv6
This compact two line receiver offers an
economical opportunity to add Bosch IP
communication to your central station.
It is also ideal for campus or enterprise
customers who want to monitor their
own systems.
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Cental Station Recievers and Accessories
Model Number
D6600 Communications
Supports up to 8 PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) line cards for 32 lines along with
up to 3200 IP accounts. Each line’s settings are independently configurable. Features front
panel LCD display for programming, status and event information. Caller ID, ANI and DNIS
compatible. PC-based platform design for future expandability.
Supports 2 PSTN lines and up to 3200 Conettix IP accounts on IPv6 and IPv4 networks.
The D6100IPv6 is a compact, economical solution well-suited to applications, such as small
central stations, gated communities, security offices, and campuses.
Conettix IP Security Key
These keys are used with the USB port of the PC that is utilizing the D6200 software to
program the D6600/D6100IPv6 Receiver. The D6201-500-USB adds 500 accounts per
receiver, while the D6201-USB adds 3200 accounts per receiver.
Network Adapter
Used to connect the D6600 Receiver to IPv4 and IPv6 networks to support Conettix IP
accounts. The D6686 converts the Serial interface of the D6600 to an IP network interface
for receiving IP signals and/or reporting over the network to automation.
CPU Card
The CPU Card is the main processor for the D6600 Receiver. One D6610 is included with
every D6600 Receiver. Features re-programmable FLASH memory for software upgrades,
20,000 event history buffer and direct interface to automation computers.
D6615 CPU I/O
Terminator Card
The Terminator Card is required to terminate the CPU Card and is included with every D6600
Receiver. It has 2 male DB-9 RS-232 Serial Ports, 1 DB-25 Parallel Port, 2 Programmable
Inputs, 2 Programmable Outputs and I/O signal isolation and transient suppression.
PSTN Line Card
Supports 4 PSTN lines and features front panel LED indicators for On-line and Line-fault
status conditions. Supports over 70 communications formats including Modem II/IIIa², CID,
BFSK, SIA, ITI, Silent Knight FSK, Modem4 and various pulse formats. This line card also
supports our award winning VoIP compensation mode to reduce Contact ID signal errors
caused by digital phone lines.
D6645 PSTN
Line Card Terminator
Provides isolation and transient protection of the incoming phone lines to the D6641 Line
Cards. One is needed per D6641.
D6672 COM 1
Expansion Package
Adds a Male DB-9 RS-232 Serial Port to the D6600 Receiver as COM 1 that can be
used with an Ethernet Network Adapter such as D6686 for expansion or back-up of
the Conettix IP system.
Contains the D6200 software, the latest D6600 firmware, D6600 Receiver documentation
and the D6202 Automation Simulator for testing purposes. This software can also be
downloaded online.
Conettix IP Communicators
Model Number
B Series
These control panels are modern Internet appliances with built-in Conettix IP and plug-in
communicator support for secure multi-function IP communication. The B Series supports
IPv6 and IPv4 network communication for multiple simultaneous communication functions
such as reporting, mobile applications, programming and building automation.
B426 Ethernet
Communication Module
This versatile multi-bus module supports 10/100 Ethernet communication on IPv4 or IPv6
networks. It can be used to update existing Bosch control panel installations or for multifunction IP communication in a new system.
Plug-in Cellular
Adds full cellular IP communication on to panels with a built-in communication slot or
a B450. The B441 supports reporting, remote programming, mobile apps and personal
notification using Verizon’s CDMA network, and the B440 adds higher speed connectivity
using the Verizon 3G EVDO network.
B450 Plug-in Cellular
Adds two-way Plug-in Cellular Communicator compatibility on the SDI2, SDI or Option bus.
Can be used with G-Series v7.06+, GV Series and FPD7024 control panels or to add an
extended range communicator on B Series panels. B450 is powered by the control panel and
doesn’t require a separate enclosure or supply.
C900V2 Dialer Intercept
Network Module
Captures alarm and event data from digital dialer based control panels and re-routes
the signals via Conettix IP. It can be used on virtually any existing digital dialer based
control panel.
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