FINLUX FMO-2063W Microwave Oven Instruction manual

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FINLUX FMO-2063W Microwave Oven Instruction manual | Manualzz
Household use only
…… ….
WARNING: If the door or door seals are damaged, the oven must
not be operated until it has been repaired by a trained person.
WARNING: It is hazardous for anyone other than a trained person
to carry out any service or repair operation, which involves the
removal of any cover, which gives protection against exposure to
microwave energy. WARNING: Liquids or other food must not be
heated in sealed containers since they are liable to explode.
1. Only use utensils that are suitable for use in microwave
2. Metallic containers for food and beverages are not allowed
during microwave cooking.
3. When heating food in plastic or paper containers, keep an eye
on the oven due to the possibility of ignition.
4. The microwave oven is intended for heating food and
beverages. Drying of food or clothing and heating of warming
pads, slippers, sponges, damp cloth and similar may lead to
risk of injury, ignition or fire.
5. If smoke is observed, switch off or unplug the appliance and
keep the door closed in order to stifle any flames microwave
heating of beverages can result in delayed eruptive boiling,
therefore care has to be taken when handling the container.
6. The contents of feeding bottles and baby food jars are to be
stirred or shaken and the temperature is to be checked before
consumption, in order to avoid burns.
7. Eggs in their shell and whole hard-boiled eggs shall not be
heated in microwave ovens since they may explode, even
after microwave heating has ended.
8. Failure to maintain the oven in a clean condition could lead to
deterioration of the surface that could adversely affect the life
of the appliance and possibly result in a hazardous situation.
9. The appliance must not be placed in a cabinet.
10. Care should be taken not to displace the turntable when
removing containers from the appliance.
11. The appliance shall not be cleaned with a steam cleaner.
12. The appliance must not be installed equal or higher than 900
mm above the floor. Minimum height of free space necessary
above the top surface of the oven: 100mm.
Warning: When the appliance is operated in the combination
mode, children should only use the oven under adult supervision
due to the temperatures generated.
13. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified
person in order to avoid a hazard.
14. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years
and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning
use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the
hazards involved.
15. Children shall not play with the appliance.
16. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children
without supervision.
17. Do not directly put the glass plate into cold water after use. It
needs to place the glass plate for at least 20 minutes, and
then put it into the water to avoid cracking.
18. Group 2 Class B appliance
Group 2 ISM equipment: group 2 contains all ISM equipment
in which radio-frequency energy is intentionally generated
and/or used in the form of electromagnetic radiation for the
treatment of material, and EDM and arc welding equipment.
Class B equipment is equipment suitable for use in domestic
establishments and in establishments directly connected to a
low voltage power supply network which supplies buildings
used for domestic purposes.
19. This product internal light source LED light on<60lm.
…… ……………………… …….. ……
1. Take out all the packing. If there is a safe film over the oven,
tear it off before use. Check carefully for damage. If any,
immediately notify dealer or send to the manufacturer’s
service center.
2. Microwave ovens must be placed under dry and
non-corrosiveness environments, kept away from heat and
humidity, such as gas burner or water tank.
3. To ensure sufficient ventilation, the distance of the back of
microwave to the wall should be at least 10 cm, the side to the
wall should be at least 5 cm, the free distance above the top
surface at least 20 cm. the distance of the microwave to the
ground should be at least 85 cm.
4. The position of the oven shall be such that it is far from the TV,
Radio or antenna as picture disturbance, or noise may occur.
The distance should be more than 5m.
5. The appliance must be positioned so that the plug is
accessible, and must ensure a good grounding in case
leakage, ground loop can be formed to avoid electric shock.
6. The microwave oven must be operated with the door closed.
7. The microwave oven must not be placed in a cabinet. The
microwave oven is intended to be used freestanding.
8. As there is manufacturing residue or oil remained on the oven
cavity or heat element, it usually would smell the odor, even a
slight smoke, It is normal case and would not occur after
several times use, keep the door or window open to ensure
good ventilation. So it is strongly recommended to place a cup
of water in the cavity, setting at high power and operate for
several times.
The oven should be cleaned regularly and any food deposits
a. Remove the power cord from the wall outlet before cleaning.
After cooling products. Don't immerse the appliance in water
or other fluids when cleaning.
b. Failure to maintain the oven in a clean condition could lead to
deterioration of the surface that could adversely affect the life
of the appliance and possibly result in a hazardous situation.
c. Never use hard detergent, gasoline, abrasive powder or
metal brush to clean any part of the appliance.
d. Do not remove the waveguide cover.
e. When the microwave oven has been used for a long time,
there may be some strange odors exist in oven, following 3
methods can get rid of them:
1) Place several lemon slices in a cup, then heat with high
micro power for 2-3 min.
2) Place a cup of red tea in oven, then heat with high micro
3) Put some orange peel into oven, and then heat them with
high micro power for 1 minute.
When the product is not used, it should be placed in dry and
ventilated areas as well as possible.
Details how to clean surfaces in contact with food:
After use wipe the waveguide cover with a damp cloth, followed
by dry cloth to remove any food splashes and grease. Built -up
grease may overheat and begin to cause smoke or catch fire.
Details for cleaning door seals, cavity and adjacent parts:
Wipe the enclosure with a dampened soft cloth
Using a dampened soft cloth, wipe clean the door and window
Wipe the door seals and adjacent parts to remove any spill or
Wipe the control panel with a slightly dampened soft cloth
Interior walls:
Wipe clean the interior surfaces with a dampened soft cloth
Wipe clean the waveguide cover to remove any food splashed
Turntable / Rotation ring / Rotation axis:
Wash with mild soap water
Rinse with clean water and allow drying thoroughly
1) Door lock
Microwave oven door must be properly closed in order for it to
2) Viewing window
Allow user to see the cooking status
3) Rotating ring
The glass turntable sits on its wheels; it supports the turntable and
helps it to balance when rotating
4) Rotating axis
The glass turntable sits on the axis; the motor underneath it drives
the turntable to rotate
5) Turntable
The food sits on the turntable, its rotation during operation helps
to cook food evenly
- Place the rotating ring first
- Fit the turntable onto the rotating axis and make sure that it is
geared in properly
6) Control panel
See below in details (the control panel is subject to change
without prior notice)
7) Waveguide cover
It is inside the air fryer oven, next to the wall of control panel.
Never remove the waveguide cover.
The maximum setting is 35 minutes, there is a ringtone at the end,
and the knob returns to the “0” position.
17% power output
Defrost/M. Low
30% power output
55% power output
80% power output
100% power output
Below is some food defrosting time advice:
Weight (g)
Defrost time
About 4 minutes
About 8 minutes
About 12 minutes
OPERATION ……….。。。。。。。。。… ………………………
…….. ...。…....
1) Connect the cord
-Before connecting the cord, make sure the timer is set to “0”
- Do not block the ventilation.
2) Place the food on the glass turntable and close the door
- Food must be contained in a utensil.
- Do not operate the microwave oven without load, otherwise it will
cause damage to the microwave oven.
3) Select the desired microwave power level.
4) Set the timer.
If the desired time is less than 2 minutes, turn the microwave
power knob to over 3 minutes position and then turn back to the
desired time setting.
5) Once the desired time is set, the cooking begins. If pausing in
midway is needed, just open the door at any time, and close it to
resume operation.
6) When it times out and cooking ends, the microwave oven
produces a bell ring, the inside lamp will also be automatically
turned off.
If food is removed before time out, make sure to set back the
timer to “0” position, this avoids the microwave oven from
operating in empty load.
7) It is recommended to wear gloves when removing the cooked
food from oven and be careful do not touch the heat element on
the top of cavity.
Heating food fast, generally only 2 to 3 minutes, please control in
5 minutes. Please pay attention to the cooking condition of the
food at any time and adjust it according to your taste preference.
Avoid overheating. When heating porridge, congee, should first
stir evenly, and then covered with plastic film (leave corners for
ventilation) or with a perforated lid heating.
At mid-point to defrosting time, please open the door to turn the
food, so that the defrosting effect is more uniform.
Depending on the cooking method, it is necessary to choose a
safe and suitable vessel. If it is not properly selected, it will not
only affect the cooking effect, but also cause damage to the
vessel or microwave oven. Please refer to the table below for use:
Material of container
Heat-resistant ceramic
Never use the ceramics
which are decorated with
metal rim or glazed
Heat-resistant plastic
Cannot be used for long time
microwave cooking
Heat-resistant glass
Grill rack
Plastic film
It should not be used when
cooking meat or chops as
the over-temperature may do
damage to the film
The following factors may affect the cooking result:
Food arrangement
Place thicker areas towards outside of dish, the thinner part
towards the centre and spread it evenly. Do not overlap if
Cooking time length
Start cooking with a short time setting, evaluate it after it times out
and extend it according to the actual need. Over cooking may
result in smoke and burns.
Cooking food evenly
Food such as chicken, hamburger or steak should be turned once
during cooking.
Depending on the type of food, if applicable, stir it from outside to
centre of dish once or twice during cooking
Allow standing time
After cooking times out, leave the food in the oven for an
adequate length of time, this allows it to complete its cooking
cycle and cooling it down in a gradual manner
Whether the food is done
Color and hardness of food help to determine if it is done, these
- Steam coming out from all parts of food, not just the edge
- Joints of poultry can be moved easily
- Pork or poultry shows no signs of blood
- Fish is opaque and can be sliced easily with a fork
Browning dish
When using a browning dish or self-heating container, always
place a heat-resistant insulator such as a porcelain plate under it
to prevent damage to the turntable and rotating ring.
Microwave safe plastic wrap
When cooking food with high fat content, do not allow the plastic
wrap come into contact with food as it may melt
Microwave safe plastic cookware
Some microwave safe plastic cookware might not be suitable for
cooking foods with high fat and sugar content. Also, the
preheating time specified in the dish instruction manual must not
be exceeded.
Please check the following before calling for services.
1. Place one cup of water (approx.150ml) in a glass measure
in the oven and close the door securely. Oven lamp should
go off if the door is closed properly. Let the oven work for 1
2. Does the oven lamp light?
3. Does the cooling fan work?
(Put your hand over the rear ventilation openings.)
4. Does the turntable rotate?
(The turntable can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise. This
is quite normal.)
5. Is the water inside the oven hot?
If “NO” is the answer to any of the above questions, please
check your wall socket and the fuse in your meter box.
If both the wall socket and the fuse are functioning properly,
Correct disposal of this product
This marking indicates that this product should not be
disposed with other household wastes throughout the EU.
To prevent possible harm to the environment or human
health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it
responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material
resources. To return your used device, please use the
return and collection systems or contact the retailer where
the product was purchased. They can take this product for
environmental safe recycling.


Key Features

  • 20-liter volume for ample cooking space
  • 700 watts of power for fast and efficient heating
  • Turntable rotates food for even cooking
  • Digital display for user-friendly operation
  • Child lock for added safety
  • Interior light for better visibility while cooking

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the maximum power output of the Finlux FMO-2063W?
The Finlux FMO-2063W has a maximum power output of 700 watts.
Does the Finlux FMO-2063W have a turntable?
Yes, the Finlux FMO-2063W has a turntable that rotates food during cooking to ensure even heating.
Is the Finlux FMO-2063W difficult to operate?
No, the Finlux FMO-2063W has a user-friendly digital display that makes it easy to operate.
Is the Finlux FMO-2063W safe to use?
Yes, the Finlux FMO-2063W has a child lock for added safety.