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Equipment (Inkjet)
Atlantic Zeiser
Omega series drop-on-demand printers.
Compact units offer high print resolution in
360 dpi or 720 dpi. Print heads from 36mm
to 210mm provide clear and crisp characters down to a 2-pt. font size.
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Printegrity inkjet standalone/in-line envelope printing solution. Speeds up to 36,000
envelopes/hr. Personalize mail piece with
addresses, dynamic or fixed graphics, barcodes, marketing messages and time/date
stamps. Print from file or read/print technology. Variable color print zones.
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Buhrs Americas
MT1 Mail Table and SG1 Sorting Gate.
Designed for independent operation or
within Buhrs wrapping and inserting systems, most also expand competitive systems to create product loaders, feeders,
vacuum tables, alignment tables, inkjet
imagers, tipping bases and diversion gates.
Accommodates scanners, cameras or
external line controllers.
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Buskro Ltd.
Inkjet imaging equipment such as Aurora
(UV curable), Atlas (solvent) and Apollo
(water-based) meets variable data printing
needs, from single print head addressing
to multiple print head web and transactional documents. Transport bases, feeders, conveyors, extension tables and tabber/labelers also available. Choose from
water-based solvent, UV and CMYK print
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with auto-left justification and line spacing.
Minimizes makeready and manual adjustments. Holster-mounted print head for easy
removal and exact positioning. Prints from
any orientation, up to 26 cable feet from
compact, mobile control console. Domino’s
K-Series Drop-On-Demand variable print
solution utilizes piezo technology, delivering high-speed, vibrant text, barcodes and
graphics with a variety of inks, including
environmentally friendly 4-color UV-curable
inks to print onto most substrates. L400 is
the first product in Domino’s new L-Series
of inkjet solutions. Prints to all USPS postal
standards, delivers 600x300 dpi, prints at
375 fpm and is available with a wide range
of inks and support programs. To complement the L-Series, Domino also offers the
BaseLine mail table.
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EFI, Jetrion
Industrial Inkjet Systems
Jetrion 4000 series inkjet systems offer
high-speed/quality printing on range of
coated and uncoated substrates. Combined with Jetrion’s controller, systems
print all types of variable data, including barcodes (such as POSTNET and
4-State), addresses and other personalized
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FASTechnology Group
XGen controller product line supports
applications ranging from basic to complex, including custom systems integration.
FASTnet bindery management system
offers a software tool to assist with mailing,
production and data collection. Machine
vision products also available for reading,
verifying and matching preprinted material.
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Bitjet+ binary inkjet print engine directly
driven from an Editor GT controller or
equivalent. Provides WYSIWYG functionality on the Editor GT controller. Integral
self-diagnostics pinpoint local anomalies
and provide interactive modem support.
Provides 256 addressable jets across a
2.13˝ (54mm) print band that responds to
all font formats available from Windows
XP, plus graphic imaging and all major barcodes. Editor GT inkjet controller package
based on Windows XP provides control
for addressing, in-line personalization,
job preparation, and production planning
for stitching, binding, wrapping, folding,
newspaper lines, webs and mailing tables.
JetArray features a compact, single print
head for up to 8 lines of address, barcode
and personalized messaging in 1 pass,
Office-based desktop address printers
print message lines in color to eliminate the
need for preprinted envelopes. Printing the
USPS Intelligent Mail barcode can reduce
postage costs. High print speeds, troublefree operation and HP inkjet technology.
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NetJet system features latest HP addressing technology. Image area offered in 1.5˝
increments, with a choice of 4 print qualities: 600x150 dpi up to 600x600 dpi. Color
cartridge and bulk ink system compatible.
Wavejet addressing system runs solvent
and UV curable inks. Offers high production speeds and low maintenance costs.
Widejet addressing system prints high
resolution images and data at up to 1,200
dpi with a 4.25˝ print swath. Automatic print
head wiping and capping.
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Lake Image Systems
IntegraJET L400 offers printing in-line with
an inserter, stitched or attached options.
Fast speeds, accurate matching and ability to drive solvent, thermal and UV-based
print heads.
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Address printers operate at speeds up to
39,000 postcards/hr. and provide users
with high image quality for addresses and
barcodes, by printing directly onto envelopes and mail pieces. Available address
software is CASS and PAVE certified,
increasing productivity and accuracy, while
reducing the cost of bulk mailings. Intelligent Mail barcode compliant.
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Pitney Bowes
Print+ Messenger color inkjet system: Provides full color envelope printing capability on high-speed inserting systems. Add
colorful, data-driven messages, postal barcodes, addresses and relevant marketing
offers to outside of an envelope. Can use
white envelope stock to eliminate pre-printed envelope storage, improve inventory
management, merge jobs and increase
postal density for greater postal discounts.
Flexible Inkjet Transport: Vacuum base
tables allow ability to easily add printing,
scanning and labeling capabilities for envelopes, collations, postcards and other printed material. Multiple configuration options.
Constructed to either expand or contract
in size based on individual requirements.
Place in-line with FlowMaster RS Flex
inserting system or remain as standalone
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RENA Systems
Envelope Imager line of inkjet address
printers includes: Envelope Imager CS full
color; Envelope Imager 1.5, 1.5 Plus, 2.5,
3.0 and 4.0; and Envelope Imager XT 3.0
and 4.0 in-line.
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SA5300 desktop system. 600x600 dpi,
including graphics and spot color capability. Prints up to 30,000 pieces/hr. in draft
mode with little downtime and low operating costs. QuikJet addressing and imaging system features heavy-duty vacuum
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