Code Reader® 3.0
Code Reader ® 3.0
The smallest and lightest
full-featured bar code
reading terminal
The Code Reader® 3.0 builds on the success of the
Code Reader® 2.0 by combining the industry’s best
imaging technology with a graphic display and rugged
keyboard that makes this the new standard in small,
fast, user-friendly data and inventory management.
Now the best portable all-symbology bar code reader in
the industry is even more versatile, with the addition of
information display and keyboard entry functions.
Dynamic Optimisation Technology (DOT)
This unique technology continuously adapts the resolution, illumination, and image field for the fastest automatic
symbology identification and decoding. In addition to increasing your speed, DOT reduces training time by monitoring
each user’s reading patterns and adapting to their environment and movements.
Code Reader® 3.0 Offers Open Language Programmability
The open platform JavaScript development environment lets you avoid the expense of advanced high level
programming with Visual Basic, C++, and other languages, thus enabling application portability among different
operating systems.
Applications Development Suite
Code Reader® 3.0 enables you to protect your data security with a customer-unique key encryption.
With simple custom application development, the Code Reader® 3.0 can be an essential part of your inventory or
asset tracking needs. With custom applications, you can tap into the full power of this scanner.
For information on custom applications, contact your local Brady Sales Representative.
Features and Benefits
4MB of non-volatile memory for faster processing of information, from barcode format to readable text
1.3 MegaPixel dual-field image collection engine for consistent bar code reading of different types and sizes of bar codes
1950 mAH Lithium Ion Battery
2.4 GHz radio system is available and compatible with Class 1, 2, and 3 Bluetooth™ systems
Optional CodeXML Modem, with a unique data and pairing encryption system for unsurpassed wireless data security
Clip-on Pistol grip handle available
Hardware Characteristics
Interface Type
USB (standard), RS-232, PS2, Bluetooth Class I, II, III Radio
Raising the bar on scanning options
Code Reader® 3.0 comes in three different configurations, giving
you more choices and options to meet your scanning needs.
4MB of non-volatile memory for data and user programs
Rotational Tolerance
Plug-and-play interface. Available with USB (standard),
PS2 or RS232 interfaces. All cables use rugged automatic locking
adapters that allow users to change cables while preventing
inadvertent disconnections.
Target Beam
Class IIa Visible Laser Diode at 630 nm
Ambient Light Immunity
Sunlight: Up to 9,000 ft-candles/96,890 lux
Withstands multiple drops of 1.2 metres to concrete
(Basic + Battery)
Decode Capability
MaxiCode, PDF417 (including Macro support), Data Matrix, QR Code, MicroPDF417, GoCode,
Composite, Code 11, Aztec, Code 39, Code 128, Pharmacode, UPC/EAN/JAN, Int 2 of 5,
Codabar, Codablock F, Code 93, RSS, Posnet, Planet, Japanese Post, Australian Post,
Royal Mail, KIX, MSI Plessy, Trioptic Code 39, NEC 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, Telepen, Micro QR Code
Field of View
Near: 21.5° horizontal by 16.2° vertical
Far: 22.9° horizontal by 11.6° vertical
Focal Point
Cabled, Store and Forward capability in one unit. Simply detach
scanner from computer, capture data remotely, and reconnect
to computer.
When reconnected, the scanner will automatically download data
to the active application.
When connected via the included USB cable, the unit operates as
a standard keyboard wedge.
Near: approximately 102 mm
Far: approximately 229 mm
Optical Resolution
(Batch + Internal Radio)
Near Field: 1024 x 640
Far Field: 1024 x 640
Additional Capabilities
Cabled, Batch and Cordless capability configured in this unit.
Incorporates class 1 Bluetooth radio with 11.8 m operating
range to communicate seamlessly with desktop PCs, laptops,
printers and PDAs. Coupled with our Bluetooth Wedge Modem,
the Code Reader will send live data back to an active
Vibration on Good Read
Read Range
Min. – 5 Mil Datamatrix/3 Mil UPC
Max. – 20 Mil Datamatrix/12 Mil UPC
Reader Dimensions
40.64 mm H x 111.76 mm L x 45.72 mm W
Parts and Accessories
Code Reader® 3.0 Linear and 2D Data Capture Device
Basic unit with no handle and USB cable
Basic unit with no handle and PS/2 cable
Basic unit with handle and USB cable
Basic unit with handle and PS/2 cable
Basic cordless unit with handle and USB cable
Cordless Bundle - Cordless USB unit with handle and Bluetooth PS/2 receiver
2-Bay Charger
Spare Battery
RS-232 cable
Code XML Bluetooth Radio PS/2
Detachable Handle
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