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Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M)
Automatic Powerdown
Instruction Booklet
Patents granted and Patents pending
Quick Installation Guide
Setting Up the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M)
1.Switch off the power at wall socket, unplug your existing
powerboard and then plug it into the ‘Power Saver Socket’.
2. Plug AV equipment that can automatically be switched off,
into the powerboard.
3.Identify equipment that requires constant power for
cool down period, timers, program guides and recording
features, and plug into the socket marked ‘Always On’,
or into another wall socket. A powerboard may also be
plugged into the "Always on" socket.
4. Connect the supplied SmartSensor cable to the underside of
the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M). Ensure this is plugged in
5. Place the SmartSensor in a convenient location that is in line
of sight. Close to your television is the best position, and
within normal operation of your existing remote control(s).
6. Plug the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) into a 230V or 240V
power point, and turn the power point on at the wall.
7. The LED monitoring light on the Embertec SmartSwitch™
AV(M) will now light up for 3 seconds and power is applied
to the power saver socket. This also indicates that the
SmartSwitch™ AV(M) has performed a load check.
Set Top Box
and Recorders
Blu-ray or
DVD Player
Please retain your instruction
book for future use.
In the event that you need assistance with your Embertec
SmartSwitch™, please contact us on 1300 033 367 or email us
at customerservice@embertec.com. Alternatively, visit us on
our website at www.embertec.com
Quick Installation Guide
Your Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) p6
What you need to know
What is MusicMode™
Fast Facts p14
Embertec SmartSwitch™ Specifications
Troubleshooting Guide
Your Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M)
1.Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M)
3. On/Off ‘Power Saver’
socket indicator light
• The ‘Always On’ socket (black) is recommended for use with
Audio Visual (AV) equipment that requires constant power
for timers, program guide and recording features (e.g. DVR,
PVR, VCR, Cable, Digital TV Receivers, hard drives or bedside
alarms). This will ensure constant power is not interrupted or
mistakenly removed.
• The ‘Power Saver’ socket (green) is recommended for Audio
Visual (AV) equipment that can be automatically switched off
(e.g. Televisions, amplifiers, stereos, speakers, game consoles,
DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray players, lamps).
• LED monitoring light indicates that power is available at the
power saver outlet of the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M).
• Overload protection circuit breaker re-set button (on rear of
device, not shown).
• 3 pins for use with standard Australian general purpose
• Infrared SmartSensor activates the ‘Power Saver’ socket,
monitors activity and is also used to set the Active
Powerdown. Comes with a 3 metre cable, LED light and
integrated push button control.
What you need to know!
Please read this Instruction Booklet before
installing your Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M).
• The Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) is an electrical device.
Normal safety precautions for use of an electrical device
must be observed.
• Do not immerse the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) in water.
• Needles, knives or any other metal or conductive item must
not be inserted into any Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) outlet.
• This device does not convert voltage. It must only be used
with appliances fitted with an Australian configuration
electrical plug (2-pin, or 3-pin) and rated 220–240V AC.
• Ensure the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) is securely plugged into
the wall socket to avoid it slipping out. Ensure cords plugged into
the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) remain tangle free.
• It is recommended to regularly inspect the Embertec
SmartSwitch™ AV(M) for damage. The Embertec SmartSwitch™
AV(M) must not be used if it shows any signs of damage.
• This Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) is for indoor household
use. Do not use outdoors. Do not use this Embertec SmartSwitch™
AV(M) for anything other than its intended use. Misuse may
cause injury.
• Embertec is not responsible for special, incidental, or
consequential damages, or loss of data; or any loss or damage
arising from intentional misuse of the product. Such damages
and loss include, but are not limited to: lost business; business
downtime; component/equipment replacement and
reconfiguration; and the costs of retrieval of lost data.
• In normal use, this device intermittently emits a green
flashing light. People who experience photosensitive
epilepsy or other forms of photosensitivity should exercise
caution when using the device.
We recommend connecting any Home Theatre Media Centre
Computers or appliances containing a hard drive into the
‘Always On’ socket to prevent accidental removal of power
during power cycles. This will prevent damage to, and extend
the life of your Home Theatre Projection lamps.
The Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) has 2 power
saving functions
1. Standby Powerdown automatically detects and switches
off wasted Standby Power when the equipment is left in
standby mode.
2. Active Powerdown automatically switches the power off to
Audio Visual (AV) equipment connected to the power saver
socket after 1 hour, if it has not detected any remote control use.
NOTE: The Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) is programmable and has an
Active Powerdown default setting of 1 hour, which can be permanently
set to 2 or 3 hours, or temporarily 8 hours (MusicMode™).
When will Active Powerdown Switch the Audio
Visual (AV) Equipment off?
• If your Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) detects that your Audio
Visual (AV) equipment is on but has not been used for a
period of 1, 2, 3 or 8 hours (depending on your settings),
the LED light on the SmartSensor will flash for approximately
10 minutes to warn you that power down is imminent.
To continue using your equipment.
• Simply press ANY button on ANY of your existing remote
controls or press the button on the SmartSensor once. This
will cancel the Active Powerdown and reset the timer to its
setting of 1, 2, 3 or 8 hours (according to your setting).
NOTE: A flashing LED always means that your system will shut down
completely in a while. Press any remote control button to stop the
light flashing and continue using your system.
What Audio Visual Equipment Can Be Used With
The Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M)?
Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) is a power saving device that is
suitable for all Audio Visual (AV) applications and setups, including:
Always On socket
• Audio Visual (AV) equipment that requires constant power for
timers, program guides and recording features, such as DVD
recorders, pay TV and PVR units, set-top boxes, hard drives
or digital receivers
• Certain home theatre projectors that require a cool down
period, includes rear projection televisions
Power Saver socket – will be automatically
switched off
Televisions without in-built hard drives
Home theatre speaker systems
Game consoles without hard drives
CD, DVD, and Blu-ray players
Turning ON your AV Equipment
• To operate your Audio Visual (AV) components, press any
button on any existing remote control(s), or press the button
on the SmartSensor. This will apply power to all components
and place them in standby mode, ready for use. You can
continue using your existing remote(s) to operate your
television or other Audio Visual (AV) components in the
normal way.
NOTE: To reactivate your TV components, you may be required to
press the power button again on the relevant remote after power
has been restored.
Turning OFF your AV Equipment
• Simply turn your equipment off in the normal way. Once the
Audio Visual (AV) components have been switched off, the
Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) will remove power from the
Power Saver socket after a delay of approximately 1 minute.
NOTE: The LED light on the SmartSensor will flash for about 60
seconds to warn you that power is about to be removed from the
AV power saver outlet.
The infrared SmartSensor activates the Power Saver socket,
monitors activity and is used to set the Active Powerdown
timer. The SmartSensor receives signals from any of your remote
controls and recognises when you are interacting with your
Audio Visual (AV) components. SmartSensor default setting for
Active Powerdown is 60 minutes.
Changing settings for Active Powerdown using
the SmartSensor
Your Embertec SmartSwitch™ is equipped with a number of
settings to suit your lifestyle. You can set your timer to either
1, 2 or 3 hours, depending on usage habits. This means the
SmartSensor will flash after the set period, warning of imminent
power down. In every case you can continue using your
equipment by pressing any button on any remote control.
The default setting is 1 hour, which is aimed to maximise your
energy savings.
To change Active Powerdown to 2 or 3 hours, (this may be
appropriate for longer movies or programs where remote
control activity is unlikely).
1.Ensure your Audio Visual (AV) equipment is switched on.
2.Press and hold down the button on the SmartSensor
firmly for 3 seconds, then release. The LED light on the
SmartSensor will flash for a few seconds as it enters
Settings Mode.
3.As soon as the LED light on the SmartSensor has stopped
flashing, immediately begin to set the Active Powerdown
to 2 or 3 hours, by pressing and releasing the SmartSensor
button, as per the table below.
To set the Active
timer to:
Press the button
on the
1 hour (default setting) Once, then release
2 hours
3 hours
Three Times
To confirm the
setting, the LED light
on the SmartSensor
will flash:
1 time
2 times
3 times
Please make sure the sensor has flashed back 1, 2 or 3 times
What is MusicMode™?
Your Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) is equipped with a unique
MusicMode™ feature. This feature enables you to override the
Active Powerdown for a period of 8 hours. This feature is great
for playing music, parties, video nights or any time you want to
keep your appliances on for an extended period of time.
The Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) will revert to its previous
setting of 1, 2 or 3 hours after the 8 hour period or after a
power down has occurred.
Activating MusicMode™ is easy:
Hold the button on your SmartSensor down for at least 8
seconds, then release. The LED will flash 5 times indicating that
MusicMode™ is active.
1. In this mode your system will stay on for 8 hours, unless you
switch your appliances off.
2. Your permanent Active Powerdown timer setting will revert
to 1, 2 or 3 hours once you have switched your appliances off,
or after 8 hours, whichever comes first.
NOTE: Make sure your AV System is on before you start!
Fast Facts
• Surge protection is provided to all outlets.
• Australian designed and engineered.
• Conforms with Australian Electrical Safety Standards: AS/NZS
3197:2005 and AS/NZS 3100:2009
What Power is Wasted?
Many of today’s appliances for the home and office continue to
use power, even when the appliance is turned off. Appliances
that are left on unintentionally waste even more power.
Overload Protection
The Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) is fitted with a safety device
that removes power in the event of overloading. Should this
occur, turn off and unplug all units, and press the reset button.
Then plug into the wall socket again. Once reset, use any
remote control to activate power to the Power Saver socket.
Connect one device at a time. If any of the devices cause
the safety device to trip again then get the offending device
serviced. If the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) fails to operate,
please contact Embertec on 1300 033 367.
Care and Maintenance
To clean the outside of the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) adaptor, first
switch off and remove the adaptor from the power point. Then wipe
the exterior with a soft cloth. Never use an abrasive cleaner, or water.
To protect the environment, the Embertec SmartSwitch AV(M)
should be recycled, or disposed of safely at the end of its life.
Please return to a recycling centre for safe recycling or disposal.
Embertec SmartSwitch™ Specifications
October 2012
130mm height, 75mm width, 70mm depth
AV and AV(M)
60g SmartSensor
White body, grey and
green inserts
White body, black and
green inserts
SmartSensor Cable Length:
3 metres
Temperature (operating):
0 0C to +70 0C
Temperature (storage):
-20 0C to +85 0C
Humidity (operating):
95% RH at +50 0C
3 MOVs ( A-E, N-E, A-N)
Total Surge:
375 Joules / 13,500 Amps
Maximum Current:
10A RMS via circuit breaker
Electrical Durability
Relay endurance:
Over 100,000 switching cycles
Operating Voltage:
230 V AC +10% -6%
Max Output Current:
10 Amps RMS
Max total load:
2400 W
Life Span:
> 20 years
Maximum Power consumption
< 0.9W @ 230V 50Hz
< 1W @ 230V 50Hz
SmartSensor Infrared Interface (AV Series Only)
Troubleshooting Guide
To Check
The Embertec SmartSwitch™
AV(M) is not receiving power.
• Ensure the mains power supply
switch is turned on at the wall or
The Embertec SmartSwitch™
AV(M) is not powering down
my equipment in standby
• Ensure the equipment is plugged
into the Power Saver socket, not into
the ‘Always On’ socket.
• The Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M)
has not detected the equipment
is in standby. Please repeat this
process by switching on the Audio
Visual (AV) component again,
waiting 10 seconds, and switching
off again making sure all appliances
are in standby mode.
The SmartSensor flashes
frequently during normal
• This may be an indication of
unwanted infrared activity in the
area. Please check the immediate
area for infrared devices that maybe
interfering with the Embertec
SmartSwitch™ AV(M) (such as compact
fluorescent lights, computers,
mobile phones, and other portable
consumer electronic devices) and:
• Move the SmartSensor to another
location that is within line of sight
and normal operation of your
Audio Visual (AV) equipment
remote controls.
To Check
The LED on the main body of
the Embertec SmartSwitch™
AV(M) is flashing, but my
SmartSensor LED does not
work (when plugged in and
powered on).
• Please check your SmartSensor
connection to the Embertec
SmartSwitch™ AV(M) by:
-- Ensuring the SmartSensor cable
is safely and securely connected
to the underside of the Embertec
SmartSwitch™ AV(M), and;
-- Press the button on the top of the
SmartSensor when plugged into
the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M)
with the Embertec SmartSwitch™
AV(M) switched on. If the LED does
not flash whenever you press the
button, it may be evidence of a
faulty SmartSensor or connection.
The Embertec SmartSwitch™
AV has stopped working.
• Unplug all the appliances connected
into the Embertec SmartSwitch™
AV(M) adaptor and then unplug the
adaptor from the wall socket. Then
reconnect everything again.
The TV keeps turning off
after 1 hour.
• The SmartSensor default setting
for Active Powerdown is 60 minutes.
• Please see “Changing SmartSensor
setting for Active Powerdown” to
change Active Powerdown to 1, 2
or 3 hours.
Embertec 12 Month Replacement Warranty
This Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) is supplied by
Embertec Pty Ltd. Embertec Pty Ltd is responsible
for any warranty obligations as defined below.
In Australia, this Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) Replacement
Warranty does not limit or restrict any other rights or remedies
that the purchaser may have under law including the guarantees
under the Australian Consumer Law relating to the appliance.
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded
under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a
replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation
for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are
also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the
goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not
amount to a major failure.
This Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) Replacement Warranty is
valid only in the country of purchase, but other statutory rights
or remedies may still apply.
Embertec warrants the purchaser against defects in
workmanship and material for a period of 12 months domestic
use from the date of purchase or installation (or 3 months
commercial use). The cost of returning the product is not
covered by this warranty.
The Embertec Replacement Warranty does not apply to any
defect, deterioration, loss, injury or damage occasioned by, or as
a result of, misuse or abuse, negligent handling or if the product
has been used other than in accordance with the instructions.
The Embertec Replacement Warranty excludes breakables such
as glass and ceramic items, consumable items and normal wear
and tear.
This Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV(M) Replacement Warranty is
void if there is evidence of the product being tampered with
by unauthorised persons.
If the product includes one or a number of accessories only the
defective accessory or product will be replaced. Products may
be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type.
Subject to your statutory rights, in the event of Embertec
choosing to replace the product, the Embertec SmartSwitch™
AV(M) Replacement Warranty will expire at the original date,
i.e. 12 months from the original date of purchase.
How to claim
In the event that you need some assistance with your Embertec
SmartSwitch™ AV(M), please contact us on 1300 033 367 or email
us at customerservice@embertec.com
Alternatively, visit us on the website at www.embertec.com or
write to us at Warranty Claims, Embertec Pty Ltd, 182 Fullarton
Road, Dulwich, SA 5065, Australia
For further assistance please contact us on
Embertec Pty Ltd
182 Fullarton Road,
Dulwich, SA 5065, Australia
Telephone: 1300 033 367
Website: www.embertec.com
E-mail: customerservice@embertec.com
Due to continual improvement in design or otherwise, the product you purchase
may differ slightly from the illustration in this book. Issue V4
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