DishPVR 508
DishPVR 508 is a combined DISH Network satellite receiver and cutting-edge personal video recorder.
DishPVR 508
Personal Video Recording
Dish Interactive
Remote Type
Universal IR/UHF
Software Upgradeable via Satellite
DishPro Compatible
Dolby Digital Output
Dolby Digital is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories
Caller ID*
• PVR (Personal Video Recorder) includes the
ability to pause live TV, play, stop, fast forward
and fast rewind at 4 speeds (4x, 15x, 60x, 300x),
skip forward (30 seconds), skip back (10 seconds),
set manual/auto record event timers and quick
record, and also includes recorded events
management features to play, delete or protect a
recorded event.
• New "Platinum" UHF/Infrared 4-Component
Universal Remote Control – controls satellite
receiver up to a distance of 100 feet through
walls and other obstructions and can be
programmed to operate (via IR) up to three
additional components, such as TVs and VCRs.
• 80 gigabyte hard drive enabling up to 60 hours
of 100% digital personal video recording. Actual
recording time will vary depending on content
type being recorded.
– Record a live program while watching
a pre-recorded program from the
hard drive.
– Records Dolby Digital™ when available.
• "PVR" button provides one-touch
access to the Recorded Events Menu.
• PVR buttons: skip ahead, skip back, stop,
play, pause, forward, back, record.
• "TV Power" button (for TV programmed
on TV mode button).
• "DISH" button for one-touch access to future
interactive applications.
• Platinum Remote Control Part Number: 105880
• Extended EPG, expanded to seven days of
programming is stored onto the hard drive
for quick and easy access to listings information.
• Fifty event timers for scheduled program recording.
• Enhanced Automatic and Manual Event Timers
– program the satellite receiver to record
directly to the hard drive, automatically tune to
a program at a designated time, or to command
a VCR using infrared (IR) blast to record
selected events (VCR must be powered on).
• Optical digital output for Dolby Digital and
Linear PCM digital audio.
• Standard features include parental control locks,
program information, themes lists, favorites list,
browse, one-touch channel return, closed caption
support and alternate audio support.
*Requires Caller ID subscription with local phone company.
Phone line must be connected to receiver.
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DishPVR 508
• "Info" button gives you instant access
to program information.
• Satellite Antenna Input
• "Menu" displays the Main Menu to allow
access to the Program Guide, Search, Themes,
Favorites, Timers, System Setup and
other functions.
• RF Modulated Output: Outputs satellite source
on channel 3 or 4, or passes through a
connected antenna/cable feed to the television
• "Sys Info" displays receiver information
including: receiver and smart card numbers,
software version and remote address.
• 1 S-Video Output
• Mode Light: The green "Power" LED light
indicates receiver is on; the red "Recording"
LED light indicates digital recording has
been initiated.
• Smart Card receptacle and door
• IR sensor/IR blast emitter
• TV Antenna/Cable Input
• 2 sets RCA-Type Audio/Video Outputs
• Optical Digital Output for Dolby Digital and
PCM Digital Audio
• Phone Jack
• Expansion Port
• UHF Remote Antenna Input
• Accessory Jack
• 2-Prong Power Cord
• Size: 3”[h] x 15”[w] x 11.5”[d]
• Weight: 8.3 lbs
• Color: Black
• DishPVR 508 Receiver Part Number: 111159
• DishPVR 508-22D system (includes dish
antenna/DishPro LNBF) Part Number: 111154