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Costar® 12-Pette Multichannel Pipettor
Costar® 12-Pette® Multichannel Pipettor
Instruction Manual
Your Costar 12-Pette Pipettor is a precision, adjustable volume, multi-channel pipetting instrument. It is designed for
dispensing and sampling precise volumes of liquids using any
number of channels from 1 to 12. Tips are spaced to match
the rows or columns of standard 96 well microplates. Volume
range is from 20 µL to 200 µL with 0.5 µL scale divisions.
Accuracy and repeatability are within 2%.
All operations, including remote tip ejection, can be performed
with one hand. The 12-Pette pipettor is ergonomically designed
for easy right or left hand use. The unique two-finger trigger
action is less fatiguing than thumb-on-top operation. The pistol grip handle provides a better frame of reference for aiming
tips accurately into small wells than does a tall vertical configuration. The compact design is especially easy to use under
laminar flow hoods.
Safety features include remote one-hand tip ejection with a
7 to 1 mechanical advantage so that even jammed tips eject
easily and never need to be touched by hand. In the event of
possible contamination of the instrument, the entire unit can
be autoclaved for your complete protection.
Before autoclaving, set volume at 200 µL and wrap unit in
Kraft paper and tape. Autoclave 20 minutes at 250ºF (121ºC),
15 P.S.I.G. Although unit can withstand repeated autoclaving,
it should not be done more than necessary. Eventual damage
to lubricants and “O” rings may result.
WARNING: Excessive heat and/or time in autoclave can
cause damage to the unit.
Your 12-Pette® Pipettor has been calibrated and verified for
accuracy by the Corning Q.C. laboratory and unless severely
mistreated should never need recalibration. A quality control
statement showing C.V. and accuracy of your individual
instrument is packaged with your 12-Pette pipettor.
Unit Serial number
All parts of the 12-Pette pipettor are made of high strength
engineering materials to give you many years of reliable service; however, it should be treated with the same care you
would give any other precision instrument such as a camera or
microscope. The case provided makes a logical place to keep
and protect your 12-Pette pipettor. For long periods of storage set the volume at 200 µL. Then, before using, make several full strokes of the dispensing trigger.
There are no serviceable parts inside the 12-Pette pipettor
and you should not attempt to take it apart. It cannot be reassembled to perform accurately without the special calibration instruments and fixtures used by Corning. Should your
12-Pette Pipettor ever fail to operate properly, call Technical
Service at 1.800.492.1110 or 1.978.442.2200 for help.
Setting the Volume
Corning has chosen a micrometer head design for setting
volume. This is an extremely accurate method of adjustment
since volumes can be precisely set, line on line, and fractional
values can be estimated on the analog scale to about one tenth
of a milliliter.
The following instructions are offered for those not familiar
with the use of a micrometer:
A. The fixed scale on the inner barrel shows volumes in units
of ten µL, i.e. 20 µL, 30 µL, 50 µL, etc.
B. To set a volume of 100 µL, turn the micrometer head using
the quick setting knob until you can read 100 but not 110
on the fixed scale on the inner barrel. Now, holding the
micrometer head, line up 0 on the moveable scale with the
horizontal index line on the inner barrel. If set correctly,
you now can read 100 and all smaller volumes on the fixed
scale. You can also see the index line to the left of 100, but
the 110 index line is covered by the edge of the micrometer
C. Now rotate the head so that 1, 2, and 3 appear in order.
Line up 3 with the index line. Volume indicated is 100 plus
3 or 103 µL.
D. Now rotate the head to the line halfway between 3 and 4.
Volume is 100 plus 3 µL, or 103 µL or 103.5 µL. The
setting increments are very large on the micrometer head
to allow easy reference to volume settings. (See Figure 1.)
Pipette Tips
Your 12-Pette pipettor has been designed and calibrated with
Corning® tips. They are available in bulk or in racks of 96,
spaced for picking up 8 or 12 at one time on the tip holders
of your 12-Pette pipettor.
To eject tips, hold the 12-Pette pipettor vertically over a suitable waste container and pull ejector trigger firmly. (Ejector
trigger is remote from dispensing trigger to avoid accidental
For more information about Corning tips, visit
Position 1
Trigger is released.
Position 2
Trigger pulled until stop
resistance is felt.
100 µL
103.5 µL
Position 3
Trigger pulled beyond stop,
as far it will go.
Figure 1. Head Settings
Figure 2. Trigger Positions
Liquid Handling with the 12-Pette® Multichannel Pipettor
Alternate Method
This method is usually more accurate for dispensing very
small volumes of liquid. It may also be superior for liquids
that foam easily and for high viscosity fluids.
Liquid is drawn into the tips when the dispensing trigger is
Liquid is dispensed from the tips when the trigger is pulled.
Residual liquid is “blown out” from the tips when the trigger
is pulled beyond the first stop.
Always pull and release the trigger gently, smoothly, and
Make it a habit to quickly check the volume setting before
each and every use.
Even though you may be thoroughly familiar with pipetting,
we suggest you practice the various pipetting methods we will
describe using water, a reservoir, and a 96 well plate.
A. Pull trigger to Position 3.
B. Insert tips several millimeters below the surface of the
liquid to be transferred.
C. Release trigger to Position 1. Remove from liquid, touching
tips to reservoir side.
D. Dispense liquid by pulling trigger to Position 2. Touch tips
to liquid surface or well sides to release droplets.
E. Liquid remaining in tips may be returned to reservoir or
To follow our directions for different pipetting procedures
you must first memorize the three trigger positions:
Repeated Volume Dispensing Method
This is a quick and accurate method for multiple dispensing
of identical volumes.
Conventional Method
A. Pull trigger to Position 2.
B. Insert tips several millimeters below the surface of the
liquid to be transferred.
C. Release trigger to Position 1. Remove from liquid, touching
tips to reservoir side to dispose of any excess liquid.
D. Dispense liquid by pulling trigger to position 2. Hesitate a
second or so and pull to Position 3 to blow out residue.
E. Change tips if necessary and repeat steps.
A. Pull trigger to Position 3.
B. Insert tips several millimeters below the surface of the
liquid to be transferred.
C. Release trigger to Position 1. Remove from liquid, touching
tips to reservoir side.
D. Dispense liquid by pulling trigger to Position 2. Touch tips
to liquid surface or well sides to release droplets.
E. Return tips to reservoir and release trigger to Position 1.
F. Repeat steps D and E until pipetting is complete.
Your Costar® 12-Pette® Multichannel Pipettor is guaranteed
by Corning for 12 months from the date of purchase. We will
repair or replace at our option any parts we find defective.
Such repair will be free of charge unless, in our opinion, the
instrument has been abused or used improperly.
If your 12-Pette pipettor needs service within or after the
warranty period, call 1.800.492.1110 for instructions and a
return authorization number. Do not return the unit until
you have this number.
For customers outside the U.S., please call 1.978.442.2200
or contact your local Corning sales office listed below.
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