Acer | P7290 | Compelling professional projection

Compelling professional projection
The Acer P7290 combines leading projection technologies to deliver
high-impact business presentations and facilitate learning. Acer ColorBoost
II technology, 5000 ANSI lumens brightness, native XGA (1024 x 768)
resolution and 3000:1 contrast ratio ensure lifelike visuals, sharply defined
details and truer blacks in big venues with sufficient ambient light.
HDMI™ and DVI-D ports offer advanced digital connectivity, while Acer
EcoProjection and Acer ePower Management technologies guarantee
big power savings.
professional projection
Lamp Life
Color-Wheel Rotation
Zoom Ratio
Contrast Ratio
3X (9000 rpm)
Digital Connectivity
Digital Connectivity
Digital Audio
Instant Resume
OS Compatibility
Power Consumption
Windows 7 Compliance
Standby Mode
Keystone Correction
Installation Menu
Top Loading Lamp
Acer Projector P7290 Quick Spec
Feature highlights
Projection system
Display panel
Exceptional display
• Acer ColorBoost II technology
• XGA resolution
• 5000 Lumens brightness and 3000:1 contrast ratio
• DLP® system design
• 3X color-wheel rotation speed
0.7" DarkChipTM 3 DMD
Native XGA (1024 x 768)
Maximum UXGA (1600 x 1200), WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050)
Aspect ratio
4:3 (native), 16:9
Contrast ratio
5000 ANSI lumens (standard); 4000 ANSI lumens (ECO)
Lamp life
2000 hours (standard); 3000 hours (ECO)
Projection lens
F = 2.52 ~ 2.79, f = 22.55 ~ 27.06 mm
1:1.2 manual zoom and manual focus
Keystone correction +/-40 degrees (vertical), +/-15 degrees (horizontal), Manual
Noise level
35 dBA (standard mode); 29 dBA (ECO mode)
Input interface
Output interface
Versatile installation
• Installation menu
• 2D keystone correction
• Digital connectivity via an HDMI™ port
• Digital connectivity via a DVI-D port
• Dual D-Sub input
• Multi-PC connectivity
• Monitor loop-through
• RS-232 port
• 5.1-channel digital audio via S/PDIF
Two analog RGB/component video (D-Sub), composite video (RCA),
S-Video mini DIN, HDMI™ (video, HDCP), PC audio (stereo mini jack),
DVI(HDCP), analog audio L/R (RCA)
Analog RGB (D-Sub), PC audio (stereo mini jack), S/PDIF audio (RCA)
Empowering usability
• Acer Empowering Technology
• Acer SmartFormat technology
• Acer Top-Loading Lamp design
• Acer Instant Pack technology
• Built-in speakers
• Quick start
• Quick detection
Earth-friendly functionality
• Acer EcoProjection technology
• Longer lamp life (3000 hours)
• ECO mode
• Low noise level
• Automatic safety shutdown
15-pin D-Sub for PC analog signal/
HDTV/Component video input
15-pin D-Sub for
monitor loop-through
29-pin DVI-D port
19-pin HDMI™ port
35 mm mini-jack for
wired remote control
AC-in jack
S/PDIF-out port
3.5 mm audio mini-jack
RS-232 port
USB connector for
remote computer control
Component video
(RCA) jacks
S-video mini-DIN
Composite video
RCA jack
Stereo mini jacks for PC audio
Acer ColorBoost II Technology
Acer ColorBoost II optimizes multimedia
performance for different scenarios, environments
and connectivity interfaces. It is the next generation
of ColorBoost performance enhancement
technology for Acer projectors — all of which
feature a six-segment color wheel for business
presentations, educational purposes and
entertainment in any venue. With Acer ColorBoost
II, Acer projectors deliver enriched details, smoother
gradation and brighter natural colors while boosting
color strength and performance for more lifelike
Acer projectors featuring ColorSafe are virtually immune to color decay,
such as the yellow or green tint on images displayed by some projectors
that have been used for extended periods of time. Acer projectors take
advantage of DLP® technology to guarantee picture integrity despite
prolonged use. The extended lifespan and consistent image quality lower
the total cost of ownership and translate to big savings.
Acer EcoProjection Technology
Acer EcoProjection is a complete environment-friendly power
management solution that reduces standby power consumption by up
to 50%, from 5 W to 1 W. Also featured in the Acer EcoProjection suite
is Acer ePower Management for customized power-saving
About Acer
Since its founding in 1976, Acer has constantly pursued the go al of breaking the barriers between people and technology. Focu sed on marketing its
brand-name IT products around the globe, Acer ranks as the world's No. 3 vendor for total PCs and No. 2 for notebooks, with the fastest growth among
the top-five players. A profitable and sustainable Channel Business Model is instrumental to Acer' s continued growth, while the successful mergers of
Gateway and Packard Bell complete the company's global footprint by strengthening its presence in the U.S., and enhancing its strong position in Europe.
Acer Inc. employs 5,000 people worldwide. 2007 revenues reached US$14.07 billion. See for more information.
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