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The Blueair Pro Series Air Purifiers
Getting the Most from
Your Blueair System
Getting Started
Care and Maintenance 10
How it Works
Changing the Filter
Adding the Carbon+ Filter
Air Intelligence Module
To The Blueair
Pro family
The Blueair Pro
Air Purifier
Air Intelligence
Module intake
indicator light
Air intake
Thank you for buying a Blueair Pro Air Purifier.
With patented HEPASilentTM technology and
state-of-the-art filters it is our most powerful
and technically advanced air purifier yet. Still it’s
remarkably easy to set up. Just plug in, turn on
and let it breeze.
Extend Your Warranty
Complete and send your warranty card to Blueair
today to extend your limited warranty.
Keep the Planet Healthy, Too
Maximum effect, minimum footprint. Your Blueair
Pro can be recycled so it lives forever.
Clean air outlet
steel housing
Keep the Filters Fresh
Changing filters according to the replacement
schedule keeps your Blueair Pro in tip-top form.
English Blueair Pro Series 4
English Blueair Pro Series 5
Getting the
Most from your
Blueair System
The Blueair system is easy to use. Make sure
your unit is the right size for your room, and
change the filters according to recommended
filter replacement schedule. Remember that,
just as air conditioners and heaters have limits
to the volume of air they can cool or heat, every
air purification system has limits to the volume
of air it can clean. Follow these common-sense
Close Your Windows
You wouldn’t throw open your windows on a hot
summer day and expect your air conditioner to
work efficiently, because you can feel the hot
air coming in and the cool air going out. Even
though you can’t see the contaminated air
coming in and the clean air going out, the same
logic applies to your air purifier.
Close Your Doors
Just as you might seal off part of your house on
a cold winter night to keep your heater working
more efficiently, seal off the room in which your
system is working for best results.
Run Your System 24 hours per Day
For best results, run your Blueair unit 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week. Round-the-clock operation
ensures that a continuous supply of clean,
­filtered air constantly circulates throughout the
room. Blueair systems are designed for phenomenally low power usage. In fact, it costs about
the same to power a Blueair air purifier as it does
to power a single light bulb, depending on the
unit and the operating speed.
General Safety Instructions
The Blueair Pro Series air purifier is an electrical
appliance. Please read the safety instructions
before use and take the necessary precautions
to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury.
The Blueair Limited Warranty applies only if the
unit is used according to these instructions.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capabilities, or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the ­appliance. If the supply
cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
­manufacturer or its service agent or similarly
qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
Place the unit in a location that allows air to circulate
freely in, out and around the unit. The minimum
acceptable distance from another object is 4˝ or
10 cm. Use only genuine Blueair filters.
Do not place the unit:
To reduce the risk of electric shock, this equipment has a grounding type plug that has a third
(grounding) pin. This plug will only fit into a grounding type power outlet. If the plug does not fit into
the outlet, contact qualified personnel to install the proper outlet. Do not alter the plug in any way.
This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as
household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to Blueair service or collection point for the recycling
of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help
prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health which could other­
wise be caused by inappropriate waste handling this product.
English Blueair Pro Series 6
Directly on or against soft furnishings,
such as bedding or curtains.
Near wet areas, such as bathrooms or
laundry rooms, where it may come into
contact with water.
Near sources of heat, such as radiators,
fireplaces or ovens.
English Blueair Pro Series 7
Plug the power cable firmly and completely into
the recessed power cord socket located at the
bottom of the unit and plug the other end into a
grounded wall outlet or power strip. Set the unit
to maximum speed, which is recommended for
fast initial cleaning, daytime use, or very polluted
air. After a few minutes, adjust the unit to the
desired speed. Minimum speed is generally
recommended for nighttime use.
A. Display Function without the
Air Intelligence Module
The display is on standby.
B. Display Function with the
Air Intelligence Module
Turn on your Blueair air purifier by touching the PLUS
button on the unit. A blue bar will appear between
the buttons.
Air Intelligence Module required. For installation and main­
tenance of the Air Intelligence Module, please see page 16,
”Air Intelligence Module”.
Turn on your Blueair air purifier by touching the PLUS
button on the unit. A blue bar will appear between the
For automatic mode, touch the PLUS button when the unit
is running on speed 3. The word AUTO will appear, and the
two air quality sensors will adjust the speed according to
the contaminant levels.
To return to manual operation, touch the MINUS button.
Above the bar, two bar columns show the levels of airsuspended particles (PM2.5) and gaseous contaminants
(GAS). One bar (green) represents a low particle or
gas level.
Adjust the speed from 1 to 3 using the PLUS and MINUS
When filter replacement is required, a red replacement
filter light will appear.
Turn the air purifier off by pressing the MINUS button when
the unit is in first speed.
While the unit is running, the display will slowly disappear after 30 seconds.
To activate the display again, simply touch one of the buttons.
English Blueair Pro Series 8
Three bars (green, yellow and red) represent a high level
of particles or gas, indicating the need to increase the
operating speed, or to set the unit in automatic mode.
Turn the air purifier off by pressing the minus button when
the unit is in first speed.
When filter replacement is required, a red replacement
filter light will appear.
Please note: The Air Intelligence Module will show high levels of both particles and
gas during the first five minutes of operation while the air quality sensors calibrate.
English Blueair Pro Series 9
Care and
Blueair air purifiers feature high quality design,
materials and workmanship. To keep your unit in
top condition, we recommend routine cleaning.
The appliance must be disconnected from the
supply mains before cleaning or maintenance.
Vacuum the air intake grille from the inside
when you remove the filter to replace it.
Wipe the exterior of the unit with a soft, clean,
damp cloth.
English Blueair Pro Series 10
How it
Never clean with gasoline, chemical solvents
or corrosive material as these agents may
damage the surface.
Do not allow foreign objects to enter the intake
or exhaust openings. This may cause electric
shock or damage the unit.
Do not try to repair or adjust any of the electrical
or mechanical functions on your Blueair unit
yourself. Contact your local dealer or Blueair
for warranty information.
Air passes through an ion chamber where airborne particles are charged with negative ions.
Charged particles are drawn to the HEPASilentTM
filter surface. Purified air, which is virtually
contaminant-free, is re-circulated into the room.
English Blueair Pro Series 11
the Filter
Before you start
changing the filter,
turn off the unit and
remove the plug from
the wall socket.
Turn the unit off and open the intake
door by pulling at the top edge. The
intake door is on the right hand side
when facing the front of the unit.
Keeping the filter sides together, line
up the new filter into the unit using the
guiding bars in the top and bottom of
the filter housing.
English Blueair Pro Series 12
Gently push the new filter in.
The filter is fitted into the unit in
a V shape. Two tabs protrude on
the sides.
Push the two filter sides out using
the tabs.
Using the tabs, push the two filter
sides together.
Gently pull the dirty filter straight out
of the unit.
Re-attach the intake door.
Turn on the unit.
For Blueair Pro L and XL, repeat steps
2–7 for all filter packs.
English Blueair Pro Series 13
Adding the
Carbon+ Filter
Keeping the filter sides closed, gently
slide the Carbon+ Filter into the unit.
Push the sides out towards the
main filter.
Snap the Carbon+ Filter to the main
filter frame tab.
Patented HEPASilentTM technology makes the
Blueair Pro Series incredibly quiet. The unit
comes with a HEPASilentTM filter already installed.
Particle Filter. Includes a particle filter that
removes dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, mold
spores and other airborne particles. The particle
filter is made of polypropylene, which mechanically
filters out airborne particles. To maximize filter
effectiveness, particles are negatively charged by
the Blueair unit before reaching the filter.
SmokeStop™ Filter. Includes a combined
particle and active carbon filter to remove
gaseous pollutants such as cigarette and cigar
smoke or other VOCs (volatile organic compounds, including household paints and other
chemicals). Adding activated carbon to a filter
may affect airflow and CADR. You may also
notice a slight odor from the carbon when the
filter is first used; this will quickly dissipate.
Carbon+ Filter. An extra active carbon filter
stage that can be mounted in the Blueair Pro
Series in addition to the main HEPASilentTM particle
filter or SmokeStop™ filter. It provides extra
protection against gaseous contaminants such
as formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide and volatile
organic compounds.
For optimal performance, Blueair
recommends that you replace filters every
six (6) months of use.
We offer a convenient Filter Subscription
Program in some countries. ­Contact your local
dealer or Blueair to find out whether the program
is available to you.
IMPORTANT! Use only genuine Blueair filters
to ensure proper function of your unit and to
qualify for full warranty coverage.
Customer’s Record
The model number and serial number of this product can be found on the bottom of
the unit. Please note them in the space provided below and keep for future reference.
While the unit is running, the display will slowly disappear after 30 seconds.
To activate the display again, simply touch one of the buttons.
English Blueair Pro Series 14
Model number
Dealer’s name Serial number Dealer’s address
Date of purchase Telephone number
English Blueair Pro Series 15
Air Intelligence
By adding the Blueair Air Intelligence Module, the
Blueair Pro Series can continuously monitor and
report the surrounding air quality through stateof-the-art particle and gas sensors. The unit can
also run on automatic mode, where the speed
is set according to the level of pollution the
sensors are detecting.
If you wish to upgrade your Blueair Pro unit
with an Air Intelligence Module, please visit to find your closest dealer.
Pull out the dummy cover sitting in
the module holder.
Insert the Air Intelligence Module into
the module holder.
Air Intelligence Module Maintenance
Remove the module from the unit.
Use a vacuum cleaner to gently clean the
intake in front of the gas sensor.
Use a damp cotton swab to clean the dust
sensor lens. After cleaning the dirt off the lens,
use a dry cotton swab to wipe the lens. Do not
use alcohol to clean the lens.
Re-insert the module.
Insert the filter pack and re-attach the
intake door.
Dust sensor lens
Intake for gas sensor
Remove the top filter pack, see Changing the Filter steps 1–4.
English Blueair Pro Series 16
English Blueair Pro Series 17
Blueair Pro
Superior Style
Blueair was founded on the belief that everyone
should be able to enjoy clean air indoors, at
home or in the workplace. We have become
a global authority on how to remove indoor air
impurities down to the tiniest particle thanks to
our deep commitment to research and innovation.
Our healthier air solutions work quietly and
using very little energy to clean more air faster,
removing allergens, asthma triggers, viruses,
bacteria and other airborne pollutants.
We develop the world’s best air cleaners
because we passionately believe that clean
air is a basic human right. Blueair – Innovated
with love in Sweden.
English Blueair Pro Series 18
Blueair AB
Danderydsgatan 11
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Tel: +46 8 679 45 00
Fax: +46 8 679 45 45
Blueair (Shanghai)
Trading Co. Ltd.
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Blueair India
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