AlphaNet Plus Messaging Software - Details

AlphaNet Plus Messaging Software - Details
Programming Software
for Alpha, Beta-Brite
and AlphaVision Displays
AlphaNetJ, AlphaNet PlusJ, AlphaNet Plus IIJ and AlphaNet Plus for WindowsJ are four
software programs used to compose and transmit messages to Beta-Brite7, AlphaJ and
AlphaVisionJ LED Displays. The first three are DOS programs. The fourth, AlphaNet Plus for
Windows, is a WindowsJ program.
Each of these four software programs and the use of a computer greatly simplify the task of conveying
information about your business, products, services and specials to employees, customers, and
visitors. Quickly compose your message and insert assorted display modes, multiple text sizes and
fonts, pre-programmed animations (on most models), user-designed graphics (on selected models),
multiple colors (on multi-color models), time of day and temperature (on outdoor models) to achieve
maximum impact and attention.
AlphaNet is for users who require a message editor with pull-down menus that simplify the creation
and transmission of attractive messages. AlphaNet Plus adds features such as multiple message
transmissions to one or more displays at the same time, recognition of different display addresses,
automatic message start and stop times, communication with remote displays via modem, and has
a Dots Editor for creating graphics. AlphaNet Plus II adds specialized tools for creating original
animations; imports and edits PrintMaster, Print Shop and PCX files; and has on-screen previewing
of messages and animations. AlphaNet Plus for Windows provides all of the above features, except
graphic image editing, and it offers either a textual or graphical user interface in Microsoft WindowsJ.
AlphaNet Features:
AlphaNet has a user-friendly and easy-to-use Message Editor for creating and modifying
simple or elaborate eye-catching, attention-getting messages.
It features pull-down menus, function keys, shortcut keys, on-line help text, diagnostics and
mouse support to facilitate message editing and transmission.
A pull-down menu simplifies typing the international letters and symbols: á, à, ä, Ä, å, Å, æ,
Æ, ç, Ç, é, É, ê, ë, è, í, î, ï , ì , ó, ô, ö, ò, ú, û, ü, ù, ÿ, ñ, Ñ, ), (, $, 4, ,, -, / and others.
AlphaNet provides access to most of the features built into the Alpha, Beta-Brite, Power
View and AlphaVision LED displays -- multiple message display modes, serif and san serif
character fonts, various character heights and widths, line positioning, pre-programmed
animations (depending on model), time of day display, color selection, message speed and
hold time.
25 different message display modes and special effects may be used in messages to
capture the attention of the viewer:
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Roll (Up, Down, Left, Right, In or Out) - The message moves onto the display
from the top, bottom, right, left, middle or ends of the display.
Wipe (Up, Down, Left, Right, In or Out) - The message is revealed from the top
of the characters down, from the bottom of the characters up, from the left of the
display to the right, from the right of the display to the left, from the center of the
display to the ends, or from each end to the center.
Scroll - On two-line displays, the new line moves up from the bottom of the display
and pushes the bottom line to the top line and the top line off the display.
Rotate - Messages march from right to left like a stock market ticker display.
Hold - Instantly displays a message without special effects until another message
on that line replaces it.
Automode - Phrases of a messages are displayed in randomly selected colors,
entry modes and exit modes.
Flash - Specified parts of the message flash on and off several times.
Twinkle - Phrases are displayed with an oscillating dot pattern.
Sparkle - Words and phrases appear gradually as the dots in the new message
replace those in the old message or phrase in that position.
Snow - The dots forming the message or phrase appear to fall from the top of the
display, building the message like rising snow.
Roving Dot - Writes a new message or phrase over the current one with a dot that
bounces from side to side and top to bottom.
Interlock - Alternating rows of dots move rapidly from each end of the display area
to form the centered message or phrase.
Switch - Alternating characters move rapidly on and off the display from the top
and bottom to form the message or phrase.
Slide - Characters appear to slide rapidly across the display, one at a time, from
right to left, building the message or phrase from left to right.
Spray - The dots of the message or phrase seem to spray across the display from
right to left building the message from left to right.
Starburst - Stars explode in a random pattern on the display, gradually building
the new message.
Speed - Messages may run at five speeds, from slow to fast.
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Nine pre-programmed graphic animations may be included in your messages1:
Cherry Bomb - The fuse on a cherry bomb burns down to the bomb, and the
bomb explodes with a beep.
Don't Drink and Drive - A car collides with a bubbling cocktail glass, tossing its
passenger and displaying the message "Please Don't Drink and Drive."
Fireworks - Fireworks explode and cascade in a random pattern.
No Smoking - A burning cigarette is extinguished, flipped with a finger and
replaced with the international No Smoking symbol.
Running Animal - An animal runs across the display from right to left.
Slot Machine - A slot machine spins with random results.
Turbo Car - A car appears in the distance and races across the display.
Thank You - "Thank You" is written in script from left to right.
Welcome - "Welcome" is written in script from left to right.
Messages may be stored, retrieved and deleted easily on hard disk or diskette.
AlphaNet provides simple, easy and rapid transmission of messages to all displays in a local
display network. Individual display addressing is not provided.
You may select and specify the Serial COM port to which local displays are attached and
through which messages are transmitted to the displays.
When a transmission problem is detected, AlphaNet displays an error message. The user
may request a Diagnostic Analysis by pressing <Alt><D>.
The manual is well-written and easy to use. Tutorial exercises and Feature Reference Tables
are included, as well as instructions for installing the software on hard disk. Various local
Alpha network configurations are illustrated. The components of each configuration and the
method of attaching the configuration to your computer are described in detail.
Installation assistance, software support and training are available by telephone. Limited
customer assistance and technical support are provided for one year at no additional charge.
Extended support is also available.
7000 Series and AlphaVision models do not display these animations. Instead they
may be programmed with user-designed animations.
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AlphaNet Plus Features: AlphaNet Plus includes all the AlphaNet features described above and
adds the following features...
Remote Transmission -- Messages may be transmitted to individual remote Alpha displays
and to networks of Alpha displays via modem at baud rates up to 9600 baud.
Individual Display Addressing -- Each local and remote Alpha display may be given a
specific identification code, so that certain messages may sent only to specific displays. Note
to Beta-Brite users: The Beta-Brite does not have an identification code; it receives and
displays all properly formatted messages that are transmitted through its cable.
Location Cards list your specific local and remote Alpha displays. If displays are to be
accessed by modem, their modem phone number is typed on the Location Card.
Message Transmit Cards list the filenames of the message files that you want transmitted
to the display or to the displays listed on the corresponding Location Card.
The Mark Card option allows you to "mark" the Message Transmit Cards to be included when
the Transmit Marked Cards option is invoked.
The TempNet File option permits you to transmit a message to a display without affecting
other messages currently stored and running in the display. This feature was designed to
lower phone costs by eliminating the need to retransmit messages that haven't changed when
sending new messages via modem to displays in remote locations.
Create and modify your own graphic patterns, logos and special symbols with the Dots Editor
and include these new graphic patterns in your messages.
Automatic Message Scheduling -- Set specific run times (day and time to start, and day and
time to stop) for one or more messages on one or more displays.
Message Verification and Error Checking are options that may be selected to ensure that
messages get to the intended Alpha displays. Fail Cards, showing the messages and
displays that did not receive them correctly, are automatically created when a transmission
problem occurs. The Fail Card messages may be easily retransmitted when the error
condition is corrected.
Message Editor Password Protection and File Locking options help guard against
unauthorized access to the Message Editor and to messages already running on the Alpha
displays by the Remote Control Keyboard.
If the Tone Trigger option is on, displays will beep when they receive a new message.
When the Time Zone Adjustment option is on, AlphaNet Plus will request a time zone
adjustment at transmission time, so that when the time is displayed in a message, the time will
be correct for that time zone.
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With the Request Delayed Send option turned on, when a message is transmitted to a
display via modem, AlphaNet Plus will prompt, "Do you want to delay your transmission?" If
a time is entered, AlphaNet Plus waits until the computer's internal clock matches the time
you have entered before it begins the transmission. AlphaNet Plus must be active at the
specified time for the delayed transmission to occur.
The Printer Options Menu allows you to print the following:
Location Cards showing all the Alpha displays in a group.
Message Transmit Cards showing the messages to be sent to a group.
The Transmit Log showing the last 25 transmissions sent.
The Phone Book, listing all remote location modem phone numbers.
The five Safety Counters files and messages, if the Safety Counters option is
The Keyboard File Size option allows you to define how much of the storage capacity of a
particular Alpha display may be programmed by the Remote Control Keyboard.
Both 12 hour and 24 hour clock (military time) formats are included. The time displayed is
based on the time stored in your computer. The time settings in your display are updated
each time you transmit a message.
Counters (on all EZ Key II models) -- Up to five independent counters in your messages may
be set to count up or down from 0 or 99999999 in minutes, hours or days, in any increment,
until a specific target number is reached. Upon reaching each desired target number, each
counter may be set to display different target messages for up to five target numbers. For
example, the message might say "GOOD WORK! 10 DAYS WITHOUT AN ACCIDENT!" and
on the next day automatically change to display "A NEW RECORD... 11 DAYS WITHOUT AN
AlphaNet Plus II Features: AlphaNet Plus II is designed especially to combine text and graphics
and to invoke the advanced features that are available in the Alpha 7000 Series and the AlphaVision
series. It includes all the AlphaNet and AlphaNet Plus features described above and adds the
following features:
Create Your Own Animations -- The Dots Editor is replaced with a two-screen Graphics
Editor and a Quick Flick Animation screen. The Graphics Editor has numerous editing tools,
Color Swap/Fill
Preview with Supersketch and View Frame
Go to Cursor Position using X,Y coordinates
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Clip art -- PrintMaster, Print Shop and PCX files may be imported, including scanned
images. These images may be scaled, edited, colorized or animated for display on
certain Alpha LED Display models.
The Quick Flick Editor allows you to place multiple graphic images into one or a series
of frames to simulate animations, movement or repetition.
Message Emulation -- Two emulation features allows you to preview your messages on the
screen of your computer to see how the messages will be broken into the various screens
when they are running on the LED display. You may preview part of a message or an entire
New Fonts and Character Display Options for Alpha 7000 Series and AlphaVision Models
-- AlphaNet Plus II and AlphaNet Plus for Windows will program the following character
heights: 5 row, 7 row, 10 row, and 15/16 row. A new double high chararacter feature doubles
the above character heights to 10 row, 14 row, 20 row and 30/32 row. AlphaNet Plus II and
AlphaNet Plus for Windows also program individual character flashing and true descender
control. Descenders of the letters and characters such as j, g, p, q and y may be displayed
either below or even with the main text line.
Other New Features -- The AutoColor command, available on the 7000 Series and on
AlphaVision models, selects message colors randomly from the available colors.
AlphaNet Plus for Windows -- This implementation of AlphaNet is the first designed specifically for
the Windows environment. Once again this latest version of software provides the features
described above for the DOS programs, and it adds new features. The manual is available on the
Internet at .
It provides the option of selecting either a textual or a graphical user interface. Modes, character
fonts, colors, and other special feature codes may be represented on the Message Editor screen
by a symbol instead of text.
It provides features to support wireless messaging via wireless transmitters and receivers. It also
supports transmission of messages to Alpha LED Displays via print servers over a local area
The "Location Card" and "Message Card" metaphors used in the DOS AlphaNet programs have
been replaced by the "Site Manager" and the "Message List" features in AlphaNet Plus for
Windows. You may set up multiple sites having the same or different communication device
(COM1, COM2, Wireless COM1, LPT1, etc.) and having various combinations of Sign Addresses.
Each site has its own message list. This facilitates keeping unique or special lists of messages
and message schedules for specific signs or groups of signs.
AlphaNet Plus for Windows will transmit one or multiple graphical images (i.e., animations) to
certain Alpha LED Displays. AlphaNet Plus II and AlphaNet Plus for Windows both include a
Quick Flick Editor, used to assemble graphics into an animation sequence. AlphaNet Plus for
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Windows has no graphical designing features. Graphics design should now be done with one
of the many popular graphic design programs available for the personal computer, such as Paint
Shop Pro, an inexpensive shareware program. AlphaNet Plus II can use Print Master, Print Shop
and PCX image files that have been scanned and saved on disk. AlphaNet Plus for Windows
also utilizes the standard GIF format. GIF files may be transmitted as graphics and as animations
along with messages to certain Alpha LED Displays. We recommends the use of Paintshop
 , a popular drawing program for designing graphics. A shareware copy of Paint Shop Pro
is provided with AlphaNet Plus for Windows.
AlphaNet Benefits:
Dramatically reduce the time it takes to create, modify and send messages; and eliminate
the tedious, time consuming use of the Remote Control Keyboard. Using a computerized
text editor with pull-down menus and function keys is much faster and easier than pushing
buttons one at a time on the Remote Control Keyboard.
Virtually eliminate "lost" and accidentally erased messages. Stored messages on hard disk
or diskette can be conveniently retrieved, transmitted and displayed again instantly.
Existing messages stored on disk can be easily modified to create new messages.
Elaborately designed messages already created and saved on disk or diskette can be used
as models for new messages, making it unnecessary to reinvent the design and further
reducing the time and effort required to create a new message.
The same messages can be typed in more than one language, English and Spanish, for
example, and then displayed in a convenient, alternating sequence.
The Cherry Bomb animation includes a beep that is an attention-getting Audible Alert when
it is incorporated into a message.
Additional Benefits of AlphaNet Plus:
Location Cards and Message Transmit Cards facilitate sending messages to all Alpha
displays at once, to groups of Alpha displays, or to individual Alpha displays, regardless of
whether the units are locally attached or are being programmed via modem.
Sequencing Multiple Messages is much easier, faster and less error prone with AlphaNet
Plus software than with the Remote Control Keyboard. Compare sequencing messages
using a Remote Control Keyboard with the same task using AlphaNet Plus. With the Remote
Control Keyboard, you must (1) type multiple messages into multiple buffers. Next you (2)
press the <RUN> key, (3) press the <SELECT> key, and (4) type the letters of the message
buffers in the desired display sequence. Finally, you (5) press the <RUN> key again to begin
displaying the messages in sequence. If you made a mistake along the way, you must go
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back to step (2) and retype your sequence in step (4), even if it was correct the first time.
With AlphaNet Plus software, you (1) create each message using the editor and (2) save
each message on disk or diskette. Next you (3) list the message filenames on a Message
Transmit Card in the desired display order and (4) press the <F3> key to transmit the
message files to the desired Alpha displays. The messages load into sequential message
buffers and display in the order in which they were transmitted. If you made a mistake, go
back to step (3), correct the filename sequence on the screen, if necessary and press the
<F3> key again, and no typing is required.
With Message Scheduling, you can type messages ahead of time, giving each of the
messages specific start and stop times. Once these messages have been sent to the
appropriate Alpha displays, the messages will turn on and off again at your predetermined
times without further human intervention. Daily, recurring messages, such as "Lunch Time
Specials" and "Coffee Break Specials" or train and bus schedules, can turn on and turn off
at the appropriate times each day. Safety-oriented messages, such as "Lift With Your Legs,
Not With Your Back" or "Don't Forget To Wear Your Goggles" can be displayed at different
times, instead of at the same time, to achieve maximum effect and variety.
The Dots Editor feature included in AlphaNet Plus enables users to design dot images of
the company logo, trademark, or graphic images associated with the business or message.
These dot images may be stored on disk, where they may be retrieved and included in your
Additional Benefits of AlphaNet Plus II and AlphaNet Plus for Windows:
On Screen Message Previewing -- This is an important feature for those who edit
messages, but who cannot see the message running on the sign when they are sitting at the
computer on which they do their message editing. Composing messages that have a variety
of display features is a trial and error process. First, you type your message. Second, you
transmit your work to the display. Third, you watch your message play. Fourth, you make any
necessary adjustments to the message. Fifth, you transmit the message to the sign again.
If you can't see the sign, because it is in another part of the building or at a remote site, then
checking your message formats and animations can be either time-consuming or impossible.
The emulation feature allows you to preview on your computer screen how your message will
play on the Alpha, Beta-Brite or AlphaVision display.
Create Your Own Animations -- An animation is a sequence of multiple dot images pictures
that you have created, played at a specified speed.
For the DOS programs, an IBM-compatible computer system with 640K of random access
memory, running IBM- or MS-DOS 2.1 or higher and a 1.2 mb or 1.44 mb Diskette Drive is
required for AlphaNet. AlphaNet Plus, AlphaNet Plus II and AlphaNet Plus for Windows
require a hard disk drive and an EGA or VGA Display to use the Dots Editor, Graphics Editor
and Quick Flick Editor. AlphaNet Plus for Windows must be run on an appropriately
configured MS Windows-based computer. None of the above computer systems have to be
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dedicated to only the AlphaNet application; other programs may be installed on the computer.
Connectivity Options -- Alpha and AlphaVision LED Displays support many local
connectivity options – RS-232, RS-485, wireless communication, and Ethernet TCP/IP
protocols. A variety of remote connectivity options are also available using modems, RS-232,
RS-485, wireless communication, and Ethernet TCP/IP protocols. Specific configurations and
parts lists are described in our Network Configurations manual available on the Internet at Alpha networks are also described in a
document called Alpha Networks found at The
most common connectivity options are RS-232 and RS-485. To use either of these options,
the following items are required:
♦ Serial COM Ports -- The computer must have at least one available Serial Port for
communicating to the local Alpha display(s). A mouse is useful, but is not required, except
with AlphaNet Plus for Windows. A Serial Mouse requires an extra serial port. Either
a modem or a wireless transmitter and receiver is required to send messages to displays
in other buildings. External modems require a serial port. Internal modems do not, but
internal modems introduce other considerations (call for more information or ask your
computer person). Communication is at 1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600 baud in local mode and
in remote (modem) mode.
♦ RS-232 or RS-485 Items – All Alpha and AlphaVision LED Displays may be programmed
using either RS-232 or RS-485 connectivity. The BetaBrite Window Display and
BetaBrite Director may also be programmed using either RS-232 or RS-485. The smaller
BetaBrite models may be programmed via RS-232, but not by RS-485. When using an
RS-232 cable, the sign must be located within 50 feet of the computer. When using RS485 cable, the signs may be up to 10,000 feet from the computer.
Repeater Box -- If you have more than 32 Alpha displays or more than 10,000 feet of cable
on your network, you may find it necessary to use a Repeater Box.
Modems -- If a remote display network via modem is planned, your computer must have a
modem, and a modem is required at each remote location. At your computer the modem can
be either an Internal Modem or an External Modem with a Serial Modem Cable. In the remote
location, it must be an External Modem permanently set to “Auto Answer.” The RS-232 Serial
Modem Cable at the remote site is a specially designed cable. The type of cable used
depends on (1) the number of Alpha displays at the remote location, (2) the model of the Alpha
displays there, and (3) the distance between the modem and the display, if a single Alpha
display is installed. You may order the appropriate cable from Alpha-American Programmable
Signs, or you may make your own. Schematic cable diagrams and pin-out connections are
provided in the Network Configurations manual (see reference above)
If modems are being used with AlphaNet Plus, AlphaNet Plus II or AlphaNet Plus for
Windows, an analog phone line and phone jack must be installed near your computer to
connect the modem to program one or more Alpha displays in remote locations.
24-hour electrical wall plugs should be installed within six feet of each Alpha display. From
two to four electrical wall plugs may also required within six feet of your computer. A power
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strip plugged into a live electrical wall plug near your computer will usually satisfy this
requirement. The four items that need electricity are (1) your computer, (2) your computer's
video display monitor, (3) the External Modem, if one is used, and (4) the RS-232 to RS-485
Converter Box, if an RS-485 network is used.
Installation of the software in your computer, network components and Alpha displays.
What You Need To Order:
One of the AlphaNet software programs -- The programs are provided on 3.5" diskettes. A
printed manual is included, and an electronic manual for AlphaNet Plus for Windows is
available on the Internet at .
Multiple Alpha displays or multi-line Alpha or AlphaVision displays are sometimes required in
order for all employees, visitors or customers to see the necessary information.
The appropriate attachment and cable components for your configuration.
Options available from Alpha-American:
On-site consultation, training or site location planning and installation are available. We will
load the software on your computer system and install and connect the Alpha displays.
Extended warranty and technical support.
For Additional Information Contact:
J. Michael Sisk
Alpha-American Programmable Signs
3460 Borreson Street
San Diego, California 92117
Toll Free:
[email protected]
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Sample Screens from AlphaNet Plus for Windows
The following AlphaNet™ for Windows screens are provided to illustrate how various
tasks are accomplished. The Site Manager screen lists various Sites and Groups that
you've set up, along with lists of Messages for each Site and Group.
All messages are typed using the Message Editor. Here is an example of a message.
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Copyright © 1998 by Alpha American Programmable Signs
Sample Screens from AlphaNet for Windows
Page 2
Sign features, such as Emulate and Transmit are incorporated into the familiar File pulldown menus.
Sign features, such as Icon type and Sign Select are incorporated into the familiar Edit
pull-down menu.
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Copyright © 1998 by Alpha American Programmable Signs
Sample Screens from AlphaNet for Windows
Page 3
AlphaNet for Windows uses a Modes pull-down menu to simplify inserting entry and exit
modes into your messages.
A Characters pull-down menu simplifies inserting font, width, color, and flashing codes
into your messages.
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Copyright © 1998 by Alpha American Programmable Signs
Sample Screens from AlphaNet for Windows
Page 4
The Options pull-down menu is used to insert various other codes, such as Time, Date,
Speed, New Line, and Animations, into your messages.
Here is an example of the Options menu with the Speed pull-down menu.
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Copyright © 1998 by Alpha American Programmable Signs
Sample Screens from AlphaNet for Windows
Page 5
The Message Scheduling feature is used to tag a message with a Start and Stop Day
and Time. Here we see the Stop Time being selected.
Once a message has been scheduled, the schedule is displayed with the message.
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Copyright © 1998 by Alpha American Programmable Signs
Sample Screens from AlphaNet for Windows
Page 6
AlphaNet for Windows communicates via Serial Port to signs that are attached by RS232 or RS-485 cable or by modem. The use of wireless transmitters and receivers is
also supported. AlphaNet for Windows will also communicate via a redirected LPT port
over a local area network using one or more Print Servers.
Here is a partial view of the list of available devices that can be selected.
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Copyright © 1998 by Alpha American Programmable Signs
Price List
AlphaNet (DOS) .................................................................. $99.00
AlphaNet Plus (DOS) .......................................................... $149.00
AlphaNet Plus II (DOS) ...................................................... $199.00
AlphaNet Plus for Windows .............................................. $249.00
Print Pak (Windows) ............................................................ $50.00
network with only one sign, less than 100 feet from the computer, you may use the RS-232 Serial
Cable items listed below. If you have more than one sign, or if you must transmit more than 100
feet, you must use the RS-485 Components listed below.
RS-232 Serial Cable
(You must pick one Type and one Length)
9-pin to RJ11-06 RS-232 Modular Serial Adapter .................. $14.00
25-pin to RJ11-06 RS-232 Modular Serial Adapter ................ $14.00
25' RS-232 RJ11-06 Modular Serial Cable ............................ $14.00
50' RS-232 RJ11-06 Modular Serial Cable ............................ $18.00
75' RS-232 RJ11-06 Modular Serial Cable ............................ $22.00
100' RS-232 RJ11-06 Modular Serial Cable .......................... $26.00
RS-485 Components
9-pin or 25-pin 8' Serial "A" Cable (PC to Converter Box)................. $20.00
8' Serial "B" Cable (Remote Modem to Converter Box) ..................... $20.00
RS-232 to RS-485 Converter Box with Power Supply ....................... $89.00
8' RS-485 Modular Cable (one per sign) ............................................ $10.00
Modular Network RJ11-04 Surface Mount Adapter (one per sign) ........ $5.00
RS-485 Network Cable (Belden #8761 per foot)..................................... $.30
RS-485 Network Cable (100 foot length) ............................................ $45.00
RS-485 Network Cable (1,000 foot spool) ........................................ $300.00
Miscellaneous Items
Connect Remote Modem to One Sign - Modular Adapter & Cable...... $28.00
Wireless Transmitter ....................................................................... $995.00
Wireless Receiver.............................................................................. 299.00
External Modem (ask for current price)
Repeater Box with Power Supply..................................................... $275.00
News & Sports Broadcast Service (ask for Broadcast brochure)
Message Loader (Infrared or Cable)................................................. $179.00
On-site assistance (per day, plus airfare, local transportation) ......... $500.00
Programmer's Protocol Manual.......................................................... $89.00
Replacement Power Supply for Beta-Brite ......................................... $46.00
Replacement Infrared Keyboard......................................................... $50.00
Replacement Cable Keyboard............................................................ $65.00
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Copyright å 1999 by Alpha-American Programmable Signs
AlphaNet software programs are sold on an "as is" basis. Certain features are dependent on the LED Display model
and its firmware level. The information, prices and availability of hardware and software described in this brochure are
subject to change without notice. MS-DOS and MS WINDOWS are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. IBMDOS is a trademark of IBM Corporation. Alpha, Beta-Brite and AlphaVision are trademarks of Adaptive Micro
Systems (AMS). Print Shop is a trademark of Micro Logic Software. PrintMaster is a trademark of Broderbund
Software. PaintShop Pro is a trademark of JASC, Inc. AlphaNet AlphaNet Plus, AlphaNet Plus II and
AlphaNet Plus for Windows are copyrighted by Adaptive Micro Systems. Alpha-American Programmable Signs, a
California partnership, is an Authorized Distributor for Adaptive Micro Systems (AMS). This brochure is COPYRIGHT
 1995-1998 by Alpha-American Programmable Signs as an unpublished work. All rights reserved. This work is the
property of Alpha-American Programmable Signs. Any reproduction must include the name, address and phone
number of Alpha-American Programmable Signs. Otherwise, it shall not be reproduced, copied, used, or transferred
in any manner without the express written consent of Alpha-American Programmable Signs. Although the information
contained in this publication has been thoroughly checked for accuracy and reliability, Alpha-American Programmable
Signs shall have no liability or responsibility to a customer or any other person or entity with respect to any liability, loss
or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by reliance on information within this publication.
California Sales Tax will be added to sales within California, unless other arrangements are made. Shipping charges
apply to orders delivered by mail or by UPS.
Communicating at the Speed of Light!
Copyright å 1999 by Alpha-American Programmable Signs
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