Mikado | Logo 600 SX | Pyro 650-103, 550SX Edition

Pyro 650-103L, 550SX Edition
Modifying the Logo 550SX to fit
the Kontronik Pyro 650-103L
Parts Needed
• Mod 1, 106T Main Gear- MIK4621
• Mod 1, 11T or 12T Pinion- MIK4635 or MIK4636
– Note: the above parts are for the 600SX, which has a
thicker main gear and matching pinion
• (1) 6x13x5 Bearing- can use MIK4521 (two come per
• (1) 6x9x0.2 Shim
Step One- Cut Motor Shaft
The motor shaft on the Pyro 650-103L needs 8mm
removed from the end. This is to prevent the shaft from
damaging and interfering with the installation of the
Step One- Cut Motor Shaft
• Always protect the motor from metal particles.
• Add chamfer to end of shaft.
Step Two- Install Mod 1 Main
• If you have previously installed the Mod .7 main
gear in your 550SX, please remove it along with the
counter bearing components.
• Remove the auto hub from the Mod .7 gear (if
installed) and install in the new Mod 1 main gear.
• Follow the steps in the manual for installing the new
gear with the appropriate shims.
Step Two- Install Mod 1 Main
Step Three- Install new bearing
in Counter Bearing Support
• The counter bearing support on the motor side is
used on both the 550SX and 600SX models. The only
difference is the 550SX has a bearing with a 5mm ID
and the 600SX has a bearing with a 6mm ID. Since
the powerful Pyro 650-103L has a 6mm motor shaft,
the appropriate bearing must be installed.
• Carefully press the existing bearing out of MIK4714.
This is easily accomplished with a simple vice and
correctly sized socket. Of course if you have an
Arbor Press, this is more precise for installation and
Step Three- Install new bearing
in Counter Bearing Support
• Insert the new bearing (6x13x5) in the existing
location and press until fully seated.
Step Four- Install Motor
• Loosely install the pinion on the motor shaft and
install into the frame with the counter bearing
support. Follow the Logo instruction manual for
proper sequence of installation.
• Remember to add thread lock to appropriate
screws and check to see the motor wires are not
rubbing against and components.
Step Four- Install Motor
Step Five- Adjust your settings
and go fly!
• Please adjust your throttle settings per the new gear
ratio and motor kV. (the motor kV is 1030)
• Enjoy your new Pyro motor!!!
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