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Enterprise Wide Automated Applications and
Operating System Software Distribution for Windows
VERITAS WinINSTALL 2000 provides unsurpassed
management of automated application and
operating system distribution in large and small
VERITAS WinINSTALL™ is the most widely deployed software distribution tool in
the marketplace. VERITAS WinINSTALL™ 2000 allows administrators to
completely automate and manage software distribution to desktops and mobile
laptops across the enterprise. WinINSTALL 2000 creates distribution packages
quickly using a discover wizard that captures changes made by any of the many
possible installation procedures. Modifications and package customizations can
be performed from WinINSTALL 2000’s easy to use interface. No scripting is
required. WinINSTALL 2000 allows for flexible deployment of Windows operating
systems and applications, and supports complete desktop and laptop builds in a
variety of different configurations. It works with all popular network topologies
and protocols. New with WinINSTALL 2000 is support for Microsoft Windows 2000
and the ability to implement a multi-tiered distribution strategy with distributed
distribution servers across the enterprise. WinINSTALL 2000 automatically
synchronizes packages across distributed WinINSTALL servers. It supports
Windows 2000 Microsoft Installer (MSI) and WinINSTALL packages (NAI) from a
common console.
Product Highlights
"Overall, DMS* provides the most
capabilities via VERITAS' WinINSTALL
module. WinINSTALL's many options
include distribution via e-mail and
through an encrypted NT service.
features include WinINSTALL Program
Launcher, which allows you to distribute
software on demand."
– Network World Fusion
January 2000
* WinINSTALL is an integral component of VERITAS
Desktop Management Suite™ (DMS), a comprehensive
desktop management solution providing centralized
management and control of distributed network
Automates the staging of desktop and laptop operating systems and applications
Supports easy migration to Windows 2000
Has many delivery mechanisms for both push and pull distributions including calendarbased schedule, Windows NT Service, network login script, e-mail, internet/intranet, CD
ROM, Windows run time application (pulldown) and local install from a hidden partition
Compares remote desktop and laptop application installations to the original image for
easy problem determination
Updates operating systems and applications at next execution on the remote desktop or
laptop, automatically balancing the impact on the network
Validates operating system and application integrity and automatically reinstalls
problematic programs and drivers
Allows for script-free distributions through an easy to use package creation wizard
Includes customizable installation procedures for complex installs
Automates notification via e-mail, SNMP, Windows Event Log, and other reporting
VERITAS has a long-standing and successful partnership with Microsoft, and is firmly
committed to support Windows 2000 now and in the future. Microsoft has licensed a
version of WinINSTALL to serve as the repackaging component in Windows 2000, called
WinINSTALL Limited Edition (LE). WinINSTALL LE is included free with Microsoft Windows
2000 server.
Machine Staging – VERITAS WinINSTALL 2000 gives administrators
the ability to automate the deployment of all desktop or laptop
software configurations, for both networked and remote systems. A
preset profile defines operating system, applications, configuration
details and other required programs, drivers, and data files. The
staging process allows for customized distribution of systems and
applications based on individual requirements.
Migration to Microsoft Windows 2000 – Transitioning to Windows
2000 can be a major effort. Upgrade all remote desktops and laptops
to Windows 2000 without disrupting the availability of applications
and critical data.
Simply deploy or upgrade to Windows 2000, 98 or 95 with or
without applications, eliminating manual installations and freeing
administrators’ time for additional activities.
Multiple distribution options – WinINSTALL 2000 supports a wider
range of delivery mechanisms than any other software distribution
tool. Administrators can push or pull distribution packages via a
scheduled event, a Windows NT service, e-mail, network login script,
internet/intranet, pulldown from a software list, floppy disk/ CD-ROM
and local installation from a hidden partition.
Multi-tiered distribution – Customers can use a tiered approach for
software distribution that includes multiple WinINSTALL 2000
servers. Administrators specify source and target servers, and
WinINSTALL 2000 easily replicates .nai, .lst and .msi files
automatically from one server to another according to a schedule or
on demand.
WinINSTALL 2000 Program Launcher (WIPL) – Staggered
distribution capabilities allow the administrator to initiate software
distribution by installing an icon on the desktop. The installation
completes when the user clicks the icon, minimizing the impact to
network bandwidth by staggering the transmissions randomly.
Customers can automatically upgrade desktops to new versions of
operating systems and applications with WIPL. Each time the
application is executed at the desktop, WinINSTALL 2000 checks for
changes and makes appropriate updates, ensuring designated
desktops have the most up to date version of an application or
operating system.
Comprehensive directory integration including Microsoft Active
Directory and Novell NDS
Integrity validation – On demand verification validates an
application for integrity. Right click features include verify, reinstall,
uninstall and execute.
Split wizard – Network managers can install some parts of an
application, for example, a printer preference, with a user account,
and some others, such as network configurations or security settings,
using an administrator’s account. WinINSTALL 2000 has the unique
capability to split a job into distinct sections, which greatly increases
the manageability and control of installations.
Built in server-to-server replication enables automatic
decentralized distribution of applications and operating
VERITAS WinINSTALL 2000 provides comprehensive customization
of all WinINSTALL (.nai) and Windows Installer (.msi) packages.
Full Windows Installer (MSI) support ✸ NEW
Fast deployment of Windows 2000 and Windows applications
Active Directory support
Support for all .msi tables
Leverages the already existing common directory to include software
WinINSTALL LE integration
Administrators can edit Microsoft .msi tables in a grid view editor
for full MSI support
Automatically repackages legacy Windows distribution packages for
Windows 2000
Wide range of distribution options including scheduled event, Windows
NT service, e-mail, network login script, internet/intranet, Windows
pulldown, and floppy disk or CD-ROM
Customized and convenient delivery of system and application
packages with automatic updates to ensure the most current
versions of applications are present
Custom software distribution
Capabilities that help fit software distribution functions into any
Windows operating environment include database logging,
notification, text file editing, pre/post install launch and others
Common console for all functions
Single point of control for enterprise wide Windows system and
application distribution
Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows 95/98 support
Automatic replication of packages to remote distribution
Common solution for all the Windows platforms and applications in
the enterprise
Multi-tiered architecture for automated enterprise distribution
Split Wizard
Multiple installation steps for customizing associated installer
Management Reporting
Full transparency with preformatted reports for management and
monitoring software distribution with Seagate Crystal Reports
Software distribution at first execution
Balances data transmissions and reduces bandwidth impact
Support of defined prerequisites
Applies any prerequisites such as programs, hard drive capacity and
processor for consistent and optimal network conditions
Capable of Roll Back
Can undo changes if the installation fails for any reason, minimizing
any risk to data and applications
Automatic application verification and reinstallation
Maintains full application integrity
"3M Corporation currently uses VERITAS WinINSTALL to distribute
software to the majority of our U.S. mobile sales force, and the new
features we’ve experienced on VERITAS WinINSTALL 2000 will help
us further improve our software distribution methods. The single
console of VERITAS WinINSTALL 2000, which allows an administrator
to easily create one or more distribution methods, is a particularly
helpful feature. It enables us to perform a software rollout without
using several people, and also minimizes the impact of that rollout
on the end user."
– Jeffrey E. Amundson
Design Analyst II
3M Corporation
“Our customers have been asking us for tools to help them deploy
applications reliably in Windows environments. We are excited that
this new version of VERITAS WinINSTALL builds on top of the
native Windows Installer technology provided through Windows
2000 to deliver a better experience for our mutual customers”
– David Hamilton
Lead Product Manager,
Management Technologies
Microsoft Corporation
Enterprise-wide Automated Applications and
Operating System Software Distribution for
About VERITAS®: For enterprises that demand continuous
availability of business-critical information, VERITAS is the leading
enterprise-class application storage management software provider.
Unlike other types of storage management vendors who offer
proprietary hardware-centric solutions, or limited product offerings,
VERITAS provides leading, comprehensive, enterprise-class application
storage management solutions that ensure information availability,
enabling customers to protect, access and manage their businesscritical information.
Policy-Based Distribution – Policies set the criteria for
determining what desktops and mobile laptops are
eligible for new applications and operating system
upgrades. The selection criteria can be based on entries
in Microsoft's Active Directory, Novell's NDS, or legacy
network groups including Microsoft Networking and
Novell Bindery. Installation criteria can also include the
existence of another application, icons or registry keys.
Simple Install Package Creation – Discovery™ Wizard
uses delta-based snapshots, comparing a machine before
and after the installation and configuration of an
application. This non-scripting architecture supports
variables and allows non-programmers to easily create
and edit application installation packages. WinINSTALL
(.nai) packages may be converted to Windows Installer
(.msi) packages automatically.
VERITAS Software
Corporate Headquarters
1600 Plymouth Street
Mountain View, CA 94043
Prerequisites – Requirements like hard drive space and
processor type can be defined as prerequisites from the
console without requiring any code to be written for the
distribution job.
Extensive Notification and Reporting – WinINSTALL
2000 has comprehensive notification and reporting
options. Notification and reporting track the status of
application and operating system software distribution
throughout the enterprise. WinINSTALL notifies
customers of installation failures and installation
success via e-mail, SNMP alerts, text logs, ODBC
database record inserts, and integration with leading
event managers including Microsoft SMS, IBM Tivoli, CA
Unicenter, and HP OpenView. Customers can view the
reports included with WinINSTALL or develop custom
reports based on the WinINSTALL Directory.
Global Locations
Roll Back – WinINSTALL 2000 has the capability to
automatically return to the prior desired system state in
case of undesirable consequences from installing new
operating system and application software.
Windows Service-Based Installer – WinINSTALL 2000
includes a Windows Service-based Installer that
distributes applications to unattended systems without an
authorized user logged in. This allows for administratorprivileged installations where users have restricted
access. Options for installing software include at
Windows startup, calendar-based schedule, and
administrator-initiated command.
Working with the Microsoft Windows Installer –
Windows 2000 introduces a completely new approach for
installing and maintaining applications, the Windows
Installer. Windows Installer adds many new features to
the previous Add/Remove Control Panel applet that relied
on entries in the Windows Registry. The Windows
Installer uses a standard installation mechanism or
"execution engine" for installing applications on Windows
2000, Windows NT and Windows 95/98. WinINSTALL
2000 allows for the automated distribution of Windows
Installer-based packages. WinINSTALL 2000 also
converts packages using current application installation
setup methods to Windows Installer-based packages.
Zero Client Footprint – WinINSTALL doesn't require
making any changes to the desktops and mobile laptops
that it distributes and deploys software to. All files
required for the installation are located on a central
networked attached WinINSTALL Directory Server or a
removable CD-ROM.
System Requirements
◆ File Server with 301 MB hard disk space
(Replication requires Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 or
Windows 2000)
154 MB hard disk space
◆ Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5
◆ Windows 2000
◆ Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0
Service Pack 4 or Windows 2000
Supported Platforms
WinINSTALL 2000 Console:
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Server, Advanced
Server or Data Center, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server
and Workstation
(Service Pack 5)
WinINSTALL Clients:
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Server, Microsoft
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (Service Pack 5), Microsoft
Windows 95/98
© 2000 VERITAS Software Corporation. All rights reserved. VERITAS is a registered trademark of VERITAS Software
Corporation in the US and other countries. The VERITAS logo, Business Without Interruption and VERITAS WinINSTALL
are trademarks of VERITAS Software Corporation in the US and other countries. Other product names mentioned herein
may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Specifications and product offerings
subject to change without notice. Printed in USA. June 2000.
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