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Raymarine E63074
Raymarine DSM 30 Digital Sounder Module Features
Award-winning HD Digital sonar technology
Key features:
Output power 600w
Dual 50 kHz and 200 kHz
SeaTalk hs connectivity
HD Digital visually separates bottom dwelling fish from the ocean bed/floor
Eliminates surface clutter and water column noise, revealing more fish
Raymarine's HD Digital processing marks individual bait fish and game fish, even when tightly packed together, or stacked vertically
HD Digital processing delivers the most life-like bottom structure presentation without the need for manual tuning or adjustments. The operation is truly "hands-off."
See Clearly
Auto Adaptive transmitter receiver. Infinite number of receiver bandwidths. Accurately distinguish bait fish
from larger species. Precisely target fish and see fish that ordinary fishfinders cannot
No Clutter
Fixed bandwidth fishfinders exhibit surface clutter from turbulence and their own transmit signal
HD Digital eliminates surface clutter
Shallow water or offshore, HD Digital targets fish accurately at all depths
No Hassle
Maximum fish echoes and bottom discrimination in all conditions
HD Digital receivers outperform ordinary fishfinders in:
Shallow and deep water
High speeds
Choppy seas
Auto Adaptive control of:
Ping rate
Transmit power
Fully automatic 'hands off' operation
Accuracy and Detail
The digital HD Digital sonar brings the wreck into sharp focus. Notice the detail of
the ship's gun, masts, and superstructure.
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