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ZyAIR Public/Commercial Hotspot
Presented by:
John Castreje
ZyXEL Communications, Inc.
Hotspot Opportunities
Wireless public networks enable people on the
go to stay connected in “hot spots” such as
airports, hotels, coffee shops, etc.
Hot Spot Public Network
Service models :
• Free access
• Charge by bandwidth
• Charge by the hour
• Charge flat rate for unlimited access
Building a HOT SPOT business
• One WAN Modem
• One Service Gateway +
one Printer
• One Wireless Access
• Wireless NIC cards or
Wireless Ethernet
Coffee Shop / Hotel’s Public
Areas / Hotel’s VIP Room /
Bookstore / Library / Trade
Center / Airport
EZ Hotspot Kit Topology
Username : guest07
Password : c1q8x6
Usage Time: 30 Min.
ZyAIR B-4000
Wireless Gateway
Account Generator
Login Page
08/22/02 19:34:26
Login Page
User B
User A
PnP Internet Access with
”Zero Configuration”
Wireless Access Controller
ADSL Modem
HTTP Proxy
DHCP Client
Fixed Private IP
Fixed Global IP
Dynamic IP
Even Subscriber’s PCs with static IP address or using Http Proxy to access internet do not need to be re-configured.
Layer 2 Isolation
for Wireless and Wired Clients
The B-4000’s Layer 2 Isolation
prevents wireless or wired LAN
client from accessing other PCs
on the subnet. This improves
Hotspot security by keeping a
computer’s data from being
shared with other un-trusted
Protection from the User’s
Login Credentials (utilize SSL)
The B-4000 uses SSL to protect username and password while LAN users login. That
enables security authentication within the network.
SSID: abc
ADSL Modem
SSID: abc
((( (
Wireless Airopeak
Username =????????
Password =?????????
Subscriber’s Login information
is encrypted (utilize SSL).
SSID: abc
Login Page
SSL Login Page
Login Page Redirection / Customization
Frame 1
Connected to the Web
page which has been
Frame 2
Provided by B-4000 in
order to authenticate the
username and password
If you are first time user, click here. Sign Up now to enjoy the Internet Service.
If you are first time user, click here. Sign Up now to enjoy the Internet Service.
Architecture 1
Architecture 2
Advertisement Link
Allows Service Providers to input 10 URL links for Advertisement Link purpose. When
users login successfully, the B-4000 will re-direct the home page to specified URL link.
(Random re-direct)
Walled Garden
Walled Garden allows users to access specified URL without authentication
Deploy Easy Hotspot Kit Easily
Management Center
ADSL Modem
ADSL Modem
Account Generator
ZyAIR B-4000
Hotspot Gateway
ZyAIR B-4000
Hotspot Gateway
ZyAIR B-4000
Hotspot Gateway
Notebook with
Wireless Card
ADSL Modem
Account Generator
Notebook with
Wireless Card
Coffee Shop
Account Generator
Notebook with
Wireless Card
Campus Library
The ZyAIR B-4000
• Provides integrated solution for rapid deployment
ZyAIR B-4000 simplifies the costly and
complicated hot spot deployment process
by integrating all the key components into a
single, easy-to-install and intelligent device.
• Delivers instant IP connectivity service
The B-4000 helps solve connectivity
problems by offering instant Internet access
without changing network settings, even if
users have a static IP address pre-set.
• Simplifies user authentication and accounting
The B-4000 with a local printer can validate
customer logins and to monitor usage
status. Businesses can enforce usage limits
based on predefined quotas.
• Offers Comprehensive security
With Layer 2 isolation support and an SSL
login page, the ZyAIR B-4000 provides a
fully-secure operating environment.
ZyAIR B-4000 : Wireless Service Gateway
• Service Gateway + Wireless Access Point + 4 port
Ethernet switch
• True user plug and play device
• DHCP Server/Relay
• DNS Re-direction
• Email Server Re-direction
• Customized login and sign up pages
• Walled Garden
• VPN pass through
• SSL login page
• VLAN for Wireless and Wired clients
• Support 100 users simultaneously
ZyAIR Public/Commercial Hotspot
Presented by:
John Castreje
ZyXEL Communications, Inc.
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