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Monster iCarPlay Wireless 800 User guide
iCarPlay® Wireless 800
Car Stereo FM Transmitter/Charger
User Guide & Warranty Information
iCarPlay Wireless 800 Features
• High-quality stereo audio
Connecting to iPod or iPhone and Car
• Full range of FM stations, from 88.1 to 107.9
• 3 "favorite station" programmable presets
• AutoScan 3D™ automatically finds best
FM frequency*
1. Plug the iCarPlay Wireless 800 power adapter into
your car's 12V accessory outlet (cigarette lighter
socket) and turn your iPod or iPhone on.
• 3D-ft. maximum range
• Powered by 12V car cigarette lighter adapter
• Line-level audio reduces distortion
• Charges iPod® and iPhone™ while in use
* Depending on variable environmental factors
Note: Illustrations may vary in appearance from actual product.
2. Plug the iCarPlay Wireless 800
dock connector into your iPod
or iPhone.
Manual Tuning
1. Twist the master control dial right
to tune up the frequency range.
Twist to the left to tune down.
Note: While in "Manual Tuning Mode"
the LCD display will flash the
current frequency.
3. The iCarPlay Wireless 800's LCD screen will light up
to confirm power reception and display the most
recently used station preset.
2. Tune your FM radio to the same channel.
3. To avoid unwanted sudden loud playback, set car
audio system volume to low before pressing play.
4. Press the" Play" button on your iPod or iPhone.
5. Use your car radio's volume knob to adjust
sound level.
First, manually tune to the channel you want
to store to memory as described in the Manual
Tuning section. While the LCD display is still
flashing the current frequency, press and hold
down the section of the master control dial
that corresponds to the preset that you wish to
program (P1, P2, or P3) for several seconds. Once
the preset is locked in, the corresponding preset
number will be shown on the LCD display.
Setting Memory Presets
The iCarPlay Wireless 800 can store
and instantly recall 3 preset channels.
Selecting Memory Presets
Simply press any of the three preset areas of
the master control dial (P1, P2, or P3) to select
the pre-programmed frequency. The iCarPlay
Wireless 800 will automatically tune to the
channel that you have stored in memory.
Note: After using AutoScan 3D™, the selected
frequency will automatically be stored to the
"P3" button's memory for instant recall.
Using AutoScan 3D™ Automatic
FM Frequency Selection
The iCarPlay Wireless 800 features AutoScan 3D
to automatically find the clearest FM channel
in your local area. Remember that as you drive
through different areas the FM signal conditions
change, so when driving long distances, you
should repeat the AutoScan 3D selection
whenever FM interference occurs.
1. Be sure that the iCarPlay Wireless 800 is not
in "Manual Tuning Mode" and that the LCD
display is not flashing.
2. Press and hold the P3/Scan section of the
master control dial until the LCD display
flashes "SCAN." The iCarPlay Wireless 800
will rapidly scan the entire FM spectrum
three times to ensure the best possible
signal. * Please note that it can take
approximately 20 seconds to complete the
scan. The LCD will then display the frequency
that AutoScan 3D has selected. Tune your car
radio to that frequency.
* Depending on variable environmental factors
Note: After using AutoScan 3D, the selected
frequency will automatically be stored to
the" P3" button's memory for instant recall.
Performance 8r Safety Tips:
• Connecting and/or setting iCarPlay® Wireless 800 while driving
may cause serious injury and/or death. Drive responsiblyconnect and set iCarPlay Wireless 800 BEFORE operating your
vehicle and pay attention to the road while driving.
• Radio frequencies from local stations can 'bounce' from hills
and buildings and may cause momentary interference.
• For best performance, select an iCarPlay Wireless 800 channel
that is not occupied by a strong local FM radio station.
• A steel bridge or parking garage may act like an antenna,
strengthening local and distant radio station signals. You may
need to wait until you are" over the bridge" or" out of the
structure" for clearest reception.
• AutoScan 3D™ can find the channel that offers clearest sound
with the least interference automatically. Remember that signal
conditions change as your car moves, and re-scanning may
be necessary.
• Certain car radios may experience more difficulty receiving clear
signals than others. Location of the antenna can affect signal
strength. Some vehicles have a metallic film in the windows
that can also make it harder to receive clear signals from
the iCarPlay Wireless 800.
• In dense metropolitan areas, there are cases where all iCarPlay
Wireless 800 pre-set stations are occupied by local radio
stations. Sometimes a station setting next to a local station may
be strong enough to 'bleed' over to the adjacent frequencies.
Use manual tuning to eliminate interference.
• The iCarPlay Wireless 800 transmitter strength is regulated and
limited by the FCC. iCarPlay Wireless 800 transmits at the power
allowable by law.
• iCarPlay Wireless 800 is designed to transmit within
your car's perimeter while not interfering with
the surrounding public airwaves.
the interference by one or more of the following measures:
FCC Notice: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules.
Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device
may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept
any interference received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.
• Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna
• Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver
• Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different
from that to which the receiver is connected
• Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help
Caution: Changes or modifications not expressly approved
by Monster Cable Products, Inc. may void the users authority
to operate this device.
FCC 10 : RJE 190075-00
Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with
the limits for a Class Bdigital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC
rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection
against harmful interference in a residential installation. This
equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy
and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions,
may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However,
there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular
installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to
radio or television reception, which can be determined by tuning
the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct
United States
Monster Cable Products, Inc., 455 Valley Drive Brisbane, CA
94005 (415) 840-2000. ("Monster'; extends You this Limited
Warranty Statutory or common law may provide You with
additional rights or remedies, which shall not be affected by
this Limited Warranty
"Adequate Use" means use of the Product (i) within a home
or dwelling, (ii) for private (as opposed to commercial) purposes,
(iii) in conformance with all applicable local, state or federal
law, code or regulations (including without limitation building
and/or electrical codes), (iv) in accordance with manufacturer
recommendations and/or instructions in the materials and
documentation that accompany the Product, (v) with proper
electrical grounding.
"Authorized Dealer" means any distributor, re-seller or retailer
that (i) was duly authorized to do business in the jurisdiction where
it sold the Product to You, (ii) was permitted to sell You the Product
under the laws of the jurisdiction where You bought the Product,
and (iii) sold You the Product new and in its original packaging.
"Formal Warranty Claim" means a claim made in accordance
with the section "Formal Warranty Claims" herein.
"Product" means a Product listed in the Specifications Table
below, and (iii) You bought from new from an Authorized Dealer
new and in its original packaging.
"Product Defect" means an inadequacy of the Product that
existed at the time when You received the Product from an
Authorized Dealer and that causes a failure of the Product
to perform in accordance with Monster's documentation
accompanying the Product, unless such failure has been caused
completely or partly by (a) any use other than Adequate Use, (b)
transportation, neglect, misuse or abuse by anyone other than
Monster's employees; (c) alteration, tampering or modification of
the product by anyone; (d) accident (other than a malfunction that
would otherwise qualify as a Product Defect); (e) maintenance or
service of the Product by anyone other than a Monster employee;
(f) exposure of the Product to heat, bright light, sun, liquids, sand
or other contaminants; or (g) acts outside the control of Monster,
including without limitation acts of God, fire, storms, earthquake
or flood.
"Warranty Period" means the time period during which Monster
must have received Your Formal Warranty Claim. The different
Warranty Periods related to Product Defects are defined in the
Specifications Table below. The Warranty Period commences on
the date when You purchased or received (whichever occurs
later) the Product from an Authorized Dealer as evidenced by the
Authorized Dealer's invoice, sales receipt, or packing slip. If You
do not have written proof of the date of purchase or receipt, then
the Warranty Period commences three (3) months after the date
when the Product left Monster's or its factory as evidenced by
Monster's records. The Warranty Period ends after the time defined
in the Specifications Table has expired or after You have transferred
ownership of the Product, whichever occurs earlier.
"You" means the first individual person that purchased the
Product in its original packaging from an Authorized Dealer. This
Limited Warr~n.ty does not apply to persons or entities that bought
the Product (I) In used or unpackaged form, (ij) for resale, lease
or other commercial use, or (iii) from someone other than an
Authorized Dealer.
Products. If a Product contained a Product Defect when
You bought it from an Authorized Dealer and Monster receives a
For~al Warranty Claim from You before the end of the Warranty
Period for Product Defects applicable to the affected Product,
then Monster will provide You with one of the following remedies:
Monster will (1) repair or, at Monster's sole discretion, replace
the Product, or (2) refund to You the purchase price paid for the
~ffected Produ~ from an Authorized Dealer if repair or replacement
IS not commerCially practicable or cannot be timely made.
NOTE: MONSTER does not assume any liability for ANY
Choice of Law/Jurisdiction. This Limited Warranty and
any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Limited
Warranty ("Disputes") shall be governed by the laws of the
State of California, USA, excluding conflicts of law principles and
excluding the Convention for the International Sale of Goods. The
courts located in the State of California, USA shall have exclusive
jurisdiction over any Disputes.
Serial number. If this Product contains a serial number, this
Limited Warranty is void if the label on the Product bearing the
serial number has been removed, altered, or defaced.
No Liability for Advice. Any technical or other advice offered
before or after delivery with respect to the use and application
of the Product is furnished without charge and subject to the
understanding that such advice is issued at the purchaser's sole risk
without any limitation or modifications of any disclaimer or other
provision contained herein.
Registration. Please register Your Product at
Warranty. Failure to register will not diminish Your warranty rights.
Product Model No.
Warranty Period for Product
Monster® iCarPlay® Wireless 800
One (1) Year
How To Make A Claim. In the event of a Product Defect, You
must follow these instructions: (1) Call 1-877-800-8989; (2) Give
a detailed explanation of the Product Defect; (3) Obtain a Return
Authorization Number; (4) Return the Products, shipping prepaid
by You, to Monster for verification of Product Defect, along with
a copy of Your original sales receipts and proof of purchase (UPC
label) for such Products, and printed Return Authorization
Number on the outside of the return package (the claim form
will include instructions for return). IMPORTANT: IN ORDER TO
Further Proceedings. Monster will reimburse You for any
shipping costs that You incurred in accordance with Monster's
instructions and, at its discretion, either (a) direct You to obtain
a repair estimate at a service center for the Product; or,
(b) make a payment to You in accordance with the scope
of this Limited Warranty.
Timing. If You bring a Formal Warranty Claim and fully comply
with all terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty, Monster
will use its best efforts to provide You with a remedy within
thirty (30) days after receipt of Your Formal Warranty Claim
(if You reside in the United States - forty-five (45) days if You
reside elsewhere), unless obstacles outside Monster's control
delay the process.
Ver.112003 - US/iCarPlay Wireless 800
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Brisbane, CA 94005, USA
rm 195083
Information to consumers In application of EU WEEE Directive 9612002
This product is subject to European Union regulations that promote the re-use and
recycling of used electrical and electronic equipment. This product required the extraction
and use of natural resources and may contain hazardous substances. The symbol above,
on the product or on its packaging, indicates that this product must not be disposed of
with your other household waste. Instead, it is your responsibility to dispose of your
waste equipment by handing it over to a designated collection point for the recycling of
waste electrical and electronic equipment. The separate collection and recycling of your
waste equipment at the time of disposal will help to conserve natural resources and
ensure that it is recycled in a manner thaI protects human heahh and the environment.
For more information about where you can drop off your waste equipmenl for recycling,
please contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service, or the slore
from which you purchased the prodUct. For more information about Monster products,
please visit us at:
Informations destinees aux consommateurs conformement ilia Directive
Europeenne 9612002 concernant les Dechets d'Equlpements Electriques
et Electronlques (DEEE)
Ce produit est soumis aux regles en vigueur dans I'Union Europeenne promouvantla
reutilisation etle recyclage des dechets d'equipements electriques et electroniques.
Ce produit a requis I'extraction etl'utilisation de ressources naturelles et peut contenlr
des substances dangereuses. Le symbole ci-dessus, appose sur Ie produit ou sur
son emballage, indique que ce produit ne peut eIre jeter avec votre dechet menager.
Au contraire, il est de votre responsabilite de lraiter vos dechets d'equipements en
les remettant a un centre de collecte des dechels charge du recyclage des dechets
d'equipements electriques et electroniques. La reprise etle recyclage separes de
vos dechels d'equipements au moment de la mise au rebut aideront a conserver les
ressources naturelles et aassurer qu'ils soient recycles d'une maniere protegeantla
sante publique et I'environnement. Pour obtenir de plus am pies informations au sujet de
I'endroh de reprise et de collecte de vos dechets d'equipements pour Ie recyclage, veuillez
vous adresser au bureau competent de volre commune, a la societe de collecte des
dechets ou directement aupres du magasin 00 vous avez achete Ie produit en question.
Pour obtenir de plus ampies informations sur les prodults Monster, veuillez visiter notre
site a I'adresse suivante:
Informatie voor de consumenten In ultvoerlng van de Europese Richilijn
2002l96lEG inzake afgedankte elektrische en elektronisch apparatuur
Dit product yah onder hettoepassingsgebied van de Europese richtlijnen die het
hergebruik en de recycling van gebruikte elektrische en elektronische apparaten
promoten. Het product vereist de ontginning en gebruik van natuurlijke bronnen en kan
gevaarlijke stoffen bevalten. Het hierboven of afgebeelde symbool op het product of op de
verpakking, geeft aan dat het niet mag worden weggegooid met hel gewone huisvuil. In
plaats daarvan is het uw verantwoordelijkheid uw afgedankte apparaat af te leveren op een
verzamelpunt voor recycling van elektrische en elektronische apparaten. De gescheiden
inzameling en recycling van afgedankte apparaten draagt bij tot het behoud van natuurlijke
bronnen en tot het hergebruik van materiaal op een manier die de volksgezondheid en het
leefmilieu beschermt. Voor meer informatie over waar u uw afgedankte apparatuur kunt
inleveren voor recycling, kunt u contact opnemen met de gemeente, het uw huishoudelijke
afvalophaaldienst of de winkel waar u het product heeft aangeschaft. Voor meer informatie
met belrekking tot producten van Monster, kunt u terechl op de website
Infonnlclon II consumidor en aplicacion de la D1recllva Comunitaria RAEE 96/2002
(sobre Residuos de Aparatos EI6ctricos y Electnlnicos)
Este producto esta sujeto al reglamento de la Union Europea que promueve la reutilizacion
y reciclaje de aparatos electricos y electronicos usados. Este producto puede contener
sustanclas peligrosas, y la extraccion y utilizacion de recursos naturales fue necesaria
para su lablil-aciol). Ei ;;imbolo Que aparece al inicio, si figula en el producto 0 en su
envase, indica que este producto no debe eliminarse junto con el resto de sus residuos
domestico. Asi que es responsabilidad de los consumidores deshacerse de sus aparatos
depositandolos en un punto de recogida designado para el reciclaje de aparatos electricos
o eleclronicos. La recogida selectiva y reciclaje de los residuos de sus aparatos en el
momenta de su eliminacion contribuye a la conservacion de los recursos naturales
y garantiza su reciclaje de forma que se proteja la salud de las personas y el medio
ambiente. Para obtener mas informacion sobre los puntos de recogida de residuos
electricos y electronicos para su reciclaje, pongase en contacto con su ayuntamiento,
con el servicio de eliminacion de residuos domesticos, 0 con el establecimiento en el que
adquirio el producto. Para obtener mas informacion sobre los productos Monster, visile
nuestra pagina web:
Informazlonl al consumatore In appllcazlone della Dlrettlva UE WEEE 9612002
Queslo prodolto e soggelto alia regolamenlazione europea che promuove II recupero ed
il riciclo di apparecchi eleltrici ed eleltronici usali. Questo prodolto richiede I'estrazione
e l'lmpiego di risorse naturali e PUQ conlenere sostanze pericolose. II simbolo sopra,
posto sui prodolto stesso 0 sull'imballaggio, indica che il prodolto non PUQ essere geltato
assieme agli anri rifiuti comuni. AI conlrario, e responsabilita del consumatore eliminare
iI prodolto consegnandolo ad un punto di raccoha designalo per il riciclo di apparecchi
eleltrici ed eleltronici. La raccolta separata ed il riciclo di questo rifiuto eleltrico, al
momento della raccolta, aiulera aconservare Ie risorse nalurali e ad assicurare un correlto
riciclo, al fine di preservare la salute umana e I'ambienle. Per maggiori informazioni circa
dove consegnare i rifiuti eleltrici ai fini del riciclo, si prega di contaltare I'ufficio della
propria cilta, il servizio di gestlone di rifiuti, 0 il negozlo dove si eacquistato il prodolto.
Per maggiori informazioni sui prodolti Monster, si prega di visitare il sito:
Inlormacja dla kOllSllmelltciw w zwl mu z oIIowi zywanlem Ilyrektywy 2OO2I96/WE
Niniejszy produkt podlega regulacjom prawnym Unii Europejskiej promuj cym ponowne
u ycie i recykling zu ytego sprz tu elektrycznego i elektronicznego. Wytworzenie produktu
wymagalo skorzystania z surowcow naturalnych naszej planety; ponadto, prodUkt mo e
zawiera substancje niebezpieczne. Symbol umieszczony powy ej, na produkcie, oraz na
jego opakowaniu. wskazuje. e zu yty produkt nle mo e losta wyrzucony wraz z innymi
odpadami i mieciami powstaj cymi w gospodarstwie domowym, przeciwnie: jako
nabywcy i u ytkownicy, s Pa stwo odpowledzialni za przekazanie zu ytego produktu do
wyspecjalizowanego punktu zbierania zu ytego sprz tu elektrycznego i elektronicznego.
Selekcjonowanie sptz tu ju w momencie zako czenia jego u ywania oraz po niejszy
recykling sprz tu przyczyni sl do zachowania surowcow naturalnych i zapewni, ezu yty
sprz t elektryczny i elektroniczny podiega b dzie recyklingowi prowadzonemu w sposob
bezpieczny dla zdrowia ludzi oraz przyjazny dia rodowiska. W celu uzyskania informacji
o adresach puktow, do ktorych mo na przekaza zu yty sprz t elektryczny i elektroniczny,
prosimy 0 skontaktowanie si ze swoim urz dem gminy lub miasta, przedsi biorstwem
zajmuj cym si wywozem mieci, albo ze sklepem, w ktorym sprzedany zoslal niniejszy
produkt. Wi cej informacji 0 produktach Monster mog Pa stwo uzyska na stronie:
Felhasznilal tijik0ztat6 az Ellktronlkus is Elektronikal HulladlikDknll SZlllo 96!20021
EK lninyalv alkalmazisar61
Ez atermek az Europai Unio hasznalt elektronikus es elektronikai keszOlekek
ujrahasznalatanak es ujrahasznositasanak el mozdilasat celzo rendelkezeseinek hatalya
ala esik. Ez a termek termeszeli er forrasok kitermeleset es felhasznalasat igenyelte es
veszelyes anyagokat tartalmazhal. A fenti jel, mely a termeken vagy annak csomagolasan
szerepel, azt jeliili, hogy atermeket tilos egyeb Mztartasi hulladekkal egyOlt kidobni.
Ezzel szemben az On felel ssege, hogy gondoskodjon a hasznait keszOlekenek
megfeiel kezeleser I, azahal, hogy atadja azt egy kijeliilt gy it helyen az elektronikus es
elektronikai kesziilek Ojrahasznositasa erdekeben. A ha~?n;'it keszorekek kOran gv itese es
Ojrahasznositasa a lermeszeli er forrasok meg rzeset szolgalja, es egyben biztosilJa, hogy
olyan modon kerOljenek a keszOlekek ujrahasznositasra, amely vedi az emberi egeszseget
es a kiirnyezetet. Arra vonatkozo tovabbi informaci6ert, hogy hoi adhalja Ie hasznalt
termeket annak erdekeben, hogy az ujrahasznos~asra kerOljon, kerjOk, keresse fel a helyi
iinkormanyzatot, a hAztartasi hulladek eltavolltasat vegz szolgahatot vagy az OzIetet,
amelyben a lermeket vasarolta. Amennyiben tovabbi informaciora van szOksege a Monster
termekekr I, keresse fel honlapunkat:
I"formace pro spot ebltele p I uplat ovani Sm mice Evropskeho
parlamentu a Rady 2002l961ES 0 odpadnich elektrlckYch a
elektronlckych za izenich
Tento vyrobek podleh<i p edpis m Evropske Unie, ktere se vztahuji na op tovne pouiiti a
recyklaci pouiitYch elektrickYch a elektronickYch za izeni. K vyrob lohoto vyrobku bylo
nutne vyuiit p irodnfch zdroj . Tento vyrobek m ie obsahovat nebezpe ne latky. Vy~e
uvedeny symbol umist ny na vyrobku nebo na jeho obalu znamena, ie dany vyrobek
nesmi by! odstran n s ostatnim odpadem pochazejicim z Va~i domacnosti. Je Vasi
povinnosli toto elektroza izeni odevzdal na ur ene sb rne misto k recyklaci elektroodpadu.
Odd ieny sb r a recyklace elektroodpadu p i jeho odslran ni napom ze zachovani p irodnich
zdroj a zajisti, aby recyklace prob hla zp sobem, kteiY chrani lidske zdravi a iivolni
prost edi. Podrobne udaje 0 tom, kde elektroodpad m iete odevzdat k recyklaci, ziskate
na p islusnem u adu mistn! samospravy, u spole nosli zajistujici zpracovanl odpadu z
domacnosti nebo v obchod , kde jste dany vyrobek zakoupili. Vice informaci 0 vyrobcich
Monster ziskate na internetovych strankach:
Informacla pre spotrebite ov pri uplat ovani Smemice Eunlpskeho parlamentu a Rady
2002l96/ES 0 odpade z elektrlckjch a elektronickjch zariadeni
Tento vyrobok podlieha predpisom Europskej unie, ktore sa vz ahuju na opiitovne pouMie
a recyklaciu pouziijch elektrickYch a elektron!ckYch zariadeni. Kvyrobe tohto vyrobku
boio nutne vyuii prirodnych zdrojov. Tento vyrobok maze obsahova nebezpe ne latky.
Hore uvedeny symbol umiestneny na vyrobku alebo na jeho obale znamena, ie dany
vyrobok nesmie by zneskodneny spolo ne s ostatnym odpadom poch<idzajucim z Vasej
domacnosti. Je Vasou povinnos ou toto elektrozariadenie odovzda na ur ene zberne
miesto k recyklacii elektroodpadu. Oddeleny zber a recyklacia elektroodpadu pri jeho
zneskod ovani napomOie zachovaniu prirodnych zdrojov a zabezpe i, aby recyklacia
prebehla spOsobom, ktoiY chrani udske zdravie a iivotne prostredie. Podrobne udaje 0
tom, kde elektroodpad mOiete odovzda k recyklacii, ziskate na prislu~nom urade miestnej
samospravy, u spolo nosti zabezpe ujOcej spracovanie odpadu z domacnosli alebo v
obchode, kde ste dany vyrobok zakupili. Viac informacH 0 vyrobkoch Monster ziskate na
internetovych strankach:
Verbraucherlnformatlon in Anwendung der EU-Richtllnle iiber Elektround Elektronlk-Altgeriite 9612002
Dieses Produkt unlerllegl Besllmmungen der Europalschen Union, die die
Wiederverwendung und das Recycling von gebrauchlen Elektro- und Elektronikgeralen
fordern. Dieses Produkt ertorderle die Gewlnnung und Verwendung von naliirllchen
Ressourcen und enlhalt unler Umslanden gefahrllche Sloffe. Das oben abgebildete
Symbol auf dam Produkt oder der Verpackung bedeulel, dass dleses Produkt nlchl
mil Ihrem anderen Haushallsabfall enlsorgt werden dart. Slall dessen sind Sie
datur verantworllich, Ihr AIIgeral zu entsorgen, indem Sle es an elne deslgnlerle
Riicknahmeslelle liir das Recycling von Elektro- und Elektronik-Altgeralen libergeben.
Die separale Sammlung und das Recycling threr AIIgerate bei der Enlsorgung wlrd dazu
beitragen, nalOrllche Ressourcen zu erhallen und slcherzustellen, dass die Gerate In elner
Weise recycelt werden, die die Gesundhell der Menschen und die Umwell schutzt. Fur
weitere Informallonen daruber, wo Sle Ihre Altgerale zum Recycling abgeben konnen,
wenden Sie slch bille an Ihre Gemelnde, Ihre Haushaltsabfallenlsorgungsslelle oder das
Geschiift, wo Sie das Produkt erworben haben. Fur wellere Informatlonen uber MonslerProdukte, besuchen Sle uns bille auf
m..r)POlpOpiEC; aTOUC; KCllTCllVCllAWTEC; KCllT' ElpCllPI.I0yi) Tr)C; Olir)YlCllC;
2002/96/EK axETIKcX I.IE TCll ClltTollAr)TCll Elliwv r)AEKTPlKOU KClll
AUTo TO TTpoIov UTTOKElTal aTOUC; K()(VOVE<; T~<; EupWTTaIK~<;
'EvwO'~C; Ol OTTolol TTpOWSOUV T~V a1;LOTTol~u~ Kal avaKUKAWO'~ TOU
TO TTPo'(OV aTTalT~S~KE ~ E1;aywy~ KClll XP~O'lIlOTTol~O'~ CPUO'lKWV
To TTapamxvw O'ullf'loAo, Emxvw aTO TTpoIov ~ aT~ O'uO'KEuaula
llat:lllE T()( UTTOAOlTTa OlKlaKa aTTollA~Ta. AVT' aUTOU, aTToTEAEl
!ilK~ O'a<; EUSUV~ r) !illXSEa'1 TWV aTTof'lA~TWV El!iwv '1AEKTPlKOU Kal
'1AEKTpOVlKOU E1;oTTAlO'Il0U CTa<;, TTapa!illioVTcX<; T()( CTE El!ilKO O''1IlElo
O'uMoy~<; Yla T1'lv avaKUKAWCTr) TWV aTTof'lMTwv El!iwv '1AEKTPlKOU Kal
O'a<; T~V wpa T~<; lilaSEO'~<; Sa f'lo~S~O'El T~ !il()(T~P~CTf1 TWV cpUO'lKWV
WaTE va TTpOaTaTEUSEl ~ avSpWTTlV~ uYEla Kal TO TTEplf'laAAov.
TTapa!iWO'ETE Ta aTTof'lA~Ta El!iwv ~AEKTPlKOU Kal ~A€KTPOVlKOU
€1;OTTAlCTIlOU O'a<; TTPO<; avaKuKAwO'~, TTapaKaAw ETTlKOlVWV~aTE
Il€ TO apllo!ilo TOTTlKO ypacpElo, T~V UTT~pECTla !illXSEa~<; olKlaKwv
aTTof'lA~Twv ~ TO KaTeXaT~lla aTTO TO OTTolo TTPOIl~S€UTi)KaTE TO
TTpoIov. rla TTEPlO'O'OTEPE<; TTA'lPOcpoplE<; UX€TlKeX IlE Ta TTpo'(oVTa
Monster, TTapaKaAw €TTlCTK€cpSElTE Ila<; aT'lv 'lA€KTPOVlK~ !il€USUVCTf1
Informacila vartolojams apie ES Direklyvos 2002/96/tB d I eleklros ir elektronln s
rangos atllek (EE AI taikym
Slam gamlniul talkoml ES reikalavimai, skatinantys panaudolos elektros ir elektronln s
rangos pakarlolin panaudojlm Ir perdirbim . Sio produkto gamybai yra panaudoll isgauti
gamtinlai istekllal, lalp pal jo sud tyje gall bII pavojlng medzlag. Auks lau paleiktas
slmbolis anI patles gamlnio arba ant jo pakuol s rodo, kad slo gamlnlo negallma Ismestl
karlu su kltomis bultin lOis atliekomis. J s patys alsakole uz lal, kad J s elektros Ir
elektronln s rangos alilekos bI perduolos perdlrbimui lam sklrlus surlnklmo punktus.
Alskiras J s Ismetamos rangos atliek surlnklmas ir perdlrbimas pad s issaugoll
gamtinius istekllus Ir uitlkrins, kad jos bus perdlrbamos zmonl svelkalal Ir apllnkai saugiu
b duo Paplldomos Informacljos apie lai, kur galile palikti savo rangos aUlekas perdirblmui,
prasome lelrautis savo miesto senI nljoje, burtlnl alliek sallnlmo larnyboje, arba
parduoluv je, kurloje pirkole gamin. Dauglau informacljos apie "Monster" prekes leskokile
'.......I.n til f.rlIruka.. ' hNba'd til Ell dl..ktlv 8612002
Delle produktel er underlagt vlrkeomradet for EU-regelverk SOlo oppfordrer III gjenbruk
og resirkulerlng av brukt elektrisk og elektronlsk ulstyr. Fremstilling av delle produktet
har gjorl del nedvendig autvlnne og bruke nalurressurser SOlo kan Vi!Jre skadellge. Del
ovenslilende symbolel, pa produktel eller pa pakningen, betyr al produktel ikke lOa kasles
sammen med annel husholdnlngsavfall. I sledel er det dill ansvar a Innlevere brukt utstyr
SOlo skal kastes til et mollakssled for brukt elektrlsk og elektronlsk utstyr. Innsamling
og resirkulerlng av dill brukte elektriske og elektronlske ulstyr som skal kastes vii bidra
Iii vern av nalurressursene og sikre al utstyrel resirkuleres pa en male SOlo hlndrer
helsekader og skader pa mlljeet. For mer Informasjon om hvor du kan levere brukt ulstyr
for reslrkulerlng, kan du konlakte din lokale kommune eller forhandleren der du kjeple
produktet. For mer Informasjon om Monsler-produktene. se
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Monster Cable International ltd.
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Gort Road. Ennis, Co. Clare. Ireland • 001·866·348·4171
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