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Russound products are
the preferred building
blocks for the multiroom
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your world
Henri® Intégrateur domotique (France)
Not long ago, hi-fi systems were confined to one room,
took up valuable space and were understood by only one
“expert” in the family.
Russound has a better idea. What if you could listen to
music in any room at the push of a button? And what if the
entire system was practically invisible?
A Russound multiroom system lets you enjoy music from
all kinds of sources – including XM® and Sirius® radio, CD
players, media servers and even your iPod®.
Dad can jam to classic rock on the patio. Mom can yoga
to jazz in the bedroom. The kids can hip hop in the family
room. All at the same time. With a Russound system,
everybody gets exactly what they want, when they want it.
www.russound.com • tel 800.638.8055
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The Russound UNO-S2
Keypad is quite simply
the standard-bearer for
full-featured, effortless
control of multiroom
audio systems.
In a Russound system, all equipment is neatly concealed,
and wiring is hidden inside the walls. You see only keypads
or touchscreens, and stylish speakers that blend with any
décor. You can even extend your music outdoors with
weatherproof speakers. At the touch of a button, you’re
listening to your choice of music. Wherever. Whenever.
Welcome to the uncomplicated world of Russound.
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by design
In the world of Russound multiroom audio,
easy isn’t everything – it’s the only thing.
Which is exactly why, with Russound’s
award-winning keypads and touchscreens,
music is always just a touch away.
Russound product engineers are the best
in the business. As passionate inventors,
they like to probe the limits of technology.
But as responsible designers, they put
ease of use at the top of the list.
One of several Russound multiroom audio solutions,
the affordable A-BUS® system features intuitive amplified
keypads that make for a streamlined installation.
Russound’s Ratio® in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are the first designed
especially to produce greater sound output from the low-power amplified
volume controls used in many multiroom audio systems.
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The same rule applies to video products. Our Video Matrix
simplifies multiroom distribution of High Definition video.
And coming soon: Our Smart Media Console, a complete
home entertainment solution for the digital age.
Russound Complement® LCR7 on-wall home theater speakers for flat-panel TVs feature Super Bessel Array™
technology that broadens the “sweet spot” for listeners seated to the sides. Russound also offers a complete
line of Complement subwoofers to enhance low-bass performance.
www.russound.com • tel 800.638.8055
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your music
In most homes, music is confined to one area at a time.
A Russound multiroom audio system gives your music
the run of the house.
One of the great advantages of a Russound system is
our unique RNET® technology, which allows keypads and
touchscreens to display real-time information about your
system. With RNET, you are always in complete control.
RNET simplifies control of sophisticated sources, such
as our ST2 Smart Dual Tuner (XM or Sirius satellite radio
plus conventional AM/FM) and SMS3 Smart Media
Server, which automatically “rips” and catalogs your CD
collection for instant access by song, genre, playlist, etc.
The list goes on. The iBridge Dock makes it easy to
enjoy iPod music throughout your home. And the iBridge
Bay does the same for all of your iTunes® content –
including music, movies, and TV shows.
In a Russound RNET system, everything works in
perfect harmony.
www.russound.com • tel 800.638.8055
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iPod integration: The Russound iBridge Dock makes
the iPod a fully controllable music source in your
multiroom system, allowing you to enjoy iPod music
throughout your home. It also charges the iPod.
iTunes Integration: Designed to fit snugly beneath a Mac® mini, the iBridge Bay (right, bottom)
turns any Mac computer with iTunes into a media server when integrated with a Russound
RNET multiroom system, allowing you to enjoy any iTunes content throughout your home.
The Bay can also incorporate PCs that are part of your home network. Touchscreens such as
the UNO-TS2D (left) add the ability to select media by playlist, genre, artist, or album.
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ready. set.
Henri® Intégrateur domotique (France)
Any time is a good time to add a Russound system.
New homes often have all the necessary wiring.
In existing homes or remodels, installers simply
“pull” new wires behind the walls.
Oftentimes a multiroom system is installed along
with home theater, security and intercom systems.
In any case, your Russound system will be heard,
but hardly seen.
Henri® Intégrateur domotique (France)
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Speakers can do more than play music. Russound’s ComPoint® Intercom System
integrates with your multiroom system to provide room-to-room and whole-house
communication without sacrificing sound quality or ease of use.
www.russound.com • tel 800.638.8055
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let’s get
www.russound.com • tel 800.638.8055
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Do you entertain often? Would you like to
From our versatile and feature-rich RNET systems
hear music outdoors? Do you have kids
to our affordable A-BUS amplified keypad systems,
living at home? Do you own an iPod?
Russound can accommodate any size home and
These are the sorts of questions you can
any size budget.
expect from professional audio/video
Installers prefer equipment that is reliable, easy
installers. They need to know a bit about
to install and easy to use. It’s no wonder they’ve
your lifestyle and home in order to design
voted Russound the #1 brand in multiroom audio in
the ideal Russound multiroom system.
EH Research’s Brand Awareness, Use and Preference Study for the last three years straight.
The award-winning UNO-TS2 Smart Color Touchscreen is available in both wall-mount and desktop versions.
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Dive right in by experiencing the product demos at www.russound.com.
Just point and click to get a feel for what it’s like to use a Russound system.
Then explore our range of multiroom solutions, including source components
and high-performance speakers. There’s a perfect Russound system for
every need and budget.
Homeowners choose Russound because our systems are easy, reliable
and affordable. Installers choose Russound for the very same reasons.
When you’re ready to plan your system, call us at 1-800-638-8055.
We’ll help you find the nearest authorized Russound installer.
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